Shores of Tripoli Ch. 05


The passage of the Straits of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean two days following the visit of the second of Billy’s night lovers was the occasion of much celebration on board. In keeping with naval tradition, Captain Bainbridge declared a half work day, double rum rations, and a festive meal for officers and sailors alike.

It was also the opportunity to haze, jestingly for popular sailors and somewhat more nastily for annoying ones, members of the crew who never before had made the passage. Billy’s hazing was marked with making him walk the length of the deck naked with two heavy musket balls tied to his balls, pulling them low, and swinging against his legs until he managed to figure out a lumbering gait that minimized the bruising and entertained the sailors heartily. This strut was accompanied by whistles and yelled-out quips of what the gathered, more seasoned crew members would like to do with his body. The hazing for Billy didn’t go farther than this, though. He was a popular member of the crew, most of whom dreamed of bedding him, and he quite clearly had been put off limits by a captain who favored him but was not of the proclivities of doing anything about it.

At the other end of the scale, the common sailor Jeb, a whiner, and one who was a sexual tease and delighted in setting one lover against another, was made to dress and make himself up as a woman as closely as what was available on the Philadelphia would permit and, after strutting his walk down the length of the deck, was carried into the forecastle and gang fucked by all who wanted to have a go at him and who had thought they had been slighted.

The cabin boy, Adam, had traversed Gibraltar on an earlier voyage and thus was exempt from the ceremony although there were many a sailor and Marine who might have been willing to put the traditions aside if Lieutenant Foster had not scotched their enthusiasm.

The festive spirit and the sexual innuendo of the day brought Billy’s first nocturnal lover back to his room in the night hours. The two bodies came together in instantaneous heat, Billy having hoped for something like this, and knowing now that the lover was from the Philadelphia contingent and was someone who had been in the relief crew on the Elizabeth, where the lover had first appeared. Despite all of the sexual talk and the realization from earlier today that the sailors who had expressed their wish for a sexual coupling with Billy in various rough and exotic ways of mastering him, Billy was only now becoming aware that what underlay this was not jest and amusement at all but a barely contained desire to share him around in the forecastle and officers’ quarters that was little different on the naval sailing vessel to what it had been on the Elizabeth.

It was an eye opener for him now to have confirmed that his nocturnal lover—or least the first one—was a U.S. naval man.

The two men were stretched alongside each other, using their hands to feel each other up to high arousal and each to center on the cock of the other. At length, the man rolled over on top of Billy, pushed his knees under Billy’s buttocks, and entered his channel in a long, slow slide. He was holding Billy’s torso off of the surface of the bed with a strong grip on Billy’s waist, and Billy allowed his torso to go slack, with his arms dangling at his sides and the top of his head touching the surface of the mattress. He wanted all of the man, and his pelvis was raised to him so that his long cock got full purchase.

“To the root. All of it. Let me know if I must open more,” Billy murmured.

“You have it all,” was the low-voiced reply. “I wish there were more to give.”

“Ahh, you are so long, so deep,” Billy whimpered.

Billy sighed in the realization that this was the position with which the schoolmaster, Sam, had started to fuck him, and that memory increased Billy’s pleasure. They moved into a mutual giving-and-taking rhythm, the man slow thrusting and Billy moving his hips in concert, the two rocking against each other, Billy taking it deep on the thrust and also pulling back on the withdrawal.

At a sound near the door, he turned his head and discerned that another figure was in the room. Another man, verified by Billy as his second, hirsute nocturnal visitor, sat on the bed beside the fucking pelvises. He reached for Billy’s cock and started a slow pump while leaning over and kissing Billy on the lips.

“I would wish to be inside you too,” he whispered as the kiss ended.

Without hesitation, Billy responded. “I would gladly give you suck.”

There was a bit of hesitation now, but not for long. The hairier of the two lovers straddle Billy’s chest and Billy sucked his cock to hardness.

He withdrew and sat by as the first lover changed positions, pulling Billy down until he was stretched out on the man’s chest. He was encasing Billy’s chest with his wrapped arms, holding him close, and spread Billy’s legs wide but pushing them apart with his own legs. The hirsute Betturkey lover was below them, kneeling between the spread legs. He helped insert the smooth lover’s cock inside Billy’s channel again, and ran his hands over the thighs and bellies of the coupling pair he was hovering over. Billy felt the cool wetness of a tongue running around the rim of his hole and the base of the other lover’s cock. Billy’s moans harmonized with those of the first lover. A hand found and slow pumped Billy’s cock again, and then the hirsute man was covering Billy’s cock with his mouth and bringing Billy to ejaculation.

Billy was still being pumped by the man underneath him and holding him close to his chest, when Billy felt the hirsute one crouching over his torso and coming in to possess his lips again. Billy could feel the hardness of the man’s cock rubbing against his inner thigh.

Once more the man spoke to Billy after a deep kiss. “I would wish to be inside you too.”

It dawned on Billy what the man was asking. “You mean at the same time?”

“If you think you can manage. Have you managed it before?”

“Yes,” Billy admitted. He would not lie now, especially when the thought of being shared by these two aroused him so. “Do it,” he murmured.

Both men’s cocks were long but not particularly thick. Billy had been double fucked by two thick cocks before. He shuddered at the thought of the shared intimacy between three men of such a coupling—especially being done as sensually as this rather than in rage and as merely a symbol of superior mastery over a captive.

“Yes, please,” he repeated. “Do it.” He did no more than breathe the words, but his hirsute lover didn’t ask again for permission. He was kneeling between the legs of the two men below; pulled one of Billy’s legs up and to the side with a handhold on his ankle, providing further room for maneuver.

The man below started to moan as, with his other hand, the hirsute lover slowly slid his cock inside Billy’s channel and above the already sheathed one. Billy began to pant, and his channel tried to expel the cocks by nature, but the second invader was preventing that with what he was doing with his hand. The man below loosened his grip on Billy’s chest and went partially dormant while, encased at last, the hirsute lover began the pump of the fuck. Billy arched his back and pulled the face of the top man down to his and they kissed.

The two men came, almost in unison, inside Billy, their cum and sighs mingling. Billy had already given up his seed.

Because this was being done with both of his lovers showing concern for his pleasure and well-being, it became a deeply sensual and satisfying coupling for Billy, one that was to be taken up again in the ensuing days as the Philadelphia sailed toward the harbor of Tripoli to take up its blockade of the pirate port.

The dark lover asked, with concern, how Billy had fared.

“I would not want to miss having had this,” Billy murmured.

“So, we may share you in the future?”

Billy’s heart soared. A future of being shared between these two muscular, virile men. “Yes, please. Again now, if you wish.”

This was answered by a low laugh, “You are just as we have been told. The best lay on the Atlantic. I think you overestimate our stamina. Working in consort is exhausting.”

When all three men had ejaculated, therefore, this was the last of the three-way fucking for that night. The first lover, having come twice, withdrew at some point, leaving the more vigorous of the two cocks taking Billy hard, standing on the floor and bending over the bed, and the man doggy fucking him from the rear.

“I want to build and best my four jackings of last time, if I can,” the man growled in Billy’s ear. “If you can stay with me.”

The man could—and he could do it so well and so often and in so many sensual positions that Billy also could do his part.

Billy was on deck as the Philadelphia slid into place off the harbor at Tripoli. It seemed almost a nonevent. The crew and Marines of the Philadelphia and of the other two ships pulling into an arc off the Tripoli coast had been keyed up to expect opposition to the setting up of a barricade, but everything was placid as they did so. Four other U.S. naval ships, all within sight of each other, were arrayed farther out to sea so that there would be two nets set up to intercept any attempt to run the blockade.

The town of Tripoli certainly didn’t look menacing to Billy. It looked like no other place that the young sailor had ever seen before. The land was barren, other than palm trees rising up between the houses, both of which were surprises to Billy. He’d never seen coastal land as bare as this or the exotic trees with green fronds fanning out above tall, slim trunks. And the houses were all a dull tan color by day as the town mounted a gentle slope from the harbor, but in the glow of the setting sun they would be luminous shades of red and orange and, in the twilight, Betturkey Giriş a shimmering silver. They uniformly were flat roofed, but pencil-thin towers rose out of the townscape here and there, from which haunting chanting in a complicated foreign tongue wafted out over the water several times a day. One of the other sailors told Billy that this had something to do with the heathen religion of the residents. It all was quite exotic to Billy, though, and he took the chance whenever he could to cast his eye on the town.

The harbor was crowded with small craft, most of the vessels being no more than a fourth of the length of the Philadelphia and outfitted with triangular sails. Billy scoffed at how flimsy the craft looked, but the sailors told him not to be fooled—that the craft were swift and highly maneuverable and that many a merchant vessel had already been invested with a flurry of them and overwhelmed by the pirates they transported before they realized what was upon them.

It was there, in the harbor, where Billy could see the most activity. It was like a beehive, disturbed and buzzing angrily. This too, the sailors noted, was something that should not be ignored or cast off lightly. The Tripoli pirates did not at all appreciate the attempt to blockade their activities or to challenge their right to tribute for the rite of passage from the Atlantic into the Mediterranean.

Billy stood at the rail of the Philadelphia that first evening that the ship slipped into place off Tripoli. They were far away enough that a whole expanse of the coast opened to his gaze. But all but the town itself was just barren desert with an isolated mud-brick building and solitary palm tree dotted here and there. It was while the sun set and through the twilight and into the darkness of night that Billy was first to be mesmerized by how quickly and how often the visage of the town changed, with the change in the light. Even in the moonlight, it was a new setting, shimmering shades of silver and the slow, but relentless, flickering on of lights in the windows of the mud-brick buildings. He was unable to leave the change-of-light show even for his supper, a fact that Lieutenant Foster came up behind him at the rail and admonished him for in mocking tones.

“What shall we do with a sailor who fails to appear at the officers’ table upon invitation?” he asked in a semiserious tone.

“I didn’t think I’d be missed and the sights of the city are so intoxicating,” Billy answered. It was then that he saw that the lieutenant was stripped to the waist, which even the officers often did in this climate when they were not on dress parade or at the supper table. Beyond that, Billy noticed that Foster had his strap dangling from one of his fists.

“It has been days since I visited you for your special exercises,” the lieutenant said in a low, growly voice.

“We have been worked so hard coming into the coast. Perhaps tomorrow—”

“Perhaps right now,” he growled in reply. “Come into this rope locker with me.”

Foster backed through an open doorway into a rope locker and Billy followed him in. Moonlight streamed through the open doorway. Otherwise the locker was pitch black. The smell of tar matched the thickness of the atmosphere.


As Billy did so, he heard the chafing of the unbuttoning of the fly in the lieutenant’s trousers and felt the smooth linen of the material against his cheek as it was spread apart—and then the hardness of the flesh of the man’s cock against his lips.

“Suck it.”

When the ship’s officer felt sufficiently prepared, he instructed Billy to strip off his own sailor’s shorts, which he did, leaving him naked. He stood then, prepared to turn away from Foster, feel the strap go over his head and rest on his belly, and, after Foster’s cock had been seated in his channel, the sensation of being bent over at the waist, his feet pulled off the deck by the pull of the strap on his belly. He was bent over, but he felt the strap pulled away from his belly.

“I don’t like being made to wait this long,” Lieutenant Foster hissed, and then Billy cried out with surprise as Foster, holding Billy in place with an arm under his belly, raised the strap with the other hand and brought it down on Billy’s bare buttocks—and then again and again. Billy sobbed at the pain-pleasure of the strapping and went hard. The beating stopped short of cutting the skin and Billy braced himself, expecting Foster to mount him from the rear then and to be having his channel pumped on the lieutenant’s cock.

This isn’t what happened, though. “Not that position. Something different. Face me. Lift your right leg to my hip and arch your back. Touch the floor with your hands, if you can.” Billy was small and flexible. He managed to do as bid. He felt Foster crouch down a bit and then the man’s cock come up between Billy’s legs and into his channel. Now the strap came over his head and rested on his back, below his shoulder blades.

“I Betturkey Güncel Giriş have your back supported with the strap now. Lift your other leg to my hip.”

When Billy did so, he found he was suspended off the deck again, plastered to Foster’s pelvis, Foster’s cock inside him, and his torso held perpendicular to the officer’s midsection by the support of the strap. The lieutenant began to pump, faster and faster, more frenziedly. He came with a grunt and a groan. As usual, Billy had already spilled his seed.

Letting Billy lower his feet to the deck and take the weight of his body back on himself, Foster declared, “There, that was good for you.” It wasn’t a question. It was the arrogance of the naval lieutenant speaking.

Billy didn’t demure. It wasn’t the loving his nocturnal lovers gave him, but he wouldn’t disagree that it was good in its own right.

“You don’t visit me often enough. You must remedy that.” He held the strap, bent in two, in his two hands and snapped it, menacingly against itself, making a cracking sound similar to what it had made against Billy’s buttocks. Billy got the message. Adam had told him that the lieutenant strapped him in the heat of a fuck, but Foster had not done that to Billy before now. Adam had also said that Foster bound him in sex, which Billy also hadn’t experienced with the naval officer. The expectation of that in his future aroused Billy. He couldn’t help himself that it did.

“Yes, sir.”

Then Foster was gone and Billy was pulling his sailor’s shorts on again and moving out onto deck and to the rail to see what change nature had rendered to the light pattern over Tripoli in the twenty minutes he had been otherwise engaged. It was late in the night before he descended, with a sigh of having watched one of the wonders of the world, to his small cabin below.

He was followed into the cabin by one of his nocturnal lovers—the smooth one—who commenced a brief prelude of kissing and hand play, culminating in the remark during the exploration of Billy’s ass with a tongue, “Someone has been in here already tonight, I taste,” which was followed by a laugh and a slap on Billy’s buttocks.

Soon the smooth lover was seated on the side of Billy’s berth, with Billy, turned away from him, seated in his lap. The man was rocking back and forth, causing his deeply sheathed cock to work its magic on Billy’s channel walls. Billy’s head was turned up and toward the face of the taller man, and they were kissing.

“So many men inside you on the ship. Tell me what you like, what your favorite lover does for you.”

“This. Always this. You and the one you share me with. Anything you do with me is the best.”

A low laugh told Billy he had answered well. But there had been two laughs. Two different men.

Billy felt the hands of another on his thighs, and he shivered at the realization that both of his night-time lovers were there. A warm, wet mouth lowered itself over Billy’s cock. The young sailor dug his heels into the deck, and he started to move his channel up and down on the smooth one’s cock, sending his own cock into a slow fucking motion in the mouth of the hirsute one. The hairy lover was working Billy’s cock well, and he was holding Billy’s balls closely in the grip of a hand, rolling them between his fingers and pulling them out from Billy’s body. The smooth one was swabbing Billy’s tonsils with his tongue.

The hirsute lover squeezed Billy’s balls, and the young sailor came in his throat.

The receiving lover rose up between the spread legs of the other two, and took Billy’s mouth in a kiss that shared Billy’s warm cum between the two. The kiss was brief, though, as the hirsute one moved his head over Billy’s shoulder and shared the essence of Billy in a more lingering kiss with the smooth one, whose body twitched, and released its own seeding deep inside Billy’s channel.

The hairy lover kissed Billy and rolled and pinched Billy’s nipples between thumbs and forefingers while Billy ran his fingers through the hair on the man’s chest and belly and did the same with the other’s nipples. Billy could feel the insistence of the hirsute one’s hard cock against his belly.

The three put their faces together as they were able for tongue flicking kisses, and Billy sighed and arched his back as the hirsute’s lips went down to suck and nip at his nipples. Billy turned his face up for some tongue play with the smooth one, whose cock was hardening again inside the young sailor.

Billy moved his head aside for the two lovers to share lingering kisses over his shoulder and then the hirsute’s mouth was at Billy’s ear.

“May we? Again? May we share you?”

He had asked. Billy was being treated as an equal—just as the schoolmaster had said was the true mark of lovemaking.

“Yes, please. I want both of you inside me,” Billy answered with a low moan. The moan lengthened into a groan and then into panting and small exclamations marking the second invasion of his channel, as the hirsute one moved his arms under Billy’s thighs and lifted and spread them and crouched between the legs of the other two. He possessed Billy’s mouth with his during the whole process while the smooth one flicked a tongue in one of Billy’s ears.

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