Showing Property


Karen is a successful real estate agent in California. Standing at 5-2 and about 110 lbs, she’s a very attractive married woman of 42. Her all natural 34D curves significantly add to her beauty.

Karen frequently shows property to clients from all walks of life and nationalities. A man named Bruce whom was looking to see a couple of homes over the coming weekend had recently contacted her. Karen said she would do her due-diligence on the properties and get back to him. Karen researched the three homes Bruce was interested in and found that she could show two of them that coming Saturday.

She wrote back to Bruce letting him know the good news and to let her know if he was available to meet with her at 1 p.m. to see the first of the two. She also let him know that one of the homes was still occupied and, therefore furnished, while the other was empty. Bruce responded by thanking her and saying that he would meet her at that time and that he was very much excited at the prospects because he loved both homes.

Karen always dresses up nicely to show homes to her clients and this Saturday was no different. She put on her nice grey slacks that hug her ass and show the nice slant from her belly down to her pussy just right. And to match, she chose to wear a semi-shear white blouse with the top two buttons undone. To complete her look, she picked out some black high heels with straps. She looked hot and she felt very pretty. In fact, as she was looking at herself in the full-length mirror she thought to herself that she looked a little sexy.

When she finished getting ready she came downstairs. When she turned the corner to the kitchen area she was greeted by her husband Peter, who told her she looked stunning. Peter loves Karen’s body and always let’s her know it. Today was no different. Peter wrapped his arms around her from behind and gave her breasts a light squeezed as he said goodbye and wished her luck. She thanked him and said, “Maybe we can be together later…” Peter loved that idea and just smiled at her and watched her breasts bounce as she clacked in her heels towards the garage. “God she’s hot,” he thought to himself.

As she got into her car and began driving to the first home, Karen was wondering about her new client, what he looked like, would he like the homes and most importantly, would he buy from her?

She set the address in her GPS and made her way to the first house. She arrived before Bruce did and sat and waited for about 15 minutes, idly thinking about this and that. The thought of sex came to mind in anticipation of what she had suggested to Peter before she left the house. He is pretty creative and keeps her satisfied in the bedroom. She thought about the possibility of him going down on her when they went to bed that night and that got her going a little bit. Just as she was getting into a deep thought about Peter pleasing her a car pulled up behind her and she wondered if it was Bruce because there were two men in the car and she thought Bruce was coming by himself.

The driver got out and waved at her through the back window. Her initial thought was, “Wow.” The man who got out of the car was very attractive and seemed to have a nice body. It had to be Bruce so she got out of the car and said somewhat shyly, “Bruce?”

“Yes, hi Karen, how are You?” “I hope you don’t mind, I brought my friend Don. He knows a lot more about construction and homes than I do.”

“No, that’s fine. The more the merrier,” she replied smiling at him.

Bruce was about 6 feet tall and obviously spent time in the gym. He was wearing blue jeans and a faded red t-shirt.

Bruce motioned to Don to get out of the car and join them. When he got out, Karen was, again, pleasantly surprised at his appearance and demeanor. He was very friendly and about the same size as Bruce but had blond curly hair and also donned blue jeans and a plain white t-shirt that nicely accented his muscular physique.

Karen let them know that this was the unfurnished home and that she would get the key from the lock box so they could get in. She proceeded up the walkway towards the front door followed by both Bruce and Don. As they reached the steps up to the front door, Bruce looked at Don while pointing at Karen, who had her back to them, and mouthed, “she’s gorgeous” to which Don just smiled and nodded.

Karen got the door open and let them in. She suggested that they walk the property alone and to let her know if they had any questions.

As they walked the house, Bruce and Don seemed more interested in Karen then they did the home. They kept mentioning how hot she was and how awesome her tits looked in “that blouse.”

Bruce even went so far as to say that he would love to fuck her, to which Don responded by saying “that would be awesome, she is extremely hot – but good luck.”

Meanwhile, Karen waited in the kitchen. For some reason her mind kept going back to sex. Was it the way Peter hugged and felt her earlier in the day? Was kilis escort it the two hot guys walking around the house? Or was it the two nice bulges she had noticed in the pants of the two men upstairs? Whatever it was, she was definitely a little horny.

Karen had never cheated on Peter, even though he repeatedly shares his fantasy of having a three or foursome with her, or just plain watching her fuck another man. She knows full well that it is his fantasy to see her fuck another man. She has always fantasized about having two cocks at once and loves the idea but is not sure she could go through with it. Maybe some day she’ll do it. What she was getting increasingly sure of was that she was definitely turned-on this Saturday afternoon.

Just then Bruce and Don walked into the kitchen. Slightly startled she couldn’t help herself. When she looked up at them she immediately glanced at their crotches before making eye contact. This did not go unnoticed by the two young men.

She quickly gathered herself and said, “What do you think?”

Bruce responded by smiling and stating, “we like it a lot, a real lot,” as he looked her up and down.

Don concurred that he thought, “the property is amazing,” also giving Karen a nice smile.

Karen quickly suggested that they go see the other home so they could compare the two. Bruce and Don agreed and they made their way to their respective cars.

Once in the car, Karen had to take a deep breath. Did they notice that she was checking them out? She was trying to be coy but she thought she might have been too obvious. Regardless, her state of excitement was increasing. With Peter’s constant reinforcement of the idea of a threesome, Karen couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to take, or be taken by, these two hot strangers. It was her deep, dark fantasy and she could feel her pussy getting a little moist.

In the other car, both men were clamoring about Karen and how hot she was. Bruce told Don that he could just imagine her breasts popping out of her blouse, while Don agreed and added that he had been imagining Karen’s full lips wrapped around his cock. They both knew it wouldn’t happen but the thought was fun. Little did they know.

Once they all arrived at the second house, Karen tried to rid her mind of her sexual thoughts and exited her vehicle and started walking towards Bruce and Don who were still sitting in Bruce’s car.

As Karen approached their car, Don said to Bruce, “Oh my god, dude. Look at her. She is so hot. Unbelievable lady. And that body; Wow!”

Karen knew they were checking her out. A woman knows these things and the thought made her smile inside. Little did they know; she was having similar thoughts.

As they got out of the car, Karen said, “Hey guys, you ready to check out this property?”

“You bet,” they said simultaneously as they got out of the car.

With Karen again leading the way they headed to the front door. As they approached, Karen told the guys that the family still lived in the home but that they were away on vacation so no one was home.

Bruce responded by saying, “Great! Then we can take our time.”

Karen held the door open and both Bruce and Don tried to get through the opening at the same time which forced Don’s back to brush up against Karen’s soft breasts, instantly hardening her nipples. Don pretended not to notice that he had “inadvertently” brushed up against her and made his way inside.

Once inside Bruce suggested to Karen that she show them around this house since she had seen it before. The guys led the way from room to room. And as they did Karen kept catching herself checking them out and doing her best not to get caught. The guys were not as sneaky. Karen had caught, and enjoyed, both of them staring at her tits and ass more than once.

Up ahead of her and down the hallway, Bruce had gone into the downstairs powder room when Karen heard him call out to her. She yelled back saying she was coming and when she turned to go into the powder room Bruce was on his way out and they bumped into each other. Karen put her arm up to stop herself and her hand found his sold chest muscles and pressed into him for a split second before backing up.

Bruce’s hand found her shoulder and he said, “whoa, sorry bout that. Didn’t know you were right there.” There was an awkward moment where they both didn’t want to remove their hands from each other but they quickly did and exited the powder room.

Karen asked Bruce what he needed and as much as he wanted to say, “You” he instead said, “I was just wondering how hard she thought it would be to change the fixtures and if it would be expensive.”

Karen thought to herself, God do I want to know how hard it is, but quickly replied that it would be easy and not too expensive at all to make these simple changes.

After they had seen the whole downstairs, Karen led the way and suggested that they head upstairs to check out kırıkkale escort the rest of the house. When they reached the stairs, Don said that he was going to checkout the backyard “real quick” and that he would be right up to join them.

With that Karen started up the stairs with Bruce right behind her.

As she started up the stairs, she knew that Bruce was right behind her and she knew, actually she could feel, that he was looking right at her ass. And she was right; Bruce’s face was right at ass level as she slowly ascended each step, her heels making light clacking sounds and giving him a little extra wiggle with each stride up.

Thinking to himself, Bruce thought how hot it would be to make love to Karen. He was really attracted to her and having trouble holding back. This was evident in the swelling he felt in his crotch as he watched the beautiful Cajun woman climb the stairs.

Simultaneously, and unbeknownst to Bruce, Karen silently wondered what he was thinking. Was he having the same thoughts she was? Was he thinking about her nice ass? Was he imagining what her perfect natural titties looked like? What they would look like as she rode his big cock? Did he want to fuck her in this house? Take her right up at the top of the stairs because he couldn’t take it any longer? Did he want her right now? Even better; did she want him?

She knew she was having these thoughts but she had never done anything like this before. She had once shared with her husband Peter that she had fantasized and masturbated about having sex with him in an empty home she had shown before. She had also, on previous occasions, actually fantasized about doing it with a client or home inspector, but not actually going through with it with a complete stranger. But she had had the fantasy more than once and she enjoyed playing with the thought in her mind – and occasionally she got herself off to the fantasy.

Today was no different, she was definitely having the thoughts on this day and she could feel her pussy getting wetter as she reached the top of the stairs. As she took the last step she put her left hand on the banister and turned to face Bruce, as he took the last couple of steps up.

With no intention of actually pursuing her carnal thoughts, Karen turned and began to lead Bruce towards the master bedroom, which was directly across from the top of the stairs. As soon as she turned around, their eyes met, and they both knew what the other was thinking. Bruce paused at the top of the steps as they stared into each other’s eyes not exactly knowing what to do, looking each other up and down; Bruce pausing for a long gaze at her chest, which was now heaving in anticipation, raising her awesome breasts up and down, while Karen was focused on the now apparent, and very large bulge, in Bruce’s jeans.

Her mind was racing. What was she doing? What was she going to do? Peter always wanted to watch her fuck another man and deep down she wanted to satisfy his fantasy, but he wasn’t there. Would he mind? Did it matter? She would make it up to him.

She slowly turned, gazing back at Bruce through the corner of her beautiful brown right eye and walked towards the fully furnished master bedroom. As she entered the room she felt Bruce’s right hand on her right shoulder. She stopped but didn’t turn. He pulled himself very close to her and whispered, “You are so hot, Karen. And I’ve seen you checking me out and I can’t resist anymore,” and he kissed her left cheek and pressed his hard cock into her backside.

She leaned her head back and his left hand found her left breast. He squeezed it so perfectly that Karen couldn’t help but let out a little moan. She had been unusually attracted to both these strangers and this was her time. She would not let the opportunity pass.

He pressed his cock against her and brought his right hand down that perfect slant from her belly down to her pussy, where he began gently rubbing her through her grey slacks. Karen felt good. Karen was hot. God was Karen hot – and she loved it. Bruce was perfectly rubbing her left tit, squeezing so nicely, massaging her pussy and grinding her from behind. Karen pressed back against him, her mind racing.

Karen turned her head and their tongues met and they kissed deeply as Bruce moved his left hand down and pulled her shirt up, un-tucking it so he could access her soft belly and breasts. In one easy move his left hand went up and grabbed her left breast under her shirt but on top of her bra. Just for a few second though. He wanted her nakedness in his hands. He quickly moved his left hand up and to the top of her right breast and under her bra from the top where he met her erect nipple.

Still from behind, Bruce was now massaging her right breast and lightly pinching her nipple with his left hand and still nicely, but more aggressively, rubbing her pussy with his right as she pressed and grinded back on his hardness.

Karen then reached kırklareli escort back with her right hand and grabbed another man’s cock for the first time.

As they continued to kiss and grope for several minutes, they were surprised when Don walked in and said, “Well, what have we here?”

Karen looked up into his eyes and then down to his cock and Bruce said, “Would you mind if my friend joins us?”

Karen was in heaven. Although she always wanted to have a threesome, she had never done it.

Her and Peter had started using a nice dildo during some of their sex encounters and she loved stroking the dildo and Peter at the same time, pretending that it was two guys, or holding and stroking the fake cock as Peter touched and fucked her, or sometimes she would fuck herself with the toy as Peter licked and massaged her – all-the-while Karen would imagine the toy was another real cock.

But this was her opportunity; a real life opportunity. She had two hot guys. Two hot guys that wanted her. One of which was currently massaging her tits and pussy and the other whom was standing in front of her grabbing himself in anticipation as she stared at his growing crotch.

The bottom line was that she always, deep down, wanted to have two cocks at once. In fact, she always wanted to take one in her pussy as she sucked on another. That is the truth and she knows it. Yes, she wanted two cocks. And yes, this day she was going to have two cocks.

There was no question. There was no way she would stop. There was no way she could stop. Her pussy was so wet; she was beyond the point of no return. She had to have them both and after a very short moment of futile deliberation with herself she said, “Yes, of course. Please.”

With that Don approached her, as Bruce continued on her pussy and tits, and kissed her deeply. Their tongues went wild at one-another. Karen’s hands quickly found the buttons on Don’s jeans and unleashed his thick seven-inch cock. She squeezed it and began stroking it as they continued to kiss. As Don took both of her breasts in his hands Karen thought to herself that his cock felt the same size as the dildo her and Peter enjoy so much. She could not wait to have him inside her.

With Bruce behind her now sliding his hand down inside her slacks and panties, Karen’s extremely swollen clit and dripping pussy greeted him. He rubbed her pussy much like Peter had done just a few mornings earlier. As Don undid her blouse he unsnapped her bra from the front. It felt so good to finally have her breasts free.

Being all natural and a 34D, her breasts hung perfectly a little to the outsides of her ribs. Her big reddish nipples are significantly larger than silver dollars and were now being perfectly sucked and squeezed by Don as Bruce’s fingers penetrated her wetness.

It was all Karen had imagined in her deepest, hottest fantasies. Four hands on her body, two hot men paying all their attention on her. Yes, life was good.

As Karen held Don’s cock she started initiating him backwards until he met the bed and sat down. Karen immediately pulled his jeans down and all the way off, came back up and kissed him on the mouth before bending down and taking the swollen head of his cock between her lips. At first she just fully enjoyed the head; swirling her tongue around its mass. Then taking another inch as Don’s hands gently played with her dark locks.

As she took more and more of Don in her mouth and down her throat, Bruce had come behind her, bending over and kissing her neck and massaging her swaying breasts, now tweaking both her nipples at the same time – something Karen really enjoys once she is nice and warmed up.

Reaching across her chest while squeezing her left breast in his right hand, Bruce ran his left hand down her belly and over her pubes and straight to her pussy with his middle and forefinger and began really rubbing her pussy, again focusing on her very swollen clit.

With Bruce now vigorously massaging her, her tits were swaying faster and Karen was moaning louder and louder, slightly muffled because she had her mouth full of Don’s cock as she stroked him. Deeper and deeper she took Don’s length in her mouth as Bruce more rapidly rubbed her wanting pussy.

She couldn’t take it anymore; she needed a cock in her pussy. She slid Don’s cock out of her mouth, turned to Bruce and said, “I need you. I want you, I want you to, I want you to fuck me. Just fuck me.”

With that, Bruce took off all his clothes and stood behind her stroking his already fully erect and thick eight inches, preparing to satisfy her request.

Karen was bent over again sucking Don’s cock, Bruce reached around her waist and loosened her belt all the way and slid down her zipper. Karen released Don’s cock from her lips and stood and removed her blouse and bra. With all the movement, Karen’s slacks had fallen down around her ankles and she wiggled them over her heels and off onto the hardwood floor at her feet.

Now standing in her heels, otherwise completely naked between these two men with nice hard cocks, she went to Bruce and kissed him deeply. Meanwhile, Don had moved up close to Karen and pressing his cock up against the small of her back and embracing both her breasts, he pressed tightly against her.

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