Singaporean Party Girl

Asian Sissies

As a young Chinese student in Singapore I was becoming ever more exposed to Caucasian guys living, holidaying and working in Singapore. For almost 3 years I was fascinated by them.

Finally on my 18th Birthday I had the courage and opportunity to meet one in a social environment, 1 hour later I was providing him with my virginity. A life and course changing experience, from that day I wanted to live in a Western Country.

I spent the next couple of months learning how to be sexually attractive, learning what turned guys on and what didn’t, what clothes to wear, what underwear, lingerie, what to drink, say and how to look to get my man.

By the time I was 21 I was seeing 2 or 3 different guys a week and dating several oil rig working guys as they were in and out of town. I had definitely become A Singaporean Party Girl and was loving it.

I was wearing the shortest, tightest dresses, they make your legs look longer when your Chinese, buying up a large collection of designer lingerie, the smallest g’s I could find and never left a club on my own.

On my 22nd birthday I flew to the states with a girl friend for my very first overseas holiday. We were working with a large Hotel chain and so were able to get cheap accommodation for our 3 week excursion of LA and NY.

Trying to act more mature than we were and trying not to be overly excited by everything I was unable to even get off the plane before I met a cute looking guy that I liked.

He helped us get to our hotel in LA and then arranged for us to go out with him and his friend to show us the sights of LA, have dinner and then back to the hotel, by the third bursa eskort night we had tried every combination we could think of.

By the time we returned to Singapore, exactly 20 days later I had managed to be seduced by no fewer than 8 American guys, I was loving life to the fullest and just did not want it to stop, I had ridden on the back of a Harley Davidson Motor Cycle, in a convertible sports car, had seen a game of basketball, and a basket ball player and had been to a couple of real wild Californian style parties, it was just a great time. I had also received my first full waxing and couldn’t wait to get back to Singapore with it.

Once back home I started catching up with friends, new and old, i was going out with no panties on and had taken my first money in a pay for sex transaction, my first and only Asian guy, a Japanese businessman gave me USD 500 for 1 night with him, sex was hopeless but money was good.

A little over a year later I was dating an English guy who purchased two tickets for us to go to England for a 10 day holiday, his Company had paid for his ticket and he paid for mine.

Just leading up to the trip he had to cancel due to work commitments but encouraged me to go on my own, I had never been outside of Singapore on my own, can you imagine growing up on a tiny island like Singapore and then going off to London by yourself.

A week later I was landing at Heathrow airport and I found out exactly how easy it was to just go out, have a fun night and have a guy pay for the sexual adventure of his life, I never had to ask, they all just took it for granted that I was an Asian prostitute görükle escort and they all gave money at the end of the night. I had gone with them on my own will and would never have asked any of them for money. After 10 days of Holidaying in the UK I went home with a Thousand British Pounds extra.

When I was 25 I packed my bags and flew to Australia complete with a 6 month visa, I wasn’t sure what I wanted but I was feeling crowded in Singapore and a break away from what I was doing was needed. I had maybe slept with in excess of one hundred guys by this time and I wanted a change in my life.

I landed in Brisbane and went straight to the Gold Coast, I had studied about the Casino there and felt that my best chance of part time employment was going to be on the Gold Coast somewhere. What I had not studied was the high cost of everything on the Gold Coast and after about 3 weeks I was running out of money and still had 5 months remaining on my Visa.

I had met up with a guy that I first met in Singapore, he was the same age as me and single so i moved into his apartment in Brisbane and had commenced a very casual relationship with him, if we were home alone then we would inevitably end up having some kind of kinky sex around the apartment or outside in a club somewhere.

Whilst he was working or going out with his friends I was getting paid for sex, I was spending a lot of money, going out, partying, lining up and I needed income to equal my spending, doing what i enjoyed was the easiest way.

After 2 months in Queensland I travelled down to Sydney on my own to continue my holiday and bursa escort bayan catch up with other friends that I had met in Singapore, my first night in Sydney ended up being a 3sum experience with 2 guys, I stayed with these guys for a week and really don’t know how many of their friends I had sex with, a lot and I really had to get out of their apartment and save myself, it was horrible. I was like some kind of toy for them just to come, have sex with and leave.

After a month I moved back to Brisbane and moved back in with my friend, who now days is my husband and father to our 2 kids.

I lasted the full 6 months and returned to Singapore with a heart felt loss in Australia and wanted to return to Australia as soon as I could.

Once back on familiar ground in Singapore and catching up with all my friends life got back to normal, sex was still great, 3sums, both ways, were becoming normal, had started going on sex weekends with some of the guys, including going to Pattaya in Thailand on several occasions, I had also moved in with a GF and commenced my only lesbian affair, although we were still both active with guys as well, she also had a BF who enjoyed the whole situation. Anal sex by this time had very much become standard.

Now later in life I can reveal that I have slept with in excess of 200 guys, have been involved in maybe mmf 3sums, have had group sex, have performed sex acts inside night clubs, taxi’s, hotel hallways, on an airplane, on a living room floor at a party and with age groups from 20 to 50 years old. I still have a very high desire for sex, have been involved in several relationships, with consent, since being married and have bought a lot of happiness to everyone around me.

Now I am spending some time sorting through notes and diaries putting together some short stories on my life as a younger rebel, I hope they’ll bring happiness to you as well.


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