Skype Disaster Pt. 06: Cum Together

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(Catch up: After having dressed in an uncharacteristically slutty way, whilst preparing to watch some tranny porn, and perhaps appear on webcam, Georgia’s preparations had been interrupted by Tim, who had previously cancelled his date with her that night. Tim’s reaction to Georgia’s appearance was, not surprisingly, one of quickly growing sexual interest….)

I lay back on the bed, still wearing my 6″ heels, black tarty lingerie and clattering bangles and earrings as Tim climbed in beside me.

As he moved closer to me I caressed his flesh with my ultra-long deep red nails. I could hear that sometimes he would draw a quick deep breath as I touched an erogenous zone, and he responded in a similar manner making me squeal and squirm as we explored each other’s body determining what turned the other on.

Occasionally we would pause and kiss, or exchange a few words, and sometimes, I wondered how on earth women who wore their nails this long managed to do anything at all except look at them!

As I held his cock again, slowly moving my hand up and down its length, and being impressed by its size, warmth and stiffness, Tim Kissed me deep, exploring the dark reaches of my mouth and my tongue.

As he did, his hand reached between my legs and he ran his fingers from the tip of my cock to between my legs. He paused momentarily to push my knickers down slightly and then continued to my ass as I lifted it slightly to give him access.

“Oooh, what’s this?” He asked as he felt the butt plug I had left in place in readiness for my planned webcam show later.

“It’s just something to ensure that you have an easy ride tonight Darling,” I replied, giving him a cheeky smile. “Just pull it out and I’m all yours.”

Tim moved down the bed slightly to get a view of my ass as he gently teased the plug out, but as it just reached its widest part and started to slip out voluntarily, he quickly eased it back in and then out again as I reacted, as one does, with noises of appreciation.

Realising he was onto something, Tim clearly decided to continue this and started to really work my ass with my plug as I squirmed in response.

Whilst I had used vibrators and a dildo on myself before, either pushing it in and out using my hand, or riding one stuck to the edge of a bath, or even a door, having Tim do this, not being in control myself, was a whole new experience and I was bordering on ecstasy. Momentarily, I became aware of the noise emanating from the jangling of my earrings and multiple gold coloured bangles.

The more he continued to pump me with the plug, the higher I positioned my body to help him, and closing my eyes I was lost completely in the moment.

After a few minutes, he leant forward over me and, after removing my small falsies, he manipulated, nibbled and kissed my nipples through my thin black lace bra and I completely lost the plot.

And then it happened. I came like I had never cum before. Whilst I was aware that I was ejaculating, feeling my cum landing on my neck and chin, my body heaved with an intensity of feeling from my head to my toes in a way that I had never felt before. I was panting and flushed and momentarily not even on that bed, not in that room.

I gripped Ümraniye Ukraynalı Escort Tim with both hands, digging my nails into his flesh and threw back my head as wave after wave of intense feelings spread up and down through me until after a minute or so they subsided and I sank back into the mattress.

Tim was peering at me as I opened my eyes and smiled as we acknowledged each other with caressing movements.

“Holy shit!” I exclaimed as I caught my breath. “Excuse my language, but where did you learn to do that?” I was panting as I spoke.

Tim just smiled, and said, “You taught me, a few minutes ago. It’s entirely your fault. Anyway, didn’t we agree that it was how you wanted to cum?” and he smiled a big, wide grin that would warm any room, no matter what the weather!

“Actually, it was close,” I said, “but not quite perfect.”

Seeing a look of puzzlement appear on his face I moved out of the way and swung Tim onto his back. His cock was semi flaccid and so I set to work on it with my tongue and using my long nails to tease him back into action. Needless to say, it didn’t take long.

Once he was fully erect, I reached to the bedside table for the tube of lube and applied some to him, checking to see if he wanted to use a condom. After a short discussion we agreed not to, and I decided not to dwell on the subject, choosing rather to trust that he had good sexual health. We were, after all, both in monogamous relationships.

Sitting astride him, I pulled my knickers to one side again and easily slid onto his waiting cock, having been well and truly opened up already, there was little resistance.

I easily took his whole length and I recall feeling immensely proud, as many TGirls are not able to take more than 3 or 4 inches. But I rode him like a pro and began to know how it felt for a woman to feel a real live warm throbbing cock inside her, albeit not in a vagina. But this wasn’t enough for me.

Whilst still fully engaged, I fell over onto my side and Tim knew exactly what I wanted. Missionary sex. We had spoken about this previously.

We shuffled into position, giggling as it was not an elegant move, until Tim was between my legs, cock inside me, and my legs aside of him.

Without a pause Tim lifted my legs and held my ankles apart as I momentarily admired his body between my legs and my gorgeous 6″ black patent heels above me. This was my decades old dream come true, at last, and I was determined to make it last for as long as possible. The sight and feeling of Tim between my legs, him holding my ankles apart and being completely in control of what was to ensue exceeded anything in my dreams previously. Tim was all male, big time, and at last I was as near to female as was possible.

After that momentary distraction Tim started to fuck me in a way that a guy fucks any woman. He started with slow strokes, in and out, in and out, sometimes coming right out before re-entering and pushing himself right inside to the hilt again.

The feelings were incredible and I concluded that there was no way on earth that I could simulate this myself with a dildo, or anything else.

Sometimes he would lean more forward, and sometimes backwards as Ümraniye Üniversiteli Escort he positioned his cock to rub on different parts of my insides.

He constantly checked with me first before he did anything different and eventually I told him that he was the expert, and to just do what felt right.

Sometimes he would release my ankles and lean forward to kiss my nipples, but he always returned to the same position, which I assumed he liked. Fortunately, I did too.

After several heavenly minutes Tim increased his pace and I could feel his motions becoming more definite. With a real purpose. For the first time in my life I was able to lie back, close my eyes and simply focus on what my body was feeling. Those sensations were enhanced by the feelings of my lingerie against my skin and my jewellery joining in the experience. With every push of Tim’s cock into me, my earrings caressed the sides of my neck and added musical chimes in time with our love making.

And then, he let my legs go and rested on me as he further increased the pace, panting and sweating as I pulled him into me, digging my nails into his back and wrapping my legs around him.

Suddenly, I knew he was going to cum soon, and just that thought in my mind ensured that I would cum at the same time. He moved as if to withdraw but I pulled him in closer leaving him in no doubt that he was to cum inside of me.

And then he came. Big time. He groaned out loud without any warning and I instinctively felt his final long firm strokes build as he pumped his fluids into me whilst I released a stream of mine into the gap between us, and a momentous event in Georgia’s life was completed.

As he collapsed on me we were both speechless, sweating and panting furiously. The air in the room must have smelled like a brothel, quite suiting my appearance, I thought.

We lay like that for a few minutes before rolling over so that we looked each other in the face. Tim’s cock was still inside me, but I could feel it shrinking rapidly.

“Thank you Tim, you have literally changed my life,” I whispered into his ear, and he just smiled a very contented smile.

Whilst lying there in his arms, my head was in a whirl and my brain was working overtime focussing on what I was feeling physically, re-living the last few minutes, thinking back to when I first exposed Georgia to Tim accidentally, wishing I was not dressed in such an outrageous manner tonight and also wondering what the future would bring.

Tim interrupted me, “Penny for your thoughts.” He said.

I half smiled and pondered his question, wondering how to respond. “Where to start,” I said, “Where to start.”

“You don’t have to tell me,” he said, with a quizzical expression on his face, simultaneously giving me a hug, causing his cock to slip from me. “But I’m obviously curious.”

I placed a hand on his cheek which was still flushed from the exertion of sex.

“Well,” I started, “clearly this is a moment in time which marks a massive change for me and in a way just confirms what I have always known. That I am really a female, inside of this rather ugly male body.”

As those words came from my mouth tears rolled down my cheeks Ümraniye Vip Escort with that sudden realisation that after decades of being confused, embarrassed and often angry about my in-between gender and sexuality, I suddenly knew who I was. It felt like a huge load had been removed from my heart, and Tim really had set me free.

Tim simply looked into my eyes and kissed my tears from me.

Tim was as understanding as a guy could be, and he admitted that it also left him with his own questions about his sexuality.

“My darling Georgia,” he said, “I have no idea if I am now bisexual, or gay, or whether this just means that I have found someone who I am truly in love with, but actually, what does it matter? I’m certainly not going to get hung up about it when life feels so good just now.”

As I listened to his every word, watching the expressions changing on his face as he spoke, I suddenly felt guilty. It was as if I had transferred my gender confusion to him. But I was also very content to see that he was likely to deal with it better than I had.

We talked for hours about how we felt, our various quandaries, and our futures. All of the time Tim talked to me and referred to me as a woman and caressed and kissed me just as a guy should in a new relationship. Wow. Relationship. That word suddenly had new meaning, and new implications.

We were both in a mess and showered before returning to bed for the night. Tim having collected his overnight bag from his car.

I removed my extreme makeup and slipped on a silk nightie and some matching knickers. I placed all my cheap jewellery back in its bag but Tim insisted I left my nails on, at least for the night. He admitted he had a thing about long nails and whilst these were a bit over the top, he agreed that they were very good during sex. I made a mental note to remember that for the future, and ensured that I caressed his skin and especially his cock with them at every opportunity.

I applied some very light night makeup and we retired to bed, Tim preferring the spoon position as we drifted off.

In the morning we had sex again before showering. I removed my nails and simply put on a tee over my white bra and some jeans and wedge sandals. I tied my hair up in a pony tail, clipped on some simple earrings added a necklace and we heading down for breakfast.

We chose a private table and after helping ourselves to the buffet spent an hour or more talking about each other, our lives, plans for the future, and life in general. We both had decisions to make which may or may not affect the other, but we were completely honest with each other in a way that I suspect few couples are. We checked out of the hotel and kissed each other goodbye in the car park.

Tim’s kiss was exotic. Not a kiss, but an erotic exploration of my insides, awakening up every cell in my body. When he withdrew I simply sighed and smiled, and if I had re-engaged we might still be there in that car park to this day.

But as we parted I am sure that neither of us knew if we would ever meet again. As I drove home, I tried to work out in my mind what had happened that weekend, and why it had finished on such a high, but also with a huge question mark hanging in the air.

Despite this, I knew that I was not the same person who had parked in that car park a short time beforehand. I also knew that Georgia was not easily going to be able to climb back into the closet again. Possibly never again, and this was going to cause some serious disruption to her otherwise routine life.

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