Someone I Used To Know Ch. 04


I’m sorry to all my readers because it has been a long time a looooong time. But I have a perfectly good reason though. Let’s just say I didn’t have a personal computer for the last couple of years and the years have been hectic for me. Life happened. I’m sorry for being a jackass and having you wait this long but hopefully this finished story settles your stomachs. I also have another series coming out that will correlate with the drama I have been dealing with lately and I figured it made perfect story material. Xo


Sunny had two choices to make: 1) Tell this bitch off and give her a word to the wise or 2) be an adult and handle it the best way she can. Deep down Sunny knew she wasn’t above nipping this situation in the bud but this wasn’t her situation to handle. If this Dani the barbie didn’t get handled soon then she was going to make it her problem.

Taking a few seconds to catch her attitude, Sunny let out a sigh, “When you say your man, I assume you’re talking about Kyrian, yes? Well I was under the impression that you two aren’t together and if you are a little confused about you guys relationship status then you should talk to him instead of trying to intimidate me”.

Dani eyed Sunny, “I’d thought I would warn you because I don’t take too kindly with people messing with my stuff. Stay away if you know what’s good for you”. With that Dani slid her shades on her face and walked away.

“Whew they test me Lord”! Sunny said while she got in her car.


This bitch didn’t know who she was messing with! Dani warned her and that’s about all she could do right now. Because if she doesn’t heed her warning then Dani will just have to handle her.

Dani walked up to Kyrian’s office building putting a smile on her face and she walked passed the receptionist.

“Ummmm ma’am, you aren’t allowed back there” a dowdy brunette mentioned.

Putting some sugar in her voice Dani turned around, “Oh sweetie you must be new! I come meet with my boyfriend every day at this exact time.”

Dowdy frowned, “Ma’am Mr. Moore gave me specific instructions not to let you in and if you don’t leave, I will have to get security over here to escort you out”.

Gasping Dani put her hand on her heart, “Oh dear did he tell you exactly why I’m not allowed back there”?

“No ma’am he just told me not to let you back”

“Oh ok, you’re just doing your job. He’s probably trying to plan something special for our six year anniversary tomorrow” Dani said with a huge smile trying to save face.

“I’m sorry, are you and Mr. Moore dating?” Dowdy asked with a huge frown on her face.

“Not that I think you should be delving into Mr. Moores personal life but we are married” Dani said in a haughty tone.

“I didn’t mean to intrude Miss but I think Mr. Moore is cheating on you. He just had some other lady in there for an hour or so and he kissed her when she left.”

Knowing that Sunny just left, it wasn’t a surprise to Dani. What did surprise her was the eagerness of the receptionist to spill out gossip. Dani put on a surprised hurt face, “My goodness! I can’t believe this! I’m sorry I’m getting emotional. Is there any way I can get your information so you can let me know the next time this lady is here because I can’t have her ruining my marriage!”

Dowdy put on a sympathetic sad face and wrote down her name and number for her and whispered, “I will do everything to help you out ma’am I can’t stand a home wrecker! The name is Darla by the way. Call me any time”

Sniffling Dani said, “Thank you so much Darla. I appreciate every thing. Have a good one”. Dani turned on her heel to leave. She thought she heard Darla say something while she walked away but she didn’t hear because she was too busy praising herself for her fast thinking and gaining a pawn.

That man stealing ho better watch out, Dani thought smiling evilly.


Loosening his tie from a hard day at work Kyrian pulled out his phone to text Sunny.

Hey sweet cheeks, wanna cum…play 😉

Lol tryna be slick? But no Cara and I are going over some work, I’ll get with you later :* Sunny typed back.

All right guess it’s just me tonight 🙁 He typed back.

Letting out an exasperated breath he decided to call his buddy for some drinks. After the call he confirmed to meet him at a local bar and headed that way.

Kyrian finally made it to the bar and walked up to order a drink.

“Hey there, letting off some steam from a long day?” A sultry voice asked.

Kyrian turned to the voice and looked into the green eyes of a beauty, “Yes I am and what about you?”

“You can say that, I would like to let off a little more steam if you know what I mean. My name is Charlotte by the way” she said with a sensual smile.

“Kyrian but I don’t think I can offer you what you need. I’m in a relationship and it’s pretty serious”

“Lucky girl, if you ever need a relief, call me” she said slipping a card in his hand and switching away.

“Damn bursa escort Ky, you let that walk away!” his friend David said shaking his head and greeting Kyrian with a friend handshake.

“Man I got something better” Kyrian said with a smile.

“And why haven’t I head about this ‘something better’?”

“Well we kind of just started talking”

“Damn the pussy that good you all ready whipped?”

“Nah man, nothing like that” Kyrian explained his relationship with Sunny to David. David listened and nodded every once in a while.

“Ok ok so when am I meeting Sunshine and is she fine?”

Smiling from ear to ear Kyrian said, “Hopefully soon but her and I have been busy trying to rekindle and we just did that last night so give it time”.

“All right. All I ask is make sure she has a friend for me man. Drinks on you since you’re the happy man!”

Kyrian laughed and called the bartender over.


A couple of weeks passed and Sunny was happy with the way things were going with her and Kyrian. Although they haven’t seen a lot of each other with their busy schedules they still found time to talk.

Being with him she noticed that she had a lot to work on herself. She realized she was slightly controlling. It’s like she is calling all the shots and Kyrian is just going with it for right now because he doesn’t want her to run out again. She was not about to let that fly, that is why she planned on going to see him when she finished putting fondant on a wedding cake.

Sunny was wondering where she went wrong with turning into this person that she turned in to. She wasn’t a psychologist so she didn’t know where to start to even piece it together. The one person she knew that gave the best advice and who knew about the situation was Cara.

Knowing Cara would help, she turned down her music and called Cara to stop making flowers and come help her with the cake.

She smiled at her friend with flour all over her, ” Oh almighty Cara I need your semi-expert advice”

“What you need Ray Ray?'” Cara asked using the nickname she gave Sunshine.

“So,” Sunny said dragging out the word, “for some reason I feel like I’m being to controlling and every thing in the relationship is one sided.”

“One sided as in you’re the only one feeling for him?” Cara asked confused.

“No one sided as in I think I’m being selfish or should I say running a too tight ship and Kyrian is just hanging on for the ride because he thinks I’m flighty and I’ll run again. I don’t know, maybe I’m thinking too much?”

“Ok honesty time.”

“Oh no not honesty time. Every time we have honesty time, you yell at me” Sunny said pouting.

“No yelling this time, maybe. But listen, so you leave Kyrian without so much as a heads up and then you come back claiming you still have feelings for him and expect him to have the exact same feelings for you. He might share those feelings but it’s still not fair to him the way you left and came bac”

“But I apologized for that and I’m trying to make things better for us” Sunny jumped in interjecting.

“Ok one, rude. Second, I understand that I really do.I just think you’re trying too hard. When you first broke up with him, you weren’t being yourself and now it’s no different. You’re not being yourself. You are so busy trying to make things go back to how they used to be and trying to make things perfect but let’s be honest, this relationship will never be how it used to be. There is no way that it will because you guys grew up. No relationship is perfect so just stop trying to be the perfect couple. Just be yourself and let him fall in love with the real you and I promise you that you guys will be fine.”

“I understand but what if he doesn’t like the real me? What if he can’t accept me how I am and I turn back into that girl that left him because I don’t feel good enough?”

“Trust me he’ll love you because I have great taste in people and I like you so he’s bound to love you. And for the not feeling good enough, look where you are! You followed your dream and you are making a name for yourself. Don’t ever doubt that you aren’t good enough for no man or anyone else for that matter.”

“Cara you are the best whenever I need a reality check. And thank you for being such a good friend I love you smushy” Sunny said giving Cara a hug.

“Any time, now stop with the affection I got a rep to protect”

“Yeah sure you do” Sunny said laughing.

Sunny and Cara finally finished for the night and said goodbye so they could head their separate ways.


It has been a whole six weeks and the ho has been dropping by her mans job for his lunch for a couple of days. Her undercover helper Darla was a godsend. She helped find out where the bitch lived and even how long Sunny and Kyrian have been having their “lunches”. Dani knew they didn’t just sit and talk that entire time. That’s what burned her the most. She figured Kyrian would get tired of her obviously loose pussy. bursa escort Why would he want that when he could have all this lithe toned body that she had! That Sunny girl was fat with her big thighs and grotesque ass. How could he even stand to look at the cellulite Dani knew the ho had. He probably just wanted to have fun with a little fetish he has but he should be over it by now, right?

Fuck it! Dani thought. She was heading over there to talk to her man.


Smiling down at his phone he popped some snickerdoodle cookies is the oven since they were Sunny’s favorite. He just received a text saying she’ll be over in a few so he wanted to have something a little special for her when she came.

Ding Dong

Smiling big he opened the door wide, “Hey baby”.

“It’s about time you came to your senses!” Dani said wrapping her arms around Kyrian.

“What no Dani I wasn’t exp-”

Dani cut him off by smashing her lips to his and instantly moving her hand to his crotch to grip him just the way he liked. She felt him stir to life in her hands and she smiled knowing she had him.

“Kyrian what the hell?”, an angry Sunny said from behind Dani.

“Sunny this isn’t what it looks like, I promise.” Kyrian pleaded.

“Sorry bitch but this is exactly what it looks like” Dani said with her hand on her hip and a eat shit grin on.

“Shut it Dani and leave before I call the cops. Matter of fact I’ll just call the police now” he said putting the phone to his ear.

“I’ll leave but this isn’t over bitch” she snapped at Sunny.

Sunny raised her eyebrows saying, “It never started”

Dani shoved passed Sunny and squealed her tires out of Kyrian’s parking lot.

“Please Sunny this isn’t what it looks like”

“It looks like you’re hard for some other girl”

“She came to me, I thought it was you walking through the door”

“Kyrian it’s cool I know she cray” Sunny said laughing. “I think you might need a restraining order on the psycho.”

Kyrian reached over to shut and lock the door and bring Sunny in his embrace. The feel of her soft curves exciting him. “I got something for you” he said in a husky voice.

“I can feel it” Sunny whispered in his ear.

“No not that, I mean yeah that but something else.”

“Ohhh what is it?”


He only had to say that one word and Sunny squealed like a little girl and raced to the kitchen. Watching her ass jiggle in her pants Kyrian adjusted himself and followed after her. Walking after her he realized that these past couple of weeks they haven’t had sex and now he was really starting to feel the separation from the warmth of her treasure. Feeling his breathing get shallow he found her bending over the oven to pull out the cookies.

The view of her bent down shot electricity through his spine with urgency to be inside her. Walking up behind her and placing his raging member against her so she could feel what she did to him.

“Hmmm are you that excited about these cookies as I am?” Sunny said arching her backside into him.

“I’m excited but I don’t…”

Ding Dong

“If that is that girl I will kick her ass Kyrian!”

Kyrian laughed, “I’ll get the door and tell her to go”.

He headed to the door getting ready to curse Dani out. This time he checked the peephole and saw it was David and some buddies. “Uh hey guys, what you doing here?”

“Man don’t tell me you forgot about card night?” One of the friends said.

“Oh shit man, I got my girl over here I forgot all about that.” Kyrian said feeling like a first class heel.

“If you guys have stuff planned I can always come back later” Sunny said coming around the corner.

Kyrian heard a chorus of low ‘damns’ and ‘fucks’ from his friends. “Uh no I’ll get rid of them”, he said stepping out the door with his friends.

“Where the fuck have you been hiding her!”

“Damn my man got him some chocolate!”

“If you don’t want her I’ll take her to go!”

All of his friends were making his green eyed monster come out. “Guys stop. And stop trying to look at her!” Kyrian said stepping in his friends view knowing they couldn’t see her through the door.

“You can skip this card day and we’ll have it at Josh’s house but you have to promise you’ll take that doll tonight and please ride her from the back for me.” David said laughing then straightening up when he saw Kyrians face. “Chill man I mean no harm. Have fun” They all walked away laughing.

Kyrian just knew he was going to have to kill them and no more seeing Sunny in tight pants for them. He walked in the house calling for Sunny. He heard her in the kitchen and headed that way.

When he walked in, his mouth hit the floor. Sunny was dressed in his apron with ONLY the apron on. She was sitting on the counter when she opened her legs, “Did you want some dessert sweetie” she asked innocently.

Kyrian walked over to Sunny in a trance. She was just so beautiful escort bayan to him and this surprising side to her just made him want her more. Before, she wasn’t this spontaneous and he never realized how much he likes this spontaneity thing she got going on.

Placing himself between her legs, he immediately went in for a kiss. Her soft lips pliable under his made fire course through his veins. Gliding his tongue in her mouth he tasted the cinnamon for the cookie mingled with the sweetness of her tongue. With one hand on her face and the other making its way to her warm center he gently touched her clit. She moaned for him, it was like music to his ears. Rubbing on her dripping treasure he put two fingers inside her.

He could feel her engulf his fingers with her warmth. She stopped kissing him to throw her head back in pleasure bucking to meet his rhythm. Kyrian could feel her insides spasming around him and he didn’t want her to come yet. She usually always came on her terms, it was his terms now. He was running things. He pulled his fingers out and she let out a pouty “no”.

Smiling at her pleasurable torture, Kyrian got the stool and set it directly in front of her so he could properly devour his dessert. He spread her legs and kissed up her thighs. Licking in the crease where her torso meets her thigh, he smirked while she jumped. Pulling her closer to him by her soft juicy thighs, he gave her one long lick at her core savoring her juices. He loved hearing her moan his name and hearing her pant wanting more from him so he gave her what she wanted. Running his tongue up and down her core he felt her thrusting her hips trying to make him go faster. He stilled her movements and took her secret lips into him mouth with a hard suck.

“Oh God, yes” Sunny moaned fondling her breasts.

He decided to pick up speed and flick his tongue on her clit. He stiffened his tongue and started fucking her. She grabbed his head closer to her for him to go deeper. He could tell she was close. She was cursing and grinding her hips on his mouth. Kyrian stood up pushing her legs to her chest and starting sucking on her dripping pussy. He sucked and licked at her button until she was begging him to come.

“Ungh yes. Don’t stop fuck yes. Please don’t stop. I’m so close Kyrian”

Sunny looked down at Kyrian between her legs and she couldn’t hold it in any longer. The lust in his eyes were too much for her. The love is what threw her over the edge in ecstasy. After her climax he kept going pulling another wave from her. After she finished feeling jolts she relaxed on the counter.

“Oh no I’m not done with you yet Sunshine” Kyrian said pulling her down from the counter into a kiss.

Sunny gently put her hands on his chest to signal the end of the kiss. She bent down do his pants and undid the belt. She looked up at him coyly while she rubbed his member through his pants. She finished teasing him and pulled his pants and underwear down to grab a hold of his cock. Her being so small she had to grip him with two hands twisting while moving up and down his manhood. Finally she licked the head and he bucked in her hand.

She took him into her wonderful warm vacuum of a mouth and started to suck and move her hands up and down his cock. Kyrian grabbed her head looking down into those pretty brown eyes of hers and tried to think of anything to stop himself from coming too fast.

“Baby you gotta stop or I’m gonna ruin this moment” he said missing the loss of her sweet mouth on him. He pulled her up and turned her around lifting one leg on the counter. She bent over enticing him to enter her. Seeing her like this, so wanton and willing had him getting so hard it was borderline painful.

He stroked himself for a few seconds and rubbed his cock up and down her center as she moaned and pushed her butt back for more. He couldn’t take it anymore so he thrust into her in one swift motion making them both groan in satisfaction. Kyrian had to wait half a second to get acclimated to the tightness of her womanhood around his raging cock trying to squeeze him dry all ready.

He started back up pumping in and out of her while gripping her hips. He concentrated on not coming too fast. He wanted to make sure she came too. So he slid his arm under the leg that was propped up on the counter and lifted her up for better leverage.

“Fuck you’re so damn tight baby. Damn girl” Kyrian felt like he was about to explode.

“Shit shit harder baby. Oh baby fuck me harder. Ungh yes right fuckin’ there!” Sunny started screaming at the pleasure she was feeling. With every thrust of Kyrian, her clit would slightly rub against the counter sending volts of electricity down to her toes. Reveling in the overwhelming amount of ecstacy that was running through her she could feel her climax racing towards her core.

Throwing her head back she screamed expletives to the ceiling. The feel of Sunny’s hot center gripping him with an urgency Kyrian knew his climax was nearing too. His hold on her tightened and his thrusts became harder trying to reach his end. Two more pumps and he released inside of her. The only problem was, he couldn’t stop coming and pumping. With the prolonged climax it brought Sunny into another one holding on to the counter for dear life.

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