Stacy wants to Play Ch. 09

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This is the final Chapter of the Stacy wants to play Series. This is the most fun I have had in a long time. I want to thank everyone for your comments and feedbacks. Don’t worry the girls will continue their adventures but they will be splitting up. I Hope you continue to read about them and enjoy their trysts as much as I enjoy dreaming them up.

I want to give Special thanks to my Editor. Without whom I don’t think my stories would be as readable as they are. AnomolousCowherd, you are the best!!!

Chapter 9 Paaaarrrrtttttttaaaaayyyyy!!! The final Chapter

Part 1 Erica tells her story

I am standing here in my kitchen waiting for everyone to arrive for my party. It is my Eighteenth birthday party, Even though my birthday was 5 days ago. A lot has changed in the last 5 days. I don’t even remember the girl I was less than a week ago.

Stacy the girl of my dreams is going to be here in a few minutes. I must have spent hours just dreaming about her. I watched her every day. Now here I stand I love her and I believe she love me. I am scared because of the things I have to do to prove to her I love her.

I have done things in the past few days I would never even imagined myself doing. I have humiliated myself in every possible way. I just don’t mean little things either I mean huge nasty things she wants me to do. I do them all though no matter what. I can’t even imagine refusing her anything.

Stacy wanted me in a skirt or a dress pantiless and waiting on her when she arrived. So here I stand in my short summer dress. No panties and no self control I am so turned on I keep moving around so no one will be able to tell. I keep going into the bathroom to wipe the moisture off my thighs and crotch.

When Stacy Arrived she was not alone and she had to spectacularily wrapped packages one was rather large the other was small almost tiny. The girl that was with her was a goth. I was actually a little jealous but I knew Stacy was here for me.

“My Mom wants everyone to put there presents here on this table then I will open them all later in the party.” I indicated the table my mom had set up in the middle of the living room.

“Well that will be fine for this one.” Stacy said as she put the big present on the table “but this one is way too personal for that” she said handing me the small box. “Tracy is here to help you with it but we have to hurry I want to be all done when everyone else gets here.”

Stacy was pulling me into the first floor bathroom and Tracy followed along behind. “Besides Tracy here needs to get back to work.” She closed the door and locked it then she turned and looked at me. I started unwrapping the box. When I finally got the wrapping of I was staring at a jeweler’s box.

“Open it silly we don’t have all day.” Stacy had the biggest smile on her face and I was shaking as I opened it. Inside was what appeared to be beautiful ear ring just a small hoop with a great big diamond set at the bottom. The diamond was remarkable I have seen wedding rings with smaller stones and I wondered if it was real. I was digging in the small box for the other one when Tracy started giggling.

“It is not a pair of ear rings you silly girl.” I just looked at Stacy still smiling she finished “it is for your clit baby.” I could not believe what I just heard. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I felt the air escape my body with a rush.

“Isn’t it just great I so wanted it for you.” Stacy was gushing I could tell by the way she was acting it was expensive. Sit up on the counter we really have to hurry.” She reached over and actually helped me lift myself up on the counter I was on auto pilot. Tracy took out a small case she was carrying and started laying stuff out on the counter. I was visibly shaking now. She knelt down in front of me.

“Put your feet up on the counter and scootch your but forward.” I did what she said. Then tracy looked me Straight in the eye. “I am very good at what I do sweetie don’t worry this will be quick and I am going to numb you up so you won’t feel it right away.” I just nodded.

She grabbed a tube of cream off the counter next me. She placed some on the end of her finger and before she even got done rubbing it on I could not feel her doing it. I was just watching as she play a little with my Numb clit.

“I am just making sure it is getting numb.” Then she pinch me I could actually see her finger nail disappear into sivas escort my clit but I did not feel a thing. “This will last about an hour then it will start aching. These pills will help with the pain later but you better take one now.” I opened my mouth and she tossed a pill in my mouth then Stacy handed me a bottle of water. I Swallowed the pill.

Tracy turned to Stacy. “That will make her a little loopy just try not to let her drink a whole bunch.”

“Oh that will be cool I won’t let her drink a drop.” With that I saw Tracy gab a piecing needle and quickly poke it thru. I was just staring as she deftly exchanged the needle for my new ring. My only thought at the time was that she was right. She was very good at what she does.

“Now take good care of that plenty of peroxide and use this antibiotic cream.” She handed the tube to Stacy after she applied some.” Then she looked up at me smiling. “That is going to turn the bush you got blond for a while. No fooling around for a couple days guys.

Tracy stood up and reached for the door. Stacy leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I watched her tug on my ring a little but I could not feel a thing. I stood and we all walked into the kitchen Amanda was sitting in one of the barstools at the breakfast bar and Lacy was standing between her legs.

“Hope you don’t mind we just came on in figured you were getting a special happy birthday from Stacy.” Amanda sounded so casual. Tracy headed straight for the front door and left.”What did you start the party without us.”

“No she’s here to help with Erica’s present.” Stacy was smiling really big.

“Hey great how does it look.” Evidently Amanda knew just what my present was.

“Perfect you want to see?” She was going to make me show her my clit ring oh my god.

Amanda nodded and Stacy reached over and pulled up my dress. I never made a move to stop her.

Wow that is great Erica. She walked over and hugged me and then kissed me right on the mouth. Lacy did the same thing. I was starting to feel like we were engaged or something but it was really exciting.

Then Meghan and Erin walked in. Erin looked unbelievable. Her and Meghan were wearing matching outfits only hers was white and Meghan’s was brown. They had on body suits and skirts. Their hose went up to their thighs and they had gloves on that went above their elbows.

It was absolutely surreal. The strangest thing was they had hair combs in their hair. Attached to the combs were dog ears matching their outfits. It was just so cute. I ran over and hugged them both I was actually feeling good. I think the pill was starting to kick in. I grabbed Erin’s hand and drug her back over by Stacy.

“Did you show them yet?” Stacy asked like showing those two my clit was the most natural thing in the world. I just shook my head.

“Show me what” Erin asked all excited. I knew I was trapped now. I hoped Stacy did not think I was going to show it to everyone.

“I am not being a perv or anything but this is what Stacy gave me for my birthday” I slowly lifted my skirt and Erin peeked down below.

“Wow that is really beautiful.” She had a weird look on her face. “Is it welded?”

“Not yet we need to wait until it heals then we will make it permanent.” Stacy answered her. I had no idea she was going to weld it closed. My god and Erin just asked that like it was the most natural question in the world.

Part 2 Erin tells Her Story

I could not believe how sexy Meghan makes me feel. She understands my need to be bad and constantly makes sure I am doing so. I have never met anyone like her. She is so rough sometimes and gentle others. I think she can do both at the same time.

Every since that day in the shower she I constantly playing with me. She has the ability to make me want to do anything. I want to be sexy for her. I always knew I was a lesbian. Erica and I would always watch these girls and I would fantasize about them all the time. I knew Erica was doing the same thing.

I used to think I was in love with Erica but somehow all my sex fantasies never involved her. My Fantasies were always strange and I could never even imagine Erica doing the things to me I wanted to do. These girls on the other hand they were fuel for my masturbation sessions. I had heard all the rumors about them. I hung on every word of them. I needed to imagine myself being treated like that.

Meghan was the one for me. Stacy seemed to harsh and not Sexy enough. Don’t get me wrong she was beautiful but I wanted playful sexy and that was Meghan to a tee. Tonight would be no different.

Meghan came to my house about an hour before the Party. She was carrying shopping bags. I knew she was bringing me an outfit to wear because she had told me not to get dressed. My mom kept looking at me like I was crazy. I had put my hair up in white bows exactly as Meghan had told me to do. Now I was standing around the kitchen in my panties and bra waiting for Meghan to get here.

When Meghan got there my mom went to answer the door I stayed in the kitchen for ibvious reasons. Meghan walked into the room and my jaw dropped. She was dressed in the sexiest little outfit I want to jump her bones right there.

My Mom followed her into the Kitchen. “You didn’t tell me it was a costume party Erin.” I could tell by the tone of her voice she did not approve but her eyes kept looking at Meghan and I could see her blushing.

“Well really it is just Erin and I that are dressing up. Most of the people will probably be in jeans.” Meghan answered my mom then grabbed my hand and started dragging me to my room. I can still remember the look on my Mom’s face it was priceless.

When we got to my room Meghan shut the door and threw the bags on my bed. “I think your mom has a thing for me.” now I was embarrassed Meghan had not the way my mom was looking at her. “She is kind of sexy for a mom.” She said that and shrugged her shoulders then she started pulling stuff out of the bags.

“Lose it!” She was pointing at my bra and panties. I was starting to take them off when my mom opened my door. Then she stepped back out in the hall way real quick and pulled the door to just a crack.

“I don’t know if you girls should go out dressed like that Erin.” Meghan moved over and pulled the door open almost pulling my mom back in the room when she did.

“Look all the important stuff is covered up.” Meghan gave my mom a little pose when she said that and I could see my mom really checking her out.

“Well I know that Meghan it is just that well… it may be just a little too sexy.” I could tell my mom was having a hard time with this.

“I don’t know can a girl ever really look to sexy” the Meghan changes poses like a model would at a photo shoot. Then she glanced over at me. “Put the body suit and skirt on and I will help you with the rest.” My mom just turned around and left the room and went back to the kitchen.

Meghan shut the door this time she locked it. “Yeap no doubt about it She wants a little puppy love.” Meghan looked at me when she said this and walked over and kissed me on the mouth. We made out for about a minute then she pulled away so I could finish dressing.

“Imagine me the envy of all those jocks at school. I would be too if I was fucking both you and your mom.” I still had not said a word. I could not believe she was saying that. She had a huge smile on her face but I knew her she would do it if it suited her. She walked over behind me and started rubbing my pussy I had not buttoned the crotch of the body sit yet.

“How dirty would that be Me fucking your mom. I would make you watch to just so you could see it.” I moaned a little as her fingers were pinching me on my lower lips. “Well it won’t happen soon because I would have to buy her a puppy suit and I just blew my whole allowance on this one.” I was imagining my mom dressed as Meghan was now. I giggled a little then I gasped as Meghan pinched my clit.

“I can’t believe how wet you are thinking about that. I think you may actually want to watch me fuck your own Mother.” her hands left my pussy and she walked back around me and grabbed the towel off the floor. “Dry up your crotch we have to finish getting you ready.” I did as she told me.

“Finish dressing I will be in the kitchen waiting.” Meghan had said she was going to help me but now she was leaving the room. I could not tell if she was mad but I guess I would not know until I got done and out in the kitchen. My thoughts kept wondering to what may be happening out in the kitchen.

I wanted to rush out there but I also wanted to look perfect in my outfit when I went out. Besides I don’t think she would really seduce my mom. Then I went over and open my bedroom door just a crack I couldn’t see them but at least I could hear what was going on while I dressed.

“So Mrs. Lewis do you really think my outfit is too sexy.” I couldn’t believe she was actually going to do it. I was shaking so bad I could not hardly finish dressing. I could tell she was talking loud enough for me too hear.

“The skirt is a little short, Dear.” I could barely hear my mom speak.

“Well it does show my body suit when I twirl.” I could hear my mom gasped and I knew she did it. “But I won’t be doing any of that tonight.”

“Does my butt show when I bend over like this.” I heard my mom gasp again.

“Well yes it does Meghan, you really should not be doing that on purpose like that.” My mom was really flustered I could hear it in her voice.

“Can you see the snaps at the very bottom Mrs. Lewis?” that was how I knew she was still bent over in front of my mom.

“Yes Meghan of course I can. Now you stop that right now.” My mom was trying to resist her. I was hurrying as fast as I could now but I could tell my mom was going to lose this battle if I didn’t get out there.

“One of the snaps seems to have come lose can you fix it for me” now was the moment of truth. I started sneaking down the hall. I was going to watch this happen if it did in fact happen at all.

“Meghan I couldn’t possibly do that you know my daughter is right down the hall.” Wow mom was actually considering it.

“Just reach you hand out and fix the snap I will watch for Erin.” I peeked around the corner mom was reaching toward Meghan but she was bent over in front of Mom. Meghan actually looked at me and winked. Then she mouthed the words “get lost”. I went back to my room but I left the door open so I could hear.

“It seems to be broken Meghan.” My mom voice was ragged. I knew for sure now that the snap was broken and so did Meghan.

“Maybe if you knelt down a little closer you could get it.” She was teasing me mom now and I knew if she got my mom on her knees behind her it would be all over. I could see it earlier in my mom eyes.

“That’s it Mrs. Lewis I bet you can get it now.” I knew my mom was kneeling behind her I had to go watch. I snuck down again and Meghan was actually looking right where she knew I would be.

“Meghan I can’t get it. The snap is broken.” My Mom’s voice was totally different now.

“Mrs. Lewis try unsnapping all of them and redoing them.” I heard the snaps pop on Meghan’s body suit.

“You are so pretty and so wet Meghan.” That did not even sound like my mom. I heard Meghan gasp and then I could hear wet licking sounds coming from behind her. This went on for a while I just stood there watching I was not even hiding anymore. Meghan fell down to her knees and began to orgasm Mom went straight down with her and never stopped licking. I was not jealous at all but I thought I should be.

Mom eyes were closed and Meghan’s head was resting on the floor with her ass still up in the air. I could see her eyes and the top of her head. She was still licking for all she was worth. I felt my fingers wandering down to my own sex. I was hot and flowing pretty good myself. Just as my fingers touched my crotch my mom’s eye’s popped open and we stared right at each other.

She was looking at her daughter watching her have sex and playing with herself. I was looking at my Mom licking my girlfriend from behind. The reality of the whole thing hit me like a ton of bricks and I turned and ran for my room.

I heard her moving fast for the back of the house then I heard her slam her bedroom door. I thought I might even have heard her crying. I felt horrible I had as much as dared Meghan to do it. I had let myself get caught up in this perverted game and now my mom was humiliated.

Then Meghan walked in the room I was facing the window and I felt her walk up behind me. I wanted to pull away. I wanted to scream and yell at her for doing that. I did not do either I just stood there. I felt her hand go between my legs and unsnap all the snaps on my body suit then she started doing what she always does pinching and scratching at me.

“Was that everything you thought it would be Dirty Girl?” I couldn’t answer her. Not now that I realized she actually thought she did that for me. I was getting close to coming again. “I want her to watch you do me next time I think she would like that a lot.” I came when she said that. I came hard because I thought mom would like that too.

We left right after that to go to the Party Mom was not in the kitchen and her door was still shut. I wanted to say something to her but I could not think of what to say.

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