Strangers on a Bus

Big Tits

I got on the bus after staying at a mate’s for a few days. She was recovering from a minor operation and I was supposed to be there for a week but after 5 days her new bloke turned up and 3 was obviously a crowd.

I got on the bus for the two hour journey home. I always sit up the back if I can because there’s more room and I could keep my hold-all with me. It was a hot day and I was looking forward to the cool shade of the bus.

It was a double decker but I sat at the back of the lower deck because it tended to have less sun streaming in.

After going without for 5 days I was really horny and wondered if I’d be able to get away with putting on a show on the security camera for the driver. As I got on though the dome of the camera was smashed so no chance of that.

There was a row of 5 seats at the back but the two pairs facing them were really high backed so even if the camera was working he wouldn’t have been able to see anything.

I threw myself down in the left corner and suddenly realised there were two old men (around 70-ish) at the right. Things might be looking up.

I gave no indication that I’d seen them and busied myself getting comfortable.

I put my hold-all between my leg and the side of the bus then took off my thin cardigan and put it through the handles. I was wearing slip on shoes, blue jeans and a vest top. No bra. The top was quite revealing but hadn’t looked it with my cardigan on. I also had my hair pulled back in a ponytail in an attempt to stay cool.

I sat back and pretended to look out the small side window but I was really looking at the reflection of the two men who’d noticed me and were obviously discussing me. I couldn’t hear what they were saying though due to the noise of the engine and the music playing over the radio.

Another reason I like sitting at the back of the bus is because it bounces. Usually I just enjoy the feeling but today it had the added bonus of making my tits jiggle for my small audience.

I sat back, resting my eyes, to give them a better look and pushed my chest out.

After a large jolt I gasped and looked round. They were both staring at me and I giggled.

“Well I’m awake now” I said.

“Bloody potholes. Are you alright?” The one diagonally opposite me asked.

“Yes, just rattled. And it’s so warm” I said, fanning myself and flapping the bottom of my vest.

The one at the other end of the row moved over to the middle seat.

“It is warm” he said and offered me his water bottle.

I drank some gratefully and held it against my neck and my cleavage. I gave it back then held out my hand.

“I’m Lucy” I said and he shook hands.

“Tommy” he replied, moving to the seat next to me.

I held out my hand to the other man and he moved over to sit opposite me.

“George” he said.

Tommy had grey hair, thinning at the top and a moustache. He had on a white cotton shirt and faded blue jeans. He was medium height and although he had a little bit of a pot belly his arms looked really strong. I shivered as I thought of them pinning me down.

George was taller and a little chubbier all over. He had white hair, cropped evenly and wore a blue short sleeved shirt with grey slacks.

We got talking about the weather, where we’d been, etc.

We were all quietly laughing and joking and before I knew it the lower deck looked empty.

I was soon about a third of the way home so I started trying to figure out how to move things along so I could fuck these two old guys.

“You don’t have any of that water left do you Tommy?” I asked.

“Of course love” he said and took it out his bag to give to me.

“Mmm thanks.” I sighed.

It was still quite cold so I held it to the back of my neck.

“Here, let me” he said and held it for me.

“Aah that’s lovely” I smiled, putting my hand on his knee.

As Tommy took it away, I closed Escort bayan my eyes but not before noticing the look that passed between them.

Another jolt from the bus’ bad suspension let me pretend to fall forward and put my hand on George’s knee as we all agreed how terrible the roads were.

In an effort to keep things moving I said to George, “Sorry I’ve been dying to do this” and ran my fingers over his short hair.

They both laughed and he said “Well I’ve been dying to do this” and ran his fingers through my ponytail.

“It’s really soft” he said.

“Olive oil. That’s the secret” then leaning forward I whispered “but ssh don’t tell anyone”.

I took the chance to move my hand a little further up his leg and he was obviously looking down my top and had his hand on my arm.

Tommy leaned forward, put his arm round my shoulders and asked what we were whispering about. I put my other arm round his waist and told him.

We were getting really blatant about touching each other now. When I sat back Tommy and I still had our arms round each other. I put my foot up on the seat next to George and he rested his hand on my knee then slid it downward til it was on my thigh.

George must’ve been encouraged because he said “I’ve decided I don’t mind potholes after all”.

“How come?” I asked.

“Cos they don’t half make your chest wobble” he smirked.

We laughed and I shook my shoulders to do a boob jiggle for them. George actually licked his lips as his eyes widened.

Tommy said “Well you must be cooling down a little.”

“Why do you think that?” I laughed.

“You’re nipples are hard darling” he grinned.

“Well it’s not because I’m cold.” I insisted. “I bet it’s cos the material’s sticking to me and rubbing against them”.

I held the material away from me and looked down. George and Tommy had given up all pretence and were right up at me looking down too.

“What I really need is to air them out” I teased.

“Go on then” Tommy urged.

“No someone will see!” I objected though not very forcefully.

George said he had an idea. “Look we’re on the motorway and we’re the only ones on this deck”.

He sat side on, covering the side window (the back window was covered by one of those stickers that lets you look out but no one can see in). He gestured for me to sit beside him then for Tommy to sit on my other side.

As soon as we were all settled I slowly pulled the straps of my shoulders and bared my firm breasts. My nipples were definitely rock hard by now. I pushed my top right down to my waist.

I was so turned on, exposing myself for these two old men and they just stared for a little while.

Slowly George moved his hand up to cup one breast and Tommy started rubbing the other. I was pushing myself into them and managed to moan “harder”.

They started rubbing harder and, when I covered their hands with mine, they began squeezing and pinching.

I was in ecstasy. Sitting limp between these two old men, molesting me on the bus when I’d only known them about an hour was exciting beyond belief.

Suddenly Tommy made a noise and George looked up.

“George mate, its nearly our stop”.

“So?” exclaimed George “we can get off at the bus station and come back!”

“Or I could come with you?” I suggested.

They looked at each other and grinned.

“Get your things” Tommy ordered and I covered up again.

“By the way, I quite like getting told what to do by you” I said quietly.

“Well get fuckin used to it” he answered.

I slipped on my cardigan and George led the way, followed by me and Tommy behind carrying my hold-all and his bag.

The driver raised an eyebrow at the three of us getting off at the same stop but said nothing.

We were at a farmhouse I’d passed loads of times but barely registered.

No sooner were Bayan escort we in the door when George was pushing me up against the wall. Tommy closed and locked the door then he was at the other side.

George pulled off my cardigan and yanked my top down to my waist then bent his head to suck on my tits.

“Hey stop keeping her all to yourself” Tommy complained and pushed in.

From then on they took a side each. It was an amazing feeling having two mouths suckling on my tits, two pairs of hands holding my wrists and throat, two cocks bulging against their trousers and rubbing on me.

“Could we move somewhere more comfortable?” I gasped.

They looked at each other slightly embarrassed at how they’d just lunged at me.

“Take her in the living room” George instructed Tommy “I’ve got an idea”.

Two minutes later he arrived with a mattress and bedding. He dropped them in the middle of the large room and disappeared, coming back a few minutes later with another mattress. They were pushed together and we all collapsed onto them.

I unzipped my jeans and was just pulling them down when I stopped, looked at them and said “Come on. You too.”

They both stood up and stripped off though deliberately avoiding looking at each other. Their cocks were standing straight out in front of them.

I had kicked off my shoes and jeans then stood to pull my knickers down. I turned my back and bent over, giving them a close up view of my pussy. I threw them away and also discarded my top that was bunched round my waist.

I lay propped up on my shoulders and leaning towards George I kissed him slipping my tongue into his mouth. Finally I pulled away and turned to kiss Tommy. He wasn’t as good a kisser as George, coming at me with his tongue already sticking out.

While he tried to stick his tongue right down my throat I moaned because George was squeezing one of my tits with one hand and sliding the other up and down my pussy.

I opened my legs wider and he slid a finger in my wet slit. Tommy was pawing at my other breast and I couldn’t wait to see the red marks on my pale skin from where they were mauling me.

Eventually Tommy came up for air and I begged him “Let me suck your cock Tommy?”

He lay on his back and I scrambled to my knees. George’s finger was pulled out but I think he forgave me when I knelt in front of him.

I moved my knees wide and arched my back presenting my wet cunt to him just aching to be fucked.

I could feel him position himself behind me as I licked my lips and looked into Tommy’s eyes as I held his cock and slowly slid my lips over it, steadily taking more and more into my mouth until it was at the back of my throat.

He must’ve felt the vibration as I moaned at the feeling of George’s cock pushing into my wet hole. Both of their cocks were about average length, nice and thick and heavy.

I really went to town on Tommy’s cock, I moved my hand up and down in time with my mouth and slurped at it, licking and sucking hard. He put his head back and let me do whatever I wanted.

After a few minutes he pushed my face away and said “Not yet!” then to George exclaimed “You’ve got to let her suck you!”

George replied “No you’ve got to stick your dick in her. It’s fuckin lovely.”

He pulled his fat cock out of me and it felt so empty I jumped straight onto Tommy. I straddled him and guided him into me as I sank onto him.

“Fuck you’re right George!” he said.

George turned my head and was standing ready with his wet cock in his hand. I licked the full length of it and told him I could taste my juices.

That must’ve been a turn on for him cos he pulled my head towards him and shoved his cock right in my mouth.

I sucked him so hard bobbing my head back and forth as he held my hair by my ponytail and fucked my face.

Underneath me Tommy was thrusting escort up into me and I was bouncing on him in time to sucking George’s cock.

I’m not keen on going on top as I prefer to be more submissive but god damn Tommy’s cock was hitting the right spot. I started moaning louder and eventually had to pull my mouth off of George.

“I’m gonna cum!” I panted.

“Scream for me” Tommy said “No one can hear!”

I realised it was true. I was bouncing up and down hard. Tommy pinched my nipples hard and pulled down on them.

“Ahh I’m coming!!” I screamed and really did scream.

Eventually I came to a stop and collapsed off of Tommy. I lay on my side and George lay behind me. He grabbed the back of my neck and bent me forward. Lifting my leg he pushed his rigid cock into my cunt.

Bringing his mouth to my ear he thrust slowly in and out of me as he said in my ear “Now it’s my turn to make you scream”.

“If you want to make me scream then maybe you should put it in my ass,” I said.

He stiffened at that and pulled out. I thought I’d offended him until he threw a couple of cushions next to me.

“Lie on them” he commanded.

I positioned myself on them with my ass in the air and my legs as far apart as they could go. I heard George spit and assumed he was making his cock wet.

I felt the head against my asshole and a steady pressure until my muscles gave way and his cock forced its way inside.

There was a sharp pain but as he pushed in further it slowly gave way to pleasure as he impaled me with his cock.

I did scream and he seemed to like that.

“Oh yeah scream you little bitch. You fuckin like that don’t you?”

“Yes!” I cried out “Please fuck my ass!”

He started going faster at that. Pummelling my ass, gripping onto my shoulders and pulling my hair.

He growled “I’m gonna cum in your tight asshole!” and immediately shot his load deep inside me.

He was beyond control now and his hips were thrusting so fast. I squirmed and pushed back underneath him and he cried out.

“Ugh you fuckin bitch” he said as he was finally spent.

I was aching but Tommy still had to come and I wanted him to fuck my ass too. It felt so nasty and pain turns me on. My asshole had been pounded by George, getting fucked in the ass by Tommy too would be agony and ecstasy.

Luckily George had the same idea.

“You’ve got to fuck her ass Tommy” he panted.

“Won’t she be sore?” he asked George.

“Please fuck my ass Tommy” I begged.

“I’ve got her nice and wet for you” George leered.

I was lying spread eagled on the mattresses with George’s cum still running out of me, pleading another guy to fuck me. It was so degrading I was in heaven.

Tommy knelt between my legs and positioned himself behind me. Guiding his cock with his hand he found my battered asshole.

I was biting down at the pain but tried not to make too much noise in case he stopped.

He was far too excited though. I heard his shuddering breath as he found the opening and began to slide in.

I screamed and he stopped abruptly.

“Don’t stop!” I cried out.

He shoved his hips forward and all of a sudden his cock was filling me up. He found his rhythm and was thrusting into me.

“Harder Tommy! Fuck me harder!” I shouted.

Tommy obliged, his body slapping against my ass cheeks. Then he slowly lowered himself to cover me with his body. I loved hearing him grunting in my ear in time with his thrusts.

I was crying out every time he pushed into me. George was watching it all. He lay beside me and moved his hand under my body and over to my soaking wet cunt. He roughly shoved two fingers into me. Tommy fucking my ass and George fingering my pussy was too much.

“I’m coming again!” I panted and my juices surged over George’s hand.

The spasms my body made as I orgasmed pushed Tommy over the edge and he shouted in my ear “Fuckin take it slut” as he pumped his hot cum up my ass.

He collapsed on top of me and then rolled off. We all lay panting for a while and I vaguely remember someone covering me up before I fell asleep sandwiched between those two old men.

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