Summer Heat Ch. 09


Intro: This is a total work of my imagination. Any resemblance to anyone on this planet is just your imagination. Half siblings, Shelby (29) and Jason (27) have moved back in with their mother, Katherine (49). Jason and Donna have a weekend alone. Katherine goe to a swingers house party. All characters are like, really old.


… Chapter 9 Labor Day cookout

Friday afternoon, the beginning of Labor Day weekend, Donna was just about to leave work when she received a text.

[ Jason cell > Come by the house when you get off. Mom wants to see your tits. LOL]

Jason received: [ Donna cell > WTF?]

He didn’t answer but waited. Donna soon arrived, still in her business casuals. They kissed in the driveway. “Mom still wants to get a nipple pierced and asked to see yours.” Jason said with a slight blush.

“Well everyone else has seen it. I may as well show it to Katherine.” Donna replied coolly.

Inside, “Hello, dear. You didn’t have to rush over. Jason was teasing me.” Katherine said. “Since I’ve been eating right and working out, I’ve come to like the way I look. I’ve never been so satisfied with my body.”

“Good for you, Kathy. You look amazing. Your kids think you are having a midlife crisis.” Donna told her.

Katherine got out her camera and set it on the bar. “That’s part of it. I’m turning fifty and it will be OK if I feel good about myself and you guys are happy.”

“Mom, we are happy. It’s spooky how good this feels.” Jason hugged Donna.

“I’ve never felt like this. He’s right. It is a strange feeling. I don’t know how to be happy.” Donna chuckled. She unbuttoned her blouse. I don’t mind flashing you, Katherine.”

Jason un-fastened Donna’s bra. “OK let’s get weird, ladies.” Donna turned and exposed herself to Katherine.

“Oh, my God. Donna you are gorgeous. Your boobs are absolutely perfect. No wonder both my kids love you so.”

“Mom, focus on the piercing, funny girl.” Jason got embarrassed.

Donna blushed deep red then relaxed and got “matter of fact” about it. She held up her left breast for Katherine to inspect. She had gone back to her gold barbell in place of the ring. “See how it goes straight across. That’s how you want it. It will hurt like hell for about two seconds. Two real seconds not a “two seconds” that’s really ten minutes. Once it’s all the way through, it doesn’t hurt but feels weird for a while then sore for a day or two. When you get over the soreness, it’s like a part of you. Touching it feels like touching your nipple. After a few years it’s just there. No big deal. I like the look though.”

“You should have seen the ring she had in. Beautiful.” Jason said. His scrotum tingled.

In an instant, Katherine’s shirt was off, and she was pointing out how she thought she wanted hers in her left tit also. She held up her boob to Donna who pinched and pulled at it clinically. Jason blushed. His mind was blown. His poor cock didn’t know whether to get hard or shrink from embarrassment. Katherine had Jason shoot a “Before” Photo of just her tits. Mercifully the ladies covered themselves moments before young Jason had his first heart attack. After a little more chatter that Jason couldn’t remember, they left. Jason walked Donna to her car.

“I’ll be over in a minute. I’ve got some cloths packed.”

“Darling you need to hurry over. After that little episode, you have got to make love to me before dinner.” She kissed him slowly. “I feel wetness in my panties. Katherine is so beautiful. Should I do her too?” Donna giggled.

Jason shook his head. “Not right away.” He shook his head again and walked back to the house hearing Donna say, “I love you” and laugh behind him.

Jason wasted little time getting to Donna’s apartment with his duffle and some work clothes on hangers. The moment had passed, and they decided to have dinner in place of a quickie. They went to the local Waffle Hut and ordered.

“What did you think about what your mom said?” Donna asked.

“What do you mean?”

“About the photography, taking pictures of the beautiful ladies in your life.” Donna prodded.

“I’m sorry, baby. I was barely holding my own with you bare breasted. Then mom threw her top off and I don’t think I heard anything after that.”

“You are so silly. We were being serious.”

“And you were seriously sexy, poking and pinching each other. But it was mom! My dick didn’t know whether to get hard or run and hide. I’m scarred for life, I’m sure.”

“I think you’ll get over it. Kathy loved the pictures you took of me. She wants you to take some tasteful nudes of her. It’s that midlife thing I’m sure. You can shoot some of me if it’s not vulgar and we keep them private. Shelby has modeled. She can help.” Donna said.

“Sounds like a fun project.” Jason said thinking of the naked flesh. “Can you get us a deal on a condo on the beach? I think the three of us could have a great little vacation if we can all get days off.”

“Yes, I can get a huge discount. You are a very romantic man, Jason Thomas. I love you.”

Back at the apartment, the couple slipped into bed. Both were nude and unashamed. They held each other.

“Jase, this bursa eskort feels so good. I’m still scared that I don’t know how to be happy.”

“I promise that I will never do anything to hurt you or split us apart. I’m committed to this. I will never raise a hand to you. I’m faithful to you. I won’t pet Shelby unless we are all together. If the two of you want to be together without me, that’s cool. You’ve been lovers for a while and I respect that. Just let me know what you are feeling.” Jason improvised a pledge of fidelity.

“If you said that in front of a judge, we’d be married.” Donna laughed. She rose up on elbow. She looked him in the eye. “Jason… ditto!” She fell back into his arms laughing. “One change though. I’ll lick Shelby whenever I want.” She laughed wildly as Jason tickled her.

“What about Shelby seeing other people?” Jason asked.

“She has to get our permission and we have to meet the person and approve.” Donna laughed.

“Congrats, Shell. You are a teen again.” Jason said laughing.

The couple got quiet and began to pet each other. They kissed and began to be aroused.

“Jase, I track my period and I’m very predictable. I’m going to my ob-gyn and get birth control right away. According to my calendar it would be a good time for you to cum inside me. I want it so bad. I want to feel your cum fill me as we cum together. Can we?”

“Yes, baby. It will be beautiful.” Jason kissed her deeply and gently massaged her breasts. He sprinkled kisses on her shoulders. “I love you my angel. I knew you were special all along.” He kissed his way down to her precious girl-like long clit and kissed it. He tickled the sides of her pussy with his tongue. He spread her open with his fingertips. Donna had her own delicate aroma. A sweet and mellow feminine aroma that he inhaled and savored as his tongue began to touch the inner folds of her sweet hole. Jason tasted her juices and licked her. He pealed back the long clit hood to reveal a tiny pink round cliterous twitching under his loving care. He sucked it a flicked his tongue across it repeatedly. Donna began to writhe and squirm. He knew it was too intense and backed down to a gentler touch.

As Donna’s body calmed, Jason moved up to her and lifted her legs and put his cock against her. “I do love you, Donna.” She smiled and nodded. Jason shoved his cock all the way into her wet pussy in one long smooth motion. Donna bucked with pleasure and had a small orgasm. Jason began a gentle rhythm rocking gently and steady. Many minutes ticked by, but time stood still for the lovers. Jason rocked harder and harder. Donna went into a big orgasm. She groaned as spasms washed in waves over her body. Jason paused and let her roll. When her breath became regular again he eased back into his rhythm. Jason watched as her perfect tits shook in time with the two of them. He leaned forward and kissed her. Then he rose back up and launched into a firm cadence, pounding her pelvis. He felt the cold heat build in his prostate. “Are you sure, baby?”

“Yes, Jase. Oh, god yes! Let me have it. Please, baby, Fill my pussy full.”

Cum was already coursing its way up his shaft as she said it. Jason pumped over and over. Donna could feel the thick fluid filling her and gushing out along his shaft. The feeling launched her into another orgasm and they finished together in an embrace. Jason left his cock in her for a while until it fell out with a flood of cum and pussy running down her ass into the sheets.

Katherine on the phone with Frank:

“Hello, Frank. How is everybody down that way?”

“Hi, Kat. We’re fine. It’s great to have Shelby down here. You should have come with her.”

“I want to talk to her in a minute, but you first. Is she OK?” Katherine asked.

“She’s fine. She seems happy. We’re having a big time playing cards. Maggie’s son, Tommy is here. We’re teaching them to play Rook. Shelby caught on fast. Just a few hands and she’s kicking our butts.”

“I’m just a little concerned. She’s been through a lot. I really think she needs to be back on the anti-depressant. She was on a mild one for a while. I just worry. You and Maggie come up here Or I’ll come to you. I still love you both.”

“Bye, Kat. We still love you, too. Here’s Shelby.”

“What’s new, Kitty-Kat?” Shelby asked.

“Just checking on you, sweetheart. You were supposed to call and let me know you got there, yesterday.” Katherine scolded.

“I’m sorry, mom. I called Jase and Donna. I thought they’d tell you. They must be busy honeymooning.” Shelby said sarcastically.

“Shell, are you really OK with that?”

“Yes, mom. I’ve been working on that project for a while.”

“Well, some people get depressed after a big accomplishment. When you get home, let’s talk about getting you back on that medication.” Katherine said.

“I know mom.” Shelby said. “I start at The Steak Pit in a few days.”

In the Hollis’ living room, an informal meeting of the ladies was in session with the men outside with the grill. “Kathy, I checked with all these ladies before inviting you. We don’t have a hard set of rules, but we are usually couples only.” Kim spoke first.

“You have görükle escort to tell me these things.” Katherine said. “If anyone wants, I’ll leave before I drink anything.”

“Nonsense!” The tall slender Cindy said. “It’s OK with us. Just mind the touching rules. Debbie here isn’t bi. She won’t want to play with you.”

Debbie spoke up. “You’re so pretty, I might do it any way.” The group laughed.

The beautiful black lady, Sasha spoke next. “We just don’t let the men make decisions. They say yes to everything.”

“Unless some bisexual men come around. Then you’ll see some guys saying “no”. Kim remarked.

Sasha and Debbie went to the kitchen. Cindy stepped outside. Leaving Kim with Katherine. “If I shouldn’t be here, just say so.”

“Bull, honey, I checked with these couples before. We know some that would object. But not these. Just remember, Debbie is straight. Sasha only soft swings with women. All the men want to fuck you. You’ll be fine.” Kim smiled. After we eat, we are going to have an icebreaking for just the girls. Then we’ll let the guys play later.”

“I got that IUD placed and some hormones. Maybe I won’t go nuts like last time. I feel better.” Katherine said.

The group had cooked a variety of grilled meats and veggies. Kim and Debbie had prepared some salad and a bean dish. The meat was sliced up and the food was set up in a buffet with soft tortillas themed “make your own wrap.” Drinks and conversation flowed.

After dinner, some changed into swimsuits and got in the pool. Others sat around and talked. Katherine opted for both parts of her bikini. She stayed in the shallows of the pool, soaking in the warm water. Soon, the black couple, Sasha and James along with Cindy and her husband, Mack, joined her and they talked in the water. They discussed Kim’s idea for the evening.

“I think Kim has a pornographic mind.” Sasha said with a smile. “She wants to have an “all-girl petting party” then have the men do a group grope on Kathy.” Laughing.

“Is that like a gang bang?” Katherine asked.

“Basically, yes.” The tall slim, Cindy answered. I think we should just hang out and everybody do as they feel. Not so structured.”

“I’d be more comfortable with just relaxing and playing some here and there.” Katherine said.

James nodded agreement and Cindy’s husband, Mack added. “Not all the guys like to play at the same time as other men. I’m not a homophobe, but men just turn me off.”

“Kathy, James and I would like to kiss you and pet a little. If it’s OK. We are leaving early, and we’d love to get familiar with you. Would you like to go in for a few minutes?” Sasha asked quietly.

“That sounds very nice.” Katherine answered. “We can dry off inside.”

Katherine and Sasha went into the quest bedroom and peeled off their suits and dried with towels. Sasha slipped on a pretty pair of panties and sat on the bed. Katherine remained nude and sat beside her. “You are quite pretty. Your skin is amazing.” Katherine said to Sasha. Her skin was silky smooth and a deep mahogany color.

“I was about to compliment your figure. I mean your body is fit.” Sasha said.

“I don’t know much about this stuff. Kim said you ‘soft swing’ with women. What is that?”

“Oh, it’s just making out mostly. Sometimes some breast play and sometimes more. We swap, and I go all the way with men sometimes. Women are beautiful but it’s rare for me to go down on one.” Sasha informed Katherine. “Can I kiss you, dear?”

“Yes, and I’d like to touch your pretty brown skin.” Katherine said and moved in for the kiss. Katherine was thrilled at the soft full lips of the pretty black girl.

Sasha picked up Katherine’s hand and cradled it up to her breasts. “That’s why I left my top off, baby. I wanted you to touch me.” They kissed passionately, and Katherine cupped Sasha’s full “C” breast in her hand.

James came into the room and closed the door. He had dried and changed in a bathroom. He came in to see Sasha lay down and let Katherine kiss and suck her breasts. He moved close and watched the ladies make out and rubbed his cock. The ladies noticed him and smiled.

“Honey, take that big cock out and show it to Kathy.” Sasha said. “It’s OK if you touch him, Kathy, but ask him.”

“James may I touch you sir?” Katherine asked. She was shocked when she saw it. He really did have a porn size black cock. “It’s rather large, isn’t it?”

The couple laughed. “That’s one way to say it.” Sasha said.

Katherine was embarrassed but still reached out and took the cock in her hand as Sasha explored her breasts. She stroked the cock and it got very firm. She looked up at James. “May I kiss it?” He stepped closer and Katherine took the head of it into her mouth.

“Honey, he’s just showing out.” Sasha said. “James, we said we wouldn’t do any hard stuff tonight.”

“I know, baby. You ladies just got me all worked up. Kathy, would you lay back and let me see you for a second.”

Katherine released James’ dick and rocked back on the bed laughing. “OK but you’ll have to ask your beautiful wife to open me if you want to see.” Katherine smiled and looked at Sasha.

“Well, you are a playful bursa escort bayan lady, aren’t you?” Sasha shook her head smiling. “Check this out, James.” Sasha carefully pulled and spread Katherine’s pussy open. The lips were swelling, and some white cream clung to the inner lips. “OK, you horny old goat. We’ve got to let the sitter go home.”

James smiled shaking his head. “Kathy, you are a beautiful, sexy woman. It was great to meet you. I’d love to eat you.” The three kissed and said their goodnights.

In blouse and panties, Katherine rejoined the rest at the pool. Cindy and Mack were watching a little swap activity. Tony was standing in front of Debbie and Debbie’s husband Kevin was in front of Kim. The ladies were sitting and giving the men blowjobs.

Katherine sat beside Cindy. “Are they racing?”

Cindy and Mack burst out laughing. Cindy hugged and kissed Katherine. “No, they just wound up sucking these lucky fellows. They could race.” She said laughing.

“Better to see who lasts longest.” Mack added.

Debbie pulled Tony’s cock from her mouth. “You clowns are so fucking funny.” She giggled and resumed fellatio.

Cindy was sitting topless. Katherine admired her near flat chest. She had matching rings in each nipple. She had less boob than Shelby and was beautiful. Her long slender torso looked sleek and athletic. Cindy had an elaborate tattoo of a grapevine. It started on her left ankle and climbed her left leg and side. It ended on the back of her left shoulder. It was expertly executed. Katherine was about to suggest something.

Cindy leaned over close to Katherine. “Mack and I would love to have sex with you, Kathy.”

Mack just smiled and blushed. He was a stocky man with broad shoulders and a slight beer gut. Although he had thinning hair, he was handsome and conveyed strength with his eyes.

“Cindy, I was looking for the words to say something to that effect. Your slender body is turning me on.”

In the guest room Cindy asked. “Did James and Sasha leave? I thought you guys were making it.”

“We had some heavy petting and they said they needed to go. I hope I didn’t do something wrong.”

“They do that sometime. You got them horny as hell and they went home and fucked like crazy.”

Mack said. “They are sweet, but that’s their thing sometime. Sasha is beautiful.”

“Her skin is so pretty.” Cindy added. She reached over and spread Katherine’s blouse and gazed at her breasts. She cupped one and kissed Katherine on the lips. “You are beautiful. I wanted you when you came through the door.” She whispered in Katherine’s ear.

As the ladies made out, Mack knelt in front of them and slipped off Cindy’s bikini bottom and Katherine’s panties. He gently petted both lady’s pussy with the lightest touch. While rubbing his wife’s thin little lips with one hand, he admired Katherine’s big full labia. “Kathy, may I kiss your pretty pussy?”

“Yes, handsome sir. You may and if you’d like you can have sex with me. I’d like to have sex with both of you.” Katherine said, very proper. She was getting very horny. “Cindy, I want to taste you.”

Cindy chuckled and began sucking and massaging Katherine’s breasts. Katherine had reclined on the bed and Mack was finding his way into her pussy, opening her folds with his tongue. Cindy kissed Katherine and moved up to straddle her head facing Mack.

Katherine started slowly, rubbing and licking her way into the thin lips and tiny pussy of this lady that she just met. It was exciting to think that they just met and now they were having sex.

Mack stood up and moved between Katherine’s legs. Cindy climbed off Katherine. She moved down Katherine’s body to a point that she could watch Mack enter her. Mack aimed his thick meaty cock at her hole and smiled at his wife.

Cindy smiled back and spread Katherine’s wet pussy. She watched as Mack pushed his cock into Katherine, who began to moan. He fucked several fast strokes then pulled out and offered his cock to Cindy. It was covered with a thick glaze of Katherine’s goo and Cindy licked and sucked the cock clean. Mack resumed fucking Katherine’s pussy. Cindy straddled her hips and aggressively kissed her and firmly groped and kneaded her tits. Mack began switching back and forth between fucking his wife’s pussy to dropping down and shoving back into Katherine. Katherine was much wetter and seemed to be providing moisture for both pussies. Katherine felt as though this position and activity was one of their regular things. They were very good at it. Mack seemed to pull out of her at a time that didn’t take away from her pleasure. Cindy would moan with pleasure when he shoved back into her. Then the anticipation of getting the cock back in her would build and then, he was in her again hard as a rock and jamming it to her. A few cycles of this and Katherine had a marvelous orgasm on Mack’s next entrance. He fucked her solid until she finished. Then he went back into Cindy. She gasped with the plunge into her. She had attentively watched Katherine’s face during her orgasm. Now Mack was committed to pounding his wife’s pussy as she lay atop Katherine. Katherine took Cindy’s face in her hands and kissed her firmly. She held her until Cindy’s body spasmed in orgasm. They broke the kiss and Cindy slowly rose away from Katherine. Saliva drooled from her mouth onto Katherine’s chin. Cindy’s orgasm raged on and Mack kept throwing it to her and he soon came a huge load inside her tight pussy.

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