Suntanning on a Rainy Day


My name is Angela. I’m home for summer break from my first year away at college. My parents told me we had new neighbors and that they were usually not home on the weekends. Why would they tell me this you ask? Well, they knew I liked to visit their property. You see our backyards are separated by a small wooded area only a couple of hundred yards thick and I didn’t mind the short walk to get to their property which had a nice sized pool. I would often visit and stretch out to get a nice tan. Since I didn’t want any tan lines and no one was home I also removed my bikini on these occasions to get an all over tan.

On one such occasion I was relaxing with my eyes closed when I heard a loud, rumbling BOOM! My eyes flew open and I jumped up as large raindrops began pelting down. Just then the door to their patio opened and a voice called out.

The voice shouted, “Hurry up! You’ll get soaked!”

Without another thought I bolted for the open patio door and quickly ducked inside. The voice belonged to a Jamaican man with dreadlocks. There were also two other men, one was bald, and the other had very long dreadlocks folded up under a knitted hat with a brim. The one with the hat was smoking a joint. These were my new neighbors. Thank god they were home or I would of been a drowned rat in the thunderstorm that had suddenly struck.

Just at that moment when we were first looking at each other I came to my senses and realized I was standing there before them totally naked. I tried futilely to cover myself, using one hand to hide my cleanly shaven pussy, which left only one to try and cover my large 32 C breasts. I managed to cover my nipples but little else as I showed a lot of side boob and under boob.

“Do you have a towel or something to cover myself with?” I asked. “I ran from the pool so fast when the thunderstorm started I forgot to grab my bikini.”

He looked at me in a bit of a daze for only a second or two before snapping out of it.

“Sure. Just give me a minute,” he said.

And he went down the hallway as the other two had their eyes glued to my nude body, trying to ogle every exposed curve. The man quickly returned and handed me a smaller sized towel that barely covered the top of my breasts if I wanted to also cover my nether region. As I was wrapping it around me he held out his hand.

“Hi, my name is Roger. You must be one of my neighbors I hope,” Roger said by way of an introduction.

I went to shake his hand and my towel slipped exposing all of my left boob and most of my right before I snatched it back and caught the towel back into place.

I replied, “Yes, sorry, my name is Angela. I was just doing a little sunbathing. I didn’t think anyone was home.”

He looked outside before turning back to me, “Yes, I can see that. Too bad, it seems like you got rained out. As I’ve just said my name is Roger and these are my friends, Tony and Jamal.”

He gestured to the bald man as Tony and that left Jamal as the man in the hat smoking a splif.

“Come inside and get warmed up a little. You’re going to have to hold up here until the rain stops,” he invited.

As I moved further into the room he clicked the patio door closed and pulled the drapes closed behind me. I took a seat on the sofa as Tony and Jamal shifted a little to each side to make room for me in the middle.

“Care for a hit?” Jamal asked as he passed the joint to me. “It will escort bayan help warm up your insides.”

I decided not to be a stick in the mud. I mean I had been away at college for a year and not gone to any parties or done anything wild. This was my summer break so why not indulge a little.

“Thank you.” I accepted the joint and took a long draw.

Big mistake. This stuff was what they called ‘good shit’ and was quite potent as I immediately began coughing and hacking. Roger was quick to hand me a drink, a tall glass of iced tea he had fixed for me. I drank several gulps to quench my dry throat. I tried to return the joint to Jamal or pass it on to Tony.

But Jamal said, “No, no, the best thing after that is to take another hit, just a little slower this time ok?”

Trusting that they knew what they were talking about since I assumed they smoked this stuff all the time I took a slower draw this time. It felt really good and I got a nice buzz off the tokes I took. Roger came and sat in the chair opposite the sofa.

“So do you often trespass and sunbathe nude on my property, Angie?” Roger asked.

I suddenly felt like I was in trouble. Not the dangerous kind, the kind like when you get caught doing something wrong and know you’ll have to pay for it somehow.

“Yes,” I decided to answer truthfully. “I don’t like tan lines and figured it wouldn’t hurt anyone since you’re usually not home.”

He looked me up and down and asked, “Why don’t you like tan lines? Are you a model or something?”

Just then the joint was passed back to me so I took another hit and passed it on. Right after my toke I drank some more of the iced tea, which was actually quite delicious tasting.

“No, I just always wanted to visit a nude beach and decided to be ready just in case it ever happened,” I answered.

This all happened in about 15 minutes and the towel had soaked up most of the rain on my body in that time. Roger looked me in the eyes for a minute before leaning forward a little in his seat.

“Hmm, you know something, I was planning a trip, a sort of second honeymoon for my wife and I. She also wanted to visit a nude beach somewhere in the south pacific. This may sound a bit forward but how would you like to accompany us. They usually offer better deals for group tickets. So much so that the savings would allow me to include you for free.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was sure I was in some kind of trouble and instead I was offered a free trip to an exotic island in the south pacific.

“Yes!” I blurted out without giving it any thought. I leaned forward to hug him as I thanked him. “Thank you, thank you, oh thank you so much!”

Little did I realize as I leaned forward my towel slipped down and almost off and my huge breasts were bared. He hugged me back enthusiastically and squished my breasts between us. This caused me to become aware that I was baring myself and tried to raise the towel back into place but Roger gently pulled it the rest of the way off.

“If you’re going to go to a nude beach you can’t be shy. Why not practice in front of us by going nude now?” He asked mischievously.

I was about to reach up with my arms and cover myself as he took the towel away but decided he was right. I would have to get used to people looking at me in the buff and might as well start now.

“This is a little different don’t altıparmak escort you think, I mean on a nude beach everyone goes in the nude,” I responded instead.

No sooner had the words left my mouth than they all stood up and took there clothes off. Tony shed his sweat pants and hoodie lightning quick, Jamal was out of his tracksuit in a flash, and whatever Roger had been wearing had seemingly disappeared.

Roger stated quickly, “This ought to help you feel more comfortable.”

I took a few big gulps of the iced tea as my eyes wandered from one to the other taking in their huge sizes. I wasn’t very experienced only having sex with my boyfriend a couple of times but these guys genitals were absolutely huge. I wondered if they were injured or deformed or something.

“Are they supposed to be that big?” I asked naively.

Not really realizing at the time that they came is such vastly different sizes.

Tony slid a little closer from his side of the sofa.

“What, you’ve never seen a penis before?” Tony teased as he put his hand on my leg and stroked my thigh.

I looked down at his black hand sliding along my bronze tanned leg.

“Yes, I have, but not usually this big,” I confessed.

I finished my iced tea and Jamal went to get me another handing me the joint.

“Finish it,” Jamal said.

I did as there wasn’t much left taking a few deep slow tokes. My buzz was growing nicely.

Roger said, “You like the long island iced teas, huh?”

I couldn’t help giggling as I replied, “Those drinks are long island iced teas. No wonder I feel so buzzed.”

He stood up and came around to stand next to me.

“Best way to get over the shock and to prove they’re real is to touch one,” Roger offered.

He was standing close enough that I could reach up and circle my little fingers around the shaft, or try to, as the girth of his dick was too thick for me to encircle with one hand. I brought my other up and used both to gauge the weight and thickness.

Roger smiled down at me, “You like that huh? Handling a big black dick?”

As I was fondling the shaft I slowly began to stroke it to see how much bigger he was when fully hard. Tony reached over and began fondling my boobs, circling and pinching at my nipples to make them erect.

As Jamal was returning with my drink Roger made a lewd suggestion.

“If you want to get it harder, try sucking on it for a while,” he said.

I couldn’t believe my ears. My neighbors had gone from being nice and polite, offering me a free vacation, to full on seduction. My buzz was clouding my better judgement and I remember thinking earlier that I wanted to try being more wild and spontaneous.

So as I looked up into his eyes I leaned forward and opened up letting him slide right inside my warm, wet mouth and I began bobbing back and forth, giving him a proper blowjob. I started slow but quickly picked up speed, slobbering and spitting on his length before again taking it deep into my throat. I leaned further forward cramming as much of it as I could down my throat and then pulling back before once again cramming him down my throat.

I kept this up for what seemed like 5 minutes as Tony and Jamal helped position me on the sofa. Using their hands to place me in the doggy position. Tony then deftly crawled underneath me and placed his dick at the entrance to mudanya escort my pussy. He slowly shoved his dick into me and began pumping up into me, fucking me with his big black dick.

Roger kept throating me as Tony fucked me. And then I felt Jamal climb up on the sofa above me and line his massive tool up with my vulnerable little sphincter. He pressed forward and down and penetrated me with that black anaconda. I couldn’t believe I had 3 huge black dicks filling every hole. I was getting the fucking shit fucked out of me. It was so intense, made so much more because of the wicked buzz I was feeling.

They pounded my puny bronze frame with their massive tools and kept right on fucking me senseless as I began to come and come, slipping easily into multiple orgasms. I began squirting and ended up soaking Tony but he didn’t seem to mind and kept fucking my pussy until he exploded inside.

Shortly after Roger unloaded deep in my throat and pulled out. Since most of his cum was already deep inside my throat it was easier to just swallow it all.

Jamal began to grunt and pulled out coming around to my head he reached down with one hand and grabbed my hair pulling my face toward his dick. I got the message and opened wide, swallowing his thick, fat, black dick. No sooner did I have him in my mouth than he began blasting load after load, and I responded by swallowing and swallowing, trying desperately to get every drop. It was too much and some leaked out of mouth onto my chin. After he pulled out I reached up and scooped the cum off my chin and fed it back into my mouth sucking and slurping it off my fingers.

They then moved around switching positions. Roger lay down on his back and had me mount him in the cowgirl position and begin to ride his big black dick as he nearly split me open. How such a big dick could piston in and out of such a small pussy was an amazing thing to look at.

Tony came around the back of the sofa and presented me with his big black dick, shining and glistening with my pussy juices from where he had just fucked me. Placing both his hands on either side of my head he guided me to take his fuckstick into my mouth. As soon as I tasted myself on his rod I eagerly started sucking it off his length, as he pumped and thrust into my mouth easily gaining my throat. They both kept up a steady pace fucking me silly. I started coming and coming again, once again going into multiple orgasms.

Finally Roger erupted in my juicy little pussy and Tony shot some huge ropey loads of cum into my mouth and I just managed to swallow them all. When they were finished and extracted themselves from my tiny frame, Jamal moved in and grabbed me up into his arms. Without missing a beat he lowered me onto his black shaft and using his powerful arms fucked me like a rag doll up and down on his giant black dick. He kept up a furious pace, demonstrating his strength, and fucked me like I was a rag doll, my arms and legs flopping all over the place and I began to have intense orgasm after intense orgasm. He pushed all the way into my cervix and unloaded the biggest load of cum inside me that I had received so far that day.

It was so intense I passed out. Later when I had come to they let me take a shower and get cleaned up. The thunderstorm had passed and I went outside and retrieved my bikini. As I was getting dressed and starting to head back home Roger called out to me.

“Looks like the storm has passed. If you want to work on your tan again tomorrow you’re more than welcome back anytime,” he invited.

As I skipped off toward home with a huge grin plastered on my face I called back over my shoulder.

“See you tomorrow then,” I accepted.

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