Swing Party


A few weeks after my fuck session with Dan, he and I were talking outside on a Friday evening. He said that he and Madison belonged to a swing group, and that they were having a party at his house tomorrow evening. He was wondering if Shirley and I would consider coming over. He was sure we would enjoy it, and he had already talked to the group about asking us. I said I would talk to Shirley and would let him know later tonight.

As I’ve said Shirley and I had talked before about swapping with Dan and Madison, so swinging in a group was not too far from that. We talked about if we could take seeing each other with someone else. I had told her about me and Dan, but seeing would be a lot different. After talking for a while we agreed to give it a try. I called Dan and told him we were game. Dam sounded happy and said the party started at 8:00, and they would provide everything, so we didn’t have to bring anything.

Saturday as the party time got nearer, I was getting nervous and I could tell it was also getting to Shirley. We had packed the kids off to my parents’ house in the country for the weekend. We were dressed and ready to go, and I asked her if she was sure. Shirley looked at me and said if I wanted to go she was there with me, if I wanted to stay home, she would be home with me. That was my girl, anything I have ever asked of her sexually she has done, and likewise for her asking me to do anything. We were a perfect match for each other, our sexual appetites were similar, so there were no complaints from either of us.

We walked across the street hand in hand, I took a deep breath and rang the doorbell to the side door. Dan opened the door shirtless, and let us in. I could tell all eyes were on us, no one was staring but I knew they were watching. There was a couple in one corner making out and others either sitting or standing talking, and some kissing. Dan pointed us to the bar, saying fix a drink then go around and meet everyone. I fixed a drink for Shirley, and a stronger one for myself. I needed a little more than she did, Shirley had no problems in group settings, I was a little more shy.

I picked up my drink and started to walk over to a table by a side wall, were I could stand and survey the surroundings. I thought Shirley was behind me, I turned to look around and she had gone the other way, and now talking to Bill Erenköy Escort a guy from the next street over. Bill and his wife Tammy were the neighborhood hot couple. Tammy looked like a beauty queen and Bill was the guy all the women drooled over. He had her backed to the wall leaning in close, and whatever he was saying I could see from the smile on Shirley’s face she was taking it all in.

I was looking around the room seeing some of our neighbors and thinking that I never would have guessed that they were swingers. Todd who lived next door to us gave me a nod when we looked at each other, his wife Betty was talking to an older woman sitting on the sofa. Todd was rubbing his hands on a cute little brunette’ s ass. I thought wow the quiet couple next door. As I stood there Madison walked up to completely naked. She must have been out of the room when we came in, I’m sure I would have seen her hot body naked if she was in the room.

Madison smiled and said this was a party and no standing alone was allowed. She reached behind my neck and pulled my head down to plant a wet kiss on me. She then pulled back and started to undress me, after taking off my shirt and shoes and socks, Madison was kneeling in front of me as she unbuckled my pants and pulled them and my shorts down. She took my cock in her mouth sucking my cock all the way to my balls. I looked around to see how Shirley was doing, and I saw her sitting in a chair with Bill kneeling between her legs licking away at her pussy. From the look on her face I could tell he was doing a good job, so now I wouldn’t feel bad if I enjoyed myself.

I just closed my eyes and enjoyed what Madison was doing with my cock. She soon stood up and told me to come on, I followed her over to one of the sofas where she sat down and spread her legs. I didn’t need a better invitation, I was on my knees in a flash with my face buried in her hot pussy. She wrapped her legs around my neck and I was having trouble breathing, but if this was the way I was going to meet my maker, it was going to be with pussy juice on my face. As I was working on her pussy, I had one hand on that phat ass, and the other I trying to reach up and grab one of her tits.

After what seemed like forever she released me from her legs, pulling me up to fuck her. It wasn’t a good position, so she laid down on the Acıbadem Escort sofa pulling me with her. I whispered in her ear that I had been dreaming of this moment ever since we moved in the neighborhood. That mush have really excited her because it seemed like her pussy just swallowed my cock whole. Like I said before Madison had a body made for fucking and I wasn’t wrong, she matched every stroke and movement I made. She must have cum twice and when I was ready to cum she pulled me close and we both came at the same time. We lay there together a bit then she was up and gone.

I stayed there for a few minutes, and was just getting ready to get up when Tammy flopped down beside me. Her face was sticky with cum, and it looked sexy as hell. I must have shocked her when I pulled her close to kiss her, I guess she didn’t think I would kiss her with other men’s cum on her face, I kissed her sticking my tongue in her mouth and tasting the saltiness of the cum she had swallowed.

There was no playing around with her, she just grabbed my cock and gave it a few strokes to get it hard and she climbed on. It must have been a sight to see, a tall blonde with her hair all over her head bouncing on a black man’s cock, her great breast bouncing every which way. I was told the next day by Shirley it was a picture moment. When a guy says he was fucked by a women, this was it. Tammy climbed on rode me hard and took what she wanted. I didn’t have to do anything, I would grab a tit every now and then, but that’s all she needed or wanted.

I couldn’t believe it but she came once before she had another orgasm right before I came. I know I had seen her cum twice before with 2 other of the guys. It was like she couldn’t get enough, as soon as we finished she was off me and grabbed Dan. Damn I wondered how Bill was able to keep up if she was like this all the time.

Well I was thinking that I was finished for the night, I had cum twice, fucking two of my dream fucks. So I went to bar, made myself a drink. I looked around and saw Shirley laying on her back with Madison straddling her face and Roger pushing his huge cock into her pussy. When I say huge I mean huge. I have seen some big cocks before, in the shower playing football in high school, and in the service. But I mean Rogers must have come almost down to his knees, and there was Shirley Göztepe Escort taking it all in as she licked on Madison’s pussy. I stood there enjoying the sights when Bill walked over and asked if I liked the party, we talked for a few, then he was off again.

I was still standing there when Grace an older women walked up to me. Grace and John as I later learned were the oldest couple at the party, in their late 50’s. Grace still had it going on, a nice body and just a little sagging of her tits. She told me she had watching me all night and finally had a chance to get my black cock. She pulled me back over to the sofa, sat me down and got on her knees. I was going to tell her it was a lost cause. But she sucked my cock into her mouth and I can’t describe it but damn I have never felt anything like this. Now I’ve had blowjobs from some of the best when I was in the army, but never anything as good as this. I looked around and I could see some of the guys smiling at me, I guess they have enjoyed this pleasure. She kept me going, she would slowdown or stop if she thought I was going to cum, and she kept this up for a long time.

Finally she got up lay down on the sofa and pulled me on top of her. I slid my cock into her and she was just as great at fucking as she was at sucking. She did a thing where she rolled her hips in little circles, then she used the muscles in her pussy to grab my cock. We fucked for the longest time, I didn’t think I could cum again, but finally when i did I almost passed out. I got off of her, she sat up and asked me how did I like the old pussy, and did I think she could keep up with the young one’s in here. I looked at her and told her she must be joking, that I loved it and hoped that we could do it again sometime.

This time I knew I was done for the night, so I was getting into my clothes as Shirley walked up and said she was done also. We dressed and said our goodbyes went home. Not having as much to do as Shirley, I was in the shower first, in the bed snoring before she went into the shower. All I can say is I was fucked out.

The next morning after getting a playful fussing from Shirley, we talked about the party. We both agreed that we had a good time. I teased her about taking Rogers cock, and she said I looked worn out after fucking with Grace. Then she told me that she was sorry that she didn’t get a chance to fuck Dan, but maybe next time. I asked her how did she know there’ll be a next time. She said that she and Madison had talked and Madison had asked her if we wanted to join the group. Well I guess we’re swingers now. Who knows what will happen next.

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