Take It Like A Big Woman


My girlfriend, Hollywood Superstar Stella Teague Brown is a total freak. That’s one of the Many things that her adoring fans and moviegoers everywhere don’t know about this six-foot, pretty-faced, large-breasted, thick-bodied and big-bottomed Black Female Action Hero. There is nothing this dame loves more than hardcore anal sex. That’s more than fine with me because I am an anal sex enthusiast. I love bending her over and drilling her where the sun doesn’t shine. Who am I? Jason Haverhill , Professional Football Player for the National Football League by day and anal sex craver by night. I am a Man with peculiar needs and it takes a very special kind of female to satisfy me.

I intimidate people. I can’t help it. I’m a six-foot-six, 250-pound Black Man. Before making it into Professional Football, I was a Georgia Institute of Technology student in Atlanta and a summertime Truck Driver. I used to deliver anal lubricants for this Gay Porn Company called Great Men Of Hardness. They made good Gay and Bisexual videos featuring Black Men. Some really nice work. If you like rough sex. I can personally attest to the fact that their lubricant works. The first person I tested it on was Katherine O’Shea, this plump Irishwoman who worked as a clerk at this Atlanta City Porn Video Store. Miss Katherine wasn’t really a looker. Definitely past her prime, that woman. I’d put her age at around fifty. She was around five feet nine inches tall, stocky and chubby, with red hair and pale gray eyes. However, she was really open-minded sexually, so I overlooked her flaws. We had some hot fun together.

I took Katherine in the women’s bathroom. The women’s bathroom was filthy, compared to the neat men’s bathroom. I’ve always thought females were messier than men. They only pretend to be perfect. Anyway, I stood there with my pants dropped, holding my ten-inch cock in hand. Katherine gasped when she saw my ten-inch, uncircumcised black super cock. Yeah, she’d never seen anything like it before. I told her to suck it and like a good little slut, she did as she was told. I thrust my cock down her throat. Katherine sucked my dick and got me hard as hell in no time. She was a really good cock sucker. As I fucked her mouth, she fingered her pussy. I’ve never been much into pussy. To be honest, it doesn’t fascinate me. I’m an ass Man. Cock to pussy is such a commonplace type of sex that it doesn’t hold any Escort bayan fascination for me. In order to get my attention, a woMan has got to be willing to take it up the ass. No ifs, ands or buts about it. That’s just the way I get down.

I told Katherine the deal and she was ready to roll my way. That’s cool because I didn’t want any fuss. She got down on all fours and I spread her plump butt cheeks wide open. I smeared the lubricant all over them and then placed my cock against her butt hole. I was almost giddy with excitement. I feel that way whenever I’m about to penetrate somebody. Katherine told me to hurry up. Teasing her, I took my sweet time. Slowly, I inserted my cock into her asshole. For such a big woman, Katherine certainly had a tight asshole. That’s okay, though, because I was willing to stretch it to acceptable levels. I held Katherine by those wide hips of hers and thrust my big black cock into her tight asshole with all of my might. A sharp cry from her put a big smile of satisfaction on my face. I was getting there!

In my honest opinion, there’s nothing like fucking a woman in the ass to make a man feel good. I’ve had the pleasure of fucking many women in the ass over the years. Black women have tight butt holes but they don’t like to surrender too often. You’ve got to sweeten the deal, then you can plow away like anal sex was going out of style. White women crave the Black man’s cock in their asses. They don’t like to admit it. But just look it up on the web and you will see how many white women eagerly spread their butt cheeks to accept big black dick on porn sites across the world. Yeah, they’re getting paid for it and it’s a job, after all. But they really enjoy it! It’s a well-known fact. Hispanic women love the cock up the butt but unlike their White and Black sisters, they revel in it. Have you ever fucked a Latina in the ass? If you haven’t, then you haven’t lived. They love it. Especially the Dominicans!

Now, the things I’m saying may seem a little extreme but who cares? Somebody’s got to speak the truth, whether it’s politically correct or not. Stella moaned as I drilled my cock deeper into her asshole, reminding me of where I was and what I was doing. I tend to drift off sometimes when I’m in what I call the Anal Zone. My favorite partner for anal sex activities is not a beautiful supermodel or a beauty queen. It’s a Bayan escort cute, plump chick who’s open-minded about sex in general. That’s my favorite sex partner. Why? I like large women. They’re very sexual and their sexual hunger is almost insatiable when unleashed. Most men who chose skinny women over them are missing out. I have something else to confess. I read in a magazine that the bigger the woman, the tighter her asshole. I don’t know what to make of that statement but I think it must be true. Anal sex with a willing, large beauty is far more thrilling than with a skinny chick. I don’t know why.

I guess that’s why I’ve currently got all ten inches of my dick lodged way up Katherine’s ass. This big woman is commendable for her lack of screaming as I rammed my cock up her buns. I’ve made lots of women and a few men scream that way. Let’s see, among my favorite female screamers there’s Alexandra Stavros, a Professional Female Bodybuilder. Alexandra is a five-foot-ten, bronze-skinned and black-haired Greek woman. She works out extensively and she’s a very muscular woman. I don’t usually go for the muscular type but she had the best-looking ass I’d seen in ages. We went back to my place for a night of fun. Or so it seemed. You would think that a professional bodybuilder would know how to take pain. Not this one. I had Alexandra face down and ass up, the way I preferred my women, and she was fidgeting as I pushed my cock into her butt hole. We used tons of lube but she couldn’t take more than five inches. Talk about a disappointment!

Oh, well. I did my best to show her a thing or two. I used more lube, for one thing. Alexandra Stavros screamed as I gleefully rammed another five inches of hard cock up her ass. I guess this is where stereotypes end. Greek women aren’t more likely to be into anal sex than the average woman off the street. Alexandra demonstrated that by her constant wailing as her cute, sexy yet inexperienced booty took some hardcore anal pounding. I must say that I enjoyed fucking her. So much that I flipped her on her back so that I could look into her face while drilling my cock into her butt hole. Man, I can’t recall the last time I felt more proud and powerful. Looking down at her as I filled her tight asshole with my cock. Yeah, it felt good. I just wished she was into it. Oh, she was willing to try it, but she wasn’t really into it. Escort I hope you get the difference. After I got done fucking Alexandra, I came, filling the Greek woman’s tight asshole with my cum. I made her leave right after. Exactly what she deserved for whining. I never saw it again. To me, not being an anal enthusiast is something I consider almost a character flaw in people. Sorry but that’s just the way I feel.

There was also this closeted bisexual Football player named Adam Rhodes . He’s a tall, good-looking British stud who grew up in America and played Division One Football at a college in Utah . He had a beautiful girlfriend, legions of loyal college Football fans adored him and he was planning to make it into the National Football League. He’s what you might call the Matinee Idol. He who is universally worshiped and adored. I hated his guts. He came onto me one time, while I was giving him some advice about the rookie years in the professional sports arena. The dude came onto me quite strongly. Now, I’m not gay or bisexual but I’ve hooked up with men sometimes. So I went home with the rookie football player and showed him a good time.

I took Adam Rhodes home and we had ourselves some fun. He was a really sexy bastard with a great body. He also had a big dick. He sucked on my cock and licked my balls. I played with that big Irish cock of his. He wanted some of my black power and I let him have it. I bent him over and spread his butt cheeks. We got him greased up real good, then I stuck my cock up his ass. Adam really doesn’t seem like the type of man who likes other men. He’s strong and masculine. He’s also an outstanding college athlete about to turn professional, not anyone’s idea of a gay man. Yet he obviously loved dick and I was happy to service him. I pumped his tight ass full of dick and made him scream. When I was done, I came, sending my hot cum deep inside him. Come to think of it, fucking that uptight bastard was a lot of fun. Would you believe the fool asked for seconds?

Yeah, I am a bisexual man who loves to fuck asses, both male and female. That’s who I am and what I do. I don’t apologize for any of it. Why should I? I treat both men and women in the same exact manner. We have laws enforcing that sort of thing, don’t we? Like I said, there’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when you’ve got a man or woman on their hands and knees, with your cock way up their assholes. Nothing in the world can compare to it. Conqueror of butt holes. That’s a good name for me. Nah, maybe not. It sounds too preachy. How about inter gender anal penetration championship winner? Yeah, that sounds like a good title for me.

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