Taming a Bitch and Beyond Ch. 02


The weekend was a joy ride. A sore one, but what a ride. Katie and I fucked like rabbits in heat. During breaks we’d watch porn, and discuss what was hot and what was not. She was intrigued by big cocks, and gangbangs, but would not say the later. Instead, she just communicated that it would be nice fuck several people at once. She didn’t care for the strap-on scenes, but sure got off watching a beautiful face delve into a wet pussy. And for the first time ever, I got my whole hand into her pussy and she loved it.

By Sunday afternoon my cock hurt to be touched. I declared that I needed a break and had to get some work done at the office. An hour before, Katie had taken two hits of pot and was roaring for more. I bowed out, but gave her some instructions. Every five minutes she was to send me a new video or photo of her pleasuring herself. We kissed goodbye, with her trying to weasel another fucking out of me, but alas I needed a break so I promptly departed.

My mind was spinning with the realization that deep down inside my wife was a nymphomaniac. She obviously had strong control over her impulses, but I was guessing they’d be harder to control once she released some of her urges. The notion got me pumped. I was ready to see her fuck others and I think she was too. In addition, the beta testing information was also making my head spin. Katie and I hadn’t discussed it since our first discussion as we’d somehow gotten distracted, but I had a plan and was ready to put it into action.

I was not headed to my office. Instead, I had a few other stops. First, to a store where I purchased a few Visa and other cards with preset limits. These were all paid for with cash. Next up, was to a coffee shop that rented computer/internet access by the hour. They usually required an ID, but the clerk was satisfied when I paid in advance and let her hold onto one of my recently purchased cards. Then I purchased access to a mail service that encrypted all mail, and supposedly added data to each outgoing e-mail to make it appear as though they originated abroad from a variety of different countries. It was probably unnecessary, but better safe than sorry.

Next, I started the plan in action. At home, I’d taken screen shots of my cell phone photos, and e-mailed to an account I’d set up years ago and no longer used. These were e-mailed to my secure account, stripped down, and run through a scrubbing program paid for with another of my newly acquired cards. They were now ready to be attached and e-mailed to my teammate Gloria. I drafted the following note.

Dear Ms. Vajwellden:

The Committee uncovered the attached

e-mails and photos. They were traced to you. An investigation has been concluded into their uses. You committed a variety of crimes, have irreparably harmed the company, manipulated a variety of projects and forced Mr. Rogers to act in inscrutable ways. The Committee’s task is to ameliorate these actions given the damage exposure is in the millions.

There appear to be few options. However, two options do not involve incarceration. First, you resign immediately and agree to fully reimburse the company for its losses. Given your current asset level we would require with your resignation, that you sign on to work for an affiliated company in Nigeria. Your work there will involve mining data from various worldwide businesses and will not extend beyond a five-year period.

Second, you remain an employee with the company. All communications with Mr. Rogers cease. He will be advised of your situation. In order to repay your debt, you will be required to engage in various services. These will involve one or more of the following: data interception, recruitment of targeted individuals, sexual services and/or periodic feedback to The Committee regarding the effectiveness of said services and endeavors.

If you elect neither of the above options then an electronic file will be delivered to the FBI with the attached documents and supporting background information. Security will escort you off the premises and into the custody of an awaiting FBI agent. The crimes you have committed involve multiple felonies which carry lengthy prison sentences. You have three minutes to make your decision.

As you are reading this, surveillance video is capturing your keystrokes, screen and face. If you do nothing, the FBI will shortly have you in custody. At the bottom of this note is a link to a website. Please click on it now. The password to the account is your last name, in small letters, followed by your social security number. Please access immediately. Once opened there will be a file named Crusader on the web page you have accessed. Open it, and enter either 1 or 2 for your choice of the above options. Then close the file, sign off your computer, exit your office and proceed to the lobby. Instructions will later follow.


The Committee

I had no idea what Gloria’s dark secrets or fantasies consisted of, but I did know a few things about her. Escort bayan She despised squalor and might possibly pick U.S. incarceration over a five-year work assignment in the bowels of Nigeria. In addition, she knew she was sexy so presumably periodically scratched that itch, and being an evil sexy spy that occasionally fucked people for information or favors actually seemed to be a fairly decent match for her. So I was gaming she’d pick option two. Worst case, she did nothing, but would be shitting in her pants for a bit, and surely would never attempt to coerce Mr. Rogers again.

The encryption service I’d use to secure the e-mail accounts also came with a “timer” that allowed for e-mails to be sent with a predetermined delay. Gloria would receive the above e-mail at 8:20 am on Monday morning. She followed a daily routine with extreme predictability. A one-hour workout in the early morning, then showered and dressed and showed up to the office with a latte by 7:30 am. I usually arrived around 8:30, as I’d never been much of a morning person.

I knew that come Monday morning if I didn’t receive an e-mail from the Crusader program I’d created, before I got to the office, then the rouse was over. In theory, she could report the e-mail, but that would also mean confessing to her crimes. She wouldn’t do that. I was pretty sure, that when I checked the new account it would contain a response with her reply of “two.” I was correct.

When I walked into the office Monday morning, there was poor Gloria. Dressed up in a black ladies’ suit, with a starched white blouse with one button too far undone in order to show off her generous cleavage and sporting a pouty face. It was unbelievable. Made me smile something fierce.

“Morning Gloria. Have a great weekend?” I inquired acting quit chipper, but really it wasn’t needed.

“Fine. I’m busy,” she spat back then turned away from me. I continued on to my office, chatted with my co-workers and about twenty minutes later returned to the lobby.

“Hey Gloria. Just got word the owners want us to push hard on the beta refinements. We’re supposed to huddle up and brain storm over a security problem, then tackle it. Are you ready, everyone’s waiting?” I asked.

She looked surprised and quite relieved so followed me back to one of our fish bowl conference rooms. Before retrieving my girl, I’d dropped a printed business card off on her chair. It simply read, “New E-mail Address. Check at night. Same password as this morning.”

The fishbowl huddle was fairly uneventful, except Gloria barely spoke a word and disagreed with no one. After the group split apart, I overheard a few in the group express their shock at her silence and wonder whether she was ill or if one of her parents had passed away. I was thrilled with her silence. Usually, over an hour was spent on getting consensus on the path we’d follow. Today, we reached agreement in under twenty minutes.

Just before dinner, I logged on and left Gloria instructions and a small project. The commands provided:

The Committee needs you to improve your social and seductive skills. Each day report to the office without a bra for the next week. Wear only white button ups and loose hanging tops.

When you meet individually with project teammates lean over and barely expose your breasts. Learn to capture those interested and obtain from them favors, just with your body and actions. No words. Noncompliance will result in dismissal as per our terms.

The Committee

Katie arrived home about thirty minutes later as she’d elected to pick-up take out dinner. We shared a Greek salad topped with quinoa, and a quart of butternut squash soup. It easily satisfied my hunger, and afterwards felt like I could fall into a coma. I was thinking about watching some boring show and getting in a little cat nap when Katie walked up and asked, “Do you have a second. I’d like to talk with you.”

“Sure. What about?” She pulled my chair away from the table then straddled my legs. Once on my lap she scooted up closer which also caused her dress to bunch up and expose her sheer panties. My sleepiness dissipated almost instantly.

“Have you thought more about our conversations this weekend?” Katie questioned.

“It’s been hard not to,” I responded with a smile.

“I’m just worried you think, like, less of me or are turned off. Have those thoughts crossed your mind?”

“Wait. Why would you think that? Since you’ve been sleeping naked I’ve made love with you every morning. And last night, I got so turned on watching you screw yourself with the big dildo I came in my jeans. So, no I am not turned off. Are you having second thoughts about it?”

“Not really. I’m just worried you’ll think I’m disgusting or filthy,” Katie slowly answered.

“Kiss me,” I countered. She did, but it was just a peck so I put both my hands through her hair and pulled her face in for something more. It didn’t take long until we were in a full on make-out Bayan escort mode. Our tongues sliding over one another as our jaws struggled to open wider. When I felt Katie start pressing her hips into mine it was my cue.

With my right hand, I reached down and pulled her panties aside. Her position on my lap had her legs opened wide, so her pussy was perfectly positioned. Without pause, I jammed two fingers up into her folds. She was already wet, and reacted with a “Ohhh, yes. I like that.” I played with her pussy for a bit, building her lust.

“Are you repulsed by what you want?” I asked while fingerfucking her and diddling her clit with my thumb.

“No. No. I just. Get worried you’ll be, ahh, turned off.” As the words trailed off she unbuckled my belt and started working on pulling my cock free.

“Do you want what we discussed or do you blame the pot?” I asked.

“I like sex and pot, ahhh, shit, ahhh. Put another finger in me. I want it,” Katie whispered as she grimaced in pleasure.

“My hand or all that crazy sex we talked about?”

“Everything. I’m tired of being the goodie smart girl. I want to, ahh there, push in more. Yesss. I want to be fucking wild. I want to stop, ohh, there, there, I want to stop dreaming and actual have crazy sex.” I pulled my fingers out of her, then raised her up and plopped her ass on our kitchen table. She’d freed my cock, and it was now aligned with her entrance. After setting her on the table, a grabbed either side of the hem of her panties and ripped them in half. Then I plunged my dick into her slit.

“Do you like that?” I asked while pounding my cock in and out of her.

“Fuck yes. Fuck my pussy honey. Fuck it hard,” Katie begged. Prior to this weekend, when Katie was really worked up she’d ask me to go hard and deep, but had never used the F word or talked dirty. Mental sexual walls were collapsing. She was exposing a deviant side I’d never anticipated. As I screwed her, she leaned back, supporting herself with one hand while toying with her little bald man with the other.

“Are you ready to get fucked by other people?”

“Yessss. I feel like it’s all I can think about. I’m so horny all the time. God, you cock feels good. I crave it so much. Yes, fuck me, oh there, ohhhh. I love you fucking me in the middle of the night and how afterwards you fall asleep with your cock still buried in me.”

“Should I take you downstairs to the bar. I could spread your legs, and show everyone your pretty little pussy. Let a few ladies eat you out, and if they made you cum I’d let their boyfriends fuck you. Would you like that my love?” I asked.

“Ohh, jesus honey. God, maybe. Don’t stop fucking me, just keep fucking me please,” Katie begged as I continued to pound into her hard. Smacking the table and every so often slamming her ass down hard onto the table.

“Would you like to be fucked like that?” I asked again.

“Right now?” Katie responded with a bit of surprise.

“Would you like that?”

“Yes, but I think I’d have to be stoned,” Katie answered quickly. “Ohhhh, here comes one, hard harder, ohhhhh, ahh, oohhhhhh shhitttt. Her body shock rapidly as her head fell back. I’d grabbed her ass with both hands, and pulled it towards me burying myself in her velvet folds. For a bit I held still, allowing her time to decompress. I eased her ass back onto the table top then slowly began to thrust in and out again.

When Katie raised her head back up her eyes seemed to be in a daze. “Are you thinking about getting fucked downstairs?” I asked.

“How did you know? Is it that obvious?”

“I love you being this horny. It makes me want to just fuck you over and over. If one of the guys had a giant cock would you welcome it into your vagina?” I asked as my humping began to pick up pace.

“Yes, oh yes, just if it was ok with you,” Katie answered back between breaths. “I like all cocks honey. Big, small and all in me. They feel so warm and hard. Each a different tool.” I pulled one hand away from her ass and instead began to feed my fingers into her around my shaft. Katie responded by gasping heavily, and laying still as she spread her legs even further apart. Slowly, I eased three fingers and my thumb into her pussy, then began to move my hand back and forth literally stroking my cock inside her quim.

“Do you like this honey?” I asked as I continued my movements.

“Fuck. Shit, honey. It, ohh god, it hurts a little bit, but it feels so different. Push in more. Fuck that looks hot,” Katie squealed as her eyes feasted on my cock and hand penetrating her opening.

Soon I began to hump her in earnest, while moving my fingers rapidly over my shaft. “I just never want to stop fucking you. I want to split your pussy in half.”

“Oh, god, ohh shit honey, here comes another one. It’s going to be big.” As Katie shouted out she grabbed my wrist and pushed it inward, while using her other hand to manipulate her clit.

“Would you like to be getting Escort fucked right now in the bar. Honey, would you like to be getting split open and everyone watching?” I screamed while drilling into her eyes with mine.

She stared right back, then answered, “Yes. Yes. Cum with me. Arghhhhhhhhhh.”

“Oh, fuck! I’m cumming too,” I shouted back as I flooded her snatch with semen.

We laid still for a bit to recover, then moved off the table and stood holding one another. I pulled Katie into me and started kissing her fiercely. She reciprocated my affection. As we kissed I laced my fingers through her petals, then smeared the dripping semen all across her swollen clit. It didn’t take long before she was humping my hand.

“Are you still horny Katie?” I asked.

“Yesssss,” she sighed back.

“Go get some toys in the bedroom and give yourself some relief on the couch. I want to watch again,” I requested as I continue to fondle her and with my other hand pulling on her erect nipples.

“Ok, I’ll be right back.” She turned around, and walked away shaking her sultry ass. What a wife I had. Perfect tits, a moon of an ass and the face of an angel. And now I was realizing she loved sex and was willing to try almost anything.

While she was gone, I took the opportunity to relieve myself in the restroom, and when I returned Katie was laying on the couch pleasuring herself. She had the pocket rocket lightly buzzing to the side of her clit, as she eased the large dildo that I’d taken to calling Big Ben closer to her vagina. “Would you like to screw me with this?”

“Nah, I just want to watch for a bit.” She started to pleasure herself. It was intense. After she rode another orgasm I walked over to her and fed my limp dick into her willing mouth. She attacked it and managed to get it half way firm before I took a break as another idea entered my head. I went to our closet and returned with her pipe, and our iPad.

“Sweetie. I can’t let you video me.”

“Sure you can. And when you’re not here I’ll have a visual foreplay tool.” I propped up the iPad just above the couch, and hit the record button. I handed the pipe to Katie, then held the lighter to the bowl as she took a big hit. I sat down and grabbed the recorder.

“Do you mind if I take another hit?” Katie asked. “It just makes my orgasms so fucking intense.”

I responded with laughter, then answered, “Sure sweetie.” After her second hit, Katie returned to her pleasures.

The pocket rocket obviously caused her buttons to be tweaked. She grabbed Ben and eased it deep into her pussy. Ten inches were inside her, with just the base extruding so she had something to hold onto. She rammed Ben in and out. I would film her face, her body and then take a close up of her sloshing pussy. When she began to get close to another orgasm I started asking her questions.

“Katie. Are you going to start eating pussy?”

“Yes. Ohhh, yes.” Her voice was just a bit slower than normal. It let me know the pot was kicking in.

“When are you going to eat your first pussy?”

“I hope soon. Will that turn you on, watching your wife lick a hot lady’s pussy until she cums?

“You know it babe. Would you like two girls?”

“Mmm, yes, I would.”

“Does that giant dildo feel good?”

“Yes, oh shit, just just a minute. Ohhh ohhh. Almost there. Real cock feels better.”

“When are you going to fuck another real cock, Katie?”

“Whenever you want me to,” she replied as she picked up the pace with Ben. Another orgasm was about to consume her.

“Katie would you like to fuck three men?”

“Yes, ohh shit, yes I’ll do it for you, ohhh ohhhh. Fuck. It’s almost here.”

“Would you like a cock in your ass, mouth and pussy?”

“Ohhh, ahhhhhhhh yyessssssss. Oh. Oh! AHhhhh!” After this orgasm, Katie just laid still for a bit. I walked up to her and sat down beside her.

“Are you still horny Katie?”

“Yes, a little bit. Are you ready? I’ll, I’ll be ready soon. Just let me catch my breath.” However, I had little patience. While still holding the recorder with one hand, I grabbed Ben with the other, nudged Katie’s knee aside, and eased Ben back into my wife’s twat. “Oh shit, honey. Not yet. Ohhhh.” Verbally Katie was protesting, however, at the same time she pushed her hips upward to assist me with fucking her.

Once she did this I knew she was ready. Without any hesitation I began to slam Ben in and out of her spread opening. She responded instantly. Twisting and turning her body, while at the same time thrusting upwards.

“Katie, how many men would you really like to fuck you tonight?” I asked while increasing my assault on her vagina.

“Ohh, Ohhhh. Ohhhh shit. Ten, Ohhhh, I don’t know. Maybe more if you wanted ooohhhh shittttttt. It’s coming … ahh what the fuck?” Katie screamed.

Without any notice, I yanked Ben out of her pussy, shut down the iPad and grabbed my wife’s hands.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“Hurry up. Stand up. We’re going downstairs to the bar,” I instructed.

“I can’t honey. I look like a mess.”

“No, you look great. Just like you been very recently fucked. Go comb your hair, and I’ll get some clothes for you. We’re going to have some fun.”

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