Teaching Claire Ch. 03

Brother Sister

If I was ever to turn her into some S&M crazed dominatrix or anything even close, I’d have to ratchet up the kink and introduce a bit of pain to things, so I started out spanking her.

At first I’d give her bottom a couple of gentle slaps or briefly roll her over my knees in bed for a few swats in role play as part of sex. To start with we played games, naughty girl or lazy wife needs a good spanking over my knee.

Then I’d goad her and say that she didn’t have what it took to give it back. That she just liked laying there and taking it. That she couldn’t do to me what I did to her. Just enough to give her an excuse to start spanking me, slapping my cheeks playfully. We started bringing in other things, lightly, as a joke.

“Oh look,” I’d say, waving a ruler “Shall we play with this?”

Things progressed and she usually could give or take a reasonable spanking and wouldn’t mind using a ruler or hairbrush either way.

Eventually we could do this cold, with me asking straight out for her to spank me before sex. But I wanted her to go further and really lay it on. I had found her limit for taking it but mine was much higher and I knew I wanted it simply for the sake of it, not just as part of sex. She did too in a smaller way, an occasional spank over knee without sex as ‘punishment’ was fun and defused a few fights.

Later one month when she was on, I told her I was horny and wanted some action. She complained that she couldn’t so I said she could still spank me. She didn’t have to get off herself but she could do something for me. I made it clear I wanted it as a scene. Her spanking me with a brush, her hand, a ruler and a crop. Bent over the bed. Her dressed, me naked from the waist down. Not necessarily any sex, just a hard spanking. I could take myself in hand after. She was a bit nervous; she could see this was crossing a line of kink. Playing kinky for the sake of it, not safely wrapped Onwin up as “spontaneous” play during sex.

If she did it she was choosing to do something kinky, that she might not get anything from. She might feel repulsed, embarrassed, as she thrashed her husbands’ white arse. But she agreed.

I went to the bedroom and dropped my pants, my cock hardening. She came in wearing her work suit, grey pants, white blouse, and black ankle boots. Sexy.

“Did you get the things?” she said.

“Yes, they’re on the table.”

“OK, bend over the bed and keep your hands off your cock.”

Claire started spanking me with her hand, alternating left and right cheeks as I had taught her from watching all that Internet porn. She warmed my cheeks up then worked into the top of my thighs. After a while she stopped and took her jacket off. She was getting warm. My cock was getting hard.

Claire picked up the hairbrush and started on me a bit harder now the blood was up, hers and mine. I can take a good beating and she started to lay into me more firmly. I was gasping and wincing giving out little noises when she laid one on hard.

Now I’ve always loved being bent over, my naked arsehole in the air, my cock and balls dangling vulnerably in front of her, wishing for some abuse. This time she picked up on it without any encouragement from me.

Claire grabbed the wooden ruler in one hand and my cock in the other, pulling it back between my legs. I must have looked like a dog with its dick hanging down.

Whack! Went the ruler across my cock.

Whack! Went the ruler across my balls.

“Oww!” I yelled, “That fucking hurt!”

Whack! Went the ruler on my balls again.

“What did you say, darling?” said Claire.

“That fucking hurt.” I said, not quite getting the picture yet.

Whack! Went the ruler on my balls and across my arse cheeks several times with full the force Onwin Giriş of her arm it.

“What did you say dear?” Claire said again.

“That hurt,” I said.

“Sorry,” she said, not meaning it.

“Next time don’t swear and remember who’s in control.”

“Yes love.” I said and wiggled my arse for more.

Whack! Whack! Whack! Went the ruler, as she laid into my arse, legs, cock and balls.

I was so hard I could hardly believe how good it was, although it really was starting to hurt a bit more.

Now Claire knows I fancy myself as a bit of a painslut. She’s played with the nipple clamps on me at my own encouragement. She’s heard me tell her not to take them off me even if I begged her. She gets the message that a little pain can be a big aphrodisiac. So when I started gasping and calling her to ease up she didn’t.

“Can’t you take it anymore, you little baby?” Claire said.

“It’s what you wanted. If you can’t take it I’ll stop.” she said, pausing.

Then she reached in and squeezed my balls hard. Really hard. I almost came on the spot but it really hurt as well.

“Fucking Hell, you bitch! Let go, that really hurts. I can’t take it!” I wailed like a sissy. Big mistake!

She dropped the ruler and grabbed the riding crop I had asked her to buy. I think she used it on me for a full minute before pausing.

“Now what did you say?” Claire said softly.

“I’m sorry Claire,” I whimpered.

“What did you call me?”

“Nothing, I’m sorry.” I moaned.

“Good, don’t do that again, you know I don’t like bad language.”

“Now, do you want to come?”

“Oh God, yes please!”

Whack! Whack! Whack! I am such a dumb fuck sometimes.

“Yes. Yes please.”

“OK.” said Claire “How do you want to come?”

“Let me roll over and wank off please.” I begged.

“OK, roll over doggy.”

Like an obedient dog I rolled Onwin Güncel Giriş over and pulled off my shirt.

“Come on now, come for me.” Claire said teasingly.

God, I felt embarrassed. Horny too. Claire reached in and squeezed my balls with her right hand, gripping my left nipple with her other.

“Does that do it for you?” she murmured “Is that enough?”

She let go of my balls and took hold of both of my nipples, twisting both viciously with a look of lust and contempt on her face. I didn’t know if it was genuine or for play, a part of me felt ashamed inside. But a bigger part wanted release and I jacked my cock eagerly, coming over my cheeks and face, groaning like a teenager wanking for the first time.

Claire smiled at me.

“Was that what you wanted, darling?”

“Oh yes, perfect,” I said.

“How do you feel?” I asked “Did you enjoy it, get anything from it?”

“Oh yes,” she smiled again.

“I could do that to you again. I quite enjoyed the look on your face as I whipped your arse. Maybe if I have a bad day at work you can be my stress relief.”

I nearly came all over again. I really had got what I wanted but could I handle where it might go?

One time she whipped me with her bra, the underwire hurting like hell as she slapped it around my cock and balls. Another time she took a metal coat hanger and beat my arse cheeks until they were red. She had really gotten into this and I couldn’t be happier. Most recently she slipped the thin leather belt out of her suit pants and whipped me with it ’til I came. A look of confused arousal on her face as if she couldn’t quite work out why this turned her on. The thought that it actually turned her on simply spanking me was a real result. I wanted her to get off this way and push her limits.

I’d have loved her to talk during sex but that had never really worked. When she spanked me I’d have loved her to call me names, tell me what a bitch, slut or wimp I was or to pretend she was a teacher and I was a dirty masturbating schoolboy to be punished. But she would contain herself merely to “You like that, don’t you” or “Come for me” and that was enough for me.

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