Terri Gets Me Excited At Work

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Terry emailed me at work telling me about a wild party her and her husband went to the other night. She told me about how she met up with another couple there and really hit it off. She told me about how sexy she thought this woman’s husband was. And how pretty the wife was. I starting getting very excited reading her email. Throughout the email she described how the four of them flirted all night long. She even found herself dancing kind of dirty with the wife.

In a way I felt hurt that she was telling me this. But I was also getting very horny too. As I read I fantasized that it was me and my husband instead. That really did it for me. I was wet in no time and aching for relief.

Terry’s email ended by saying that when the night was over, the wife and her shared a passionate kiss goodbye and the husbands exchanged phone numbers to “do this again sometime.” They went home and had the best sex they’d had in a long time.

As I sat there day dreaming about how it must have felt to kiss her – my hand slipped under the desk, up my skirt and touched my pussy through my wet panties. I ran my middle finger up my slit to my clit then back down again. I pushed my panties into my pussy just a little bit – then back out and up to my clit to rub it some more. Just as I started to slide my hand underneath my panties so I could touch myself without the distraction of my panties – it hit me. Oh my God! I’m sitting here at work masturbating in plain view. Quickly I looked up to survey my surroundings. Everyone seemed to be clueless to what I had been doing – except for maybe Laura.

Laura is the only person that sits behind me. I became flush. My heart started to pound. What if she beylikdüzü escort saw me? What would she say? Oh my God, I’m so embarrassed!

To avoid the situation and to get out of there, so I could calm down, I get up to go to the restroom. I could see out of the corner of my eye that Laura seemed to be working and not staring at me with her jaw on the desk. As I walked the entire length of the department I couldn’t help but feel everyone’s eyes on me. I felt like everyone saw me sitting at my desk – masturbating! My head felt hot – but for some reason I was still completely horny. By the time I got to the bathroom I felt less ashamed and more like an exhibitionist. I was tingling all over.

I walked into the ladies bathroom, quickly found a stall and went inside and closed the door behind me. I stood facing the toilet for a minute when I realized I was alone in the bathroom and dripping with desire to finish masturbating. Without another thought I pulled my panties down to my ankles turned around and sat on the toilet. I spread my legs as far as I could, lifted up my skirt and quickly brought my fingers to my swollen clit. I let out a moan, which caught me off guard. I was hornier than I even thought. So horny in fact that I was very close to an orgasm. As I worked my clit I brought my other hand to my soaked hole. Easily two fingers slid in and again I let out a moan. This was incredible! I’d never masturbated in public before. It was so thrilling!

My mind was all over the place. I was thinking about masturbating in public and fantasizing about Terri that I never even heard the door to the bathroom open. Suddenly, there was a quite knock on adana escort my stall. Instantly I stopped fingering myself – but it was too late to stop my orgasm from coming. My body started to shake, my legs quivered and my breathing was audible.

“Are you OK in there, Susan?”

All I could get out of my mouth was a grunt. I was cumming harder than I had cum in a long time. I was trying to get control of myself as fast as I could but it just wasn’t working. I could feel another orgasm coming. I was in a panic over being caught – but my body was in heaven! There on the other side of the door, less than two feet from me, was another woman; who knew that I was fucking myself.

“Susan …” the voice trailed off. Suddenly I heard her yell out. I opened my eyes to find her peeking under the stall. She was looking right up at me, with my panties down, skirt up, hands holding open my throbbing pussy and shuddering in orgasmic bliss. She was staring directly into my pussy then moved her eyes to meet mine. It was Laura.

Without even thinking about it I unlocked the stall door and opened it. Laura was still on her knees staring at me. She had a huge smile on her face. Before I knew it I was rubbing my clit again. Another orgasm was quickly coming. I watched as Laura crawled into the stall and right up to my pussy. Our eyes never left each others. That is until she stuck her tongue out and lowered it onto my quivering pussy. I grabbed the back of her head and started thrusting up and down on her face. Her tongue was amazing. And she looked so beautiful in between my legs. She managed to work a couple of fingers inside of me and easily found my G-spot. She really knew afyon escort what she was doing! She fucked and licked me to a couple more orgasms before she stood up, lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down to the floor. She looked down on me with my juices all over her face then reached out with her hand put it on the back of my head and pulled it to her mound. It felt like slow motion. As her pussy got closer to my face I could smell her excitement. Once my nose touched her timed pubic hair, I stuck out my tongue and hesitantly inched forward – not knowing what to expect. When my tongue touched her pussy lips I felt her warm juices. She was soaking wet. I moved my tongue up, spreading her lips. And that’s when it happened. I fell in love with eating pussy. I grabbed the back of her ass and pushed it into my face, trying to get my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy. She rubbed the back of my head and started moaning. I was really in heaven now! And so was Laura. Her legs started to quiver and I knew that she was getting close. I pulled my tongue from her warm pussy and ran it over her clit. She jumped with excitement and started telling me how close she was and to continue licking her clit.

It didn’t take long and she was cumming! It felt so wonderful to get her off. Even more gratifying then when getting my husband off. My face was soaked by the time she stepped back lifted her panties and lowered her skirt. I was coming off another orgasm when she looked me in the eyes, said I was a great cunt licker then turned and walked out.

It took me a couple of minutes to recover. And by the time I got back to my desk there was an email from Cara, another co-worker of mine. As I read it I couldn’t stop shaking. She saw everything and if I didn’t meet her in the bathroom in 5 minutes she was going to tell my supervisor. I looked up from my monitor and over to Cara who was sitting looking right at me with a “you better fuck me good” look on her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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