That’s How It’s Done


That’s How Its Done Here In the South!

It was a stormy night in Atlanta. My bones rattled with chills as I struggled through sheets of rain that slapped against my body. My thin windbreaker failed it’s only job, as I felt the dampness soak into my clothes which sucked onto my skin. It was a terrible night, but this struggle of the elements was worth it. For tonight, I would meet my angel, and nothing would warm my drenched body more than her embrace.

I had stumbled through the storm, leaving a quiet and cold hotel lobby to a greasy spoon diner down the street. It was only three doors down, but with each solid and unforgiving sheet of water that splashed upon my chest, my destination appeared more and more to be miles away.

As I opened the door to the diner, I was met with some dull overhead lighting and a brisk coldness from the air conditioning that shot through my body instantly. Bad lighting and sudden hypothermia meant nothing to me, as I scanned through the patrons and booths. I had one person to find.

Her smile lit up the room like a beacon on a hazy night. My Heather sat attentively like a polite schoolgirl at her lonely desk anxiously waiting for her instructor to show up. I sloshed my way in, desecrating the tiled floors with my sopping shoes. I sloshed my way in, through the sea of expressionless faces. I sloshed my way in, past the thick aroma of freshly deep fried food. I sloshed my way towards her. My angel.

“Oh my,” Heather giggled. “You are soaked!”

I slipped out of my light windbreaker dumping what seemed like one thousand and one bucket loads of water on the floor. “It’s coming down out there, baby.” I replied. “Not fit for man or beast.”

“But its okay for my Anthony! Who will trudge over instead of driving.” Heather laughed again.

How could I put into words that the journey just makes the prize so much sweeter? That the harder the fight, the more my hunger deepens for the goal. How could I tell her that I wanted to throw her down on the table and tear off her clothes and pump my cock into her without a care for any stray eyes that may look upon us? “Walking in the rain is romantic,” was all I could muscle up.

“Aw, my Anthony,” she purred, “always a romantic!”

I could feel my nipples harden from the chill in the air. Heather’s eyes darted back and forth, as my dark nipples poked through a wet white button down shirt. “Your olive colored skin looks good in that white shirt,” she complimented me with a smile. “Mmmmm, it just drives me wild to see how dark you are.”

I wanted to respond to her comment, but was interrupted by the waitress. She was a young woman in her late twenties. She had a fresh look about her, but I could feel the day had worn on her. “Any coffee, big guy?” she asked me with a slight drawl.

“Yes, black. Thank you.”

“Refill on yours, Sugar?”

“Yes, please,” Heather replied.

“Be right back,” the waitress said as she turned on her heels. “Y’all think about which slice of pie y’all want.”

I turned back to Heather, trying to remember where I had left off. Heather stared at me with a puppy-dog love in her moist green irises. A wisp of red hair had fallen over her face and dangled teasing her lower lip. She had tied the rest of her long curly hair back, but let that rebellious wisp free itself creating a soft focal point for my eyes to rest upon. Her fair skin seemed to glow, even in the horrible lighting. She truly was an angel, her features radiant as if crafted by the many fingers of the many gods who are the subject of many love songs of the past.

Her loose fitting blouse rested neatly on her small frame. I could see hints of her white bra dancing through where the overhead light had made the white fabric translucent.

“Come back to earth, Anthony!” the angel spoke. “You haven’t even noticed what I am wearing.” Such irony, as if she read my mind.

I continued to look down at her. She had the most perfect average body ever on a woman. It was not rock hard chiseled, nor was it over tanned and orange. She had a real body. She had real breasts. Size C, which cupped perfectly in my hands. They fell naturally, like real tits do. They weren’t filled with an unnatural substance that take away the beauty of average bodies. She had all the natural curve you want to find in a normal body. You can rest your hand naturally on her hip, and feel that lovely spot where the bone and muscle fuse. And to run a hand down from that lovely spot, down Heather’s soft sleek legs was like a journey down a silky smooth slide. Her legs were perfect. Amazingly fit, and showed nicely in high heels. Heather was the excellence of average.

“Anthony! I am wearing my skirt! You remember my skirt.” A smile darted across my lips. “Yessss, you do remember my skirt!” she giggled holding her hands up to her mouth.

I looked down under the table to see a short skirt covering her soft bare legs. She slowly pulled the skirt up slightly, revealing her shaven pussy, fresh and naked to the world. I took Escort bayan a deep breath, inhaling the moment.

“Coffee black for you, sugah.” The waitress slid a mug onto the table, as she poured a fresh cup for Heather. “Can I interest you in any pie. We’ve got the best pie in the county.”

Heather giggled again. “Anthony’s already got some pie lined up for him in his near future. But it doesn’t hurt to have an appetizer!”

The waitress smiled a big grin. Heather and she made eye contact, with an all-knowing look on both of their faces. There is a silent language that certain people can speak. One glance and a whole conversation can pass in a microsecond.

“Sounds like Mr. Anthony is going to be a very lucky man,” the waitress whipped back. She flirted a little with her dark brown hair, brushing it back behind her ear. “I do enjoy a fresh piece of pie myself every now and then. Nothing like a good cream pie.”

I went flush. Was I hearing things? The thought that I heard correctly sent a shiver through my spine. I glanced at Heather who had a similar expression bubble up on her face.

“Anthony wants a nice cherry pie. Bring it with whipped cream on top, and two spoons,” Heather flirted back to the waitress. “And if you like pie, you should glance back over here when you get the chance to.” Heather winked, catching on to what we thought we heard. The waitress walked away, and Heather beamed a big smile at me.

“You are something else,” I quipped. “That’s why I look forward to our meetings like this. You NEVER cease to amazing me!”

“I see you four times a year, Anthony. I have to make each meeting memorable! A simple suck and fuck won’t be memorable.”

“I remember my first business trip out her to Atlanta. I just happen to meet you out here, in this very diner.”

“I can’t believe it was six and a half years ago. And I can’t believe I accepted that lame pick up line!”

I beamed a huge smile. “And here we are, and I don’t believe you are not wearing any panties. You are just like your were six years ago.”

“Yes, Anthony. And I am going to tell you what you need to do now.”

I knew better than to question what Heather was going to tell me to do. My body tingled anticipating whatever she had schemed up. I could feel the blood start to rush to my cock. “Please tell me. I will do whatever you want.”

Heather got serious. “Slide off your shoe and pull off your sock.”

I didn’t question. I knew better. I followed her command, pulling my wet shoe off, then my damp sock.

“Okay, baby,” Heather whispered as she sat back in the booth. “Slide a toe inside me.” She leaned back and spread her legs open underneath the tablecloth. Both of her hands worked her pussy so the lips would open up. “Push it in now!”

I slid my foot up between her legs. I circled the outside of her pussy with my toes, feeling her moisture starting to ooze from her love hole. Heather closed her eyes and took a long deep breath.

“Don’t stop!” she whispered.

“One cherry pie!” the waitress rudely interrupted. “But it looks like I delivered the pie to late. You’ve done already started on another pie.” She smiled a sly smile my way.

“Yesssssss,” Heather exhaled. “You are too late.”

“Well, don’t mind me, sugah.” The waitress slid the plate my way, and strolled off like a robber who just got away with the perfect crime.

“Keep rubbing,” Heather moaned, as she leaned back further trying to conceal her little moist secret. “You’ve got me all worked up, baby.”

My cock was throbbing now. I was squirming around uncomfortable in the booth, my cock struggling to try to grow inside my rain soaked pants. My thoughts darted back and forth, trying to form a mental image of what it looked like underneath the table. I could feel her pussy lips suck my toe in, wrapping their soft warmth around my flesh. As I pulled out, I could hear her breathe out a soft sigh of pleasure.

“We have to go now!” Heather whispered. “Please ask for the check.” She slid back in the booth and closed her legs. A quick glance to the counter, and she made eye contact with the waitress. Through their silent language, Heather indicated that the “dessert” was to be finished in a hotel room. I pulled out a ten and left it on the table and struggled to stand up, trying not to reveal the stiff cock that was still throbbing in my pants.

“Y’all need change?” The waitress had shot over to us as so not to miss out on the last word.

“We are all set,” I smiled, still trying to cover up the bulge in my pants. “Thanks for your hospitality.”

The waitress smiled, “That’s how its done here in the south.” She shot a sly look to Heather.

“Dark Raven Inn,” Heather shot a sly look back, “Room 213.” She and the waitress smiled at each other, again, that silent language.

The stormy night had let up a bit, but the rain still poured down in buckets. It is amazing though how different it is with a hot body next to you. Suddenly, sheets of rain Bayan escort that pelt down onto your skin get more erotic with each stride. My mind danced with the thoughts of Heather’s nipples trying to tear through her white blouse as they were tickled with each pounding raindrop that pummeled her way.

We had just managed to stumble into the front door of the Dark Raven Inn. Only the forceful patter of the rain outside interrupted the quiet stillness of the lobby.

“That is quite some weather,” Heather laugh as she shook the rain from her body. “Hope that didn’t cool you off too much, Anthony.”

I didn’t bother to put on my worthless windbreaker, so I was soaked even more. I was unbuttoning my shirt, trying to free my chest from its irritating coldness.

“Wow look at you.” Heather laughed, “You just can’t wait, can you?” In an act to one-up me, she grasped her blouse in the middle where the buttons connected. “How’s this?” With a quick tear, she ripped open the wet garment. The buttons went flying everywhere. Her C-Cup tits bounced in her white bra, which the rain had made shear.

“I can top that,” I joked as I tore my drenched shirt from my bare torso. I could feel the cold air conditioning shoot through my muscles and bunch up in my nipples. Heather licked her lips at the sight of my dark nipples tightening in front of her.

“Oh yeah,” she mischievously giggled. “Never get into this game with me.” With a quick snap of her fingers, she unclasped the front of her bra, which slingshot tumbled to the floor. Her perfect soft white tits bounced out. She turned her arms underneath her breasts, as so to push them together. She tauntingly backed towards the elevator and pressed the button to take us up.

I had noticed the desk clerk was standing in the office doorway, trying not be seen. His eyes were fixed on Heather, and he stood motionless like an old oak tree on a chilly morning. I smiled to myself as I darted towards Heather. DING! As the elevator door slowly, slowly, slowly slid open, I scooped up Heather in my arms, and in the same motion jumped inside the elevator. Our tongues met in a twisted wet embrace as she pulled my head back and kissed me deeply. I could feel Heather then work her hands down to my pants, and she fumbled with the button and zipper. I could hear some voices behind me, my back to the opened elevator door. It sounded like two older women, as they complained about how bad the weather was outside. Heather finally released me from my burdensome pants and they plopped in a wet heap to the floor. The last thing I heard from the lobby was a shocking gasp as the two older women saw my bare ass as the elevator door slowly, slowly, slowly slid shut.

Now in seclusion, I could take no more. Both of us practically naked in the elevator, I pulled up Heather’s skirt and slammed her down on my hard throbbing cock. Her pussy parted to engulf my head, as she gasped from the impact. Her hot pussy sent shockwaves through my cock and balls, as if feeling a woman’s hot juices for the first time. My hip reflexes started pumping, and I slid my cock out and back in, making a very slick slurping sound.

DING! The elevator door slowly, slowly, slowly opened into an empty hallway. Heather climbed down out of my arms. With one hand, she reached into a small pocket on the side of her skirt. With the other hand, she grabbed my cock as it slid out of her pussy. From her pocket, she produced a small white card key. As she turned around towards the room, she pulled my cock into the crack in her ass. She slid my wet member up and down her asscrack and she let out a near-silent moan.

She pulled me down the empty hall, and clicked open the door to room 213, where she had settled in earlier in the day. I stumbled down the hallway with my pants down around my ankles, finally kicking them off at the threshold of the door. Heather had unzipped her skirt, and dropped it in the same location, heaped up on my pants. We both slipped out of our shoes, and dropped the rest of our clothes into the same pile.

Heather stood before me, naked. He body was a perfect soft white that glowed regardless of the dead florescent lighting from the hallway. She ran her angelic hands down her chest, and cupped her tits slowly squeezing her nipples.

I bolted at her, scooping her up once again, and burying me face into her mounds. I wrapped my lips around her pink nips, one at a time. I suckled at them until they were hard, and throbbing. In the meantime, Heather was rubbing my cock around her pussy lips, and I could feel her juices dripping down to my balls. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I thrust my hips into her. My shaved crotch slapped into her clit. She squealed with the first initial thrust, which prompted me to pull my cock out and thrust again. The slapping sound got louder. The squeal got louder.

She arched her back, and I laid her down on the bed, never pulling my cock out of her pussy. With her back on the bed, she pulled her legs up higher, spreading her pussy Escort wider. I started pumping her full of my hard hot cock, my crotch slapping against her clit, and my balls slamming on her ass. With each pump, the slapping sound got louder. With each pump, the slurping sound got wetter. With each pump, her squealing got louder until they were complete and utter moans of pure ecstasy.

I pumped my cock into her hard. I could feel my balls filling up with cum. This was too soon. She had to cum first. I pulled my throbbing member out, and knelt down. I place my head between her legs.

“Eat me Anthony! Fucking eat me up!” Heather moaned in anticipation.

I placed my tongue on her pussy lips, and slowly and deliberately lapped up to her thick and throbbing clit. Shivers rumbled through her body. I repeated the same lapping motion. Her legs shook next to my head. A third pass with my tongue cause her to let out a long moan. I finally couldn’t take it any more, and I plunged my face deep into her love hole, sucking down her thick love juices. She clenched her teeth and let out a shaky groan, and I sucked down her pre-cum.

I sucked hard on her clit, which was thick and throbbing at this point. Her juices were running down my chin, and I tried in desperation to keep all of her sweet nectar in my mouth. With each flick of the tongue, I knew she was getting closer. With each deep gasp she took, I knew she was getting ready. When her legs tightened, I knew she was about to erupt. Wrapping my lips around her clit, I sucked hard on her love button. A loud and animal-like moan rumbled from Heather’s lungs, and grew louder with every passing second. Her body snapped, every muscle contracting in a tense tingling. Warm cum bubbled up from her cunt, filling my mouth and running down my face. I see Heather’s toes spread apart from the intensity that was ravaging through her body. She squeezed the hair on the back of my head. Then she relaxed. Muscles unwound. Lungs exhaled.

A smile came to her lips. She released my hair, and I pulled my mouth from her dripping cunt. Her thick cum dripped from my lips in frosty white streaks. She relaxed her legs.

“Wow, Sugah,” a voice came from the doorway. “I guess y’all know a thing or two about southern hospitality.”

The waitress stood in the open doorway of our hotel room. In our rush, we had thrown all of our clothes down in front of the door, blocking it from shutting. The door had been wide open the whole time, and anyone in the hallway heard the slap my balls made when they pounded Heather’s ass. Anyone in the hallway heard the slurping sound my cock made as it pounded into Heather’s wet pussy. Anyone in the hallway heard Heather’s wild animal-like moaning as she came into my mouth. Heather blushed with arousal.

“Let me close this up for y’all.” The waitress kicked out clothes out from in front of the door and closed it, making sure the DO NOT DISTURB sign was clearly visible to anyone who wanted to sneak another peek. “I knew y’all were having desserts in here. I just hope I didn’t miss the whole damn thing!”

Heather laughed. “Well, it appears we gave you a good show.”

The waitress chuckled. “Reckon y’all did.” She let down her hair as she glided across the room. “And what a show it was, Sugah. I have to say that my panties are a little moist.” Her dark brown hair tumbled down to her shoulders, like a cascade of chocolate. Her bright blue eyes pierced the darkness of the hotel room straight at our naked, and wet bodies.

“Well, how about we get a little show, “Heather laughed again, this time a little more devious. “Maybe all three of us could have fun.”

Actually, the show had already started. The cascade of chocolate was the beginning of a long, sensual strip tease. The waitress smiled as she slipped out of her white sneakers, revealing soft and delicate feet wrapped in nude nylons. In the meantime, she tauntingly pulled at her apron strings with dainty fingers fanned out. It was a slow pull, and when the knot gave way, the apron tumbled down her body and into a ghostly mass on the floor.

“Tonight, your dancer’s name is Kayla,” announced our waitress, as she unsnapped her nametag from her uniform, which did indeed say Kayla. This was dropped to the ghostly apron as well.

There were eight big white buttons that lined the front of Kayla’s teal uniform. As each other the buttons were tenderly caressed by Kayla’s hand, they popped through their holes one at a time. With each button that was released from their hold, the uniform gave way. Finally all eight buttons were freed, and the uniform held on for dear life. A quick pull from her side, and the skirt was released, and the sea of teal with white trim crumpled to the floor.

There she stood before us, in a pair of pantyhose and a baby blue bra. She pulled her hands behind her head and swung her hips back and forth, like a overacting model at the end of a catwalk. Heather chuckled at the movement, and let out an excited “Wooooooooo!” enticing Kayla to continue. Kayla obeyed.

The cool blue bra reflected nicely on Kayla’s reddish tan skin. Even in the dim light, I could see the light spattering of freckles across her chest and shoulders. Her tone was fiery, like the attitude you find on a hot Miami night.

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