The Awakening Ch. 04


I have always heard those stories and I am sure that you have heard them too. You know the ones, the stories that you find in Penthouse Forum or from some guy talking too loudly in the bar. The stories describing a wild night with one woman and two men and sex for hours. How some lucky guy happened to find a woman who loved having sex with two men at the same time and took both hard cocks and screamed for more. Did you think as I did? Did you think that those stories were bull shit? Well, I am here to tell you, those things do happen. I am also assuming that you are here because you want to hear all of the details…and I am more than happy to share all of those details with you.

I had been experimenting with my new found sexuality, my new found sexual freedom, and my new found love of cocks and cumming. My partner Sam and I had a shared fantasy of having a third join our team. Sam wanted to watch me turn on another man and then watch him fuck and suck me while he fucked and sucked me also. I wanted a woman for Sam; so that I could watch him receive all of the pleasure he possibly could, being the center of attention of two women with no other desire but to please him. Of course, I have to admit that I am also bi-curious and I know that turns Sam on just as much as the thought of being with two women. But, we had found a man who was willing to participate with us and we were still looking for a woman to share our enjoyment with. So, we called Kyle and made another date with him. You will just have to wait patiently for me to experience the other before I can share that story with you.

As I said before, Sam and I share everything. After each of our adventures, we share our feelings and our perceptions about what happened, what worked, what didn’t. Sam really likes to hear the details because it makes him HOT all over again and he says it helps him to understand fully what I like. And I like to be reminded that Sam is getting something out of this and isn’t just being nice to me. Oh yeah, and it makes me so fucking HOT that my pussy is wet for days as we continue to reference the adventure.

As we discussed our first meeting with Kyle (you can read about that in The Awakening, Chapter 3), Sam and I agreed that we enjoyed our first foray into group sex and that we would enjoy having a chance to experience that again. But this time, I wanted very much to have the chance to feel another man’s cock in me. Sam emailed Kyle to ask him if he had left the hotel room thinking we were the craziest people he had ever met, or if he would be interested in playing with us some more. I wasn’t really sure which way he would answer, though Sam assured me over and over again that Kyle would do anything to have the chance to go down on me again. Much to my surprise, and certainly not to Sam’s, Kyle responded with a rousing, “Hell yes, I’d love to see you guys again”. Kyle shared that he had really enjoyed the exhibitionism before we went to the room and if there was time, he would like to try that again. Otherwise, he was happy to meet us and enjoy some more physical play.

Sam and I discussed many scenarios and agreed that it was very hot sharing our afternoon delight with Kyle and that we would like to keep to that plan again, if Kyle was onboard. Kyle was on board so we made a date to meet on a Tuesday the following week.

As we waited impatiently for Tuesday to come, Sam kept asking me what I wanted from our adventure. I shared with Sam that other than having the opportunity to feel another man’s dick inside me, I couldn’t begin to think of anything else I needed. I asked Sam what he would like from the day and he stated he would very much like to see me cumming from another man and to have him during or after and show him how hot it made me to have two cocks for my every whim. And, because Sam felt that I was taking the easy way out and not thinking about what was available to me, he gave me a few tasks for that day. I have found that when I accomplish any tasks that Sam has given me, I am very well rewarded. It was certainly in my best interest to meet his requirements.

Monday night I could barely sleep from the excitement of the day to come. The thought turned me on so much that I was very tempted to release some of the desire by pleasuring myself that evening, but I didn’t. I wanted to be right on the edge for Sam. I wanted his every touch on my skin to send shock waves through my body. I wanted him to feel my desire for him in my kisses. No, I certainly did not want to water down any feelings for the next day.

I had a meeting for work Tuesday morning so I got up and dressed as normal and headed into work. Sam and I had Escort bayan agreed to meet at the hotel at 11:00. When I opened my email at 8:30 there was an email from Sam describing exactly what he wanted to do to me that day, in amazing detail. As I read his email I felt a river running from my pussy and I almost had to stand up to see if I had soaked through my clothes and into my chair. I went to the restroom and took pictures of my very wet and pulsating pussy and emailed them back to Sam, hoping to give him the same level of excitement he had sent through me. From the email I got back, I think I met my objective. By 9:30, I couldn’t focus any more and I left my meeting.

The first thing I had to do was to pick up some condoms. I had never needed condoms before, but of course, in a relationship with someone we didn’t know, they were not optional. We were sure that Kyle would bring his own condom since that was what kept us from moving forward when we last me, but I had been worried. Never having used a condom, I didn’t know what one felt like, tasted like, or even how to put one on a man. I was more than a little nervous about this. But as always, Sam was an angel and came to my rescue. He offered to show me everything I needed to know before Kyle got there. But to do that, my first “task” was to buy the condoms.

I was so embarrassed when I went into the store. I guess I was worried about what the clerk would think when I brought them up to pay for them. Was it going to be like those comedies you see on TV? Were they going to have to ask for a price check over the load speaker? And just what was I getting, I had no idea there were so many. Did I want lubed, ribbed, large? Hell, I didn’t know. I devised a plan to get out of the store as quickly as possible. I ran into a store with a self check-out counter and I grabbed a three-pack of condoms and a package of diapers. My friend’s baby shower was the following month and I was supposed to bring diapers. I figured if anyone asked about the condoms I would tell them they were a gag gift for the baby shower. I walked up to the counter, purchased my condoms without incident and almost ran to the car. I couldn’t wait to get to Sam and I was high from the excitement of buying my first pack of condoms. You know…life’s little adventures.

I drove to the hotel and arrived just after Sam got there. I was a little disappointed because I had wanted to be in the room and ready and waiting for him when he arrived. Sam being the good sport he is offered to wait 15 minutes and then come up to meet me. I slipped out of my work clothes and slipped into something softer and more see-thru. Sam likes see-thru. When I heard a knock on the door I opened it to find Sam standing there, a huge smile on his face and a semi-hard cock straining against his pants as he looked at my surprise for him. He followed me into the room and proceeded to shed his clothes as quickly as I had shed mine. We had an hour or so before Kyle was supposed to arrive and we had a few areas to cover, not the least of which was a warm up for our afternoon of pleasure.

After we got our initial hello passion out of the way, Sam sat down and asked me if I had accomplished my first task. I am sure I had an ear to ear grin when I told him that I had and I took out my hard won pack of condoms. Sam took a condom out of the box and proceeded to show me how to put the condom on his already hard cock carefully explaining all the nuances, letting me stroke and feel and inspect his latex encased manhood. Then he rewarded my first accomplishment by giving me the chance to suck on his cock as it got even harder and then he showed me what it would feel like as it slid in and out of my pussy. Anything for the sake of science you know.

Looking back now, I sometimes still get embarrassed that Sam had to show me how to use a condom, but he was so amazing. He never once made me feel stupid or immature. He just made me feel safe, like he always does. Safe to learn and to explore. As he showed me how the condom felt sliding in and out of my pussy I couldn’t wait for him to pull out so that I could take it off and feel the soft skin of his card cock as I slid my lips up and down the shaft and ran my tongue over the head. Sam seemed to enjoy having the condom off as well and showed me how much he enjoyed the feeling of my lips on his cock as he led me over to the bed and sucked and licked my clit until I screamed.

When he was done making me scream, he asked me to show him what other outfits I had brought for the day so that we could choose the right one for me to wear when I met Kyle. I tried on a black teddy with Bayan escort a halter top and very small black panties and from the look on Sam’s face it was obvious, it was the outfit for the day. In fact, it seemed to work so well that Sam couldn’t keep his hands off of me. We spent the next hour in a 69 position, with Sam making me cum over and over and over again, and me trying my hardest to do the same to him….for some reason, he kept pulling his cock from my mouth until I told him that I was sure that he could enjoy me to the fullest now and we would still enjoy later. Sam finally agreed, though I don’t know if it was my amazing logic or the fact that his cock was already leaking for me. As I lay on my back, with my legs on his shoulders he pumped his cock in my pussy until he exploded from the excitement we had already shared.

As we waited for Kyle to join us, we talked and touched and kissed and rubbed until before I knew it, Sam was rubbing between my legs and making me cum just by twisting and sucking on my nipples. The feeling of his cock against my clit, even through his underwear was sending me through the roof and I was ready to take Sam again, when we heard a knock at the door.

I got up and prepared myself for my next “task”, to meet Kyle at the door wearing the black negligee. I opened the door to let Kyle in and gave him a kiss and a big hug in greeting and making small talk as he followed me into the room. Sam stood up and shook Kyle’s hand and we continued with the small talk. In order to get things started, Sam pulled me to him and began kissing me and caressing me, setting the pace for the afternoon and giving me an opening for my next “task” which was to undress myself for Kyle and to help Kyle undress. While I kissed Sam passionately I built up my courage and I turned around and walked to where Kyle was sitting, sat down next to him and began kissing him.

Kyle responded immediately, kissing me and running his hands up and down my arms. As I reached for his cock I felt it getting hard through his pants and I heard him moaning. The more he moaned, the more I kissed and rubbed him and the more I felt him pulling me to him passionately. I sat back and reached up and pulled down the straps of my teddy and let the fabric fall to my waste. I saw Kyle’s eyes get wide and I heard a soft moan behind me letting me know that Sam was enjoying the view also. To finish out my second to last “task”, I leaned in and pulled up Kyle’s shirt, helping him to remove his clothes. As he took off his clothes, I heard Sam suggest that we should move to the bed where we would have more room.

I watched Sam get up and move to the chair as I led Kyle to the bed and pulled him down beside me. Kyle continued to kiss me and then he slid his hand from my cheek to my arm, across my stomach and down to my clit. Anticipation of his touch, my earlier enjoyment of Sam and my anticipation for the rest of the afternoon had made my pussy so wet it was flowing. Kyle fingered my clit and my pussy and then he slid down to take his place between my legs and use his tongue and mouth to bring me to orgasm. Kyle circled his tongue around my clit and slid it down to my wet slit, sliding his tongue in and out of my hole. As he brought me to shake and cum in waves I looked over to see Sam stroking his own, very hard cock as he watched Kyle pleasuring me. I could never refuse Sam when he was stroking his cock. The sight of him stroking the shaft and running his palm over the head of his cock drove me wild. When I caught Sam’s eye, I motioned to him that I wanted him to join us on the bed.

Sam came to me and offered me his cock while he watched Kyle sucking and licking my clit. I could see Sam smiling and nodding his head, enjoying the view very much. As he watched Kyle, and as I stroked his cock, Sam’s cock began to leak his excitement for me. I turned to him and licked the leaking excitement from the head and then lifted his cock so that I could lick his balls and follow all the way up the shaft with my tongue to the heart shaped head of his cock where I circled it with my tongue as I stared into his eyes. As I watched Sam I could see him exhaling to release some of his excitement as he bent down to kiss me and pinch my nipples causing the orgasms that Kyle was giving me to intensify. Then Sam reached up and took a hold of my hair and pulled it, applying gentle pressure that sent me over the edge. All the while I could hear the wetness Kyle was working with and I could feel myself opening my legs as wide as possible to allow him access to anything he wanted. This combination sent me into a frenzy and I still can’t remember all Escort of the details to this day.

Finally, Kyle looked up at me and told me he loved to eat pussy and that he very much enjoyed the opportunity to share mine. Sam agreed, confirming with Kyle that my pussy tasted very sweet and was amazing. I just laid there between the two not knowing what to say. Sam gently nudged me so I turned to Kyle and asked him if he had brought a condom and if he wanted to use it. Kyle seemed excited as he said yes. As Kyle got up to get his condom I took the opportunity to share some very passionate kisses with Sam, reveling in the passion that we had both accumulated so far. Kyle returned to the bed and lay down next to us, allowing me to work toward meeting my final “task”….making Kyle cum. I knew that Sam was looking forward to watching me make Kyle cum. We had talked about how I would accomplish this task and I wasn’t sure how I would best meet my goal, but whatever way I chose, I knew that Sam would want to watch.

I rolled over to Kyle and he began kissing me and hugging me very tightly. As I kissed Kyle, I moved a leg between his legs, grinding my clit against his thigh. Before I knew it I felt him rolling over on top of me and rubbing his cock against my clit. I opened my legs and brought them up for Kyle, giving him more access. As he got harder, I felt Kyle slip inside my pussy and pump in and out. As he did, he kept his eyes closed. He pumped in and out for several minutes and his heart rate and breathing increased as if he was enjoying the experience. He finally opened his eyes and apologized to me saying that with the condom he couldn’t really feel anything and he confessed that it had been a very long time since he had worn one. Both Sam and I tried to make him feel at ease by admitting that condoms did deaden a lot of the feeling.

Sam told Kyle he ought to let me show him what I could do. I looked at Kyle, winked at him and told him that I apparently had some skills I could share with him. Kyle readily agreed, though I am not sure that he knew quite where I was going with that. As Kyle lay down next to me, I curled up next to him and took his soft, condom covered cock in my mouth and began sucking on it. I was so thankful that Kyle had put the condom on himself, taking that small amount of stress from me and that Sam had given me the chance to taste and feel a a latex covered cock. As I sucked I felt Kyle’s cock growing in my mouth. I could taste the sweet taste of my nectar on the rubber and I began stroking it, working hard at keeping the condom on. This was a new wrinkle I hadn’t expected, but it seemed to work itself out. I felt Kyle’s cock growing and I heard Kyle begin moaning.

As I concentrated on licking and sucking Kyle’s cock, I felt Sam’s hands as they began exploring my pussy. As Kyle’s intensity increased, his breathing quickened and he began pushing back into my mouth. The sight of me giving Kyle a blow job and Kyle enjoying the sensations must have been too much for Sam because before I knew it, I felt his cock entering my pussy. This first, felt so good to me. I was laying here with one cock in my mouth and one cock in my pussy. I couldn’t believe what was happening. The feelings of Sam’s very hard cock pushing in and sliding all the way out and pushing back in, from head to hilt, made me cum. But, that is never enough for Sam, he is not content to leave me to just cum, he always insists that I have the best of everything, so as he pumped in and out of my pussy, he twisted my nipples and massaged the cheeks of my ass making me cum in waves.

Sam so enjoys it when I have is cock in my mouth and I am cumming, but apparently it wasn’t the same for Kyle that day. The distraction of me cumming and Sam climaxing and exploding inside me was too much for Kyle and he opened his eyes and contented himself to watch as Sam and I climaxed together. As we rested, Sam apologized to Kyle for distracting me and taking my attention from him, but Kyle silenced him saying he had enjoyed watching us and feeling my mouth on his cock, but that the condom certainly didn’t help the feeling.

As the afternoon had come to an end, Kyle got dressed and left, thanking us again for an enjoyable afternoon and assuring us that he would like to join us again. As Sam and I slowly dressed, we shared our thoughts of the afternoon. I shared with Sam how much I enjoyed feeling his passion overcome him and feeling him come to me to express it. Sam shared how he felt bad about distracting Kyle but that watching me sucking on Kyle’s manhood made him need me right then. I looked at Sam and reminded him that we do this for us and because it is what we want to do. Kyle was responsible for his own agenda. The important part was that Sam and I enjoyed. Maybe next time I would be able to complete my final “task”. Maybe next time…he would have the opportunity to watch me make someone else cum!

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