The Bank Managers Bitch


It was just after eight in the evening when Mrs. Tiffany Prentice heard the chimes of the front door bell. Indicating to her husband Bill that he should finish his coffee, she rose from the table, delicately dabbed at the corner of her mouth with a napkin and sashayed into the hall and towards the door. The light silk dress that she wore billowed slightly in the cooler air of the hallway and Tiffany felt the nipples of her braless breasts tighten slightly under the material. It was the 5th of the month – date night – and she was determined to ensure that, tonight, her older and much more conservative husband would satisfy the sexual tension that had been building steadily throughout the day. If anyone would have told her five years ago, that at the age of only thirty four, she would be confined to sex just once a month, she would have thought them crazy. But it was true.

Five years ago she had married Bill Prentice. Bill was a good husband in many ways and earned enough at his job at the bank to keep Tiffy in the style to which she wanted to become accustom. The only problem was, at twenty years her senior, Bill no longer had a huge interest in sex. Tiffy, however, was happy that the lifestyle out-weighed this problem and went to great lengths to ensure her “toy drawer” next to her bed was always well stocked with goodies!

The doorbell rang again as she reached the hall. As she reached out to undo the latch, her mind half registered the security chain hanging idle and useless by the side of the lock. She gave it little thought and opened the door.

“Hello, Mrs. Prentice?” said a voice from the darkness.


“Is Mr. Prentice in please?”

“Hold on, Ill just see if -“

As Tiffany turned to look for her husband, her words were suddenly cut off my a large hand being clamped over her mouth. She tried to scream. To warn her husband of impending danger, but the words were smothered into the strangers tobacco stained hand.

“Just shut the fuck up and be cool, lady” hissed the voice as she was bundled back inside her house, “we don’t want to have to hurt you, we just need your old man for a while.”

As he saw his wife and three masked men lurching into the dining room, Bill Prentice gasped out loud and jumped from his seat.

“What the hell is going on?” he shouted

“Just sit down and shut your fucking mouth” yelled back the first raider as he bundled Tiffy on to the sofa sitting against the far wall.

Bill did as he was instructed. Fifteen years as a bank manager had taught him to comply immediately with any robbery, especially when there was someone else involved. Tiffany looked more surprised than scared at the moment, he thought. It would take a few seconds for her to take in what was happening.

“Good,” continued the masked man, “now we are all sitting comfortably, let me tell you what we want.” Mr. Prentice, I believe you are the manager of the Mid East Clearing Bank, is that so?” He waited for Bill to nod dumbly before going on, “We’re going on a little late night trip to the bank, so if you would be good enough to get your keys – oh, not forgetting the one for the vault, of course!”

“But the vault’s on a time lock,” Bill replied, surprised at how weak his voice sounded. “It can’t be opened until six tomorrow morning!”

The two other masked men immediately swung their heads towards their colleague, obviously the leader. “You said you had this all planned” the first man screamed. “We can’t wait until tomorrow!”

Bill looked at all three raiders and then over at his wife. Tiffany was still sprawled on the sofa, her red, silk dress had ridden up slightly when she was pushed and she was displaying a good proportion of her legs. The view had not gone unnoticed by the gangs leader.

“Oh I don’t know, there might be something here to keep us occupied for the next few hours!”

“Bill was immediately worried as he saw all three men leering at his wife’s legs. “Now wait just a goddamned minute!” he shouted “Just leave her alone, okay. I’ll get your money for you, I promise, just don’t hurt my wife!”

“We got no intention of hurting her, but she sure looks hot and ready! I bet you’re not giving her enough! Quickly guys, tie this sap up so he doesn’t get in our way!”

“Jeez, I dunno, Frank” the second man said with a worried voice, “I didn’t know we’d be doing anything like this, I thought we were just gonna get the cash and split.”

“Don’t worry, man,” Frank replied, “Look Escort bayan at the bitch! She’s almost begging for it. If we were here any longer, I reckon she’d be jumpin’ our bones!”

It was true. She couldn’t work out exactly why, but Tiffany was definitely excited by what was going on. She was still frightened, but when the large man in the mask had frog marched her into the dining room she was sure she could feel the unmistakable shape of his crotch bulge against her butt. She had been working herself up all day for what she hoped would be a great fuck later tonight, and now she was embarrassed by the fact that her nipples were still hard and she knew her pussy was leaking moisture beneath her black, satin panties.

Things now happened quickly. Tiffany watched with wide eyes as two of the gang pulled sticking tape from the bag that they carried and securely bound her husband to the chair. Another piece of tape was placed over his mouth while the gang leader made his way slowly towards the sofa. Tiffy backed into the corner of the sofa as she watched the man approach. His face was still masked but she imagined a crude leer spreading over it. She felt a chill breeze swirl around her legs and looked down. The dress had ridden up almost to her waist now and the black panties were almost fully exposed. She tried to cover herself but the stranger was on her straight away. His lips crushed her own and his tongue immediately penetrated her mouth. She tried to push him away but it was useless. He was too strong. Too heavy. As the man’s tongue danced in her mouth, forging deeper, Tiffy began to relax slightly. She knew that this was going to happen and her instincts told her to make the best of it. As soon as she just let it happen, a strange feeling came over her. She knew it was wrong, she knew it shouldn’t be happening, but it was! Her pussy and nipples were beginning to react to the stimulus. She could feel the tight buds on her breasts expand and begin to throb and she was sure that a damp patch had started on the crotch of her panties. God, she thought, she was actually enjoying this!

Bill had also quit struggling with his bonds. He had been closely watching his young wife as the man set upon her. At first he was disgusted by the whole thing, that disgust quickly turning to anger when he saw the initial fear in Tiffany’s eyes. Then, as he watched, something else happened. Tiffy’s expression changed. She no longer seemed scared as the big man kissed her hard. Bill looked into her eyes and was sure that he saw lust there. Yes, definitely lust and excitement. His anger remained but was joined be feelings of hurt and disappointment. He had always known that one day she would stray, but he never expected it to be like this. He had no choice, he continued to watch while the three men became bolder and more adventurous.

“Time to get a feel of those big tits!” shouted Frank as he disengaged himself from Tiffy’s lips.

Tiffy had to make it look good. Although her body was almost on fire with lust, she had to make it look like she was struggling. With a half-hearted push she tried to shove Frank’s hands away from the open cleavage of her dress, but she knew it was only a pathetic attempt. She desperately wanted this big man’s hands groping her large tits. The dress tore easily under Frank’s fingers and Tiffy’s breasts were immediately exposed to the air. She tried to stop it, but as his fingers closed around her pulsating nipples, a low groan escaped her lips.

“I told you, guys!” cried Frank as he squeezed and pulled on the teats, “She’s really up for this. I reckon we can all fuck her!”

Hearing his captors words, Bill again tried to struggle with his bonds. But he knew it was a lost cause; he couldn’t escape, and anyway, it was now very obvious that his wife was enjoying herself immensely. He could see Frank’s fingers dig into her tit flesh and he could hear her moans of encouragement. He shifted in his seat slightly and was a little surprised to find that he had developed an erection.

Bill was not the only one in the room with a hard-on, as Tiffy was about to find out. Every now and then she had caught her husbands eye. She had expected to see a hurt and disgusted expression on his face, but now she could see that he almost looked as excited as her. She glanced down at his groin and was shocked to see the familiar bulge of his stiffening cock. This made up her mind completely; no longer could she be expected to fake her own enjoyment. Bayan escort If Bill was enjoying the situation, then she would as well. She suddenly felt the breath knocked out of her as one of the three men jumped astride her naked chest and began to lower his zipper.

“Time to see how hard you made me, baby!” he whispered at her. With a quick movement, his hand was inside his pants, emerging a second later with a long, thin cock between his fingers. Tiffy looked down at it as he slapped it against her stone-like nipples. She had still said very little, preferring to try to let the men think that she was still unwilling. The cock slapping only increased the flow of blood to her engorged buds, and when the man finally stopped and thrust his weapon between her large mounds, Tiffy could feel them aching almost painfully.

As the man began to tit-fuck Tiffy properly, she felt a movement at her legs. They were being forcefully spread and this time she did nothing to stop it happening. Two pair of hands were all over her legs and thighs now and fingers were sliding in through the leg holes of her panties and probing the lips of her cunt. She gasped again. The man above her was pistoning his erection between her breasts now slick with sweat and pre-cum and she knew that he would be unloading very soon. Two things then happened almost at once. The man plunging his dick between her tits suddenly moaned out loud and a thick stream of cum quirted from the end of his weapon. At the same time, Tiffy felt her panties ripped from her body and a face thrust between her legs. She had not expected to be treated to a licking like this, but the owner of the tongue seemed to know exactly what to do. She could feel the rough material of the mask as it grazed the inside of her thighs as he ate her out. His tongue was fantastic, and as it danced over her engorged clit time after time, she groaned and joined the man cumming on her tits in a classic orgasm of her own. She felt her legs held firmly in place as she thrashed her body and twisted herself as her climax surged from her finger tips to her delicately painted toes.

Bill, meanwhile, was nearly out of his mind with a mixture of lust and anger. His seething face told the story of a man on the edge of a massive rage, but his throbbing tool, still enclosed in the confines of his underwear, let him know absolutely that watching his wife with these three raiders was turning him on hugely. He bounced on the chair futilely. His eyes bulged as he continued to study the scene before him. He was totally sure that these guys had not yet finished; after all, he thought, only one of them has cum so far.

Bill was quite correct. Frank, who had been standing and slowly rubbing a large, thick erection in his fist, made the next move. Picking the naked Tiffany up in his strong arms he lifted her from the sofa.

“Clear that table will you, Fred.” he said as he waited for his friend to wipe the female fluid from his chin. Fred obliged. Sweeping his arm across the table he shoved everything onto the floor. Glasses and plates broke onto the carpet and the remains of the coffee splashed against the wall. The table now empty, Frank placed the still quivering woman on the polished wood surface. He knew exactly what he wanted and immediately turned her over onto her stomach. Tiffy could smell the furniture polish that she had applied earlier today. It filled her nostrils and permeated her brain, almost blocking everything else out. But not quite everything. She turned her head to look at her husband bound to the chair and only a matter of two feet away from her. She smiled and was about to say something when she felt her ankles clasped in a strong grip and her whole body being slid back towards the edge of the table. She didn’t need to look, she knew it was Frank that was preparing to enter her wet vagina. Her breasts pressed into the table and her splayed legs draped over the edge. She knew that she was wet and open for all to see, down there, but she didn’t really care. She had cum once, she knew, but a second orgasm would be wonderful. She instinctively knew that Frank’s big cock would provide that for her.

Still looking at her husband she felt the head of Frank’s cock pierce her lips.

“Oh god, honey, he’s putting it in me now….mmmmmm, I can feel the tip between my pussy lips!”

This narrative was fine with Frank as well as Bill and the raider grunted and forced his entire length into the woman’s body. Escort Tiffy cried out as she felt him penetrate.

“Ahhhhh, oh god, Bill, he’s huge. I can feel his cock going right up inside my wet cunt!”

“Damn, this bitch is getting a bit loud!” grunted Frank in between thrusts. “Danny, go shut the slut up will you? Let her old man watch if you want, he’s close enough, that’s for sure!”

Tiffy was beginning to breathe harder and harder as she strove towards the orgasm that she knew she would have. She glanced a movement from the side, and watched as Danny walked past Bill and towards her head. Danny was horny. That much was obvious! Tiffy watched his cock twitch and throb in his fist and she knew that any second it would be buried delightfully inside her mouth. She didn’t have long to wait. As soon as Danny had arranged Bill’s chair so that he had a grandstand view, he gripped either side of Tiffy’s face. Her mouth opened automatically and formed a perfect “O” and was immediately filled with Danny’s thick meat.

Tiffy felt truely violated as she was taken hard at both ends. Her orgasm was upon her now, and as Frank’s cock scratched past her clit for the hundredth time, she cried out loud and bucked her bottom from the table. Her pussy muscles squeezed and contracted around the invading meat and with a final lunge and immediate withdrawal, Frank pumped his semen over her lower back and buttocks. The hot liquid almost scorched her skin and Tiffy trembled to yet another crushing climax.

Danny was building up quite a head of steam now. His own legs felt like jelly as he shoved his big prick in and out of the woman’s mouth.

“You ever deep throated, bitch?” he asked between grunts and gasps. Tiffy knew the question was aimed at her, but was finding it difficult to form words.

“No matter,” continued Danny when he received no response, “there’s one way to find out!”

Tiffy wondered what was happening. Her face was being tilted up towards her assailant and she could feel the smooth glans of his cock pushing further and further towards the back of her throat. She tried to imagine the size of Danny’s cock as it tried to enter her throat; she knew it was big, but would she be able to swallow it? She took a deep breath and gulped once. Danny saw his opportunity and forced his entire length into her. Within a split second, Tiffy’s nose was being tickled by Danny’s pubic hair and the next moment she felt him swell in her throat. She expected him to release her head as his thick seed poured into her throat, but Danny kept her head in a vice like grip, and , encouraged by his two friends, emptied the contents of his twitching balls into Tiffy’s windpipe.

When at last Danny finally withdrew, Tiffy spluttered and coughed his cum out onto the polished surface of the table where it oozed and trickled its way down, dripping obscenely onto the floor.

Bill watched from his confinement as the three men sat down, quite obviously exhausted, on the sofa. His eyes drifted over to the table where his wife still lay face down. Her pussy was open and leaking fluid and there was cum splashed all over her body, face and hair. Her legs were still twitching as the last remnants of the climax ebbed from her abused and violated body. For a moment, Bill thought that the men had finished with them. They looked quite contented and were idly tucking limp cocks back into zippers. Danny rose first and, walking over to Bill, pulled the tape from his mouth. Bill whimpered as the sticky tape took facial hair with it as it was ripped off.

Danny began walking back past the table. His eyes were drawn to the nearly unconscious form of Tiffany with her legs still splayed and her ass in the air.

“Hey you guy’s. We haven’t taken this pretty little butt yet!” he cried as he probed the tight hole with his index finger. “Anyone want another go?”

Danny and both his friends looked quite tired. “Oh, jeez, Danny,” said Frank. It’s gonna be another half hour before my hard-on returns. What say we give someone else a go?”

“What do you mean?” asked Danny, still breathing hard through his mask.

“Well, we owe the Bridge Street Gang a favour. You remember, last month when that guy pissed them off and we all fucked his sister while she blew her brother? Well, we could let them have a go at young Tiffany here in return, that should take a good few hours, after all there are ten of them!”

As Frank made his way towards the telephone and began dialing numbers, Bill wasn’t sure if his wife’s deep guttural groan was from lust, terror or just fatigue. When he saw the expectant look on her face though, he thought that an accurate guess would be quite easy. They had created the ultimate Bank Managers Bitch!

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