The Camping Trip


It was coming up on Memorial Day weekend and Steve and Jamie had big plans. Their wedding anniversary was on May 25th, and because they got married on the long weekend, they planned to celebrate their union by creating their own “unions” every year on that weekend. This year, Jamie had something special planned for Steve. Jamie made plans with Steve’s mom to take the kids, and they were going to go camping for the weekend.

Jamie dropped the kids off on Friday afternoon at about one, because Steve was going to leave work early and be home around two. The plan was for Jamie to have the truck packed and ready to go by the time Steve got home so they could beat traffic out of town. So far, everything was going as planned; the kids were at mom’s house, the food was packed in the cooler, and all of the camping supplies were in the truck ready to go. Jamie even managed to hide a couple of surprises among camping gear for a little extra fun.

Steve got home as expected right at two in the afternoon, parked his car in the garage, and went into the house to change his clothes. When he came in the house, Jamie was in the kitchen getting the last few things ready for the trip. She was busy packing things into some totes, and didn’t hear Steve come in the door. Steve noticed, crept up behind her, and without warning, grabbed her by the arm and spun her around so that she fell into his. If he hadn’t been a little quicker with his grab, he may have gotten a slap in the face. He was quick this time, and managed to pin Jamie’s arms down before she could take a swing. He looked at her, smiled, and in a cartoon-like villainous voice said, “Honey, I’m home!”

Jamie just looked at him and smiled, “You think so, do you? Help me with this stuff, will you?”

Steve replied, “You’re no fun… What do you need me to do?”

“Put these bags out in the truck, while I go upstairs and get ready to go, and check to make sure I didn’t forget anything.”

Steve reluctantly carried the bags out to the truck and put them in the back. He surveyed the items in the back to see if there was anything that was obviously missing. It looked like she got everything they needed, and a few things they probably didn’t, but you never know when you might need… A shovel, for example. He turned around and was about to head back into the house when he realized that he didn’t see the tent! She had remembered to grab everything else but the tent! He grabbed the ladder, climbed up to the camping shelf in the top of the garage, looking for the tent. It wasn’t there… It wasn’t ANYWHERE! Steve tore apart the garage looking for it, but no luck; the tent was gone. He stood back scratching he head for a moment, then it hit him: Jason, next door, borrowed it two weeks ago. He charged out of the garage door, and over to Jason’s house; luckily, Jason’s wife was home. After some small talk, he was able to get the tent back, pack it in the truck, and head inside to help Jamie finish packing her things so they could get on the road.

Great. Now they were behind schedule. He ran upstairs, opened his bedroom door, and stopped dead in his tracks. There, lying on the floor, was his wife. She was completely naked, holding her left tit in her hand, and frantically working her clit with her right. She was about to cum, just another minute and she would be there. Steve could tell by the way her legs began to buck, and how she was caressing her clit, he didn’t have much time. He quickly and quietly moved toward her and knelt down in front of her. He couldn’t believe she hadn’t heard him come in! He grabbed her thighs and buried his face into her pussy, lapping up her sweet juices with every flip of his tongue. Jamie didn’t miss a beat. She moved her hand away from her soaking cunt, grabbed the back of Steve’s head, and held it tightly on her pussy. At that moment, she bucked her hips high in the air, holding Steve’s head in place with one hand and squeezing her left tit with the other. Steve didn’t continued sucking on her cunt, making sure he tasted every last drop of her orgasm.

As Jamie lay on the floor, still quivering from the intense orgasm, Steve sat up and smiled at her. “I thought you were packing your clothes for the trip.”

“I was, but then I got excited about going, and when you didn’t come back right away, I decided to take care of my problem on my own,” Jamie told him with an innocent grin on her face.

“Well, now were running behind, so get your sexy ass in gear!” He gave her a slap on the ass, and went into the closet to get his clothes.

“Yes, master!” Jamie said with just a hint of sarcastic seduction in her voice.

Jamie let out a sigh and got up off the floor, her pussy still quivering from Steve’s tongue-lashing. She walked into the closet to put on her clothes, juices still dripping down her leg. She picked out a sexy pair of short-shorts and a t-shirt, and decided to go without a bra; she had perfect breasts, and could easily get away Escort bayan with it. Steve put on his usual; jean shorts, t-shirt, and sandals. As Steve walked out of the closet, he paused and gave Jamie a gentle kiss on the lips. As he slowly pulled his lips from hers, Jamie grabbed him and pulled him closer; she loved the taste of her juices on Steve’s lips. She gave him a deep, passionate kiss, probing every inch of his mouth with her tongue, and gently bit his lover lip as they separated. “I love it when you east my pussy,” she told him.

Steve headed back downstairs, followed closely by Jamie. As she walked behind him, all she could do was stare at his ass. Every time she looked at it, all she could think about was grabbing it with both hands, using it as a handle to slam his huge cock into her. Just thinking about it was starting to make her pussy begin to drip, anticipating Steve’s swollen member thrusting in and out of her. She had to get control of herself. They hadn’t even left the house yet, and it was still a long drive to the campsite.

They got the last of their things packed into the truck, and it was time to get on the road. They hopped into the truck, and set off for the interstate. As they approached their turn, they could see a lot of traffic on the road, but it seemed to be moving pretty well. In the interest of time, Steve opted to stay on the interstate rather than the back-roads. Steve and Jamie almost always held hands on a road trip, and this time was no different; well, except there were no children in the backseat fighting. As they made their turn west into the mountains, Jamie looked over at Steve with a hint of the devil in her eye. She let go of Steve’s hand and moved it to his thigh, but placed it just a little more on the inner thigh than usual. As they drove a little further, she began to stroke Steve’s inner thigh slowly. Maybe she knew, maybe she didn’t, but this ALWAYS made Steve’s cock become just slightly aware of what was happening. Steve kept driving and continuing with the small-talk as if nothing was going on. He tried to remain focused on the road; but Jamie wasn’t. At every chance she got, she looked over to see Steve’s cock throbbing in his jeans. The more she caressed his thigh, the bigger the bulge in his jeans got. It didn’t take long for Jamie’s pussy to start tingling again, yearning for Steve’s cock, but it would have to wait for a while. Jamie rubbed her thighs together to try to calm her itching pussy, but it didn’t work, she just had to have his cock; some way, somehow.

Just then, she moved her hand up his thigh and began to unbutton his shorts. “What are you doing?” he asked.

“Can you turn the cruise control on please?” she asked.


“Because I have to have your cock right now, or I am going to explode!” she confessed.

“We can’t fuck right now, I’m driving!” his said, more as a command, than a statement.

“I said I wanted your cock, I didn’t say we were going to fuck” she replied.

“Now turn on the fucking cruise control like I asked!” Steve loved it when Jamie took control of the situation and told him to fuck her. She reached over with both hands and released Steve’s cock from the restraints of his shorts. It stood up tall in her had, moist at the tip from his pre-cum. She held his cock with one hand and drew circles with his pre-cum on the head with the other. She made sure to get the freshest drop on the tip of her finger then licked it off; making sure Steve was watching her. Then, like a wolf going in for the kill, she bent over and swallowed his cock, relaxing her throat muscles so that she could take him all the way in her mouth. Steve’s eyes began to roll back in his head. “WAIT!” he thought, “YOU’RE DRIVING!” It was all he could do to concentrate on the road. He loved to watch Jamie suck his cock, but he had to watch the road. Jamie continued to work Steve’s cock with her mouth and tongue.

She really enjoyed sucking Steve’s dick; it fit in her mouth perfectly, like it was meant to be there. Jamie continued to suck Steve’s dick, pumping it slowly with her other hand. She loved the way his cock felt in her mouth, in any of her holes, for that matter. She didn’t care if he was fucking her pussy, her mouth, or her ass, as long as it was his cock that was doing the fucking. She sat up, leaning over at Steve and asked, “How am I doing?”

“That’s a strange question after 20 years of marriage” he replied. “Now are you going to finish the job?”

Jamie just smiled and said “In a minute.” She reached down and unbuttoned the top of her shorts, the leaned back over and sucked Steve’s cock all the way into her mouth again. Now she was sucking his cock with a purpose, and that purpose was to milk all of the cum she could from his balls. As she was sucking his cock, she slipped her hand into her shorts and began to massage her clit. Mouth-fucking Steve was making her pussy so wet that it was starting to soak through Bayan escort her shorts. As she continued to work Steve’s dick in and out of her mouth and rub her clit with her hand, she began to sense that Steve was about to shoot his load. His cock swelled up even larger than it was, his balls tightened, she knew he was almost there. Jamie sucked even harder than before, now frantically rubbing her clit with her other hand, then it happened; Steve shot his load with enormous force into the back of Jamie’s mouth. The feeling of the hot semen squirting into her mouth made Jamie cum almost instantly, and it took every ounce of Steve’s concentration to keep the car on the road.

Jamie fell back into her seat. Her hair was a mess, her mouth was hanging open, and her hand was still down her pants; she was in ecstasy. “Sorry to bother you baby, but I was wondering if you could… Put me back together? We have an audience.” Jamie looked over at Steve, questioning what he was saying, then she noticed the semi-truck driving next to them, matching their speed. She crawled over to see the passenger of the truck staring out the window at them, smiling at her as if to say “Thanks for the show!” Jamie smiled, waved at the trucker, and packed Steve’s cock back into his shorts.

“Wow,” Steve said. “That was probably one of the best blow-jobs I have ever had.”

Jamie just smiled back, “You liked that one, huh?”

“Yes, Yes I did!” exclaimed Steve. “Can I have another one?”

“Not yet, we still have to whole weekend ahead of us” she reminded him.

“I just hope there’s more where that came from” he told her.

Jamie just gave him a seductive smile and said, “We’ll see. Maybe, if you’re a good boy” she told him.

“The only problem with that is you don’t like it when I’m good!” They both smiled at each other and continued their drive to the campsite.

As they pulled into the camping area, they noticed that there were a lot more cars than they had ever seen there before. This might have put a damper on any plans they had, but Steve wasn’t too worried; where they usually set up camp was deep into the National Forrest, and most people didn’t travel in that far. They drove for what seemed like miles, over rocky trails and under brush and overhangs where water had eroded the sandstone, in a dry riverbed. The further they went, the fewer people they saw; they kept driving.

After a while, Jamie asked, “You’re not getting us lost, are you?”

Steve just chuckled a little and answered, “Nope. Don’t worry, I have the GPS with us. Worst case, I can follow our trail back to where we came in.”

“I don’t trust that thing,” replied Jamie, “What if it doesn’t work?”

“Then we’ll have to wait for the rescue chopper.” Jamie hit Steve on the arm.

“That’s not funny!” she told him.

They drove until they hadn’t seen anyone for about 30 minutes, and pulled into an area that looked as if it hadn’t been used by anyone in a very long time. There wasn’t even a picnic table or one of those fire pits that looked like it was made from a cut up metal drum. There was however, a stone fire pit made of large rocks set in a circle, with a couple of large logs around it like the ones that were used before concrete picnic tables and plastic out-houses. They pulled into the campsite and parked the truck near the fire pit.

“Here we are,” Steve said, “Let’s find a place to pitch the tent.” They jumped out of the truck together, and began to scout around their area. They looked for a fairly level piece of ground without too many rocks, and picked up as many small sticks and twigs as they could carry to use for the fire.

“What about here?” Jamie asked.

“Looks good to me, I’ll get the tent.”

The spot was perfect. It was about 30 feet from the fire pit, placing the fire pit almost half way between their tent and the truck. Steve pitched the tent, and Jamie worked on setting everything else up and organizing, getting ready to cook dinner. “Do you want hot dogs, or hot dogs?” she asked.

“Wow, tough choice. I’ll go with the hot dogs!” he answered. “I’m going to go and cut some firewood, I’ll be back in a little bit,” he told her.

“O.K.”, Jamie answered.

Steve grabbed the ax, and looked for some wood to cut up and bring back to their campsite.

Their campsite was about 100 feet from the edge of a cliff that overlooked the Colorado River where it passed through a small desert valley. The drop off on the cliff was only about six feet, and just below were several dead logs that he could easily cut up and bring back to the campsite. Just as he jumped off the cliff, he heard some giggling off in the distance. It was very faint, but he knew he heard it. He looked around to see where it was coming from. As he moved a little further down the hill, he could tell that it was coming from near the river, and then he saw it. Where the river made a lazy bend through Escort the valley, there were two women who had set up camp in the valley by the river’s edge. It looked like they were talking and having a few drinks, and probably laughing about things that had happened to them a long time ago; it could be anything. Steve just ignored them and went back to the dead logs he had found. He dragged them back up the hill to his campsite, chopped them up, and stacked the wood next to the fire pit. After finishing with the wood, he pulled his shirt off over his head, and walked over to Jamie who was preparing their food. “Could I get some water please?” he asked.

“Sure thing,” Jamie replied as she handed him an ice-cold bottle.

Steve tipped his head back, and swallowed the water as fast as it would leave the bottle while Jamie just stared at him; his body was glistening in the sunlight, the sweat running down his chest. Jamie couldn’t help herself. She leaned over and licked the salty water from Steve’s nipples, pausing to savor each taste. Steve finished his water, and looked down at his wife as she sucked on his nipples. He placed both hands under her ears, and moved her mouth up to meet his lips. He kissed her gently at first, tasting the salt from his sweat on her lips. Then the kiss became more passionate. Soon their bodies pressed against each other, their hands caressing, running through hair, squeezing ass-cheeks, getting hotter by the second. Just then, Jamie pushed Steve away. “I’ve got to get dinner ready.” Steve stood there dumbfounded. Jamie went back to work opening the packages of food they were soon to eat.

“I’ll get the fire started,” Steve sounded somewhat annoyed.

“Don’t worry; I’ll take care of you later. Right now, I’m hungry.” She sounded playful, but Steve could tell she meant every word of what she said.

It was amazing to Steve how his lovely wife could make hot dogs and baked beans taste like a gourmet meal. Maybe it was the fact they were in the wilderness. Maybe it was because it was just the two of them. It didn’t matter, they were together and loved each other very much. They finished their dinner, and started on a couple of drinks. Jamie was somewhat of a lightweight when it came to alcohol, so she stuck with wine coolers and Steve decided to have a beer or two. After they finished their drinks, Steve picked up the trash, and Jamie grabbed a couple of blankets so they could snuggle up by the fire and watch the sunset. As Jamie spread out the blankets next to one of the logs, Steve grabbed them a couple more drinks.

The sat there watching the sunset for a little while, just enjoying some time in each other’s arms. The sun had not quite set yet, but it was getting close. “Do you want another one?” Steve asked.

“Sure,” Jamie replied.

Steve got up and walked across the campsite to the cooler, stopping to get rid of the empties first. Jamie stared at him as he walked away, admiring his tight ass. She loved to look at his ass. To her, it was the most perfect ass anyone could want on a man, and it sure didn’t hurt that he still had his shirt off. Every time she looked at Steve’s ass, it didn’t take long for her to start thinking of how she would hold it with both hands and use them to help him slam is rock hard shaft into her. Now that she had a couple of drinks in her, combined with the thoughts of Steve’s perfect cock, her pussy was starting to get moist and tingle.

While Steve was getting their drinks from the cooler, Jamie decided that her clothes felt just a little too restrictive. She pulled her shirt off, exposing her firm and supple breasts. When they touched the cool mountain air, her nipples got as hard as diamonds. The shiver it sent through her made her squeeze her thighs together, putting just the right amount of pressure on her swelling clit, intensifying the tingling feeling deep inside her pussy. Next, she slipped off her shorts and panties, leaving her completely exposed to the night. Just as she lay back against the log, Steve came out from behind the truck with the drinks. “Hey, what’s this?” he asked.

“Nothing. I thought I would just ‘be free'” she replied. “Why don’t you join me?”

Looking at his wife lying there exposed made his dick start to awaken. He walked over beside her, set the drinks down on the blanket, and complied with her wish; he stripped to nothing and sat down beside her. He had to admit, he did feel a little awkward being out in the open and completely naked, but he knew there was no one around for at least a mile; he just needed to relax a bit and have another beer. He opened both of their bottles, passing the wine cooler to Jamie; they each took a sip.

The sun was hanging very low in the sky; it wouldn’t be long before it sank below the horizon. The fire was blazing, and they were both starting to get a nice buzz. Almost as if scripted in a cheesy love story, they each turned to the other at the same time, both completely naked, and looked deeply into the other’s eyes. They kissed, gently; then they kissed again. Jamie started to lean toward Steve, chasing his lips for a deeper kiss. Just then, her wine cooler spilled all over Steve’s chest and ran down on his stomach.

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