The Carpenter


It’s a good old life working for your self, well, at least most of the time it is, yeah so I get the odd bad payer and have to do some chasing but there are some benefits that outweigh all that. Yeah, right, I’m talking about fucking a stream of horny sluts. Seems that there’s something attractive about screwing a workman hired to remodel your house and I’m not complaining at all. A lot of my school buddies think I’m a failure as I still work with my hands at 45 years of age, but, I make enough to pay the bills and, while they have that middle age paunch, or have to go to the gym, I’ve a hard, fit body. Ok, so I don’t have the same amount of hair I had 20 years ago but I still look good in a T shirt and jeans and I always make sure I turn up at a job freshly shaved and clean, sure I go home grubby but it’s the start that counts.

And, like I said, it’s a turn on for a surprising number of women. I’ve fucked my way through college girls, their moms, middleclass sophisticates, out right sluts, married, single, old, young and in between. They’ve all had one thing in common, they wanted to be filled with rock hard cock and sticky cum. I’ve fucked cunts, asses, mouths, tits and been wanked as I got busy with my tongue before unloading into and onto gorgeous hot female bodies, long may it continue. Take the other week as a for instance, I roll up to this house, in its own paddock area and am shown in to the kitchen by an attractive woman of around 40, blond shoulder length hair, tallish and slim, nice tight ass and biggish tits. The new kitchen they’ve ordered is in the garage and they want it fitted right away. They’d heard I was good and could I start soon? I gave her a ball-park figure, said I’d itemise it and drop it by, if it was ok I could start that week. Sure enough my costing was ok and I started mid-week.

The kitchen opened out onto a secluded patio area that just looked ideal for some outdoor fuck sessions, though Mrs Tight Arse was out at work all day. Anyway I got on with what I do and, as it was mid summer and roasting, I had the doors and windows wide as I worked. In this game there is a lot of grovelling about on hands and knees as you fit stuff and, after lunch, as the sun beamed down on the patio, I glanced up and was confronted by two pairs of sneaker clad feet attached to long slim, lightly tanned legs that disappeared up inside short skirts. Sitting back I could get a better view of the owners – two sexy girls dressed for the sun. Both had on halter tops and had their hair pulled back, both looked very fuckable.

“Hi, aunt Em said there’d be someone working here,” said the elder girl, “I’m Lucinda and this is Sophie, aunt Em is Sophie’s mum and we’re cousins. We’re just going to chill in the garden and enjoy the sun but we need something to drink.”

I told her that the fridge was still plugged in, or the tap was working if they wanted water. Both giggled at that and said that they’d find something in the fridge, with that they brushed past me and went over to the fridge. I glanced over as they opened the door Escort bayan and was treated to the sight of them both bending over from the waist causing their skirts to ride up and expose their taught buttocks. They both looked round to see if I was looking, Sophie giggled and Lucinda blew me a kiss. Picking up a bottle of white wine, they fetched two glasses and sauntered out of the kitchen. As they did, Lucinda held my gaze and ran her tongue over her lips and it may have been my imagination but I was certain her hand brushed my crotch on purpose before she went out the door.

For the next hour I could hear them outside as they worked their way through the bottle and enjoyed the sunshine. Then, when I was lying on my back working on the underside of the work top, I heard the pair come into the kitchen.

Alcohol had made them a bit bolder this time and I heard Sophie giggle “I wonder what his cock is like?

Lucinda said “Let’s find out, shall we?” There was more giggling and then I felt a hand on my crotch and Lucinda said “Mmmm Mr Workman, I think we need a hand outside.” Easing my head up I could see Lucinda squatting down as she stroked my crotch, I could also see that she’d removed her panties and she was looking directly at me, licking her lips.

I eased further up so that I could get a better look at them and saw Sophie standing twirling some material around on her finger.

She hiccupped, then grinned and said “I seem to have taken my panties off too.”

I struggled to my feet and followed Sophie outside, not easy to do with someone’s hand inside your jeans, wanking your cock. At the far side of the patio it was easy to see why there’d been so much giggling all afternoon because as well as the bottle of white wine the pair had polished off a bottle of red and there were a selection of plastic dildos on the table.

“They’re aunt Em’s,” giggled Lucinda, “uncle Marcus isn’t always around. We’re tired of plastic cock, we want some real, squirty cock, little Sophie here hasn’t had a real one and I thought it about time she did.” As she spoke, Lucinda undid my jeans and slid them down.

Sophie came over and wrapped her hand around my cock “will you fuck my little pussy with your rock hard fuck pole?” she cooed, questioningly. Lucinda said “we have to make it really hard, like this,” and slipped her mouth over the end of my shaft and sucked her way up and down. As she released me a string of saliva joined her lips to my cock, “here Sophie,” she breathed, “you try.”

Looking down I could see Sophie’s blond head bobbing up and down as her lips engulfed my cock. Behind her, Lucinda was encouraging her cousin to suck and play with my balls too, while she eased off Sophie’s skirt and massaged her pert teenage tits through her top. Her cousin had her hands on my thighs as she used her lips and tongue on me, from her mouth came the sexy slurping sounds of a good blow job and moans of a horny young girl getting hornier by the second. By this time I’d collapsed back onto one of the loungers and Bayan escort Lucinda had removed my jeans and T shirt.

As Sophie sucked and licked away Lucinda ran her fingers over my chest and “you lucky man, you’re going to slide your cock into my gorgeous cousin in a few moments.”

I slipped my hand up her thigh and felt her soaking cunt “and her fuck slut cousin,” I said, huskily.

Lucinda grinned “mmmmmm.” With that Lucinda gently moved her cousin out of the way and said “Right Sophie, this is what to do.” She straddled me and pulled up her teeny skirt, exposing her trimmed cunt, and looking at me gripped my shaft – still glistening from Sophie’s sucking and gently inserted the tip of it into her cunt. Her face radiated pure pleasure as she gradually impaled her self. “See, Sophie,” she gasped “gently slide it all the way into your cunt, just like aunt Em’s dildo, except this is hot and will squirt thick creamy cum into you.” Lucinda’s eyes grew wide as my cock slid further into her greedy fuckhole, there was a moment of anxiety shown in her face as she thought it might be too much for her but I bucked my hips and she cried out then moaned as the last inches filled her. Breathlessly she gasped “oh fuck that’s gooood.” With her eyes shut she gently began to ride me and I could feel her cunt muscles gripping my cock. All the time she kept up a murmuring “oh fuck, oh shit, oh fuck, oh, fuck, oh fuck, oh Sophie, just a little more then you can have this gorgeous cock inside your cunt.”

Her cousin giggled “Lucinda is having fun,” she said as she traced my hairy chest. Then Sophie licked her lips and said “My cunt will have to be very wet to take that big cock, will you lick me to make sure?” I nodded and Sophie straddled my face and lowered her teenage cunt onto my mouth.

I could hear Lucinda, almost sobbing now, “oh fuck, oh fuck, oooohhhhh oh god, oh fuck.” And feel her juices running out of her cunt and soaking my loins as her sweet cunt milked me. Sophie’s musky cunt juice filled my mouth as I tongue fucked her, lapping at her sweet pussy until she was gasping in pleasure. From behind her I could feel Lucinda riding me faster and her moaning was more frantic and she was crying out “I’m cumming, oh fuck I’m cumming,” which changed to a yelled “oh shit, oh fuck aaaaaahhhhhhh….” As she came, collapsing forward over her cousin, my rock hard cock still inside her. It took her a few moments to calm down then she grinned and said “Wow, what a fuck, and look Sophie, his cock is still stiff and those balls are full of cum for you.”

It took seconds for the girls to swap positions and Lucinda gave my cock a gentle wank as Sophie positioned herself over my loins. Then she lowered herself down and Lucinda slipped my cock, still slick with her juice, into Sophie’s fuck hole. The younger girl’s eyes opened wide as the tip slipped past her soaking lips, Lucinda was whispering encouragement for her cousin to take all of my cock and massaging Sophie’s thighs and cunt telling her to take it easy and “…get all Escort of the horny fucker’s cock in…”

With her eyes screwed shut, gradually Sophie lowered herself down until I was completely inside of her, for a few moments she was rigid, frightened to move in case she was split in two, then she relaxed and started to roll her hips and give a nervous laugh “… like this Lucinda?” she asked.

“Oohh yesssss, Sophie, can you feel him stretching your cunt?” “mmmmm” breathed the young girl. Sophie set up a rhythm of rocking, not really riding my cock but allowing it to move inside her gorgeous young fuck hole and give her the sensations she obviously craved. Not as vocal as her cousin, Sophie kept murmuring – almost to her self – “oh, yes, oh yes, yes, yes, yes mmmmmmm” over and over as she rocked back and forward. I raised my self up on my elbows so that I could see the sexy girl enjoying my cock as she kept up a steady motion. Lucinda had stripped and her taught body throbbed with desire and jealousy as she really wanted to be where her cousin was.

“Mmmm c’mon Sophie,” said Lucinda, “let’s have that top off.” As she spoke, Lucinda eased her cousin’s halter top up and over the head of the unresisting girl who was concentrating on milking my cock and hardly noticed that she was naked and fucking in her back garden. Lucinda was behind her cousin and I could see her hands snaking round and playing with Sophie’s pert tits while the gorgeous young blond rested her head on Lucinda’s shoulder. I began to sense that it wouldn’t be long before I was going to cum and gritted my teeth to make it last as long as possible, not easy with a cute teenager riding on your cock and getting very close to her own orgasm.

Sophie was panting and gasping and sobbing as she kept up her pace and low murmuring “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” she moaned over and over. I too was panting and gasping, trying to hold on until, suddenly Sophie wailed “I’m cumming, oh, God, I’m cumin…aaaaaaahhhhhhh.”

She arched her back and I could feel her cunt muscles grip my cock and then I heard a voice gasp out in horror “Sophie! Lucinda! What ARE you doing?” Shit! Sophie’s mum. With that I let go and squirted my cum deep inside her daughter.

After that it was a mixture of sensations with me sending spurt after spurt of thick cum up a hot cunt, Sophie crying and gasping and in pleasure, her mum yelling “you fucking bastard.”

Lucinda was saying “oh aunt Em, you prude, he’s got a wonderful cock and he fucking knows what to do with it. Get fucking naked and enjoy it with us, I’m sure there’s more cum left.”

Sophie had collapsed back onto her cousin, exhausted, dripping in sweat, my semi hard cock still in her sticky cunt and our juices trickling out of her. Her mum was glaring at me, not sure what to do next and Lucinda was playing with the sticky mess that was between her cousin’s cunt and my cock and, with her hands all covered, she wiped them on her aunt’s blouse. I could see her nipples react and stiffen through the material as Lucinda played with them.

“That’s better aunt Em,” she grinned, “just think of that cock inside you. I’m going to get filled with cum from him next, will you help us get him hard? I grinned as ‘Aunt Em’ licked her lips, this job might take longer than I thought…

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