The Challenge Ch. 02


Why was I always talking? Accepting challenges, mouthing off to people who I know will follow through on threats, sticking my big foot in my mouth time and again? I wasn’t sure. What I was sure of was that I was two orgasms deep into this challenge that Alex and I had set. I had been having some moments of doubt, but I was resolved now, now that his cock wasn’t presently in my mouth driving me bananas. I was one with silence and tranquility and nary a squeak was going to escape my lips until we were done, I told myself.

I wasn’t positive who I was trying to convince.

Alex had untied me from the restraints to let my achy limbs stretch, but had left the deep purple cloth tightly bound around my head. I sat up on the bench and circled my arms, working the stiffness out of my shoulders and back. My body felt weak from the recent orgasm, but I was feeling a lot more confident vertical. I felt my lips curve into a small smile as I listened to Alex prowl around the bench. He bent and pulled one of my wrists up to his lips, kissing the soft inside where the rope had left its imprint, before rubbing gently with the pad of his thumb. I didn’t trust it. He leaned forward and dropped my arm back in my lap, but continued leaning over me, one hand propped on my shoulder for balance. He grabbed something from the table beside the bench, something that jangled as he pulled it towards us. I stiffened, trying to remember all the implements he’d set out. There were connected nipple and clit clamps that could be unchained from each other to use separately, a set of cuffs that consisted of two metal rings that interlocked to keep hands tight behind the back, and lastly a long, thin chain that Alex liked to hook to my collar.

The chill from the chain dragging across my chest didn’t really answer my question, but then the clamp caught on my nipple, prompting a deep, goose bump inducing shudder. Alex slid his hand down my arm and back up again, kneading my neck and shoulder, leaning forward against the back of me. His slacks were rough and course against my bare back. He reached again and this time I felt the smooth slide of my collar as he carefully lifted my hair and buckled it around my neck. He tightened it just enough that it put pressure on my windpipe, but not enough to actually hurt or cause me any damage. The black leather strip is big enough to wrap around my neck twice, but clasps small enough to seriously choke me. We don’t use that notch often, but if you’ve never been fucked while being seriously choked, you’re missing out. He slid his finger through the deep burgundy D ring on the front of the collar and tugged until I stood on legs that were, for the most part, not shaking anymore.

“Ready for part two?”

I nodded.

“Would you like a break so you can talk before we start the next part?”

I bobbed my head quickly up and down, my eyebrows shooting up in surprise at the offer.

“I bet you would. That’s a shame. Move your ass.”

A hard smack stung my ass and I gasped, almost stumbling, but Alex kept hold of the D ring and plodded forward. He hadn’t as of yet removed the blindfold, so he was half dragging me through the hall and back to the bedroom. I glared through the blindfold, hoping that by now he knew by the set of my mouth and the direction of my head that I was plotting his murder. I took some deep breaths and slowly put down the mental pillow I was using to kill him in his sleep. Mostly because my pussy was dripping wet and my need was like a Chihuahua obstinately chewing at my ankle. I tried to cool off, calm down, but the collar pressed against my skin and acted as a sounding board for my heartbeat. Every thick thud against the constricting leather fed the flames of my already heated pussy.

We made our way to the middle of the room, him sauntering smoothly and me awkwardly stumbling after him. He turned me around and pressed two thumbs into my pelvis, shooting my hips back until they touched the bed. I lowered onto the bed and waited for his next trial.


My lips curved. I wasn’t sure if he was trying to make me lose, or if saying my name was just a habit. I cocked my head in an unspoken “yes?”

He caught the back of my neck in his hand and I heard his clothes crumple, as if he’d squatted in front of me.

“You know I love you more than anything, right? I would never put you in a predicament I didn’t think you could handle. And if you need to bow out, I’ll only make fun of you a little bit.”

My smile bloomed into a full on grin at his teasing tone. He thought I might be actually upset, and wanted to make sure I was okay. Any anxiety bayburt escort I might have had about the night evaporated. We were still in a competition, though. I couldn’t go all soft in the middle of the battle. I leaned forward and puckered my lips slightly, accepting the gentle kiss he laid on my mouth. When we separated, I sniffed, crossed my legs, and brought my wrist up to my blindfolded face in a silly pantomime of checking the time. I cleared my throat and crossed my arms, angling my nose up and away from him.

He let out a bark of laughter and gripped my jaw roughly before shoving it to the side.

“Fine, Wench. Just remember I offered you an out.” There was a grin in his voice as he rose again.

“You know, I think I’ve changed my mind about the whole viewing thing. You should see what’s coming to you.”

I didn’t miss the clear threat in his voice as he untied the knot and pulled away the cloth. I blinked a few times, letting my eyes adjust to the soft light of the room. The lamp cast a dull glow and thickened the shadows wandering the moss colored room. I craned my neck to take a survey of the toys he’d laid out, hoping to catch a glimpse of the game plan, but all I saw was the horse we’d purchased the year before. Deep mahogany wood made up the base, with pads of soft buttery leather covering the skinny platforms. There were five separate dark burgundy platforms, one for my torso, and four smaller, lower ones to restrain my arms and legs.

Alex pulled me up and led me to the horse. He placed one guiding hand on my hip and the other between my shoulder blades to press me into position. I laid on my stomach on the horse and lifted my limbs onto the soft pads. I pressed my cheek into the cool leather as he buckled first my legs, then my wrists into the device. I let my body relax, enjoying the pressure from the thick padded column pressing into my belly, cradling it between my legs. My pussy and ass were up in the air, my arms stretched down to reach the wrist restraints near the bottom of the horse. Being tied to the horse was a uniquely restricting position. I couldn’t move much, and the little movement I was allowed caused my body to rub against the leather underneath me.

Alex strode over to the bedside table, and hauled it over next to the horse. The table was on wheels, and had several drawers that I imagined Alex had filled a little earlier. He put his hands on my hips and wiggled a little, making sure I had little to no slack before reaching into one of the drawers and pulling out a large, metal buttplug I’d never seen before. I licked my suddenly dry lips and my eyes flitted to his. He didn’t even look at me, simply bent down to retrieve the bottle of lube from the drawer. He covered the toy, then drizzled some lube directly onto my asshole. A strangled gasp escaped at the frost, and he spread his hands innocently, cocking his head in mock confusion.

“Ooh, honey, I’m sorry, is this cold?” he smirked. I was rethinking putting down the mental murder pillow.

He worked the tip of his finger into my asshole and then out again. He pushed in over and over, shoving more and more of his long digit into me. My eyes fluttered closed and I pushed out against the burning sensation as he added a second finger. I felt like I could feel every little detail of his skin as he coerced two large fingers in and out, in and out. Every push in an electric wave, every pull out a dizzy relief. My breathing began to line up with his thrusts and helped to cope with the intrusion. His other hand snuck up my thigh to rub gently at my clit, and I began to wiggle helplessly. The inescapable nature of the anal penetration in combination with the feather light strokes against my clit were creating urgent tugs in my belly. I could feel my orgasm building with every light stroke of his thumb against my clit.

Right as I felt as if I were about to tumble over the edge, Alex pulled his fingers out and pushed the plug in. He pushed a little, then backed off, pushed a little more, and backed off. Every push inward felt like the swell of a wave, moving towards a tidal that would overwhelm my control.

“That’s it baby, push out, you can take it.” The plug was larger at its thickest than two of his fingers and I tensed as the exquisite pain clenched my hands and stole my breath. I was right about to say fuck it and concede at the burning agony, but Alex rubbed a little faster on my clit and pushed the rest of the plug in all at once. I grunted loudly, but I think Alex cut me a little slack, since the plug was bigger than what I was used to having in my ass. The bilecik escort plug was in, and there was a little residual soreness, but mostly just an enormously satisfying sensation of fullness. Alex rubbed my ass and thighs, murmuring soothing words and giving me time to adjust. The burn slowly morphed into pleasure laced with a delicious thin line of pain and before long I was wiggling in the restraints, trying to entice him to fuck me. I was on fire and if he would just fuck me, it would cool this viscous burning in my loins.

As I squirmed for his attention, he leaned down and plucked nipple clamps from the drawer. I wanted to whimper. I wanted to just beg him to fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, and end the torment of being held captive on the sharp edge of an orgasm. But my pride cooled me off a little. I knew if I gave in, he’d squawk about it forever. I took some deep breaths as he laid the cold clamps on the small of my back and his hands wandered beneath me to tweak my nipples. They were standing at attention, and the sensation of his rough fingertips sliding and pinching and flicking almost sent me over the edge all by themselves. The man must be psychic because he reached back and gave a little push on the plug, pressing it deeper into my body. I gasped in pain, and the orgasm receded. I was left with a wet, desperate pussy and a pulsing asshole. My head fell back onto the pad, defeated. He chuckled and bent down to attach the clamps. After coaxing them both to their full hardness, he opened the jaws of the Japanese clover clamps and I exhaled sharply at the sharp bite of them.

After straightening for a moment, he bent again to attach small weights to the clamps. The tug became stronger and the sharp edge I danced on became keener. Sweat began to pop on my forehead as the immense pain began translating to pleasure. I needed to come, needed a valve for all the pressure building inside of me as the weights tugged my nipples toward the floor. He flicked them a few times, obviously enjoying the way I flinched and squirmed at the pendulous swing.

Alex rose, grabbing one last thing from the drawer. He switched on the little butterfly vibrator, and attached it firmly to my clit. The straps went around my thighs, clutching the vibe close to my body. A moan threatened to surface, but I clamped down, clutching and releasing the platform with my chained hands to try to release some of the pent up pressure. The vibration was not quite enough to come, but I thought maybe if I wiggled enough, I could get it to a good place.

“I just remembered, I actually have to return a call. You don’t mind, do you? Of course not. You’re a doll.”

Alex crossed the room, and flashed me a quick friendly smile before he walked through the doorway and out of our bedroom. He popped his head back in and added,

“Oh, by the way, feel free to come, but I’m not coming back in here for ten minutes. I don’t care if you come in 5 seconds, the vibe is staying on for ten. Just food for thought.”

I gritted my teeth and stopped moving. If I came, the buzz that was currently way too little, would become painfully overwhelming. I stayed still, willing the time to pass faster, as the vibe created waves against my will. I blew out a breath, then another. Several minutes passed and I began to relax. I took the first full breath I had in minutes and the vibration became somewhat like a small massage. It was somewhat relaxing and pleasant, lying comfortably on the horse, satisfyingly full, the harsh clamps on my nipples sending waves of bitter pleasure to my brain.

That is, it was relaxing until the huge plug in my asshole began to vibrate violently. It felt violent at the time, anyways, rippling against every bump and curve deep inside me. I gasped heavily and jerked, the motion causing the weights to swing and reawaken my somewhat numbed nipples. The clamps had long become more numb than painful, and the jerking of my body caused the pain to reignite with a vengeance. I panted quickly, my body shaking and my hands helplessly grasping and releasing the restraints over and over. I trembled heavily and tried to angle myself away from the vibe but couldn’t get far enough away. The sudden and intense pain overwhelmed my senses, and I felt my mouth open to cry out. I clamped down, pushing my own face into the leather, but couldn’t stop the fierce orgasm and grunted as my pussy convulsed, the butterfly vibe cutting keen, vicious pleasure into me. Every spasm of my cunt felt like a whip, slicing me with brutal pleasure radiating up my body. My skin felt heated, my head light, and the vibe was buzzing bingöl escort away at my clit, cheerfully destroying me. I finally started to fall from the harsh, dizzy peak the plug had pushed me to. The plug mercifully went still, allowing me at least a small reprieve. I wasn’t sure how much time had passed, but I gripped the horse painfully as the vibe continued to torture my poor abused clit. My body jerked every time the buzz hit my clit, twisting and pulling on the weighted clamps, and by the time Alex strode back through the door, my muscles were sore from the constant spasms.

He sauntered over to me, swinging a remote around his finger, looking down with amusement at my obvious torment. I wanted to retain some dignity and stop violently twitching, but my body was apparently on strike, because it wasn’t heeding any of the directions my brain was sending to it. He let me lie there a moment, before reaching back and forcefully pushing the vibe into my clit. I gasped and my entire body went as rigid as a violin string, my breath raging in painful gasps in and out of me. My hips twisted back and forth, trying to find relief from the brutal pressure, but as he placed a hand on my neck and pressed down, I felt the orgasm building. I was shocked. I was sure the sensation had whittled down to simple pain, but the touch of his hand started me on that intense climb again. The pain from my nipples felt like twin needles coated in salt, burning and pulling at every twitch of my body. The plug felt enormous, much too large to be contained by my frame. The agony was so keen, the edge between pain and pleasure so thin, and as he reached down, I felt my body push towards that shining edge again. He opened the clamps and let them fall, blood rushing back into my tortured nipples. I gritted my teeth at the deep, helpless pain and my whole body clenched in reaction. At the same time, I saw him press a button on the remote and the plug restarted its cruel vibration. He bent down, caught my eyes with his, and growled,


I exploded. The orgasm was so intense, I simply didn’t breath. Somewhere in my brain, I think I remembered the challenge, and knew the only way to stay quiet was not to breath.

My body jerked and wrenched on the horse, the waves of pleasure flooding my body dissolving any cohesive thought. The waves seemed to travel, radiating from my core, liquid pleasure flooding every limb and every bone. I sunk my teeth into my bottom lip and clutched the horse, an unseasoned sailor on a tumultuous sea. Every pulse of the orgasm shook my body with electric intensity, lighting every nerve on fire and pushing shocky energy into my body before it was drowned out by the next wave.

After wrenching every last drop of orgasm he could get, he finally switched off the vibe and the plug and I slumped down. I was too shaky to care about how I looked, my heartbeat threatening to bump out of my chest and onto the floor. He stroked a hand down my hair and danced his fingertips down my back, causing a huge shudder to pass through me. I winced as the shudder shook my breasts more, my burning nubs still tingling and pulsing. My breath was catching on every exhale, my lungs burning, my throat so dry I probably couldn’t have spoken if I’d wanted to. But I had stayed silent, and as my brain scrapped together what cells it had left, I remembered that that was a victory somehow. As soon as I remembered the rest of my vocabulary, as long as that orgasm hadn’t permanently scorched it off, I would probably recall why that was important.

“D, I am so impressed.”

Alex was squatting next to the horse and unclasping the restraints on my wrist. I squinted an eye open and made a face at him before dropping bonelessly back onto the horse. He unclasped the restraints, pulled me into a sitting position, and I swayed drunkenly, trying to get my balance. I felt drugged, sluggish, relaxed. Alex set his elbows on his knees and grinned up at me as I put a hand on the horse to try to not fall off of it.

“I’m going to be honest with you, though. I’m very excited about the third and final portion of the evening and I might have been going light on you to make sure we got there.”

I narrowed my eyes at him and collapsed back onto the horse bench. He laughed and pulled me over the edge of the bench and into his arms, carting me across the room and dropping me heavily onto the bed. I curled into a ball and felt pure bliss as I began to drop off into an endorphin fueled power nap.

A biting cold sensation burned through my sleepiness, drawing a gasp from my throat and making me jerkily turn over. I clutched my fists into the blanket as the ice cube Alex was holding trailed over my hip, across my fatigued stomach muscles, and down, down into my sensitive folds, before sliding up to return to my hip. He pulled the cube away from my steaming flesh and sucked it into his mouth briefly.

“Ready for the finale, baby?”

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