The Christmas Gift


With the holidays approaching I felt that it was important that I got my wife gina something that would make this holiday more memorable than any other we’ve had. Married only 5 years, the relationship had become dull and the both of us have been more concerned with our work than our marriage. So this year I felt the need to change all that or atleast give her something she would always remember.

Christmas eve was a day we spent with family and friends, first a trip to her parents, followed by a trip to mine and then opening up one present at midnight. I gave gina a pair of leather coach gloves she has always wanted and she gave me a cordless shaver since mine was long over due for replacing. After our friends left and we cleaned up the place a little, I turn to gina and said “Tomorrow’s gift will be unforgettable so don’t sleep to late” with that she gave me a kiss and stared at me to see if she could figure out what I was up too. we went to bed and christmas day was soon upon us.

I got up early before gina woke up to go down stairs and set up THE GIFT, so that everything would be in place for her. When everything was ready I called Gina downstairs. Still half asleep she got out of bed and slowly made her way down the stairs. I grabbed her hand and led her into the living room where THE GIFT was waiting.

When she saw THE GIFT her mouth dropped and she let out a scream of embarrassment. “What the hell is this!” She did not expect that THE GIFT would be Brad. Brad was a former body builder who still keeps in shape but works in my sales department. The only thing that Brad had on was a santa hat and a bow around his hard 10 inch cock.

“Who the hell is this, what is this about?” I told her, “This is your christmas gift, Brad here is going to Fuck the living shit out of you while I video tape it.” Gina stood in shock, not knowing what to say or Escort bayan do. I simply grabbed her hand and lead her to Brad who was now sitting on the couch. I passed her hand to Brad where he pushed it on to his cock. Gina, still not sure what to make of all this, hesitantly thought about backing away but her hand was now around his cock which pulsated by her touch and she was beginning to get turned on by it. As she proceeded to stoke him, I continued with the set up of the video camera. After it was starting to record, I sat back and watched as my GIFT was being unwrapped by my wife.

Gina had now crouched in between brads legs while she continued to stoke his cock up and down, keeping it hard. With her left hand she stroked him up and down while her right hand removed the bow. She then massaged his balls before sliding his dick in her mouth. She started slow and then went at it as if she was a porn star. I started to think to myself, how come she never sucked MY dick like that? it didn’t matter. watching this was turning me on. I started to give directions, like a porn director, telling Brad to talk dirty to her and to be rough. He grabbed her head and started to force fuck her mouth. He told her, you like that don’t you, suck it more” She began trying to suck the whole rod, but it was to big to fit. she put as much as she good, saliva ran down her chin and she began to take off her robe. I could she she was enjoying this because her panties were wet already. Brad reached down and ripped the side of her panties so that he could toss them to the side. He then pulled her on top of him and she began to ride.

GINA’S PERSPECTIVE: I awoke christmas morning to here my husband calling my name. I look at the clock and saw that it was 8:36am. I threw on my robe and went downstairs. My husband was waiting for me at the bottom with this cheesy grin on his Bayan escort face. What the hell is he up to. He took me by the hand and led me to the living room. I looked over to the recliner and there was this huge muscle man with a santa hat and a rock hard 10 inch penis. I was more embarrassed then anything and at first I thought my husband was going to tell me he was gay. I think I would have died. He then tells me that this is my christmas gift and that he was going to film it, I was in shock, I didn’t know what to do. He grabbed my hand and brought me over to this stranger who I have never met and expected me to sleep with him. I was totally against it until the guy put my hand on his dick. I thought to myself this is fucken big. My husband was average sized but this guy was huge. I was turned on by it so I decided to see how far this would go before my husband would freak out and stop it. I started to work is cock and removed his bow so I could get to his ball. They where big too! I could feel myself getting we just from stroking him. I then couldn’t wait anymore so I shoved it into my mouth. mmmmmmm it felt so good and I couldn’t get it all in. I thought my husband was getting ready to explode when he told the guy to start talking dirty. They then takes my head and fucks my mouth hard. it hurt but if was a turn on at the same time. He then pulled me up to ride him. I thought, he’s going to rip me open. I was so wet however that I manage to slide on top of him. It feels sooo good, his cock fills me up inside to the point that I think I’m going to cum any second. I can see my husband from the corner of my eye just watching with enjoyment. I can’t believe he set this up.

BRAD’S PERSPECTIVE: I decided to do this guy a favor, he seemed like a cool dude and his wife looked pretty hot from the picture on his desk so I decided to agree to fuck the shit Escort out of this chick. What did I have to lose? besides I didn’t have sit to do for christmas anyways. So I get to this guys house at 8am like he says. his wife is still sleeping so I get into character. I take off my clothes and then put my little bow on. I get my dick nice and hard so the little Mrs.. will be excited. So I’m sitting there as he goes to get her and keep thinking about what I’m going to do to this lady. She walks into the room and starts to flip out, I mean psycho. I’m thinking, oh shit, she’s going to freak. She wasn’t going to be into this. Her husband takes control of the situation and brings her over to me. Good way to keep the situation calm, this guy is good. Ok now she’s stroking me and getting into, it’s about time. She’s now sucking on my cock and damn this girl can suck. I wonder what their doing for New Years. Ok this chick needs to hop on, I need to feel what she got.

So I watch them going at it for a while, as my wifes’ ass is moving up and down on this big cock, I hope she’ll feel me again, I’m getting too horny just watching them, I have to jump in. My wife is going nuts on this guy, moaning and moving like i’ve never see her do. I get some lube on my dick and slide it into the crack of her ass. No expecting it, she yells out “OH FUCK!” at the top of her lungs, but as soon as it begins to slide at a good pace she begins to love it and reaches her arm back to put it around my neck. The harder she fucked his cock, the deeper I rammed my dick in her ass. She cums so hard that her nails dig into my leg. her wet cum dripping down his shaft. She then says she wants us both to finish on her. So we both pull out and she get s on her knees. Brad cums first, shooting load after load all over her tits. As she rubs them I can feel my orgasm ready to burst so I grab her head so I can shoot it all over her face. With each spurt she takes her fingers and rubs them on her lips. I turned the camera off and then sat back on the couch, I turn to her and said “Maybe next christmas, I can get a Brenda” She looked at me and just smiled.

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