The Closet Domme: Flip Side


This is the continuation of “The Closet Domme: Caught” but told from Rick’s point of view.


“Tonight we will all have oral sex. Mark will taste me, I will taste you, and you will taste Mark. We will be joined.” Mistress said.

So there we all were positioned in a devil’s triangle on Mark’s bed with the desired person’s genitals in proximity to our mouths. We were all in position to give and receive pleasure.

I was in a bed, with this man, one I hardly knew. A man I was sure had fucked my princess, my Mistress, at least once. Now, he was going to put his face between her legs and suck on the pussy I loved. It was surreal at the least. For many years I had been curious as to what a hard cock, someone else’s cock, would feel like in my hand. This was much more than that! She had made it my task to not only feel it, but to suck it and make him cum!

I saw his face go between her full, dark thighs and her trimmed pussy disappear in his mouth, his tongue stroking her lower lips, her wetness being tasted and her hips moving against his face. I fought down the jealousy, the desire to throw him to the floor. My own arousal was strong, even though someone else was tasting her.

I was suddenly overcome with a huge dose of stimulation that almost paralyzed me. Her own precious lips were sucking and licking me all over. The hard cock, inches from my face transformed into an object of desire. A plethora of new sensations enveloped me as I teased and licked the hard knob, tasting the salty pre-cum, the incredible thrill when his body responded. I felt his first telltale movements and it was as I had hoped. A thrill coursed through me. I had wondered if it could compare to the same in a woman. It did. The control, the excitement of knowing that I was causing the excitement, the response was hot!

Lost in stimulation, feelings. Seeing flashes of his tongue and lips wetting and devouring her lovely pussy, her hips thrusting into his face. Her mouth, playing me so expertly, leading me, teaching me how to please this man. The resulting excitement I felt from Mark as he became more and more aroused.

Very soon, he was thrusting hard into my mouth and I loved the silky feel of his hard cock in my hand and my mouth. I was overjoyed that I was giving more than he was when he put his hands down on my head and held me hard, fucking my mouth. I could see my Mistress, even as she sucked and licked my own hard cock, staring at my mouth on Mark. She loved it and I could see the hard lust on her face, in her eyes. I was pushed to another level of arousal, the added incentive of pleasing my Mistress swelled and filled my whole body, electric and sharp down to my toes that tingled.

I heard him yell out that he was cumming but it didn’t register. I was too. She was taking me, taking my orgasm, even as I saw her body convulse and new she was cumming, she took mine, sucking my life out, and my soul. Even in the excitement, I heard her voice, commanding, “Taste him them pull away.” Mark convulsed in a powerful orgasm. The sticky bursa escort cum shot out and poured on my face, on my lips and down my chin. I was a little shocked and unnerved by it. I had never had any like it happen to me and was not prepared for the complete results of what I had done. I hadn’t thought of it that far.

My Mistress must have seen my confusion, or maybe just sensed it and she knew. I didn’t feel her coming to me but suddenly she was on me, over me, kissing and licking my face, my lips. At some point, Mark had left us, but I didn’t have any idea when it was. I was overwhelmed with her sensuality as she once again, soothed and claimed me at the same time. I was somehow aware of her whole body touching me, her full breasts, her legs wrapped around mine, her pussy sometimes pressing against me. Her mouth, her lovely wonderful mouth, devoured me, comforted me, brought me to my mental knees before her presence. I would have jumped off a building at that point if she asked me to. Every fiber of my being was on electric fire, needing her. She kissed me, deeply and full, the Kiss she had given me before. I felt renewed and even though I had cum only minutes before, at least I thought it was minutes, I was becoming hard again.

“Rick, I have never been more proud of you then I am at this very moment. I am overjoyed that you did this for me.” She kissed me again, slow and deep and my heart filled with the love I felt for this incredible woman. “My pussy is dripping for you right now. Mark did not please me …only you can do that lover. Take me home so that I can feel you inside of me.”

I was so proud! I had passed another level of her need to test, and teach me. I had pleased her so that she was going to fuck me! The ultimate, the signal that I had pleased her and surpassed her wishes and hopes. I had consigned myself to the fact that I was being punished and had to perform on her friend and would have only oral sex. I my chest swelled, along with my penis, at the prospect of making love, serving her in such a manner and that I would have the chance to connect with her, loose myself inside her and be one with my Mistress.

She told me to dress, watching as I did so. As overjoyed as I was, ecstatic with the prospects of what might lie ahead, my perspective quickly fell back in place as she watched me. It was very clear in her body language and presence that even that simple compliance, dressing, was under her control and I was being watched, her possession, her pet as well as her lover. A gentle warmth of comfort spread over my body, overlaying the sexual tension that still throbbed deep inside me. She reached for my coat which I put on her shoulders. We left, Mistress naked under my coat, pushing my excitement even height as we walked home. I could smell the scent of her arousal, her pheromones exciting me, teasing me, elevating my need to please this magnificent woman.

I followed her to the master bedroom. She turned to me, the coat falling open, revealing her incredible body, her nakedness çanakkale escort captivating my attention. I could do nothing but fall to my knees at her feet. Her hands gathered my head to her belly and I pressed my cheek to her soft flesh. Her hand lifted my chin up so that she was looking down into my eyes. The emotion, love and sensuality that filled her eyes and face stunned me. Her gentle smile filled me with happiness, to be hers, at her feet like this was my passion, my fulfillment.

“Draw me a bath Rick.”

“Yes, Mistress” As I walked away, I felt her gaze on me again.

I prepared her bath just as she liked it, the temperature, bath salts, and bubbles to her preference. She stood, waiting and I knelt in front of her, removing the robe. The last few hours of sexual stimulation, domination and control had taken me to such a state of arousal, I could feel my cock throb even without erection.

I was a little frightened now. Her mood was very sexual and affectionate but I was so excited, I would have to be very careful not to disappoint her. If I did so, she would be very displeased and it could have very painful results if failed her and made her loose the mood. She would be furious and the results would not be good. I had to concentrate on pleasing her and making sure she felt love in everything I did from that second on.

Her robe fell away. Her lovely body was inches from my face. I could smell her sex. I realized I was staring at her and quickly averted my eyes, back down to her feet, her sweet pink toes. That was safe even if it did excite me, it was not disrespectful. Jesus, I had just thought of how I needed to be careful and already, my lust and desire was making me act carelessly. I closed my eyes, forcing myself to concentrate. Thank God she stepped into the tub and submerged into the bubbles, hiding her full breasts and the big dark nipples that beckoned my tongue.

It didn’t help. She motioned me to sit beside her. I usually waited outside for her but now, I had to sit and try not to be captivated as she washed herself. God, she caressed her flesh as she washed, her breasts so inviting her had moving under the water as I knew she was cleaning her sweet pussy. I averted my eyes again, trying to stay in control. I was in so much trouble if she noticed my hardening cock.

“Will you help me out?” Such courtesy was appreciated when we both knew it was a command. My cock was damn near fully erect now and I couldn’t control my desire.


What was I going to do? I knew I was moments away from being censured and punished, now when I was apparently going to have my cherished moments of fucking her, was not the time to screw it up. I was near to panic now, caught between my passion and fear. How could this woman, a person I could easily incapacitate at any time physically, induce such passion and fear in me? I was amazed again, as I am every time I feel her domination overpower my thoughts.

My Mistress walked in the room, wearing a dark gown that hid çankırı escort nothing. I followed, lost now, and felt her studying me as she approached but it was too late. She had to know I was totally overcome with passion. I waited for her to berate me but instead, she told me to join her. I undressed in front of her, again feeling the pride of her possession as she watched me. I turned out the light and slid in beside her.

My Mistress gathered me to herself. She kissed my hands and held them to her cheek. She leaned down and kissed my face, whispered in my ear and told me things that made my heart sing. I filled with emotion so much that I felt tears start to gather in the corner of my eyes. She shifted up on astride me, my hard cock trapped between her soft thighs, pressed against her wet slit. She leaned down and put a hard nipple in my mouth and I suckled her, taking life from her as she gave it to me. The next period of time is a blur, my memory was so overloaded with emotions of lust, passion, servitude, love and affection that it is out of focus. I can’t recall the sequence of events. I remember flashes of her kissing my face, my mouth, sucking and licking. At some point, she placed my cock inside her sweet moist pussy and rode me to her pleasure. I remember her brown eyes looking into me again, as only she can do, as she rode me, used me and fucked me. My body was at her mercy, reacting to her, riding with her.

Her pussy grabbed me, milked me and held me fast within her. Her pussy spasmed and clenched as her orgasm took her. Her head back and her eyes rolled up and closed, she shook all over. She grabbed my forearms, holding tight as if she would fall off, and clenched so tightly, I would most likely have bruises. I was beyond control now and my own orgasm followed almost instantly. It exploded, deep inside her. I knew she felt it because her pussy clamped even tighter still and she yelled out loud.

Our release seemed to last forever. I regained my senses slowly and realized I was looking up at her as she gazed down at me. A smile was on her face. Her happiness was evident and it made me swell with pride.

She spoke. “Your body belongs to me. You did well tonight with Mark, and because of that earned a treat. I will require servicing again soon so save your precious seed.”

She was very happy and her love was never more evident. But at the same time, she was promising me sex again. The facts were clear. Continue to please her and I would feel her pleasure, but I must also abide by her orders. It meant no masturbating, no sex. I was to await her pleasure and on her schedule, reminding me that I must observe the rules.

She was allowing me the rare pleasure of looking into her eyes. She knew how that thrilled me and she also knew that it revealed the truth to me. I was loved now, as never before. My feeling of being completed filled my chest and heart, again, overshadowing all else. I was home, with my Mistress, where I belonged, where I had always belonged. I was hers now, as always, hers. She owned me and I loved it.


The title ‘The Closet Domme’ refers to having secrets or skeletons. Martina’s secret is that she is into power games. In my fantasies, she is a vanilla girl discovering her kinky side and expressing it through role play in an affair with Rick.

–Sacred Beauty

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