The Cops


“Get out,” Charles said. His eyes were black with lust; she knew he wasn’t kidding. Christie undid her seatbelt and stepped from his SUV. They were in an open parking lot, not far from the bridge but hidden by a row of trees. Streetlights bathed them in orange-coloured light; his blue vehicle looked black. There were only three other cars parked there; presumably this lot was used mostly during the day. He had chosen a spot under an overhang, as far as possible from the parking lot entrance. He got out too, and they met at the front of the car.

There was no time for niceties here; this was not the place for soft words or gentle carresses. He spun her around, pushed her shoulders down, bent her over the hood. She felt her short skirt being pulled up, the cold air on the cheeks of her naked ass. She heard the sound of his zipper and braced for what she knew was coming. My god, her heart was pounding; her cunt was wet.

For a moment he slid the head of his cock up and down the hot, wet furrow between her pussy lips, but this was no time for teasing and in one swift movement he punched forward and thrust his entire length into her. The sudden fullness made her gasp but he gave her no time to adjust, pulling out almost entirely, then jamming his cock back in, and again, and again, and again, in a rapidfire jackhammer fuck. She felt the head of his cock bash repeatedly against her cervix.

He grabbed her right wrist and guided her hand down between her legs. As he continued to pound into her, she began to rub her engorged clit. Already she was close to cumming, the sheer raunchiness of this heated outdoor fuck driving her close to the edge. He grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her back towards him, impaling her even deeper onto his cock. She felt his hips slapping against her ass, heard him grunt like an animal with every thrust. She bit her lip to keep from crying out too, but as her orgasm approached she couldn’t help it, and screamed, “Oh, fuck. Fuck me, Charles. Fuck me.”

She was so close; her body tensed. And when he thrust into her and slapped her ass, hard, she came, hard. Her orgasm ripped through her, and he could feel the muscles inside her tighten rhythmically, milking his cock. The intensity of her orgasm left her breathless, heart pounding, a sheen of sweat on her back and forehead.

He had yet to cum.

God, she had to taste him now, had to take his cock into her mouth. She stepped forward and felt him slip from her pussy, then, turning to face him, squatted down on her haunches. Taking his cock in her hand, she could feel her own wetness. In a heartbeat she drew him into her mouth, sucking deep, tasting her pussy mingled with his musk. She wanted his cum, needed to feel him spurt, craved his hot saltiness, and she sucked, and bobbed her head up and down, and jerked him with one hand, and cupped his tight balls with the other. His legs began to shake, and she could feel the blood course into his cock, flaring the head. He was close, so close, and at any other time she would stop now, with him right on the edge, and tease him. But right now she was hungry for him, and she sucked like never before. He grabbed her head and groaned, and she knew he was about to flood her mouth.

But then, Escort bayan inexplicably, he pulled away, and she was suddenly blinded by an intense light. Squinting against the brightness she could make out the silhouette of someone holding a flahlight. A cop. No, two cops. They’d been caught.

“Okay, you guys — party’s over,” said the cop holding the flashlight. “Shoulda waited til you got home.”

Shit. “Uh, hi officers,” Charles said, holding his hands in front of his softening cock, “I, uh, we’re really sorry… Can we just get out of here? We’ll go get a room!”

“I wouldn’t be joking around, sir,” said the other cop. “This is actually quite serious. Please put your hands behind your head.”

Christie was still squatting down; all this had happened in an instant. And before she knew it Charles was handcuffed, hands behind his head, pants still around his knees. “You too, ma’am,” said the first cop, and she was pulled roughly to her feet. Her hands were pulled behind her back and she felt the cold steel of handcuffs being clicked around her wrists.

“Now, then, what should we do with these two,” said the first cop to his partner. Both officers were tall, well built and in good shape; one’s hair was jet-black, the other’s was red.

“Don’t you fucking touch her,” Charles said, but the cops laughed. “You’re in no position, sir,” said Red. “Why don’t you just lie down and relax.”

With that the two cops lowered Charles to the grimy pavement.

“You can’t do this,” said Charles, but Black said, “Watch us.” To his partner he said, “Let’s shut him up.” For a heart stopping moment Christie feared they were going to hurt Charles, but instead they lifted her off the ground and stood her over him, facing his feet. “Down you go, ma’am,” said Red, pushing her roughly down to her knees then lowering her so that she was lying right on top of him, her face right above his half-hard cock, her crotch hovering above his face. With her hands cuffed behind her she was helpless, and when Black pushed her head down to Charles’s cock she couldn’t fight. “Suck him,” he said. And she took his cock into her mouth. At the same time she felt her legs being spread and her short skirt being lifted up again. Red pushed her ass down and growled, “Lick her.” She felt the sudden hot stab of Charles’s tongue on her clit, and through her fear, impossibly, felt a slight tingle of arousal. Charles felt it too, she guessed: slowly his cock began to thicken again, growing in her mouth.

They became lost in their own world, the familiar world of each other’s arousal. Her eyes were shut tight, closing out the fear of their situation; all she was aware of was his cock in her mouth, and his hot mouth on her cunt. Now he was entering her with his tongue, fucking her with it, and she began to grind her clit against the roughness of his beard. My god, she was going to cum again.

But suddenly she felt herself being lifted in the air again, as the two cops hoisted her up and spun her around. Now she was being lowered again, this time face-to-face with Charles. As their faces came together they kissed each other hungrily; she could taste herself on his lips. Now she was lying right on top of him, her legs draped Bayan escort over him, her hands cuffed uncomfortably in the small of her back. She could feel his hardness between their bellies, and ground her clit into the base of his cock.

Black pulled her hips up slightly, and she could feel him reaching between them. The cop grabbed Charles’s cock and positioned the head of it between her pussy lips, then pushed Christie back down onto him. Charles’s cock slid deep into her wetness. And despite their audience, despite their helplessness — or perhaps because of them — they began to fuck. As they ground into each other, they stayed locked in a deep kiss, breathing loudly through their noses and groaning into each other’s mouths. But that kiss was broken suddenly when Red pulled Christie’s head up roughly by the hair. Her reverie broken, her eyes flew open and she saw the cop standing in front of her grasping his penis — short, very thick and very hard — jutting from his black uniform pants, surrounded at its base by a tuft of red pubic hair.

Still holding Christie’s hair, Red stepped forward and pushed the large head of his cock against her closed mouth; his precum wet her lips. She kept her mouth clamped shut, but when he roughly pulled her hair again she gasped, and he pushed into her mouth. She felt the spongy hardness of his cockhead slip between her lips and onto her tongue, could taste his salty precum. He pushed deeper, and more of his length slid into her mouth. He was thicker than Charles but not as long, and suddenly she realized she had taken his full length. Her nose was pressed against his uniform pants; his hairy balls were against her chin. Red held her there for a moment, then withdrew so just the head of his cock was in her mouth. Then he slid back in again, starting a slow-motion fuck.

All this time Christie had continued to grind against Charles. With Red’s cock plunging in and out of her mouth and Charles’s cock buried impossibly deep inside her cunt, she began to feel the stirring of another orgasm. All at once she felt movement behind her and realized she’d momentarily forgotten about Black, the other cop. Her heart lurched. She felt Black touching the cheeks of her ass, then grabbing and kneading them, then spreading them apart. She could almost feel his hot gaze on her anus. Black’s fingers trailed down to her pussy, toying with her lips before suddenly thusting inside her alongside Charles’s cock. The added thickness brought a sharp thrill of pain, but it didn’t last long; Black withdrew his fingers and began to smear her own wetness onto her anus.

Red’s cock grew harder in her mouth, and his thrusts became faster. Charles was thrusting faster too, his cock bathed in Christie’s juice. And now Black was putting the head of his cock against her asshole and slowly pushing. At first he made no progress and she felt herself being stretched uncomfortably, painfully. But suddenly her muscles relented, and the head of Black’s cock popped inside. She groaned around the cock in her mouth.

Black paused for just a moment, the continued to push into her, and she could feel the pressure of his cock against Charles’s through the thin skin separating them. She was breathing Escort hard through her nose; sweat trickled from her forehead down her cheeks. Black continued to slide relentlessly up her ass until suddenly he was entirely inside her; she felt the buckle of his belt against her ass cheeks. And now he, too, begain to fuck her.

The three men were each thrusting into her with their own rhythm, but after a moment their thrusts became synchronized. As Red plunged his thick cock into her mouth, Charles thrust upwards into her tightened cunt, his cockhead bashing her cervix, and Black buried his cock deep up her ass. She was stretched impossibly, absolutely filled with cock, and her orgasm approached. The speed of their fucking grew faster now, and Black reached in front of her and pinched both nipples, twisting them cruelly. She whimpered, the sound muffled by the penis in her mouth.

They three men fucked Christie for what seemed like hours. Everything else in the world had faded to just this: the cock in her mouth; the cock in her ass; the cock in her cunt.

Suddenly the rhythm was broken as Red groaned and pulled her head towards his groin. She felt his cockhead flare against her tongue, and suddenly her mouth was awash in his hot, thick sperm. It gushed from his cock once, twice, the spurts hitting the roof of her mouth and pooling on her tongue. Still shooting, he pulled out of her mouth and jerked a third jet of cum onto her chin; a fourth and final spurt landed weakly on her upper lip. The sight of his partner cumming in Christie’s mouth and on her beautiful face pushed Black over the edge, and with a groan he grabbed her hips and punched forward, burying his cock deep in her ass. He froze there and she felt him flare and thicken inside her, then felt his penis jerk and spasm as he fired spurt after spurt of sperm up her ass. She could feel the sudden liquid heat began to spread through her.

In a daze she realized she was about to cum. Even as Black’s cock continued to spasm inside her, her muscles tightened, squeezing his cock, and Charles’s. Her orgasm crested, and a red-hot intensity pulsed through her cunt, her clit, her sore, wet asshole, through her chest, her hard nipples, her throat. The blood coursed in her ears; her eyes clamped shut. And she came, her orgasm impossibly long, impossibly intense. Red had laid her back down now, and without thinking Christie was kissing Charles, cumming and sucking his tongue, cumming and biting his lips, cumming and groaning into his mouth. He tasted Red’s sperm on her lips, felt her milking his own cock inside her vagina, felt Black’s cock spasming inside her asshole, felt her hard nipples pressing into his chest. And even as Christie’s orgasm continued, Charles’s began. With a mighty groan he thrust up into Christie’s cunt, the cum tearing from his cock, blasting, exploding into her, pulsing.

In the midst of Charles’s orgasm, Black pulled out and away from Christie’s ass, and a flood of his hot cum poured onto Charles’s balls, wresting from him a final, shuddering spasm.

For a moment — silence; the only sound the beating of their own hearts, and their ragged breath. Then the snick of the cuffs being unlocked, the cold relief of aching arms freed and cramped muscles stretched. Footsteps receeding; car doors closing; a motor starting; tires crunching. And they were gone.

Christie looked into Charles’s eyes and began to speak, but he stopped her. “Shh, baby. No words. I love you,” he said. And he meant it.

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