The Cottage

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For the past few months I had been working as a cleaner within a large car park and had often seen messages written on the walls of the toilets advertising sex or asking for hung men to meet in there and fuck.

Being gay myself it had always interested me as I had never seen any evidence of anyone having sex in the toilets or cottages as the gay cruising community call them until this one night.

I had been called away to help with a clean up operation within another site owned by my employer which I was more than happy to help out with, to say it had been a long day would be an understatement though and I still had to do my basic clean of the toilets once I got back to my site.

Getting on for 9pm I went to the site office and sat having a cup of tea with my colleagues and soon enough I hesitantly asked has anyone closed the toilets tonight?

Both the guys almost simultaneously answered “No”

Sighing and finished my drink I stood and said well I had better go do it then hadn’t I and just to rub it in the others said they were off home as it was getting on for half past 9 at night, well aware of the alcoholics and drug users on the site at night I had to say I was nervous.

Taking the keys from the peg I walked down to the first toilet block and did an inspection, nothing out of the ordinary and actually clean enough to not bother cleaning for one night at least and with that I locked the doors.

Going off to the cleaning cupboard I knew full well I would be needing my equipment for the other toilets as they were at the front of the site with no cameras watching them making them a favourite place for the drug users to inject.

Walking across the site my nerves were already building as to who or what I was going to find, getting to the door I took one deep breath and stepped in expecting trouble but to my surprise there was no one around in either the women’s or the gents.

Starting the clean up I soon found myself whistling a favourite tune and getting on with my work, so engrossed in what I was doing that I didn’t even hear the door çekmeköy escort go.

As I turned to go and do the sinks there stood a muscular looking guy with his dick in his hand, trying to avoid eye contact with him I carried on doing my cleaning until he barked at me you going to come suck this fucking prick or what bitch.

Finishing up I walked his way to try and get out of the door but as I did he blocked my path telling me I could leave once he had cum.

I wouldn’t of minded if he was good looking but this guy was just a wasted bull looking for anyone to fuck and I didn’t want it.

Trying to push past he pushed me against the wall by my throat as he unzipped my flies and pulled out my own shrivelled penis, then without warning he let my throat go but instead got to his knees and began to suck me off hard and deep until my full 8 inches was standing proud and firm.

Standing again and forcing me to kiss him he said now you suck me and with that he kept me against the wall but pushed me down until my mouth was lined up for his prick, thinking well he sucked me so I have to return the favour I took his thick bell end into my mouth and began to suck him deeper and deeper until I had all of his massive prick in my throat.

Suddenly I began to realise this is one of the guys who keeps leaving the notes in the toilets and now I am blowing his stiff shaft and beginning to enjoy it too.

It seemed he was also enjoying my mouth as he moaned and told me to suck him harder and deeper but as he did I managed to stand, looking him in the eye I grabbed his meaty dick and began to wank him off hard hoping he would cum then leave.

Unfortunately that was not to be the case as he grabbed my keys from my belt loop tearing the loop from my trousers and locking the door before putting my keys into his back pocket, looking me in the eyes he said now you cannot leave until I cum.

Releasing my belt and unhooking my trousers he yanked my work trousers down to my ankles only to be followed by my briefs, knowing now I was going to be fucked cevizli escort I decided I may as well enjoy it so I unbuttoned my shirt showing off my slim boyish torso.

Sure enough this is what he wanted to see and as I continued to wank his cock he pulled at my pert nipples with his teeth and tongue making me his slut and making me very stiff again in the process, dropping to my knees for him I took his huge member into my mouth again making sure I lapped every trace of pre cum from his piss slit making him moan and beg to fuck my arse.

Being versatile and gay I didn’t care if I had to fuck him or he just wanted to fuck me, all I did care about was how he was to get his monster cock into my tight little anal passage as I had no lubricants suitable on the cleaning trolley.

Knowing what he wanted I got to my feet and crossed to where the sinks were and bent over one of them, expecting his thick dick to be slammed straight into my tight arse he surprised me as he knelt behind me and rimmed me deeply fingering me with one then two fat fingers making my anus relax slightly.

Standing up I heard him riffling through his pockets and then a bottle appearing under my nose, again he barked dominantly sniff that bitch I’m going to fuck you deep and fill you with my cum before I let you go.

Realising the bottle was poppers I got as much of a hit as he would allow and then came the pain, feeling his thick veiny cock opening up my fuck hole squeezing past my anal muscles as he slammed into me once then twice before my anus gave way and let him go balls deep inside me, crying out in pain I begged him to let me relax but refused to stop the pounding.

Slamming his thick prick in me right up to my balls I began to cry a little with the pain of this monster dick rearranging my insides, telling me to shut the fuck up he slammed into me again expecting me to beg him to fuck me but all I wanted was it to be over and the pain to stop.

Deciding I couldn’t win I tried to relax my anus as much as I could and as he started to pound me I could hear his erenköy escort grunts as he slammed his balls against my arsehole again stuffing all of his 9 inches plus deep inside me, I just hoped he would cum quickly but unfortunately he was never going to.

Fucking me harder and harder he reached round expecting me to be erect and as he found my again shrivelled penis he punched me in the balls hard telling me his slut should be rock hard when he is receiving his masters prick, feeling the agony rush through my body there was no way on earth I could get hard now.

Pulling his huge cock from my arse it felt like I was emptied but as he grabbed me and pushed my back onto the sink I knew this game was not over by a long way, grabbing my throat again and forcing me against the wall he kicked open my legs and had my anus hanging over the edge of the sink.

Telling me I hard better get fucking hard for him he spread me and slammed all of his meat deep inside me again, as I writhed in pain my only thought was this is it I am going to die and be found full of cum on a cottage floor tonight.

Finally he had obviously had his fill of me and as he began to really slam into me he locked up and spat a huge load into my anus then pulled out his prick and tucked it back into his pants, staying as still as I could considering my butt was leaking cum and blood he walked to the door, unlocked it then turned and threw the keys at me before turning and walking off into the night.

Sitting there I could barely move let alone walk for about half an hour afterwards the whole time hoping he didn’t come back for seconds or some body worse didn’t walk in and find me there naked and fucked.

Managing finally to sort myself out I locked the toilets up and took everything back to the cleaning cupboard and locked the office, climbing into my car I knew I had been bred and as soon as I got home I went onto a gay cruising site I visit only to find him bragging about the slut boy he had fucked in the car park toilets.

Nothing I could do about it now and no evidence we ever met but now I knew who it was that left the messages and how dangerous a simple job could be, needless to say I completely lost my nerve after that and quit my job as a cleaner.

Not to say I don’t cruise anymore but now I fuck on my terms and now I am the dom….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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