The Dark Car


When I was eighteen or so I went to the beach for the day with a group of friends. There were 4 guys and 3 of us girls on the trip. My best friend’s boyfriend borrowed his father’s caddy for the trip and it was very cozy if cramped ride on the way down. We had a great day; I just love the beach, I could spend all my life there and be perfectly happy. After a day of soaking up the sun and swimming and drinking a bunch of beers, it was time to pack up and think about heading home. Well, one of the guys knew about this beach bar that usually had some great bands and cheap drinks. We decided to hit it for some drinks before heading home.

He was right, they had a really great band playing and we ended up staying a lot later than we had intended. A little after 10 we finally all poured ourselves back into the car and started for home, it was a long 3 1/2-hour drive and we all settled in. Two of the girls sat in the front seat and I was in the back with the other 3 guys. It was a little cramped, I was tired and just a little drunk, so I talked the guys into letting me stretch out across their laps to sleep.

To be honest with you though, it really wasn’t like it was all that difficult to talk them into it. It was a little lumpy but not too bad and I got cozy and snuggled in to doze off. I woke up sometime later, the music was playing and it looked like everyone but the driver was asleep. I lay there for a while just kind of dozing in and out when I became aware of a hand very gently rubbing my butt through my dress. I turned my head to see who it was and it turned out to be the middle guy, Bob who was pretending to be sleeping. I was kind of buzzed and still half asleep, it felt pretty good and I figured I could always stop him if he started to get serious.

I settled my head back into the lap of guy next to the door. I moved my hands to form a pillow under my head and inadvertently placed them right on his dick. It felt like he had a semi and I was afraid to move my hand, I didn’t know if he was awake or not and didn’t want to wake him if he wasn’t. I decided to just settle down to sleep, but couldn’t really get my mind off the hand rubbing my ass or the dick in my hand. The hand was working it’s way down and was now rubbing my bare thigh just below the hem of my skirt and slowly inching back up under the skirt. I was little concerned, but it felt so good and after all I was supposed to be sleeping, so I decided to see how far Bob would go. I had only brought my bathing suit, a blouse and a skirt. I thought I could just wear my bathing suit under my clothes like underwear, but when we decided to go to the bar, I didn’t want to be wearing wet underclothes, so just took them off. I had never anticipated this situation.

His hands were very slowly rubbing their way up my skirt. When his hand lightly brushed against my soft folds, I shifted my eyes to look up at him. I was wet and excited, I knew I should stop him, but it was so erotic to me that we were both pretending to be sleeping and yet so involved in a car full of people. I still had my hand on the dick of the guy under my head. This guy’s name was Howard and he was the brother of my best friend. We had flirted with one another for years, just kind of teasing more than anything else. As the fingers lightly brushed against me again, I gasped and gave Howard’s dick an involuntary squeeze. I felt it twitch under my hand and begin grow bigger. A few moments later Howard move his hand to my hair started to lightly caress the back of my neck. I had thought he was asleep. He shifted himself moving me away from his lap as he unbuttoned his shorts. He put his hand in and pulled his dick out stroking it a couple of times. He took my hand and wrapped it back around it. It felt hot in my hand and after a few seconds almost unconsciously, I began to slowly stroke him.

I have to tell you, I love to give head. I know there are a lot of women who maybe find it a necessary evil and don’t really enjoy it. I on the other hand love everything about it and have from my very first experience at a concert. I love the first velvety feel of the head as I take a man into my mouth. I love to feel the head swelling as blood rushes in and the guy is about to blow his top. It really excites me when a man starts to lose control and begins his reckless thrusting and the throbbing urgency of him when he blows. I especially like it when he releases and I feel the shooting liquid against the back of my mouth and throat. Some women hate this taste of a man, I love it, every man Escort bayan reacts and tastes different and the same man can taste different each time. I think because I like it so much, I have a tendency to tease and generally drive a man crazy as I work my tongue around his organ. I once spent an entire afternoon giving a boyfriend head, he must have blown his lid 4 or 5 times. He claimed I drained him dry. You have to be very gentle right after they orgasm, but in no time at all the nibbling and kissing get them right back up and ready for another round. I’ve never had a guy say, “no, I don’t think I’d like to have a blowjob…thanks anyway.”

Anyway, You can imagine what was going through my mind now. One guy has his fingers in my sex and I’m stroking another’s dick. I moved my head slightly to see if anyone else was awake. Everyone appeared to be asleep including my friend with the frisky hands. It was dark enough in the car that I don’t think anyone could’ve anything. I continued to stroke the dick in my hand anticipating the feel of it in my mouth. It was a pretty dick, if they can be called that. It Long and a little thin, circumcised with a pretty large head.

I was getting really excited now. The fingers were dancing in me and spreading my slippery folds. I slid one leg to the floor of the car and hitched the other a little higher in his lap to give him better access. I pretended to be readjusting my sleeping position. He had to know I was awake, but we both continued with the pretense.

I couldn’t take it any longer, as discreetly as possible, I pulled Howard’s dick down and into my mouth. As soon as the head was in my mouth I could feel it swell even larger and heard Howard moan softly. I slid it deeper in, wrapping my tongue around it. I didn’t move my head, I just kept his dick in my mouth and sucked and stroked him with my lips and tongue. He tasted salty like the ocean and good. I slowly moved my head back so that just the head was in my mouth and flicked my tongue around to that super sensitive area on a dick where the head and shaft meet. Howard’s hand pushed my head down onto his shaft and I heard his breath catch as I took all of him in. I slowly pulled my head back and his dick slipped out of my mouth and I just licked, kissed and lightly bit the shaft.

Down below the fingers had found a rhythm; they were pulling on my lips and pinching my clit. They were on a mission of discovery. He finally inserted first one finger then a second into my wet opening, and then he gently squeezed my clit from inside with his fingers and outside with his thumb and started rolling it side to side and back and forth like he was stroking a small penis. I let out a moan and sucked Howard’s dick back into my warm mouth. His hips were moving very slowly pushing his dick deeper and then pulling it out again. I continued to suck and lick it. Howard had his hand wrapped in my hair and was moving my head up and down on him. Howard started getting really excited, a little too much, his breathing was getting heavy and loud. I didn’t want to draw any attention to what was going on. So I pulled my mouth away until he calmed down. I could see his dick bouncing with the pulses of his excitement and precum beading out on the tip. He was really close to coming and needed to regain some control. I looked up at him and saw his eyes closed with the strain as he tried to hold back his orgasm. I moved my eyes and saw that my friend in the middle seat was still pretending to be asleep even as he was busy under my skirt. I was getting close to an orgasm. He didn’t seem to be aware of what was happening right next to him.

Howard had settled down again and I took him back into my mouth and sucked him in deep. He reached under me, unbuttoned my shirt and cupped one of my breasts in his hand. I let out a moan at the touch, fortunately the car stereo was blasting and no one heard me except maybe the two men each oblivious to what the other was doing. It was at this point that I lost control.

I felt the first waves of an orgasm beginning and as I began to lose control, I ceased to care about discretion. I began to suck on Howard’s dick like a mad woman moving my head rapidly up and down and around his shaft. In seconds I felt him tense up, then he pushed my head down so that his dick was trapped and erupted in my mouth. I sucked him deep and swallowed everything continuing to milk him through his post orgasm spasms.

My orgasm hit just as Howard started to relax, I released him from my mouth and Bayan escort cried out at the intensity of it. I was still holding his shaft in my hand and I sucked him back into my mouth trying to muffle my cries. I was wildly stoking him and my hips were bucking to time with the hand still in me and driving me on.

When my orgasm finally passed I pulled Howard from my mouth and lay my head back in his lap slowly stroking him, trying to recover my breath and composure. I was still breathing hard. Howard was still caressing my breast and recovering from his own adventure. As I got my breath back I opened my eyes and looked up. Howard was leaning back against the seat with his eyes closed breathing deeply. I looked over at the guy in the middle and he was looking right at me and at my hand still stroking Howard. He still had his fingers in me and was slowly rolling my clitoris by its base. He looked down to his lap and his dick was out and throbbing. He looked back at me begging for release with his eyes.

I felt Howard pushing me gently toward his friend, when I looked at him, he just smiled. I was still so worked up that I didn’t resist. I looked around to see if I had woken anyone up with my cries, it didn’t look like I did so as discreetly as possible, I rolled over swapping positions. My shirt was hanging open exposing my breasts to both guys as I lay back down with my head now in the Bob’s lap. He reached out and rolled one of my swollen nipples between his wet fingers as I lay on my side in his lap. I reached over and wrapped my hand around his organ pumping it a few times before taking him into my mouth. Howard pushed my legs apart and moved his hand up to my sex probing the fleshy, folds. I pulled my inside leg up to give him better access.

Bob was lying back just enjoying the feel of my mouth as he played with my nipple. I worked on him very slowly, he was a little bigger than Howard was but not by much, just thicker I think and a maybe a touch longer. He had a sweeter taste as well. Howard quietly repositioned himself, hunching down on his side. He pulled my hips into a little bit of a different position and then amazingly I felt the head of his dick at my opening and he pushed in spreading my lips as he slid himself into me.

I almost bit into Bob’s dick to control the scream as Howard slid into me excruciatingly slowly. I had Bob all the way down my throat and was frozen as Howard filled me up. I was moaning quietly and beginning to be afraid that the others in the car would wake up and catch us. I could hear the wet smacking sounds as Howard pulled back out and started thrusting into me. I could barely focus on the dick in front of me and so decided to really go at it to finish him off.

This was really out of control and I didn’t want to get caught by anyone else. I just started sucking wildly on his dick. He had his hands on both sides of my head trying to slow me down. I think he wanted to stretch it out a bit but I wrapped my tongue around the bottom side of the head to that magic spot and in no time at all I could feel his dick starting to throb and twitch in my mouth. Bob’s breath began to catch as he drove his hips up, burying his dick deep in my mouth. A few seconds later he came.

Howard had my legs spread and was driving in, pulling almost all the way out and then pushing all the way back in. I was lying on my side in Bob’s lap still stoking his dick, trying to muffle my cries. Bob continued to play with my breasts as he watched Howard fuck me. As I started to orgasm for the second time I squeezed Bob’s dick so hard I thought it would burst. I was almost crying at the intensity of my climax. I guess the contractions of my orgasm squeezing Howard’ dick was more than he could handle because he pushed in deep and I felt him release into me. He held me tight to him as he pumped into me through his orgasm. I released Bob’s dick and just lay there calming down as the aftershocks of my orgasm coursed through my body.

I kind of lost track of time for awhile, I guess we must have all fallen asleep. When I woke up again, Howard sleeping and I was lying on my side across his lap with my head still on Bob’s lap. When I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was Bob slowly stroking himself. I don’t think he was aware that I had woken up. I looked up at him not moving my head and he had his eyes closed and was lying back slowly stroking himself. My dress was bunched up around my waist and my shirt was still hanging open leaving my breasts exposed to the guys in Escort the back seat.

My back was to the front seat so there was nothing to really see from there. I just lay there and watched Bob stroke himself, I’d never seen a man jerk off before and I found it fascinating. I didn’t know Bob well, he was Howard’s college roommate and I had just met him that day. He seemed to be a nice enough guy during the day even if I did catch him mentally undressing me when he thought I wasn’t looking. I guess he knew me a lot better now.

I was watching him stroke himself for awhile when I felt him shift a little and then bend his dick down to my face. I looked up at him and he was looking down at me. I had no idea how long he knew I had been watching him. He put his hand to the back of my head and pulled me toward his dick and I opened my mouth to accept him in. Since the view was blocked to the driver and everyone else was asleep, I moved my hand up to him and stroked him as I sucked and licked. He had pushed his shorts down and I was able to play with his balls, sucking one then the other into my mouth. As I said before, I love giving head and I found this semi public situation very exciting, I was just so totally aroused.

Bob just lay back and watched me suck on his dick for a while when he got the idea to roll me over onto my back so he could play with my breasts. He pulled my skirt up and started to play with my pussy. I eased my leg off Howard’s lap and put in on the floor, opening myself up for him. We must have come to a city because there were a lot of lights, that was a little scary cause if the driver just looked back, I’m sure he would’ve been able to see what was going on. I was pretty well lit up. But as I said before, it was also really, really exciting to be so exposed. I was enjoying just sucking and nibbling on Bob’s thick shaft. Every time he would get close, I would pull it out of my mouth and watch it twitch and pulse while I stroked it. The head would get so big and purple. I think that’s my favorite part of a dick, it feels so soft and velvety in my mouth, but hard and pulsing at the same time. I hope I’m not disgusting the men reading this, I know that most guys really don’t want to hear about what another guys dick looks or tastes like. It’s just the hazard of reading something written by a woman. When he calmed down I would take him back into my mouth and suck him all the way to the back of my throat, burying my face in his pubic hair. Then back out moving my head a little side to side while twisting the shaft with my hand.

Bob was running his hands over all over my body, I’m a small woman so it was an easy reach to just about anywhere. At one point, while he was out of my mouth trying to regain control, he bent over and sucked one then the other of my nipples into his mouth. He tried to suck my whole breast in, but made a kind of loud sucking noise and I pulled him tight against my chest afraid we would be heard and caught. Fortunately, it didn’t seem as anyone heard and Bob continued to suck on my nipples while his fingers did their magic between my legs. When he sat back up I took him back into my mouth and started to get more serious with him. He had been to the edge 4 or 5 times already, I could tell Bob needed some release. His dick was just swollen huge and purple. I could feel it twitching every time my tongue touched it. I finally just started sucking hard on it and playing with his balls. He pulled my head down and thrust his hips, literally fucking my mouth until he blew his top. He continued to pump as he spurted down my throat. I licked and sucked through the entire orgasm until he went soft while still in my warm mouth.

I finally released him and just lay back enjoying the feel of his hands on my body. He stroked and pinched and caressed me all over but mostly focused on my nipples and pussy until I felt the waves of the orgasm overcome me. I tried to be as quiet as possible by biting on my arm. When I finally recovered from the wracking convulsions, I opened my eyes. I was almost in the 3rd guys lap with my legs wide open facing toward the front of the car. Bob was still rubbing my breasts with one hand and spreading my lips open with the other and smiling.

The car was lit up from street lights and when I looked down I was completely exposed. My skirt was up around my waist and the coral pink flesh of my pussy perfectly profiled in the lights. My shirt was wide open, my breasts and swollen nipples visible to anyone who wanted to look. As I looked around, I smiled as I realized everyone else was still asleep.

Everyone else that is except the driver, who at some point had readjusted the rearview mirror and was smiling, looking right at my pussy that Bob was spreading open for him.

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