The Devil Owns the Night Ch. 04

Alexa Pearl

Erica waited in the living room where Thad appeared minutes later wearing shorts and a sleeveless shirt and slippers for his feet. Erica too was surprised by the ghastly destruction his apartment had gone through.

“Don’t tell me you’re redecorating?” she asked, waving her hands at the mess. “Whatever happened here?”

“Someone, a guy whose face I should have broken when I had the chance, sneaked in here last night and wrecked it as you see it. I don’t know how he got to know where I lived, but it seems he now does. Where’re Artie?”

Her features turned sad. “He checked out yesterday evening. He’s putting up with either some friend or at a motel, I don’t really know. I tried talking to him but he wouldn’t listen to me. He’s been really stubborn.”

“Why? Over the fact that I was with you?”

“What do you think? I’ve tried calling him but he doesn’t pick the phone. I even went to that college school where he works and knocked at his door, but he didn’t answer. Got me feeling all lonely and stressed out with myself. Anyway, I never knew or heard anything going on in your apartment last night, or else I’d have called you too. I even came by in the evening but knew you weren’t home.”

“I stayed at a friend’s place. I just got back a while ago and met everything like this. The bastard even thrashed the kitchen and bedroom.”

“Who’s the woman in there with you? You certainly don’t waste any time leaving me and picking up strays.”

That tickled Thad in ways he didn’t like. “Shut the hell up, will you, Erica. She’s no stray, she’s my secretary. Not another word about her from you, I’m still pissed off right now to take any of your mouth.”

She gazed down at her feet like someone who just been chided. “I’m sorry. I’m just … I don’t know … I’m worried about Artie. I’m afraid he might do something silly. I wish he’d come back home.”

“He will come back home, trust me on that. Right now I’ve got some cleaning to do.”

“Okay, I’ll leave you alone then,” she walked towards the door then stopped and turned to face him. “Does this mean the end of us, Thad?”

He shook his head. “Let’s not get into that right now, Erica. We’ll work things out fine once Artie’s back home. Just don’t worry too much. If he’s not back by tomorrow, I’ll go see if I can talk to him.”

“I’ll feel a lot better if you do. Call me if you need me.”

She walked out his apartment and went up the flight of stairs to hers. Thaddeus listened to the sound of her footsteps walking away then scratched his head as he turned his attention to the lingering mess before him. Sarah appeared at the end of the hallway wearing one of his t-shirts that came down to her thighs. She figured what was on his mind was about cleaning up the place.

“Do you need any help?” she called out to him.

He turned to look at her and the sight of her standing there wearing his oversized t-shirt seemed so hilarious to him he had his first laugh of the day.

“I certain can use a couple pair of hands I guess,” he said, still sniggering at the sight of her and waved her over. “Come over and give me a hand with this furniture.”


More than an hour later they were both sweating by the time finished cleaning up the living room. Thaddeus dumped much of the broken furniture in a large recycle bin at the back of his apartment. The broken glasses he gathered them in thick nylon bags and left them outside for the garbage people to take with them when next they drove by. Elsa perambulated about, jumping on tables while they worked. They took less time with the kitchen and bedroom; Thaddeus was happy the bastard besides breaking and smashing much of what he laid his hands on hadn’t bothered stealing anything from him. He had locked his handy pistol inside a gun cabinet and kept it along with some money—’Get-Out-of-Jail’ money, he often referred to it—inside the box and kept them hidden in a recessed hole underneath the bed. He checked to make sure it hadn’t been found and was glad to see it all there.

They made themselves something to eat when they were done cleaning and afterwards shared a bath together. Kisses and caresses followed. They didn’t bother drying themselves as Thad took Sarah to the bedroom and fucked her once more. He laid her on top of the bed and fucked her from behind harder than before and didn’t let up until he came inside her. They returned to have another shower again. Constance called his phone later on. He lounged on the bed and they conversed while Sarah sucked his cock.

It was past noon when Thaddeus decided it time to start his work. There was someone he needed to see urgently about the Blondie menace. He took Kayla’s photo album with him; he would call Alice along the way and tell her to sit tight and wait for him at her place. He dropped Sarah in front of her place, gave her a kiss and promised to keep in touch then drove off. His next destination: 2001 Century Lane to see a beautiful friend who now probably hated his guts.


Things were in his favour when he arrived there and met with the doorman who told Escort bayan him that yes, Hilda Carmichael still resided in the apartment building, at the same number since last time. Thaddeus took elevator to the floor where she resided. He hadn’t mentioned her name when he’d been questioned by the cops about the case regarding her sister’s missing son. He’d never wanted to ruin her name, and Constance too had been grateful for that. They were still family after all, even though neither sought to reason like the other.

He arrived at her floor and went to her door which bore the same number as last time he’d been here and pressed the apartment bell and waited. Seconds passed before someone undid the lock from the other side and Thaddeus tensed himself as it came open. Hilda was standing there; she looked at him with surprise in her eyes.

“Thad,” she blurted.

“Hi there, Hilda,” he relaxed himself and smiled at her. “Still looking lovely as always.”

Her eyes turned concerned when he took off his hat. “My God, what happened to you?” she indicated at the bump on his head.

“I got into a drunken brawl the other night. May I come in? It’s really important.”

She opened the door for him to enter. Thaddeus took off his hat and followed her into the living room. She was wearing a purple lycra pants and tank top with Nike trainers on her feet. She went into the kitchen and got herself a bottle of mineral water and brought a Coke for him. Thad thanked her for it. He craned his eyes everywhere, expecting some new boy toy, or Blondie to pop out of his hiding place and come face him. No one did. They sat down across from each other; neither said anything for a minute.

“You’re looking good,” he remarked. “Looks like I caught you doing something.”

“I was riding a stationary bike in my other room, the one Johnny stayed in that night. I’m trying to keep my shape,” she stood up and spurn around for him to admire her body. “What do you think?”

“Looking super hot from over here,” he said. “I thought you might have someone in here with you. Someone to keep you warm.”

“I don’t have anyone around to keep me warm,” she said, taking a sip of her water.

“Yeah, I figured as much. But I know you’ve got someone coming over soon. You’re never the type of woman who likes being alone.”

“You do realise that we ought not be talking to each other. By right, I shouldn’t even be in the same room as I am now, looking at you.”

“And yet you’d let me into your apartment,” he concluded. “I was half expecting you’d slam the door on me. Not that I would have fought you if you had. I still remember the circumstances of our last meeting.”

“And yet here you are,” she said.

“Here I am. Something came up that made me had to come see you. Something more close to you than anyone else.”

“I’m not my sister, Thaddeus. And I can guess the reason why you’re here. You want to know if Blondie is with me, right?”

“Have you seen him since?”

She shook her head. Thaddeus kept his eyes fixed on her; she caught the meaning behind his gaze. “I’m not lying, Thad. I swear, after that night at the club, I haven’t been with him.”

“You’re lying, Hilda. I know you’ve met him. How else would the bastard have known where I live if you hadn’t told him.”

Hilda slapped her hands on her thighs and capitulated. “It was almost a week ago. I never knew where he was before then. I figured he’d gone all the way to Canada for all I care. He’s lost it, Thad. The guy’s gone crazy. He called me to meet him at some park in the city around midnight because he thought cops were around trailing me. He asked for your address; practically threatened to smash my face if I didn’t. He said he was going to get you, no matter what.”

“You have my number, how come you never thought of giving me a heads-up on him?”

“He warned me not to. Then again, I was still mad at you for tying me up and leaving me the way you did that night at the club. I felt really embarrassed.”

“You deserved worse, but I wasn’t the man to give you a life lesson,” he countered.

“Is that why you never mentioned my name to the cops?” she looked at him. “They came and asked me some questions, nothing serious. I called up Constance and she told me what you’d done. For a while I felt grateful that you didn’t.”

“What do you mean by that? You still aren’t grateful?”

“No, I’m not,” she said. “Not since I got to find out you’d been having your way with Constance all the time.”

“Not all the time, Hilda.”

“Whatever,” she said, dismissively. “The fact is you were, and I wasn’t happy about that. I wanted you all to myself, not to become her boy toy.”

“I’m nobody’s boy toy, Hilda. What happened between your sister and I was special. With you, it was high-octane sex.”

“But I love sex, Thad. And I love being with a man who enjoys giving and receive it.” She got up from her seat and came over to him. She took his can Coke from his hand and dropped it on the coffee table beside his chair and then straddled his lap. Bayan escort She moved her butt over his thigh, took his hands and placed them on her buttocks, leaned forward and pressed her tits against her face. “Was this how you and my sister used to fuck? I’ll bet it was. I’ll bet you loved it whenever she rode you … taking your cock in that tight pussy of hers that hadn’t seen any hard cock since her former lover impregnated her with Johnny. I’ll bet you loved her tight pussy too. Not all that soft and wide as mine is.”

“Pussy is pussy, Hilda,” said Thad. “Yours right now is now different from hers.”

She made as if she hadn’t heard him. “Tell me you wouldn’t want to fuck this pussy again, Thad.” She reached for the ends of her tank top and pulled them off from her head. Her tits bounced two inches before his face. She wrapped her hands around them and presented them to his face like a pair of missiles with her erect nipples staring straight into his eyes. She was starting to moan. “Tell me you wouldn’t want to suck on these tits … take me into my bedroom and fuck the shit out of me once again. I can feel your cock under me … I know what it wants.”

“Yeah, I know just what you need, all right.” Thaddeus opened his mouth and bit on her titties. She pressed it against his face; his hands groped her buttocks and she yelped when he slapped it. Her legs folded around him and Thaddeus pulled himself off the chair holding her in mid-air, still sucking on her breasts. His lips found hers and their tongues connected instantly with fervent passion. He cock pressed itself annoyingly inside his jockey briefs itching to be let loose. His hands slipped under her ass cheeks and found a broken opening between the crack of her lycra.

Towards her bedroom they went. He threw her on the bed and began undressing. “I hope you don’t have anyone around to take photos of me while we’re fucking,” he asked.

“No,” she murmured, coming to help him out of his clothes. “This time I’ve got nothing to hide.” She raised his undershirt and licked her tongue on his chest. “Hmmm, you taste so good. I want you so bad, I could taste you.”

Thaddeus kicked his shoes off as he removed his briefs from his legs then pushed her back on the bed. Thaddeus came on top her, pressing his frame against hers, kissing her lips while she wrapped her legs over his back. He grabbed one of her tits and pressed it into his mouth, sucking on it as if it were an orange he wanted to drain of its juice. Hilda threw her head back and sighed. Every nerve cell on her body stood awake to his lust. Thaddeus did the same to her other breasts, munching on her nipple like he wanted to rip it off her flesh.

He rolled over on his back, they kissed each other with a hunger they thought they’d lost for each other, their bodies frantic with desire and want and lust. Thaddeus wasn’t blinded by his sexual fervour. Hilda was a sex slut and wanted to be treated as one. He was getting into character for that. His hands went to the ripped hole in her lycra between her ass cheeks. He dug his fingers between them and applied his muscles and ripped the hole wide apart. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath. She was still grounding her body against his. Thaddeus rubbed her pussy entrance and slipped his finger into her wetness, listened to the sharp intake of her breath while she continued kissing him. He dug his finger deep into her cunt, exciting her pussy, before reaching downward for his prick and tapping the erect head of his cock against her pussy’s entrance. Hilda reached down for his shaft and introduced it into her virgina. The head slipped inside her, making her groan and further it went inside her. Her face became a mirror of ecstasy.

“Aww …Uugghhhh … that cock feels so fucking good!” she muttered as he gave his hips a thrust, pushing more inches up in her.

Hilda dropped down on his cock and a sharp cry blurted off her lips and she sat impaled on his cock. She leaned over him, raising her ass up and down his cock, loving the texture of it slipping half in and half out of her. Her pussy juice poured out her cunt, further lubricating his shaft. Thaddeus allowed her to do the work, bouncing her ass cheeks down on him. His hands fondled her tits, squeezed them together and sucked on them. Hilda moaned through it all, falling her head on his shoulders. Thad then assumed command of their match. He grabbed her ass cheeks, pulled them apart and began pistoning his shaft harder inside her. The springs of the bed squeaked from his rapid action. Hilda shut her eyes and screamed her delight at what he was doing to her. The sound of his thighs slapping hard against her buttocks went in tandem with her lingering moans. Thaddeus caressed her butt cheeks, tore off more of her lycra outfit from her body, and inserted a finger into her asshole and finger-fucked her speedily while still grunting from the pounding delivery he was giving her.

Hilda clutched his chest, her face contorted in a grimace while her lips emitted a wailing frenzy and her tits shook and bounced from the fast-paced Escort onslaught Thaddeus was meting upon her from between her legs.

“OhmiGod!OhmiGod!OHHHMIGODDD!” she shrieked into the air as on and on he fucked her pussy and finger-fucked her asshole, never relinquishing his grip on her ass cheeks which he slapped repeatedly till they turned red.

Thaddeus felt cramps in his legs and reduced his pace. He rolled over taking her along and now was on top. Positioning her legs on his shoulder, Hilda locked them together and held onto his arms as he performed bench-presses on her, hitting down on her womb with all the force his pelvic muscles could summon. On and on he kept on fucking her, sitting on his knees and driving her shaft deep inside her. Hilda had earlier climaxed and was on the road to climaxing once again when Thad pulled her up from the bed and wrapped his arms around her, still shoving his cock in and out of her. Their lips found each other and she moaned partly into his mouth and sensed that he too was about to cum. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and screamed her moment of cumming. Thaddeus held her tight as well when his too came.

They were both seeing stars when the moment happened. They remained like that for a while. Neither of them let go of each other. Hilda tightened her pussy muscles on his cock, felt her cum juice wrap his shaft in a protective cocoon as it leaked out of her pussy. Thaddeus still had his finger stuck in her asshole. He retrieved it and brought it to his mouth and sucked on it. They were still hugging each other, breathing against each other’s face.

They fell to the bed.

Thad’s eyes came open and roamed the room as if afraid he was in the wrong place. There was the bed sheet he was lying on and the pillow his head was on top. There came the sound of rushing water behind him. Thad turned over on the bed, saw the remains of Hilda’s torn lycra pantsuit he’d torn off her. He looked at his watch and was glad to know he hadn’t really fallen asleep; he had other places to be at than to be sidelined by some sweet pussy. Sweet, nasty pussy. It brought a tingle to his cock as he thought about it and went in search of Hilda.

She was in the bathroom cleaning her face in the sink, naked. Thad came behind her and slapped her ass cheek. She yelped at the same time laughed and turned towards him.

“You’re such a nasty man,” she declared with a grin.

“You have no idea,” she moved aside for him to wash his face in the sink just like her. “Looking at your body has got me thinking nasty.”

“That’s good to know,” her hand wrapped around his cock and began stroking it. “So how about we have ourselves some more fun? I haven’t got anything else that’s better to do, and the day’s still young.”

“You haven’t got stuff to do, whereas I have. There’s something that’s come up and I need to go take a look into it.”

She turned her lips into a petulant pout. “Do you have to go just like that? Can’t you just stay even for a little while?”

“Not like I wouldn’t want to, Hilda. I just can’t.”

“Of course, you never could, but you’d do it if it were Constance. I know you would.”

“Constance has got nothing to do with this, Hilda,” he stated.

“Yeah, I know she doesn’t. But why do you keep treating me like I’m some piece of meat? I hate it, really.”

“You’re no piece of meat, girl. You’re a slut. There’s a lot of difference.”

She entwined her arms around his neck, pleading: “Well then make me your personal slut. I want to please you in every which way I possibly can. I want to fuck me however and whenever you want to. Do it to me like I want you to.”

“Once bitten, twice shy, Hilda. How do I trust that you’re not looking for a second chance to get at me?”

“Now why would you want to say something like that? I know had grievances with my sister, but that’s past tense. I’ve never harboured any thoughts against you, Thad.”

They were kissing once again. Thad turned her around and placed her back against the wall, slipping his tongue down her mouth while her hands remained busy stroking his cock back to full erection. Thad grasped one of her tits and munched on it as his cock now pressed against her belly button. His other hand reached for her leg and raised it up behind his thigh. Thad took her other leg and lifted her up against the wall, their lips still glued to each other’s kiss. Hilda reached down between her legs for his cock and aimed the head towards her pussy’s entrance. Her wetness was dripping down her legs like she’d stepped out of a bath tub. His cock slipped inside her with little obstruction and he thrust his hips to push his cock further inside her. Her arms now holding onto his shoulders and her legs wrapped behind his buttocks, Thaddeus flexed his muscles and steadily fucked her with her back hitting against the wall. His hands squeezed her ass cheeks and arm muscles stood out as he held her there while still impaling her on his dick. She moaned over his shoulder. Her body surrendered herself to Thad. He pulled her off from the wall and once more lifted her up and with his thick pair of hands still grasping her ass cheeks, his fingers pressing into her flesh, he slammed his pelvis against her crotch, driving every inch of his cock hard and fast into her cunt, hearing her groan and whimper with shock.

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