The First Day Ch. 01


I arrive at the hotel to check in. When I give my information to the girl at the reception desk, she tells me that I have a package. She reaches behind the counter and produces a large unmarked brown paper bag. “Enjoy your stay,” she says, with a knowing smile.

I hurry to the elevator, feeling your cock grow hard in anticipation of what’s to come. I find our room, open the bag, and spread its contents out on the king-size bed. Laying before me: a pair of frilly hot pink thong panties, a dark purple silk night gown, Japanese clover nipple clamps, a spreader bar with leather ankle cuffs, locking leather wrist restraints, my metal gates of hell, and a large black butt plug. There is also a pink slip of paper, folded in half. When I open it, I smell your perfume and feel your cock throb, already rock hard and straining uncomfortable in my jeans. I read your note:


I will be here at 5:00, and you’d better be ready to greet me properly. Everything in this bag is to be on your body when I arrive. You are not permitted to wear any other clothing. When you take your clothes off, place them in the garbage — you will wear only what I tell you to wear this week. When I walk in the door (of course, you will leave it unlocked and I won’t knock — you’d better hope the cleaning lady won’t come in and see what a nasty little slut you are)…when I walk in the door, I expect you on your knees, with the spreader kırşehir escort bar locked to your ankles, and your arms at your side, with your hands locked into the ankle cuffs. You are to keep your eyes on the ground while you wait for me — if you try to move your eyes up to look anywhere but my shoes, you will be punished, and I promise you will not enjoy your punishment. You are all mine. Don’t disappoint me.

P.S. — I’m know the butt plug is way bigger than anything you’ve ever taken before — you should start getting used to experiencing a lot of things that are more than you thought you can handle. I am sure you noticed that I didn’t leave you any lube — you will just have to improvise, slut. See you soon.

Mistress J

After reading your note and seeing what I am in for, your cock is so hard it feels like it will burst through my pants. I immediately take off all of my clothes and put them into the garbage. Your cock is throbbing; after an entire month of orgasm denial, it is already dripping with pre-cum. I scoop up the pre-cum and apply it to the huge plug. I lay on the bed with my legs spread and try to push it in, but in that position it simply will not fit inside my tight asshole. I switch positions so that I am kneeling on all fours on the bed, reach back and push the plug into my ass. It slides in easier this way, but it still hurts. I am thinking kocaeli escort about being in this position when you are raping me with your strap-on. I feel like a whore. I count to three and with a loud moan I push the plug all the way inside my ass. As soon as it is in, a fresh string a pre-cum drips from your cock and falls on to the bed. Knowing I will be punished for dirtying the sheets, I am sure to lick it all up.

I realize that there is no way that I will be able to get the gates of hell over your cock while it is dripping and throbbing and hard as a rock. I go into the bathroom, turn on the shower, and thoroughly clean every inch of my body so that I am presentable for you. Then I turn the hot water off, and put the cold water full blast on your cock. I have to leave it on for fifteen minutes while squeezing and slapping my balls in order for your cock to get soft enough to fit into the cage. As soon as I get out of the shower, I feel myself getting horny again, so hurry to secure your cock in its cage before it is too late. I lock the straps on as quickly and as tightly as I can. The ball stretcher you had mailed me last month has trained my balls so that I am able to lock the cage on myself tight and secure. I lock the last piece just in time — your cock is already starting to grow; it hurts, but I can’t help getting hard — I am so excited to be your toy this konya escort week and forever after.

I put on the clover clamps, trembling now, thinking about how much they hurt now and how much more pain I will be in when you pull on the chain. I slip on the pink panties. They are tight. As I wiggle my ass into them, I feel the plug moving and it sends waves of pleasure through your cock, which is quickly met by sharp pain from the cage. I am such a whore. Your panties barely cover your cock at all, but I pull them all the way up, making sure the thong string is tight against the plug in my ass. I put on your nightgown, and fasten the straps like you taught me. I feel the pain from the nipple clamps intensify as the nightgown tightens across my chest. Your cock gets harder, your cock is in more pain. Your balls are already swollen, both from the pain and from the build up of one month’s worth of come wanting to badly to erupt.

I check the clock and see that it is 4:15 — I am glad that I will be ready in time for you. I kneel on the floor and attach the spreader bar and lock my ankles into the cuffs. I put the restraints on both wrists, and attach lock my left hand to my left ankle. In this position I am forced almost into a ball, on my knees on the ground with my sitting on my feet with my chest bent forward — at least it will not be difficult to keep my gaze downward. It takes me at least fifteen minutes to lock my right hand, I have to fumble the lock between my wrist and ankle without any help from my other hand. Finally I secure the lock.

It is 4:40. I am twenty minutes early. I am ready. Dressed, restrained, plugged, caged, and clamped. I am helpless. I am yours.

To be continued…

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