The First Time


Tied to the bed naked, spread eagle and blindfolded, his cock sprang to full attention when he heard the bedroom door close. Where in the room was she? Just knowing that she had him completely helpless and on display for whatever devilment came to her mind made him shiver.

It had been a good hour since she stripped him and tied him there then walked out leaving the bedroom door wide open. The sounds of her girlfriend’s monthly gathering downstairs had drifted to his ears and successfully masked any footsteps of traffic in the hall. He wondered if any had used the bathroom, walked past that door, and saw his helplessness. He knew all the women from her little group – now he would have to wonder what they knew of his “kink.” That thought alone had kept him partially aroused for the entire hour of waiting for her return.

A soft rustle of clothing near his left side made him refocus on hearing where she was in the room. Something soft and wispy touched his balls making him startle. Then he felt the lightest of caresses run up the throbbing, sensitive shaft of his cock. Over and over the stroke teased him. Without realizing it, his hips lifted off the bed in a vain attempt to feel what ever it was better. Then a different sound caught his ear. Ice in a glass made a little sound of settling as it melted. It must be on the nightstand he decided.

Then, during one of his involuntary hip thrusts up off the bed, he felt what would be the first of a series of wet, cold invasions to his anus. She was pressing an ice cube against maraş escort his brown pucker… silently, insistently, without yielding to his natural reaction to clench she gently forced the slightly melted cube, finger-deep into his shocked ass.

Meanwhile, a soft hand wrapped fingers around his cock and slide slowly up and down with a slight rounding motion. In spite of his desire to press his ass down onto the bed and prevent any further icy assaults, his body rose to the pleasure of being so expertly stroked. As he did, another ice cube worked its way into him.

Over and over the pleasure of that hand on his cock coaxed his body to expose his ass which was immediately given a cold, wet kiss of ice. After what felt to him like an entire tray had been pushed into him for melting, he felt a new sensation.. smooth and slippery, a long thin object began to follow the ice. He couldn’t believe she was pushing a dildo into him!

Now, with the end of the dildo protruding from his ass, he could no longer comfortably rest his ass on the bed without driving it deeper… so of course the stroking suddenly quit. He heard nothing. All he knew was feeling incredibly full behind, and incredibly close to an orgasm.

Suddenly, with a sharp whistling sound something that felt like a handful of small cords lashed across his throbbing cock and balls. He instinctively jerked down, away from the sting only to impale himself on the dildo a bit more. His ass clenched around it, try to resist its progress mardin escort inward, but the lubed toy was unstoppable.

Repeatedly, he felt his cock lashed and stung. Repeatedly he involuntarily fucked his own ass on the dildo. The stinging sensation at first dulled his need for release but gradually he came to a place where he found that his body pushed up in anticipation of the next lash. He didn’t have a fully conscious thought about it, but he realized that his movements on the bed and predicament had been carefully orchestrated to make him try to fuck the painful lash while also fucking his own ass.

A moan escaped him as he writhed at the need to cum. As if that moan were a signal, the lashing stopped.

“no no no…” He heard his own voice saying.

Was he really asking for more lashings? That was when a mouth with soft full lips covered the head of his cock and began gently wetting and gliding down his shaft in tiny increments. With his back arched as high as his bonds would allow, the lips only descended a mere fraction of his 7 inch shaft. A hand grasped the end of the dildo and began sawing it into and out of his ass, which was now leaking all the melted ice.

He found that so long as he bucked in opposition to the dildo, his cock received the benefit of those lips locked on the top two inches. In and out the dildo sawed relentlessly, while his muscles ached at trying to hold himself up to that teasing mouth. A buzzing feeling in his balls told him that he mersin escort was nearly over the top. Determined not to make a sound and give away his desperate need to cum, he clenched his teeth together so hard his jaw ached.

His ass pumped against the dildo faster and harder just to try to get more sensation from those lips until suddenly the orgasm burst from him and tore a loud groaning


from his mouth. The lips and the hand pumped and pumped him, not allowing the orgasm to end until there was nothing left to milk from him and his weary back and legs slowly allowed his body to fall to the mattress.

As his body failed at holding him up, the dildo was gently pulled away and the lips “popped” from his engorged cock-head. With an exhausted sigh he let his body go limp on the bed. He felt her hair brush his cheek and smelled her perfume. Her cheek brushed his and he turned his head to the kiss he needed so much.

As his lips found hers and parted, she delivered his load of cum to his mouth and held her mouth over his until he swallowed it all. Then her hands caressed his face and neck, shoulders and arms and she lay her body over him, cuddling against him. Shivers ran through his body from the forced workout she’d given him and now from the need to be untied so that he could enfold her in his arms.

“Darling… I hope you liked being tied and helpless for me.”

She whispered in his ear, nibbling the earlobe as she spoke. Her hot breath was sweet and her voice made him desperate all the more to hold her. Her kiss stopped him from asking to be untied. At last she broke the kiss and spoke again, her words making his heart skip.

“I really hoped you liked it, because my girlfriends have been watching and you’re not being untied until we all have a turn… “

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