The Game

Creamy Pussy

“Ah, finally home,” I think to myself as I walk into the house and close the door. A long week at work and finally the weekend is here. I let out a deep sigh and wonder what to do for the afternoon and night. Supposed to meet my friends for dinner and drinks but need to call them and find out where and when.

“First things, first… change out of these work clothes and get comfy,” talking to myself as I walk up the stairs.

When I had parked in my driveway, I had noticed a moving truck across the street so I figured someone had finally bought and moved into the house that had been empty for almost a year. When I got upstairs to my bedroom, I looked out the window and saw the moving guys taking things into the house.

At the front door, I see a tall dark man dressed in black jeans and blank tank top walk out. I can tell even from this distance the man was good looking and sexy. His arms, shoulders and chest were taut from many hours of working out at the gym. I noticed that his jeans were tight on his muscled legs when he walked towards the moving truck. The one thing that really caught my attention was the outline of a huge bulge in the front of his jeans that I could see, even this far away.

As if he knew he was being watched, he looked up directly to my window and saw me watching him. I saw him grin and then he turned to talk to one of the moving guys.

I moved away from the window, giggling. “Oops, busted,” I say out loud to myself, still giggling.

I pull out a jean skirt and a red lacy tank top from my closet and throw them on my bed so I could take my work clothes off. After removing my pants, I throw it into my hamper in the corner of my room and wonder about changing my underwear. Thinking about that bulge I saw, my pussy stirs and I decide to put one of my silky, lace ones on. Taking off my shirt and throwing it on top of my pants, I take the while cotton panties and bra off and toss them in the hamper and walk over to close the lid.

Walking naked over to my dresser, I open the top drawer and look to see what to wear. Since I have a red tank, I figure I better wear my red lacy bra and high thigh panties. Before putting them on, I decide to freshen up with my favorite body spray and mist my body. I love how it smells on me and my pussy feels the slight tingle of arousal when I give it a little spray. I walk over to my bed pull my panties up and over my hips and feel the lacy touch against my pussy. I have to touch myself as it felt so good to have the lace against my pussy. Remembering the bulge I saw, I play with myself a little more and then stop as I still had to get dressed and get out the door soon. I pull on my bra giving my nipples a little pinch to make them hard and then slide the skirt over my hips and zip it close. I pull the lacy red tank over my head and look at the mirror in the bathroom to see how I look. Well, I guess everyone is right, red is definitely my color.

Picking up the phone, I call one of the friends to find out where and when we will be meeting for dinner; she says it will be in an hour at our regular place; a small hole-in-the-wall bar and grill, a couple blocks from my house. I decide to walk as it was nice out and because I will probably have a few drinks and don’t want to drive.

I walk downstairs and open the windows of my house to get some fresh air through. At the front window, I look over to the house across the street and find a tall, blond, gorgeous man standing near the driveway talking to the dark hair man. They are both looking towards my house when I open the curtains and the window. Being curious as to who lives in the house across the street, I walk out the door and cross the street to where both men are standing.

“Hi, I’m Angie, your neighbor,” I say while looking towards the dark hair man, my hand extended to shake his hand.

The blond looks me from head to toe, then back up, smiles with approval at what he see, while putting his hand out. “I’m Mark,” he says. He turns to his friend and says. “This is my buddy, Rick. He just bought the house and I’m helping him move. Mark is about 6 feet, with long leg, also in jeans, with a wide chest and broad illegal bahis shoulder, just like Rick but he was wearing a blue t-shirt. He has light brown eyes with the longest lashes I have ever seen on a man. Mark takes my hand and shakes it, says, “Nice to meet you.”

“So, are you the neighborhood welcome wagon?” asks Rick, smiling. I have my hand out to Rick but instead of shaking it, he lifts my fingers to his lips and kisses them, one finger at a time.

“Um, just wanted to stop by, introduce myself and let you know if you need anything, I live across the street,” stammering my reply. Up close, Rick was even more, good looking than when I saw him from my bedroom window. His hair was coal black and his brown eyes were twinkling with amusement. I realized that Rick was just as tall as Mark I had to look up them both so it made me feel very short next to the men even with my heels on.

The guys look at each other, Mark raises an eyebrow and smiles while Rick nods his head and grins as he turns back to me. “Thanks, we will definitely need things while I get settled.”

Mark asks me if there are any decent restaurants or bars in the area and I told him about a few places nearby, including the one I was going to later. He nods and thanks me for the info. “Since I will be here for a few days, and with the refrigerator being empty, we need to go out to eat.”

I tell them both that I have to get going, as I was meeting some friends and again welcome Rick to the area. As I walk across the street, I feel their eyes on my ass, so I sway it a little more than normal to see if I can arouse a response. I hear a low whistle from one, which I assume is Mark as he seems to be the more outgoing one and a chuckle from Rick.

Smiling, I go back into the house and grab my purse, change my shoes to a flat pair since I am walking and go out the door again towards the restaurant. The guys were not outside as I walked down the street but knowing there was a gorgeous man living on my block makes me smile; eye candy is always good.

I get to the restaurant and find my friends already sitting at a table and join them. We order drinks and chatter starts right away. I always have a great time with my three friends and while we drink our first round, the waitress returns to take out dinner order. We catch up on what we have been up to and chat some more while we wait for our dinner. When our dinner arrives, we stop to eat and then order another round of drinks as my friends rarely get a chance to come out, relax and enjoy the night without kids. I realize it is going to be a party night and settle in. As we are on our fourth round, I notice my friends look toward the door and they all start to giggle like school girls.

Because my back is to the door, I can’t see who they are looking at. With the three of them being married, whenever we go out, they are always checking out the men and the conversation always turns to sex and he things their husbands want to try. With a slight shrug and a giggle, I turn to look at the men they are checking out and see that it is my new neighbor and friend.

Mark notices me first and nudges Rick and he, too, looks over and waves. Naturally, my friends are wondering how I know them and they start to grill me until they realize that the men are at our table standing behind me.

Not sure if it was the fourth drink or their presence, but as I turn to introduce Mark and Rick to my friends, I slide a little in my chair and my cheek accidentally brushes against the bulge of Rick’s jeans. Immediately, I feel a tingle in my crotch but also realize that he was semi hard against my cheek. I look up and see that Rick is looking straight down my tank top and at my breasts. He licks his lips and the tingle in my pussy is now in full arousal. I feel the dampness in my panties and know that one of my toys will be used tonight when I got home, drunk or not.

After I introduce the men, my friend, Mary, invites the guys to join us for their dinner and more drinks. The guys each take a seat on each side of me and being already flushed from my close encounter with Rick’s cock, I am finding it hard to breathe.

I casino siteleri look over to my friend, Cindy, directly across from me and she arches her eye brow at me and mouths “nice” to me. I look at Mark and realize that even though he is talking to my third friend, Kim, he has left hand on my right thigh and is slowly raising the hem of my skirt until he felt skin and started to rub in small, gentle circles with this thumb. I am grateful that the table has a tablecloth over it and no one can see what is going on under the table. While they order their dinner, Mark continues to rub my thigh with the tips of his fingers. He leans over and says very low and deep, “I would love to feel your whole body with my fingers.” I look at him as he moves away, smiling and my body reacts to that and I know I want to feel him inside of my pussy.

When their dinner arrives, Mark takes his hand away so he could eat and I breathe a little easier. His fingers were stoking the fire in my pussy and my body was hot all over but with his hand gone, I could compose myself and try to concentrate on the conversation going around the table.

I look over at Rick as he talks to my friend to his left; as she orders another round of drinks for everyone, he quickly glances towards me and winks, grabs my thigh under the table and squeezes, then turns back to talk Cindy. Taken aback, I wonder what that was all about. Hmmmmm, what kind of game are these two playing I wonder. If it is a game you want, a game you will get, my boy toys, I say to myself.

With that in mind I turn back to Mark, with my right hand, very, very slowly, I start to caress his leg, starting at his knee and making my way up to his thigh; I glide my fingers closer and closer to where his cock resides, but not quite touching time, just teasing his leg. I feel him tense and take in a quick breathe. Good, had the reaction I wanted, I think to myself, smiling. As my hand moves further up, I notice that he has stopped talking and is concentrating on his drink. Knowing that what I was doing to his leg and where my hand was going was making him hot by the flush that was coming over his face. I slow my hand down as I am getting closer to feeling his cock through his jeans and he looks at me with such fire, that I reach up and caress the bulge I feel. It was rock hard and I caress the length of it through his jeans. I look at him and give him the smile that my friends call the “come fuck me” smile. I let him go and turn to finish my fifth drink. Whew, am I feeling hot and horny as hell.

With a sly look, Mark turns back and orders another drink from the waitress but tells the table that he needs to get back to the house as it had been a long day and he was getting tired. The waitress looks at Rick and he, too, orders another. The girls decide that they want one more but I decline as I was feeling the affects of 5 drinks, in a short amount of time.

Once the guys are done with their drinks, they ask if I wanted to walk back with them as the saw that I had walked here and didn’t feel right allowing me to walk back alone in the dark. I decide it is a good idea and stand to say good bye to my friends and tell them I will call them the next day. After everyone says their good byes, the three of us start to walk back towards our houses.

With Rick on my left, he grabs my hand and holds it while we walk. Mark is chatting along and doesn’t seem to notice but as we get to an alleyway before we need to turn on our street, he ducks into it.

Rick stops, pulls my head towards him and plunges his tongue deep into my mouth and kissing me over my mouth, cheeks and neck. My body is arched against him as his left hand is sliding under my skirt to grab my ass and he is pulling me closer to him so I can feel his cock against my crotch. I moan out loud as I feel the hard bulge.

“I want to fuck you and make you cum on my cock, baby,” he says roughly against my lips before plunging his tongue in for another wet kiss. “Oh, yes, pleeeeese,” I say, moaning again. We hear Mark call to us and Rick pulls me with him as we follow Mark’s voice.

With minimal light in the alley, I can poker siteleri make out that Mark sitting high on a pile of pallets. I realize that he has his jeans down to his knees and he has his cock in his hand, stroking it gently up and down while he watches me with Rick. My mouth starts to water, wanting to taste his cock. I take a step closer and realize that Rick is behind me and is pushing me towards Mark. He grabs my head and pushes my face towards Mark’s cock, which I willingly take into my mouth. I start to suck on his cock and hear him moan.

From behind, I feel Rick pull my panties down from my hips and I help him remove them completely by standing out of them. He reaches around to the front and his right fingers pull my pussy lips apart while he inserts a finger, from his left hand, into my pussy from behind. “Oh, yeah, hot and dripping wet,” he says very softly so only the three of us can hear. Slowly, he slides his finger, in and out of my pussy while his thumb and forefinger of his other hand rubs my clit. I am moaning deeply while I suck on Mark’s cock, having Rick finger fuck me from behind.

I feel Rick’s right hand move away and then I hear a zipper behind me. Rick pulls his other hand away to pull his jeans down. He bends me over more; which allows me to take more of Mark’s cock into my mouth; while he spreads my legs further apart. He teases my pussy with his cock head as he doesn’t immediately thrust his cock in but rubs it around the outside of my pussy and over my clit. The moan I was trying to hold in, escapes my lips.

Using my wetness as lube, he slowly pushes his cock in and out until he is half way in, then roughly shoves the rest of his cock hard and deep into my pussy and starts to pound me hard. With Mark delicious cock in my mouth and Rick’s hard cock pounding my pussy, I am ready to explode with pleasure. I am moaning, the vibration of it hits Mark’s cock as he starts to fuck my mouth faster and faster, his cock engorging with his cum, ready to shoot it deep in my throat. I hear Rick’s grunts of pleasure as he is fucking me harder and faster, shoving his long, hard cock deep into my pussy.

Mark grabs my head and shoves his cock deeper into my mouth as he growls, “Ah, yeah, fuck, baby… I’m going to cum in your beautiful mouth. Suck me, you cock loving whore. Suck me hard. Ah, fuck, ah, fuck!!! Drink it, baby. Suck me dry!!!” With that, he cums into my mouth and I feel the heat of his liquid sliding down my throat. “Ah, yeah, baby. Yeah! Oh, fuck you suck my cock so good, baby.” He pulls his cock out of my mouth and lets me lick his cock clean. Then he pulls his jeans up and drops to his knees and start to lick at my clit, while Rick is still fucking my pussy from behind.

The combination of Mark’s licking and Rick’s fucking is driving me crazy. “Oh, fuck, yes!!! Fuck me, fuck me! Fuck me hard, baby!” I yell as Rick continues to pound me from behind. As Mark continues to lick and nibble at my clit, I can feel Rick getting close to cumming as his breathing is more ragged and he is ramming his cock into me like a madman. My pussy is ready to explode when I feel Rick grab my ass cheeks hard and says, “Take my hot juice in your cunt. Aaahahh, yeah, baby! Oh, yeah. Your tight little cunt! Oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum, whore, I’m gonna cum.” I feel his cock explode in my pussy the same time my orgasm rocks my body and we both are grunting and moaning out loud, all the while Mark continues to lick and suck at my clit, tasting my juices as I explode on his face.

Once we both come down from our fuck high, Rick turns me around, pushes me to my knees, making me lick his cock clean, which I do with relish. The taste of his cock and my pussy juice is making me hot again. Once he is satiated, he pulls me up and kisses me hard on the lips. He pulls his jeans up and buttons up then moves to pulls my skirt down but does not give my panties back. With a grin, he looks at me and says, “Souvenir,” then looks at Mark and says, “I won. I got the panties.”

Realizing their game was over, I invite the guys over for a soak in the hot tub in my back yard and more fucking into the night. I say out loud to them, “I’m gonna start my own game. The one that can fuck me the longest and hardest wins me as their sex slave for the weekend. If there is a tie, though, we will have to figure out what to do then.” They both grin wide and almost pull me the short distance back to my place to start my game.

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