The Gymnasium


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Peter had worked at the gymnasium for just over a year now and really enjoyed his job. Today was an especially hot day and, since their day was almost over, he and the other guys who worked there were fooling around in the showers, spraying each other down with an old water hose. Peter’s friend Hendrik had cornered him in one of the changing cubicles and soaked him with freezing cold water.

“You, asshole!” Peter shouted, annoyed but still laughing, “if I get caught wet like this there’s going to be hell to pay and if I loose my job I will expect you to keep me in food and beer!”

Hendrik stopped laughing as his attention was drawn to something in the corner of his eye. “Hey, man,” he said, pointing at the wall behind Peter’s head. “What the fuck is that?”

Peter turned around to see what his friend was pointing at and saw a soggy white mess hanging off the wall. He walked over to take a closer look. “It’s toilet paper; someone’s plugged a hole in the wall with it and it’s come apart because it’s wet.”

Hendrik’s face broke into a huge grin. “Some little pervert has drilled a hole into the women’s shower…let me take a look!”

Peter stepped out of the way. Spying on naked women, no matter how appealing it may be, just wasn’t his style.

Hendrik rushed over and removed the remaining soggy off-white tissue paper, stood on the small wooden bench and peeked through the gap.

“Peter,” he said excitedly, “come and get a load of this!”

“No, your OK, man,” Peter said amused. “I’ll let you enjoy your fun, I need to go and get a dry t-shirt.”

Hendrik turned around and stared at his friend as though he was demented.

“Jeez, dude…are you gay, or what? It’s not natural…how can you not want to look at a room full of naked totty? You’re a weirdo!”

Peter laughed. “Erm…well it’s you my friend who is perving over a room full of naked women…the last time I checked, Peeping Toms were the weirdoes!” Hendrik laughed. “Whatever, dude! I’m a young hot blooded male, I’m programmed to be…..”

He cut himself off midway through his sentence. “Fucking hell, man!” he cried, “Feast your eyes on this!”

Intrigued, Peter moved closer but made no attempt to climb the bench. “What is it, Hend….a DD busty, skinny blonde?”

Hendrik laughed. “I wish!…No, it’s far from that…come up here you dork and take a look for yourself!”

Peter climbed the worn wooden bench and let out a protesting sigh; Hendrik could be so infantile at times. He pushed his friend out of the way and peeked through the crudely cut hole in the wall. Stood before him was the most bombastic woman he had ever seen. He guessed she must have weighed at least 300-350lbs! For the first time that day Peter was truly aroused!

Hendrik was suppressing his giggles. “What a heifer, ay? She’s the fattest woman I’ve ever seen…. it’s a shame really because she has a fine-looking face.”

Peter let out a slow whistle. “I think she’s just perfect as she is.” He realised his mistake before he finished his sentence but there was no turning back now.

“No way, dude!” Hendrik was disgusted as well as outraged, “You cannot be serious?”

Peter looked at his friend. “Yes, John McEnroe,” he said sarcastically, “I am.”

Hendrik shook his head sadly in wonder. “No wonder you never date any of the women that work-out in here; us guys have a running joke that it was because you were a virgin…or gay. Now, we know the truth!”

Peter was about to climb down and leave when he heard a loud screech. He saw the plenteous, caramel-coloured woman he’d just been watching staring back at him through the wall. Panic-stricken, Peter was rooted to the spot. Hendrik, on the other hand, had fled from the room as quick as lightning and in fits of suppressed giggles,

“Don’t move, buster!” the horrified woman was yelling in a clipped British accent, “don’t even try and leave that room…I know who you are…!”

Peter went to take flight, but the next words he heard told him the jig was up.

“You’re the young man with the flame red hair, I can see it through the gap!” Peter didn’t even try to deny it…what was the point? Out of a staff of around eighty people, he was the only person with flame red hair. The only thing he could do was try and act with a bit of grace and dignity and explain himself.

“I’m very sorry, Fraulein. If you’d like to get dressed, I will meet you outside the ladies’ shower room and I will explain myself to you there…if you allow me.”

The naked, madly curvaceous woman made no attempt to cover her exposed body even though her towel was within arm’s reach.

“I’ll tell you what,” the woman said with a determined look on her face, “you come in here, look me in the eye, and tell me why you feel its amusing to spy on a naked woman…don’t worry,” she escort bayan said softening her voice, “I’m all alone in here.”

Peter looked down at his feet shamefaced. “OK, one moment,” he mumbled apologetically and, stepping down from off of the bench he made his way slowly around to the female shower rooms. He took his time, as he wanted to give the woman plenty of time to get dressed.

After waiting outside the door for a few minutes, Peter knocked gently on the door.

“Enter!” announced a clipped British accent.

Peter took a deep breath and walked into the room; he was amazed to see the woman still standing in the same spot – again…completely naked! Peter’s face went as bright red as his hair.

The woman laughed. “So, now you get shy!” she mocked sarcastically.

Peter forced his eyes away from her amazingly huge,caramel-coloured breasts with their lovely smooth, brown, wet, erect nipples. Seeing the water dripping down her smooth body was too much for Peter. He counted backwards from 100 in his head to try to distract himself.

Peter cleared his throat before he made an attempt to speak. “I am truly sorry, fraulein. My friend and I were having a water fight in the shower rooms as today has been very hot…”

He ignored the woman’s raised eyebrow as she listened to his humble story. “You see…” he continued, “we got the wall wet and someone had stuffed some tissue paper into it and then it came apart and we noticed a hole so we……”

The woman held her hand up abruptly to silence him.

“Enough!” she said sternly, “What I want to know is what you are going to do to make it up to me….? Or, would you like to me inform your manager that you’re an unscrupulous voyeur and get your despicable, espial-arse fired?”

Peter blinked in shock. He tried to think of a way of compensation.

“Erm…” he stuttered, “Maybe I can get you a free gym pass or something; I’m not really sure….” He felt embarrassed as the buxom woman before him burst out laughing.

“That wasn’t the kind of compensation I was thinking of!” She ran her eyes up and down his fit venal body.

Her eyes hovered over his penis, obviously erect by the size of the bulge in his trousers.

“Do you like big, fat, juicy women, boy?” she asked with a smirk on her pretty face.

Peter blushed. “Actually, I do,” he said honestly.

“Think you can handle a woman like me?” She stood proud before him relishing the effect she was having on him.

For the first time Peter laughed. “I don’t know, ma’am…..but I’d have a good crack at it,” he added cheekily.

The woman laughed. She liked the horny young Adonis before her. “What’s your name, boy?” she asked.


“Peter, ay?” she echoed, eyeballing him from head to toe. “Well, Peter come over here and wash away your sins by joining me in a nice warm shower.”

Peter looked at the woman wide eyed; he felt very surreal at that moment. Had he heard her right, or was he dreaming? He shook his head as if that would give him the answer and tried not to stare at the voluptuous goddess before him. “You want me to take a shower with you….when I don’t even know your name?”

Peter laughed as he tried to defuse the situation with comedy.

The goddess smiled. “Boy, you don’t need to know my name…and if you know what’s good for you, from now on you will address me as Mistress…is that understood, boy?”

Peter played along with the faux S&M situation he found himself in. With nearly three more years of university left, he could not afford to loose his job at this point…besides, a job like this had its perks and the beauty in front of him was proof of that. Why should he let this chance vanish? He would surely regret it for the rest of his life if he did. As much as it pissed him off being called ‘boy’…it was a small price to pay to take up the offer of seduction by this mighty vixen.

“But if I get caught I will loose my job…..” Peter said realistically.

The vixen smiled. “Well, you’ll loose it if you don’t…so you may as well go out in style.”

Peter smiled and mustered up the courage to remove his shirt as he gingerly walked over to his new mistress; as he went to remove his jogging bottoms the goddess turned the shower on.

“Pass me my shower gel, boy,” she instructed even though she was in easy reach of it herself.

“Yes, ma’…Mistress,” Peter said clumsily. He felt rather foolish with all this pseudo role-play crap but he played along with it anyway to please her.

“Wash me!” she demanded, as she closed her eyes and held her freckled gilt face towards the showerhead.

Peter removed the lid of the sunflower shower gel and poured some of it into his trembling hands; he put the bottle down and massaged the thick amber liquid onto the luscious soft body to hand.

Not bursa vip escort wanting to show her pleasure at the touch of the young man’s firm and powerful hands, the goddess refused to allow the awaiting moan to escape her sensuous lips; instead she just moved her head back and forth in enthralment and basked in the red headed boy’s attention. Peter’s hands shook as he slowly moved his hands down the goddess’ back and massaged the soft excess fat around her waistline; he felt his cock harden as the feeling of her wet, silky-smooth skin drove him wild with desire. Peter became slightly too confident and thirstily grabbed both the goddess’ sumptuous breasts in each of his eager hands and caressed them gently. The super sized goddess was having none of it and gratingly slapped his hands away.

“Did I say you could touch me there, worm?” she spat at a stunned Peter.

“No, you didn’t,” he said weakly, “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry, what?” she asked, as she looked at him demandingly.

“I’m sorry, Mistress,” Peter answered shyly, feeling like a chastised schoolboy.

“That’s better, boy!” The goddess did so enjoy the power she held over men and over the years she had come to enjoy her role as a Mistress. She glanced down at the boy’s crotch; she could see that the head of his cock was purple and throbbing furiously with excitement. She reached down and heard him groan as she lightly touched the tip of it.

Without warning Peter cried out as she tightened her grip and gently slapped his testicles.

“I didn’t say you could get an erection now, did I?”

Peter looked bashful and cast his eyes down to his toes.

“I’m sorry…Mistress, but looking at your awesome body gets me this way.”

Pleased with his reply the goddess softened her grip; she stroked his penis and slowly circled his tight balls with her fingers.

“On your knees, boy!” she said smoothly as she released his genitals from her wet hand.

Eager to please his mistress, Peter did as he was told.

The goddess opened her long, sturdy, tanned, coloured legs and he watched hypnotized as the water from the shower spiralled down them.

“Eat my pussy, boy….and you’d better do it good or you’re going to get an ass whooping!” She didn’t smile!

Peter, delighted by the invitation, did as he was told. He slowly licked around her firm, juicily enlarged clit and sucked on it gently; he licked upwards from her pussy hole and back to her throbbing clit. This time the goddess couldn’t help but moan. Peter smiled to himself as he sensed the change in power. He grabbed her bottom firmly and pushed her wet pussy deeper into his face and stuck his long tongue deep inside her hole and rubbed her ass as he did so.

“Oh yes, boy!” the goddess moaned as Peter pleasured her.

He could feel her soft belly on the top of his head; it felt rather comforting. He increased the motion of his tongue and every time he brought the goddess near to orgasm he stopped and slowed it down again.

“Faster boy…don’t stop!” the goddess groaned as Peter teased her.

Then he stopped what he was doing altogether.

“Stop calling me, boy…it pisses me off!” Peter snapped, taking control.

For a minute the super-sized beauty looked at him and couldn’t hide her smile. She was so near to coming now she would indulge him with his little request, as she was sure she would make him pay for his impertinence later.

“Carry on, bo….PETER!” the goddess said firmly as Peter pushed his face back in between her opulent legs.

Peter felt victory was his and continued his mission with renewed vigour. The goddess moaned and groaned and her body juddered as Peter and his amazing, tantalizing, tongue action quickly brought her to orgasm. It gave him great pleasure to watch her massive body shake and shudder due to something he had done. Peter stood up with a self-satisfied smirk on his face; he badly wanted to kiss this beauty’s spoilt pouting lips but knew better than to be so presumptuous after his last mistake.

Without looking at him his mistress walked over to a small changing cubicle and went inside. Peter was deflated as he watched her leave. Thinking he had blown his chances he went to leave the room and was taken aback as she re- entered the shower room and pushed him back against the cold tiled wall.

“And where do you think you’re going, boy?” she demanded.

“Oh…I thought you were leav…” Peter gasped as the goddess grabbed him by the ear and led him over to a long row of benches in the middle of the shower room.

“Lie down, boy!” she instructed as she pointed to the centre bench.

Peter didn’t bother to argue with her. He gasped as she tightly bound each wrist to the bench opposite the one to which he was laid. He felt like a vertical Jesus lying bursa elit escort there helplessly. Peter looked at the twine which tied his wrists and noticed they were the hacked off strings from the goddess’ black and pink panties which lay by his feet on the floor. Very inventive he thought to himself. He watched amazed as the goddess stood astride him and felt an eclipse cross his face as the goddess’ huge, bouncing breasts shadowed his face as she straddled him. He prepared his body to be crushed and was surprised when he felt her gently hovering over his now fully erect, and awaiting cock. The goddess smiled down at him as she looked down into his beautiful blue eyes. She slowly rubbed her hot, moist cunt over the tip of his cock. Peter was breathless and felt his prick pulsating as it tried to enter her red-hot pussy.

“How much do you want me to fuck you right now?” the goddess asked teasingly.

“Oh…you have no idea how much I long for you!” Peter cried as he was trying to escape his constraints so he could grab the goddess and force her onto his wanting, hard cock…but it was no use. She had tied him up using a tight slipknot from which there was no escape. The goddess continued to taunt Peter by sliding against his throbbing phallus and taunted it by letting it inch its way inside her only to be cruelly ushered out again at her choosing. He groaned and rocked his body to and fro to try and set himself free. The goddess laughed. She did so enjoy her little power games, but this young stud turned her on immensely and she was teasing herself as much as she was him. Without warning she plunged hard onto Peter’s cock and rode him hard and fast. Her heavy breasts swung like pendulums before his spellbound eyes. Peter greedily sucked on each nipple every chance he got.

They both sounded like wild animals as they groaned and cried out in pleasure. The goddess felt the juices gushing out of her pussy as she once again came hard and fast. Peter clenched his fingers as he felt himself about to explode. The goddess felt his balls tighten against her buttocks and knew he would ejaculate soon, so she raised herself up, and as she did so, she grabbed Peter’s pounding cock and rubbed her cum on it, lubricating her anus with it. Gently she eased him inside of her and they only managed a couple of strokes before she felt his warm spunk erupt inside of her. The goddess got up and casually walked over to the shower. She wouldn’t give Peter the gratification of knowing that was the best sex she had ever had. In fact, it took all of her strength not to buckle on the floor like a newborn foal. The goddess walked over to the shower and washed away the cum which was running out of her ass and dripping down her legs.

Peter strained to watch her.”Are you going to untie me?” he said, laughing and trying to keep the panic out of his voice.

“Have you forgotten your manners, boy?” the goddess asked in amusement.

“Sorry!” a hangdog Peter replied, “will you please untie me, Mistress?”

He continued with as much respectfulness as he could summon.

“No,” the goddess said as she turned off the shower tap and walked into the small cubicle without so much as a backward glance at the restrained Peter. Before he could say another word she nonchalantly added, “Get your friend to help you…after all he’s been masturbating while watching us for the last twenty minutes or so…it’s the least he could do.”

Peter felt alarmed and quickly looked over to the crude gap in the wall, which earlier had been his spy hole…, how ironic he thought. He was just in time to see an eye dart away from the hole and heard the noise of someone zipping their pants up. This day had gone from the best one of his life to the worst in a matter of minutes.

As he watched the goddess emerge fully dressed from the cubicle he knew there was no point in wasting his time begging her to untie him.

Instead he just lay there with his cock getting hard again and asked with a cheeky glint in his eye, “Any chance of your phone number…Mistress?”

The goddess stopped for a moment and eyed up her young new sex slave. She was wearing a shade of lipstick she liked to call ‘Blow Job Red’.

“You’ll find my cell phone number on the wall in that cubicle,” she said, indicating one with a nod, “written in red lipstick! Call me by 9pm tonight, boy…or you WILL be severely punished!”

Without a backward glance the goddess disappeared out of the room…but not out of Peter’s life. She smiled smugly to herself when, just before she left the building, she saw a small gang of boys rushing into the shower rooms where she had so cruelly left her new plaything. They were all carrying their camera cell phones, excitedly discussing the embarrassing photographs they were about to take.

Peter laid on the bench a satisfied man. He didn’t care that he was about to be teased to hell and back…instead he closed his eyes and thought about what he would be doing later that night. He didn’t open them again until someone took pity on him and emancipated him from his restraints. Peter was going to enjoy having a mistress!

The End.

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