The Healthclub

Anal Fucking

I met Lisa at the health club. For weeks we kept bumping into each other during our workouts. We’d make small talk about nothing for a couple of minutes, but would go our separate ways. She was cute with an engaging smile and bright green eyes that lit up. I was secretly captivated by her and would plan my workouts around the time I expected to see her.

One afternoon I saw her as we were both leaving the club. She smiled and greeted me.

“Hey you, how was your workout?”

“Good, I ran four miles in 30 minutes, you?” I asked.

“Spin class. I feel invigorated.”

There was one of those short uncomfortable pauses. I worked up the nerve to ask to spend some time together.

“Why don’t we…” I hesitated for a second, “that is, if you have a minute, maybe we can grab that cup of coffee we’ve been talking about.” I felt clumsy, like a teenage boy asking a crush to a movie.

“Sure!” She replied without hesitation. “My apartment is right around the corner, I’ll whip something up.”

We walked the couple of blocks to her building. She was excited and in our short walk we seemed to talk about everything. Sports; she was a baseball fan; movies, television, past relationships; it was a crazy conversation. And when we reached her apartment we settled into the sofa and kept talking, without even thinking about the coffee. Lisa’s eyes absolutely sparkled.

“I’m so rude,” she said as she reached out and touched my arm, “I haven’t offered you anything to drink. What can I get you?”

“Actually, I’m good.” I replied.

I slid my arm back slowly, to put her hand in mine. The conversation stopped as our fingers interlocked. I never knew that the simple act of holding hands could be so sensuous and erotic. I felt myself getting aroused. Almost instinctively we turned and locked our other hands together too.

I’m not really sure if I kissed her, or she kissed me. I guess it doesn’t really matter, but we turned to face each other and softly pressed our lips together. We stayed like that for several minutes; both hands linked together, lips kissing. Her mouth was soft and her lips moist.

At one point we separated, a little embarrassed, but the chemistry between us was overpowering and we gave in to our passion. We unlinked our hands and explored each other’s bodies. Our kisses became more passionate. I kissed her neck and ears. I traced her lips very lightly with my tongue and she responded in-kind. My hands fumbled for the buttons of her blouse, undoing them one by one as I found them. She untucked my shirt and ran her fingers beneath it across my chest.

We became even more aggressive. I unfastened the last button of her blouse and pull it back over her shoulders. One by one she pulled each arm free of the sleeves, and returned her hands to me. I ran my fingers under a strap of her bra and lowered it over her arm. Again she pulled her arm free, so I gently peeled the cup off her breast, exposing her. I stared at her firm round breast as I massaged the small brown nipple with my fingers, making it firm and erect.

Lisa ran both her hands under my shirt as she bit hard on my neck. The pain shot through my body and caused my crotch to throb. She used her hands to grab çorum escort my shirt from inside and tugged both my tee and shirt hard over my head. The shirt stopped at my hands, handcuffing my arms over my head. Lisa grinned slyly at my predicament, and carefully lowered my arms behind my back, still bound within the sleeves of my shirt.

With both hands, she shoved hard on my bare chest, knocking me back onto the sofa. Lisa then pounced like a cat from above, landing her mouth on my left nipple. She massaged it briefly with her tongue before biting on it firmly. I yelled in pain, but she simply sucked my chest harder.

Her hands unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants. She reached in to free my hardness, which she inspected carefully. She then tugged my pants and boxers completely off in a single motion. Her attention then returned to my middle, which she popped into her mouth with a deep moan.

I lay back on the couch, with my arms secured behind my back. My nipple tingled with pain where she had bit me, but my cock throbbed in the warm wet pleasure of her mouth. Giving pleasure, however, wasn’t Lisa’s plan. No, she was simply building her own state of arousal. So long before I could release into her mouth, she stood up to peel off her clothes.

She started by unhooking and dropping her bra. Then, in a deliberate tease, she slowly unzipped her pants, dropped them over her knees, and kicked them off. She slid a hand briefly into her panties to massage her clit, closing her eyes and drawing a breath with her touch. Lisa then dropped the panties to the floor.

I watched her as she sat next to me on the sofa, and spread her legs. She didn’t utter a word, but instead grabbed me firmly by the neck with both hands, pulling me back toward her. As I rocked toward her, she pushed down hard on my shoulders, sending me to the floor. I ended up kneeling in front of her with my arms still bound behind my back. She cradled my head gently, and lowered my face between her legs.

At first it was awkward balancing in that position. But I spread my knees and was able to bend over, pressing my mouth to her mound. Her shortly cropped hair was already wet, and my mouth easily slipped between her lips. With my tongue I explored until I found her clit. She pressed her hips forward to assure I on was on the right spot.

Lisa was in complete control of the action. When she needed a firmer touch, she pushed her hips forward into my face. When she wanted a lighter touch, she pulled back slightly. At times she pressed down on my head to have me explore her swollen wet hole. Then she lifted me back to her clit. This may have gone on for several minutes, I can’t say because I had completely lost track of the time. I was so turned on by her, by being her bound slave, that I would have done anything.

She was totally silent as she concentrated on the sensations of my mouth on her pussy. Her hips rolled rhythmically and her stomach muscles tightened. Her abs were hard, flat, tight, and throbbing. And the throbbing moved down lower and lower between her legs until finally she clenched so tightly that I could no longer press my tongue inside her. Then with a very quiet “uh”, like she had denizli escort been hit in the stomach, she released.

When I finally looked up at her, she had a look of desperation in her eyes. “I want you inside me!” she said as she pulled me up off my knees. With one hand she took the tip of my hard cock and with the other she cradled my balls. Lisa then pulled me to her crotch, guiding me into her, and wrapping her legs around me to seal the deal. She put her hands behind my neck, and pushed her feet up under my hands behind my back. The heel of one foot pressed between the cheeks of my ass. She tightened her legs around me to draw me deep inside her.

I tried to bend down to kiss her, but I could not keep my balance. So we locked our eyes instead, in a stare of absolute passion. Using only my hips, I thrust myself in and out of her, raising our level of arousal even higher. She controlled the pace and rhythm with her legs. We both breathed deeply to hold back our climax. I was still her bound sex slave, and I was beyond all inhibitions; we would do anything.

“I can’t hold it much longer,” she struggled to say.

But as the words came out of her mouth, the door unlocked and someone entered the room. “Shit! It’s my roommate.”

I instinctively tried to pull out, but she held me firmly in place with her legs. “Don’t stop!” She whispered, “I’m so close.”

“Shit,” it was a man’s voice, “sorry Lisa! I didn’t know you were in.”

“For crissake Bryan,” she panted, “close the door. And don’t just stand there gawking, leave, or join in or something.”

Did she say what I thought she said? It didn’t matter much, because now she was more desperate than ever. The surprise had dropped her arousal, and she bucked hard to get it back. She began coaxing me.

“Come on baby.” She whispered.

“He’s gone now baby. Give it to me baby,” she continued.

“That’s it. Honey, I’m getting there again. Ooooooo, you are good. It feels sooooo good.” She said as her eyes rolled back.

But Bryan was not gone. Instead he had climbed onto the sofa next to us with his shirt pulled off and his pants pulled down to this thighs. He pressed his hips forward, placing his own hardness directly between our faces.

I had never seen an aroused man, in person, before. His stomach was flat, firm, and completely hairless. And he apparently shaved himself as there was not a single pubic hair on him. He was a young man, but the lack of hair made him look almost boyish. From my position, though, I could not see his face.

His cock was hard, straight, and pointing up in a ten o’clock angle. He was shaped differently then me; I have a slight curve and am a little thicker in the shaft than the head. He was almost perfectly straight, with an even thickness. He was long, much longer than me, but not very thick. The skin on the head was pink and smooth. His shaft had huge crooked veins running up the side.

Lisa reached up to take him by the base of his member. She looked at it, studying it momentarily, while I continued to thrust into her. She opened her mouth to take him in, but he drew back.

“No, Lisa,” he said quietly, “not you. Him.”

I hadn’t time diyarbakır escort to consider what he just said, when she guided him to my face. He pressed his hips forward, and I felt the smoothness of the tip pass through my lips. He pushed more and I felt the veins of the shaft. Almost unconsciously, I started pumping my hips harder into Lisa. Bryan rocked himself ever so gently; slightly in and out of my mouth.

My head was swimming and animal instincts simply took over. Lisa drew her legs from around my back and pulled her knees up high against her sides. From this position I could push into her even deeper. My pumping made a slapping sound that filled the room with the noise of sex.

I was so beyond the point of having inhibitions that I adjusted to the shock of having a cock inside my mouth. I didn’t bob my head on him; instead I let him control the rhythm; he didn’t thrust down my throat, instead I felt his tip landing in my cheek. I didn’t suck either, but I pressed my tongue underneath the tip where I could massage its’ most sensitive spot. I could feel him get harder in my mouth.

“That’s so hot!” I heard Lisa moan. She was getting more animated, and directed the action like a symphony conductor.

“Yeah.” Bryan groaned deeply. “mmmmm.”

But mostly it was Lisa. She kept repeating over that over, “That’s soooo hot!”

We seemed to catch a rhythm. My thrusting and his thrusting timed in perfect synchronization. Lisa directing it all, sometimes asking for faster, sometimes she asked for harder, and sometimes she called to slow down. Then we’d build into another rhythmic crescendo. The room filled with the sounds of sex; the slapping of bodies; and the moans of ecstasy.

“I’m going to cum,” Lisa was almost crying, “I don’t want to hold it any longer.”

But it was Bryan who released first. Lisa’s hand, still at the base of his long cock, felt his throbbing, signaling that he was reaching that point of no return.

She encouraged him, “yes, yes, yes, do it, do it, fill his mouth, this is sooooo hot! Do it! Do it!”

He froze suddenly, pressing deeply into my mouth and firmly against the inside of my cheek. Warm thick fluid exploded out of him for several seconds. He must not have had sex in several days, because my mouth filled up with the thick cum; lots and lots of the warm cum. He held himself perfectly still, holding his breath, and waiting. No one uttered a sound until I swallowed, then he let out a long and loud groan of relief. His cock quickly shrunk and slipped out from my mouth.

I finally pulled free of my shirt and wrapped my arms around Lisa. She drew my face to hers and we locked our mouths together. I pounded against her hard and fast as her tongue explored my mouth. She tasted Bryan’s cum and her own juices, driving her to her point of no return. She sucked my upper lip between her teeth and bit down gently.

Lisa announced her orgasm with a quiet high pitched squeal; it went on for several seconds “uh….uh….uh….uh….uh” holding my lip in her teeth the entire time. Then she released with a deep raspy groan.

I too could take no more. I thrust deeply, and with Lisa holding me firmly inside her, I shot my semen into her. The warm cum filled her wet pussy, making it feel loose and sloppy on my cock. But I remained hard and continued to gently rock with her as we came down from our sexual high with our mouths together. Lisa and I passed out together, cuddling under a blanket. Bryan was long gone, I realized I never saw his face.

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