The Houseguest Ch. 04


It took about three minutes for all of us to get naked and into the hot tub. The water felt great with the jaccuzi jets on and there was enough room to stretch out a bit and not be too crowded. Jill and Angie were sitting beside each other, Cassie across from them between Rich and I. Jill was caressing Angie’s breasts and Angie had her head back and was in a very relaxed state. I felt Cassie’s hand brush against my thigh and looked at her, she smiled and winked, then got a hold of my semi erect member. Rich was staring intently at Jill who was really getting into rubbing Angie all over.

I almost immediately got hard as a rock at Cassie’s touch and she closed her hand around me and started to slowly pump up and down on my cock.

Angie and Jill were kissing again and I noticed that Rich had moved a bit further around to that side, he looked at me as if to ask permission, I just nodded and smiled. Cassie put her head over onto my shoulder and moved her leg up over mine all the while still stroking me.

I turned my head to get into a position where I could kiss those fantastic lips of hers and she responded very rapidly to it. She was extremely passionate as most Latinas are and very into the kissing thing, I moved a hand up and began to caress her breasts while we kissed, she moaned and moved in closer to me urging me on.

After what seemed like minutes, I broke the kiss and looked over to see what was going on across the tub, I saw that Rich had stood up and was right next to Jill, she had turned her head and was moving up and down on his pole with her lips and tongue, still playing with Angie’s nipples at the same time.

Angie was moaning and had moved her hand down between her legs, I knoew what she was doing.

Cassie erzincan escort was stroking my cock faster and whispered to me that she wanted to feel my tongue on her nipples, I quickly obliged her without a second thought.

We all kind of got out of the tub at the same time as if it were a telepathic signal we received, and Angie suggested we return to the TV room, which we did. There is a large number of pillows that are laying around there, on a the deep pile carpet, it makes for a very relaxing place to hang out and do whatever.

Angie lay down on her back facing us, we could see her image still on the screen, and now herself in the flesh imitating what was being shown on the TV.

It was strange in a way but very erotic. Jill crawled over to her and began to run her tongue up Angie’s legs, first one then the other, working slowly upwards to her thighs and now soaking wet pussy.

Cassie watched intently and then she too approached the other two women and began to kiss and lick Angie’s breasts and nipples. Rich and I sat there enjoying the show.

The action got hotter and hotter as the time went by, there were hands , tongues, fingers and mouths everywhere between the three of them, I was stroking my cock as I watched and so was Rich, I felt close to cumming, and I think he did as well, we both seemed to increase our strokes at the same time.

Just then Jill noticed that we were both jerking off intently and she stopped what she was doing and told us to slow down a bit. The other two women also stopped and now Rich and I were on display for them to see.

I continued to stroke myself as did he and the women were staring at us while they teased us with a little playing erzurum escort of their own.

Cassie made another off-the-cuff comment that may or may not have been intentionally said out loud, but it was something to the effect of wanting to see Rich and I suck each other’s cocks.

I don’t know what happened at that point, or why, because I have never had any inclination of ever doing that with another guy, but we both seemed to gravitate toward one another without a word and work ourselves into a side by side sixty nine.

I felt Rich’s mouth close over my shaft and felt him sucking me into his throat and I just instinctively followed through and took his cock into my mouth too, it’s like there wasn’t any time to think about what we were doing, we just went with it, and now we were engaged in a torrid session of cocksucking.

I felt his tongue and mouth moving all over my shaft and balls and his hands were on my ass cheeks pulling me closer to him. I worked his cock into my mouth, taking it as deep as I could without choking, and from where I was laying I could look slightly to the right and see the three of them watching us.

Angie was sitting there wide-eyed, like she could not believe what she was seeing, as was Jill…. Cassie seemed to be the only one of the three that wasn’t somewhat shocked, but after all it was her idea.

I stopped for a moment and Rich must have sensed something because he too pulled away from me.

We turned around and looked at the women, I was the first to say something, although I can’t remember the exact wording.

Angie must have understood, because she nodded and smiled and I felt that she was okay at that point with what was going on. Rich eskişehir escort asked if they wanted us to continue our ‘show’ for them, and they all nodded and cuddled up to each other.

He looked at me and I gave him a look that said ‘fine with me’.

I stood up and turned towards him, he remained sitting and then pulled me closer to him, my cock guided right into his waiting mouth. I spread my legs a bit and I felt his hand work up my inner thigh and around my butt. He started to play with my anus and I reached back to push his hand up closer as an encouragement. He worked his finger into my ass and I felt like I was going to cum right there as he found the spot. He sucked me in deeper and had his other hand caressing my balls as he fucked my ass with his fingers….. I looked at the women, they were really into this as well, all of them playing with themselves as they watched.

Cassie said she wanted to see Rich fuck me in the ass with his cock instead of his finger and to my surprise Angie said ” yeah, I’d like to see that too.” Jill agreed and I felt like we were being ordered to proceed to yet another level almost with a robot-like response to their wishes.

Jill got up and hurried out of the room, returning almost instantly with a bunch of sex toys, lubricant and other assorted items from the bedroom.

Cassie lay down in front of me with her legs wide open, her soaking wet pussy staring me in the face,

” Come lick me, she ordered” I got down on my hands and knees in front of her and did as I was told.

I felt a couple of pairs of hands on my ass and knew it was Angie and Jill getting ready to lube my ass for Rich to fuck. They applied the warm liquid and one of them inserted a finger into my ass, moving all around and loosening me up. I wasn’t sure which one, but I didn’t really care at that point. Then Rich moved around in front of me and I could see Cassie take his cock into her mouth as he knelt down over her face.

I continued to eat her feverishly and Jill and Angie worked on my ass and cock.

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