The International Game Ch. 01

Big Tits

Cassandra wants to go places and is a hard worker but always seems to find trouble. I’m her girlfriend and lover, trying desperately to reconnect across oceans to be with her. To hold her, comfort her and protect her from those men. This is her story as she told it to me.

Cassandra has a work visa trying to earn enough money to bring me over. She was lucky enough to find a day job cleaning this huge home nestled away in a private cove near Malibu and also works as a stripper at night. Cassandra has dark green eyes which seem to penetrate your soul and a full-lipped pout which always seems to be calling out for a kiss or nibble.

She is 5′ 9″ with deep auburn hair and milky white skin like cream. Her frame is curvy with 38 D size breasts with pink, large nipples. When Cassandra is aroused, they must stand a full inch out. Perfect for pulling and sucking. Her waist is curved in perfectly to hold her while manipulating those full hips over you for exact placement. Then my favorite part of Cassandra’s supple body, her derrière. Plump, squeezable and a gorgeous upside down heart as if drawn straight from a comic strip. This beautiful butt blends into strong solid thighs and calves.

She prides herself on her legs as she works out nightly on the pole to tone and hone her skills of climbing, swinging without hands and sliding up and down. She only has one luxury. Cassandra never misses a chance to pamper herself with a pedicure and always paints on a shade of deep red to match her head. She enjoys placing her naked, pretty toes on my chest. Or with her customers at the club, her toes will peek out from her “fuck me” pumps so she can admire her own cute toes.

She loves dancing and being watched as she grinds herself on stage in a seductive way. Since California allows for totally nude clubs, she is able to bump her nipples onto the cold, slick pole as she climbs in order to make those nipples stand at complete attention for her entire performance, no matter how hot and sweaty she may become as she moves. I become intoxicated by just watching her sway and grind her body, so I can understand how easy it is for those men to think that she is dancing just for them. Controlled by their visual glare.

She was completely surprised the other night when she realized that one of those glares came from the step-son of the owner of her day job, Mark. He is a privileged young man of 22 who is used to getting what he wants with no limits. He has it all, the cars, the clothes but usually seems shy or even sad; however, tonight he appeared focused and determined. His stare was intense like he was trying to prove himself.

Cassandra gathered her emotions and kept performing, but couldn’t avoid his burning eyes. Mark was there with a group of friends and they kept raining dollars on her which forced her to maintain her position near Mark. The club was unusually slow that night so Cassandra couldn’t extract herself from the situation by dancing for others. If she had moved away, the manager would have become upset. Eventually, Cassandra’s songs did thankfully end and the DJ called up new girls.

She knew she also needed to leave the main room to avoid Mark and his friends awaiting lap dances. Cassandra was scared that any interaction with him might jeopardize her primary job in which she had listed on her visa documentation. Thinking quickly, she offered a free dance to a regular customer and was able to escape. As she led the man to the back room, she glanced back towards Mark who was still keeping her in his sight but now also had a slight grin.

Cassandra did admit to me that she was nervous about going to work the next day. She knew Mark would probably be there; however, Cassandra was also strangely aroused by the potential encounter. The next morning came and she entered the quiet home, glancing around and seeing no one. This allowed her a moment of relief and she felt her tension escape. But just as she relaxed, Cassandra jumped Belek escort nearly a foot when her phone vibrated in her pocket. Instantly this anxiety also made her wet for no real reason. She looked down at the cell phone’s screen and saw a new message from an unknown sender. It read:

“You definitely need to have your hands secured and attached to the ceiling. That way I have access to your entire body. I’m going to tease you the way you teased me last night…running my fingers all over your body…touching your lips …around your breasts…down your stomach and then between your legs with only the lightest brushing over and around your clit. Spreading your legs slightly, I will grab your soft cheeks and spread your ass…moving my fingers so gently down…back & forth…always close but never truly touching.”

Cassandra had to stop reading to make sure she was still breathing. One deep breath inhaled ever so slowly was what she needed to continue reading.

“You will beg. You will plead with me to go further. You will truly want me to do more than lightly touch the safe zones. Only when you sincerely beg and apologize to me for being a tease, will I begin to touch you, kiss you, pinch you and squeeze you…only then will I let you lick and suck my fingers. I will bring you to the edge, but I will not allow you to cum until I believe you are deeply sorry for teasing me with your dancing last night. I don’t know how long you can last, but I will tease and play with you all day and night…”

Cassandra didn’t realize that she had continued to hold her breath while reading this last part until she released it with a low gasp. She thought to herself, ‘How did he know I was here? Does he know my schedule or does he have cameras or both?’ She also was confused by her odd response of arousal to the words he wrote. While always enjoying sex for sex, no matter the gender, she couldn’t wrap her head around this young man being interested in her.

She prided herself in her appearance for pushing 40 but she was the oldest stripper at the club. Cassandra had girlfriends with sons Mark’s age. While standing there frozen, thinking, her cell vibrated again. It was the same number and again she felt controlled by an outside force to read it. Breathe, she reminded herself. It read:

“Once I decide you’re ready, I will blindfold you, unhook you, and lead you to the bed where I take each hand and lash each to a bed post. I’ll also put a pillow under your ass to give me easier access. Kneeling next to you, I’ll take your hair tightly in one hand and my now hard cock in the other. All you get to do at first is use your tongue. You don’t deserve to lick me yet. If you try, I’ll just yank you by the hair and only rub it across your lips.”

Cassandra stopped reading. Her pulse had quickened and the phone shook slightly in her hand. The text continued on:

“Lick it good and I will let you suck the head. Get it good and wet so I can rub it across your nipples. Do you deserve to suck more of me? I want to hear you say it. Then, and only then will I let you take me into your mouth. I will let you build up a rhythm before I decide to just grab hold of you with both hands and fuck your mouth hard, deep until your face is buried against me over and over and over…”

There was panic. She looked everywhere for the cameras. Cassandra knew he had to be watching her, watching her reaction. She then saw it, a small lens, hidden in the book case’s wooden design. She even startled herself by walking right up to the camera and smiling this coyingly sweet smile while she started to strip. Cassandra didn’t know what took over her. Why was she even encouraging him? She knew she could lose her job which was definitely important to her and me. But she just couldn’t resist the taboo nature of the game he was playing with her.

She was enjoying this game too. Besides Cassandra thought, how is it different from stripping? As she Belek escort bayan swayed like she was back on stage, her shoulder bumped into something hanging from the ceiling. Cassandra froze. ‘Where did that come from?’ Panic arose in her throat again. Immediately her cell phone buzzed again. She glanced down at the screen with a pit in her stomach. All it read was:

“Cuff yourself to the hanging strap.”

Her heartbeat raced further. She thought his words were just words with some voyeurism thrown in through the camera for good kinky measure. However, this was something else. A whole new level of need and desire. Cassandra almost didn’t recognize her emotions as she quivered in anticipation towards the sexual unknown. She nearly melted into a pool of hot liquid as she touched the cold metal of the cuffs and then fingered it’s smoothness.

Opening the cuffs first and then clicking them on her wrist was an act of simple pleasure. ‘Oh God!’ she thought. ‘ What have I done?’

Suddenly there was quiet, an eerie quiet for what seemed like hours even though she knew it was only minutes. A slow creak sounded from the far side of the room. Cassandra swung around, pinching her wrists a bit. She saw him. Mark had the same smirk on his face as in the club. It was a half smile, half sneer and… possibly a hint of nervousness? He slowly walked towards her, never taking his eyes off her as he approached.

Finally, he spoke but with a whisper and with hot breath at her ear, “You’re a tease. You knew what you did to me and you kept doing it. I demand an apology and only then may I consider giving you the most sensual experience you’ve ever had.”

At first Cassandra couldn’t believe what she heard. How could she be a tease when she was just doing her work as a stripper? Damn it! Mark walked into her club! But then different emotions stirred and she became more annoyed than astonished. ‘Here was a young man who had the gall to think he could show her such an experience when she was nearly twice his age!’

But, now she has gone and cuffed herself to this rope while she swings around him in her panties and lacy bra. She was lost in her thoughts when she realized Mark had touched her, ever so softly, barely brushing her lips with his finger tips. Cassandra stopped thinking, worrying, contemplating the results of her quick decision to lock those cuffs. ‘Could she trust him like she trusts me?’ she questioned.

His fingers continued to tickle down her neck, barely there yet sending streams of electricity shooting down her spine. She remembered his text, ‘running his fingers all over her body until she begged…’ Pop! Her bra was unhooked, his fingers encircling her flesh around the curve of her bosom. Slowly he moved up her breast. So light, barely there. Yet Cassandra was on her toes, unconsciously arching her back. He circled her nipple while her muscles tensed. The sensation kept growing even though the touch was so soft, even gentle. She was growing hot and she wanted more. Mark’s fingers slid into the band of her panties.

Damn! It WAS such a tease. Snap! He had popped the elastic and it stung her. This made her more alert and focused now. Of course, this was his intention as he started sliding her panties over her hips. Cassandra felt like Mark wanted her aware of all aspects of this encounter. Her panties creeped down her legs as if dripping off her like water. Puddling on the floor around her feet. She slowly stepped out of each leg hole.

Mark laughed an almost sadistic sound and this caught her off guard. She shared with me that she thought he might be trying to sound mean or forceful but it came off wrong. He sternly said, “You slut. How long have you wanted this? If I hadn’t walked into that club, I might never had known.”

Mark started to touch her everywhere yet nowhere that would be considered sexual.

“Apologize!” Mark barked.

Once again Cassandra was stunned into Escort Belek alertness and said “I’m truly sorry that you thought I was teasing you. I was startled by seeing you and your friends and they kept dropping money on me, forcing me to stay near them and you.”


The handcuffs opened, but simultaneously a blindfold covered her eyes.

He started to lead her. Cassandra could hear the material of his slacks brush as he walked. Mark was still clothed while she was completely naked. Not that she wasn’t used to being naked in front of clothed people, an occupational hazard and all. But this was a home, not the club. This was completely different. He layed her down on the bed and Mark did as he said he would with his previous text message. Mark started to tease her with his cock at her mouth. Not really letting her suck it.

Cassandra felt she could show him a thing or two about oral sex satiation. She was good at it with men and women. I know she thoroughly enjoys pleasing you with her tongue AND she’s creative. Just like her dancing style, she builds up to the main event. Cassandra will let you know she’s there but allows you to control the movement as you grind or enter her mouth at the rhythm you desire.

Shit! Mark suddenly thrusted himself into her. He wasn’t huge in girth or length, she told me. So she could handle it but the suddenness of having his 6 inches tickling the back of her throat was shocking. Cassandra gathered herself and took several deep breaths through her nose while relaxing her throat to accept his rod easier while starting to enjoy the task.

Mark then reached down and felt how totally wet Cassandra was while flicking her clit. She said she went wild because usually, when she’s with men, it is very one sided. The man gets off and, if she’s lucky, he will return the favor. But here’s a young man who already knew how to pleasure a woman while holding his own.

Mark said in a deep low voice, “I love seeing how you jump and moan with my cock still buried in your mouth Cassandra. But remember, I will decide when to play with other parts of you. First, I’ll kneel between your legs and raise them…spreading all of you open to me. Then, I will slowly rub myself along your now throbbing clit, back and forth. Do you want that Cassandra?”

She couldn’t fully answer while he was still pounding her mouth but was able to mumble a positive sound around his penis and emphatically nod her head. At that confirmation, Mark pulled out of her mouth and she grabbed his shaft upon impulse, at the last second she grabbed him with her lips and it made a loud popping sound. He was pleasantly surprised by the sensation this created she thought because he had to stop and gather himself for a moment. Possibly he needed to slow the eventual orgasm but instead he said, “Bad Girl and now I will have to take it further then you may have imagined this going.”

Mark moved down along her pussy, spreading her silky wetness and mixing it with his pre-cum until he stopped at Cassandra’s rosebud. He started to push just enough for her to think that he just may fuck her in her ass. However, he stopped.

I fondly remembered that Cassandra always enjoyed a strap on but that we hadn’t moved to a full sized dildo. She said she was nervous and excited at the same time. But Mark suddenly began to slowly move away and inch himself up until entered her now soaking sweet spot while rubbing her clit with his finger.

At this point in the game, Cassandra told me she couldn’t contain herself as she strained, trying to work her hips towards him…trying to make him take her. Okay, I admit I was a bit jealous. I knew how delicious Cassandra could be and how she could consume you. I remember how she becomes so wet…dripping her juices down to her ass while begging you to take her deeper with your fingers or toy and now Mark is doing this to her and not me!

Cassandra heard my stillness, recognized that inner jealousy demon and tried to soothe me. She told me how she loved me and to hang in there. ‘Let her finish the story she says.’ Cassandra promises I will be ecstatically happy at the end. I sigh, push down the boiling green monster and succumb to hearing her words some more.

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