The Lamb


Max had just finished working his body to exhaustion for the third time this week. Perhaps he kept going to see the sexy little brunette in the aerobics room whenever he was there. He’d caught her eye on more than one occasion, but never for too long. He felt there was something between them, but couldn’t put his finger on it. He toweled off his glistening ebony form, muscles rippling under his sweat stained shirt just as she rounded the corner and met him face to face…

Max looked straight into her eyes for a second, but she blushed and lowered her eyes as she tried to scurry by. Max reached out and grabbed her, pulling her back to meet his gaze.

“Is it just me or is there something going on here?” he asked.

The brunette never daring to meet his gaze couldn’t help but reach out and run her soft hand against his thick veiny arms, cooing quietly under her breath. Max smiled. He took her by the hand and lead her to the staircase at the far end of the gym, closing the door behind them as they rushed to be alone. He pinned her to the wall, enveloping his hot hungry mouth over hers, tongues dueling feverishly. She was helpless under his forceful touch. her body seemed to Escort bayan have a mind of its own, grinding savagely against Max, her breasts crushed against his heaving pecs. It was all she could do to wrap her tiny arms around his massive back, digging her nails into his skin as he fed on her…

Max reached around with a powerful arm and grabbed a fistful of the vixen’s hair, pulling down hard and exposing the tender flesh of her neck as well as the top of her supple cleavage. He affixed his greedy mouth on her nipple, sucking as if it was his last meal.

The vixen felt as if he was sucking her very soul thru her breast. She was overwhelmed. Here she was… a married woman no less… in the back stairway of a health club, writhing under the grip of a savagely sexual beast. And she loved it. But how could she? How could the lamb ache to be food for this wolf?

Max pulled away and forced the vixen to her knees. He undid his sweatpants very slowly, seeing the gaze of lust in the little lamb’s eyes. After what seemed like and eternity to her, he unleashed the thickest cock she’d ever seen… thick and veiny… bobbing seductively close to her mouth. Bayan escort

Dare she take it into her mouth? Did Adam have the same quandary, before he ate of the fruit from the tree of life?

It was beyond her now. Max grabbed her head and guided his monster to the vixen’s all too willing mouth…

She sucked greedily… savagely… like a mad whore satisfying an angry pimp. Max watched his ebony shaft stretch her tiny lips, moist with a mix of saliva and his juice. He pumped her mouth over and over… deeper and deeper… harder and harder… his heavy, hairy balls slapping her chin as she vowed to suck his soul from him, straight thru his cock.

She was beyond aroused at this point… her sopping pussy threatening to explode, flooding the entire building. She ached to grab at her clit as she sucked Max’s cock.

“No”, said Max. “I’ll tell you when. “

She thought she would lose her mind. She was sucking the thickest meat she ever had stretch her mouth, dripping pussy juice, and this bastard wouldn’t let her cum.

Max loved it; he loved seeing her struggle with his will. And he knew he would prevail. He always does. Escort

Max pushed her off of his shaft, his precum dripping from her greedy lips. He reached down and lifted her right in the air, legs and all.

He set her on his throbbing cock and lifted her up and down on it… fucking her mercilessly. She was filled over and over with his electric cock, gloriously sending her into orbit again and again…

Her clit was on fire. She ground it angrily against Max as she tried to augment his animal thrusts. She felt her very sanity slipping as he pounded her over and over and over… breasts flopping uncontrollably. Max was close… very close.

His muscles flexed with his effort to delay his explosion. He grunted like an animal as his body crashed over and over into his hot little fuck. She felt him… growing thicker right inside of her. She dug her nails in deep as she felt his cock tear thru her, almost to the back of her throat. He was fucking her… fucking her right out of her mind. That thick veiny cock plowing in and out… in and out… in and out as he held her airborne like some puppet for his pleasure. She started to whimper as she felt his manhood jump inside her releasing a torrent of his juices deep inside her. Her whole body went limp as she felt her own orgasm wash over her… Max lay her spent body on the floor, a quivering heap… She felt used, exhausted, elated…

“You’re marked now… ” said Max, “as mine. “

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