The Library Basement


“That fraternity fire was very serious and could’ve been worse. You could’ve been criminally charged with arson. As it is, you are suspended for the rest of the spring semester with eligibility for reinstatement in September to continue with your sophomore year. Are we clear on this?”

“Yes, Dr. Anderson. I promise I’ll work hard to get reinstated.”

She leaned forward and smiled at me and continued in a slightly reassuring manner.

“We realize it was a careless accident on the part of you and the others. There is private high school about a half hour away in need of a groundskeeper, general helper. Not too far from where you attended high school, if I remember correctly?”.

She handed me a brochure and I recognized it has Broylington Charter. My Claxdell High School golf team competed against them a couple times.

“It pays minimum wage, you’ll be happy to know. It’s fortunate I could arrange it for you. Good luck”.

I thanked her with a handshake and was well on my way to a wonderfully mundane world of lawn mowing and yard work, so I thought.

I worked the late shift starting mid afternoon just as students and faculty were preparing to leave at school day’s end. It was easy work as it gradually warmed up outside and the rest of the men and woman working maintenance, though courteous and helpful, generally kept to themselves. A particularly pleasant part of the day occurred when I would attend to an outdoor picnic area with nice floral-lined walkways. Students were rewarded for high grades and school honors with eating and socializing privileges there during the school day. Apparently, the school librarian enjoyed taking care of some of the flowers before leaving work. She seemed to always work late. Her look was of the stereotypical schoolmarm variety. She was a few years older than me, seemingly fit and built nice, although it was hard to tell as she usually dressed in ankle length floral print or gingham type dresses with high leather shoes and stiffy chin-high lace-work collars. She was rather square-jawed but in her own smooth delicate sort of way, especially when she smiled from behind a pair of almost awkwardly thick frameless glasses which gave her grayish blue eyes a kind of dreamy fluid mystic quality.

I would grab a smoke break in the picnic area after almost everyone but the night crew were gone, but she would often remain. It kept bugging me as to where I might have seen her before.

“No good smoking. Especially after your arson incident.”

“Oh you heard about that?”

“Dr. Anderson and I are very close. She helped come to this country when I was young. I remember you from Claxdell. I’m Thea”.

“Nice to meet, you. It’s Dave,” I held out my hand to hers, firm yet delicate, a little tense she was. “Now I remember. Theodosia Luben!”, I blurted out.

“Yes,” she smiled.

She was a bit more overweight back then and wore glasses that appeared even more cumbersome with thick frames. She had a thicker Eastern European accent back then and we know that she was older than students her own grade level for whatever reason. Strange that a librarian would have such vision problems but she was always there helping out Mrs. Hitchner. And even then she always enjoyed the gardening and horticultural magazines in our school library. I felt bad for her. Some of the guys made fun of her name, referring to her as “Douche Lube”. I wonder if she remembered me being there for that prank involving naughty librarian magazine photos inserted inside the display copy of “Horticultural Life” she always grabbed off the shelf.

There was an incline leading to a library annex with some sort of catty corner basement with windows to the outside. “If you must smoke, you can go here. Come.” she said abruptly but politely. She explained that this basement area was used primarily for storage of books and periodicals that were destined to be either rebound, discarded, or transferred to other networked library facilities. There was also a large round table with nicely upholstered furniture for us to sit in. A series of angled basement windows functioned almost like an atrium allowing for an attractive glow of natural light to filter down through the half filled stacks. The place could’ve featured in an Architectural Digest pictorial and thus it seemed a shame that it saw use solely as a storage area. Or so I thought. Thea also had use of a small but ultra-modern computer office tucked in the corner complete with small kitchen area and adjacent washroom.

She reached up and over to throw open the windows to let in more of the spring air, and, presumably so I could smoke but we ended up sitting around the table chatting a bit. “You were a few grades ahead of me right?” I asked.

“I was a senior, your sophomore year,” she said, “But because I lost everything in the Eastern Europe border turmoil I graduated high school in my early twenties, but was able to finish college and graduate school very early. Dr. Anderson and Arlene, er Mrs. Hitchner covered for me düzce escort but I suppose people could tell. My parents came from differing sides of old world aristocratic warring factions… “

She stopped talking abruptly and I tried to change the subject and end the awkward pregnant pause. “Well, you seem to have a great set up here. This is very nice. You’ve done well for yourself and achieved a lot.”

She smiled slightly and said, “Well it all came at a price. Michelle, now Dr. Anderson, handled all the paper work to establish me here safely, for which I am forever grateful. Arlene, old Mrs. Hitchner,” she continued, curling the sides of her lips and rolling her eyes, “Showed me the ropes about librarianship. I learned a lot, but she was a real tyrant. I worked long hours after my schooling. She treated my like her personal servant and threatened to go over Michelle’s head to have me deported if I complained too much.”

“Gosh, sorry to hear that”.

“Well, after a point, things got considerably better when I figured how to turn the tables on her,” she leaned forward grinning mischievously. “That prank your track team friends, whoever they were, that they played on us with the dirty magazine?”. She chuckled as I shifted in my chair uneasily.

“After the porn magazine fell out from the gardening journal onto the floor I hurried to scoop it up and throw into the trash back in the library office. Arlene demanded to know who the boys were who ran off, and then made me fish the magazine out of the trash so she could look at it. I said I only knew you but you had nothing to do with them.”

“Gee, thanks,” I laughed, “Hitchner must’ve been pissed.”

“Well, you know, she constantly had me running errands on top of my schooling, library duties, etc. Running to the store for food and personal items, even though I mostly rode a bike back and forth to school.

“Uh huh.”

“But going through a divorce and with no kids, she seemed very lonely. I was very naive about same sex attractions but I started to find it odd she would have me pick up things like bra and panties, female grooming items. As I was expected to keep the office and back washroom facilities squeaky clean, she seemed to preen and primp herself during the after school hours like she was showing off for me”.

“Oh”, I felt myself squirming a little inside yet kind of excited by Thea’s sudden candor about all this.

She leaned down and lifted her long cloth dress to undo her high lace up boots. “Did you need to smoke? I will make us some coffee.” she said

“Uh no, I’m fine. Coffee sounds good.

She kicked off her boots, revealing red nail polish matching her trimmed fingernails. Standing at the coffee maker she continued the story, “She sat at the desk looking through the magazine and seemed particularly interested in the pictures showing the stern librarian and her nubile assistants behind the stacks.” she winked and smiled at me as she brought us the coffee.

“Oh, thanks,” I replied, sipping the black coffee.

“It seemed with her marriage ending and all,” She continued, “That she became very conscious of middle age and of especially keeping her weight down. Not that she was very fat or anything. So my grocery list eventually consisted of juicing and cleansing products along with bras and panties. Hehehe. She coached me along with a lot of things and helped me make connections with lots of people places in the book world. As she started slimming down I’d notice how she would look me over and make comments comparing notes regarding her appearance with mine. Her attraction to me seemed odd at first but kind of flattering and she pretty much allowed me to act as sort of her nurse with her new health and dieting regimen. Eventually I found a way to take advantage.”

She sipped her coffee, and crossed her legs, removing her glasses and twisting them around as she leaned back in the chair and went on, “So one time I brought her a juice cleansing preparation that seemed a bit strong. I felt a little guilty but I did warn her. The next day, was a Friday and she didn’t show up to work, which was odd because she seldom missed work.”

“Oh?” I looked up from my coffee at her wondering where this was going.

“I organized the library for the day and took the afternoon off to go look after her. She was almost bedridden, exhausted, pale, and generally out of it. She seemed glad to see me there, not at all shy about me taking care of her at this point, so I undressed her and drew her bath.”

“Wow,” I said, starting to play this out excitedly in my head.

“Yes. Arlene Hitchner The Bitch Tyrant suddenly became my trusting little pet pussycat,” she giggled slyly. “She perked up quite a bit but still looked though she might pass out so I was still a little worried. I decided then and there I’d play around a bit. She at often hinted that “we girls” should spice things up lately so that day I was wearing shear bra and panties under my usually professional academic edirne escort dress. I apologized profusely in a dramatic display of false modesty and stripped down to my underwear so as not get my clothes wet so I could step into the tub to give her a nice scrubbing!”

I gulped my coffee and smiled back at her as she looked me over with brightened eyes, seemingly pleased with my excited interest in her story.

“I dried her and put a robe around her and led her back to her bed. Before I could put my dress back on she leaned over to say ‘Thank you, Thea dear and kissed both my breasts! So I had turned the tables on Head Librarian Hitchner!”.

“Wow,” was all I could say.

“So I guess I’m not the bookworm you all thought I was, huh?”

“Huh, Ha!” I exclaimed, “So what happened to her?”

“We lost touch after I went to the university. We called each other and wrote a couple times before she moved to a retirement condo in Florida somewhere. So, it’s kinda late for you. You never got your smoke break.”

“That’s Ok. Thanks for the coffee. See you Monday.”

“Yes, nice working with you. I’d like you to come here often to help with the shelves, organizing the office and things.”

“Ah Ok. Have a nice weekend”

“Thank you. You too David”.

I left that library basement thinking things were becoming much more interesting than mowing the lawn.

Over the weekend things became less tense with Mom and Dad as it looked as if Dr. Anderson was in my corner about getting reinstated so long as I “kept my nose clean”, as they say. I still got to hang out with some of my old high school crowd and my college buddies but steered clear of the fraternity guys.

“Good thing, you didn’t pledge,” my old school buddy Kyle remarked as we hit balls at the driving range. “Maybe you should go out with ‘Douche Lube’ “, he says mockingly.

“Stop that. She’s Ok. I’m lucky to have the gig, like Dr. Anderson said”.

Charlene was a different story. It was stressful enough her going farther away to college and me getting in trouble on top of it didn’t help. She seldom returned my calls anymore, so things seemed to be ending there. Dad liked having me around to help with home groundskeeping, in addition to my new position groundskeeping at the school, or library warehouse worker, whatever it seemed to be now. By Sunday evening I was a beat and hit the sack kind of early.

“The car hasn’t had a routine check up in a while. Dad needed to take it this morning. You can ride the bike to work just this once,” Mom says.

Just great. I oversleep and rush off having to take a bike for my probation review with Dr. Anderson. I walk up to the office in shorts, sneakers, and polo shirt apologizing in grand fashion to the dean for my tardiness. She grins at me in a friendly manner, “No problem. As you can see, honey, I’m off to a late start my self”. She winks at me and rises from her desk to and turns to get us coffees.

For sure, she seems a bit disheveled this morning, hair is rather straggly and greasy, no make-up and she’s wearing a pinkish fake fur housecoat and fuzzy slippers, like she just got up. Still it’s kinda hot. Just that I’m used to her dressed all spit and polish but seems this morning like she just stepped out of the bedroom.

“Thea is picking up a few things for us. She’ll be along in a bit.” She sits my coffee on top of a shelf next to me and props herself up casually on top of her desk facing me. She kicks off her slippers revealing days old toenail polished feet as she crosses her lovely legs. She leans back smiling and her housecoat opens at bit more at the neck, affording me a nice view of her sensuously sculpted cleavage. I think she catches me gawking as she fixes the robe a bit more around her.

“Thea tells me she is very pleased with all you’re doing at the library complex.”

“Thank you, Dr. Anderson.” I reply relieved but confused at her sudden informal friendliness.

“Please, honey, call me Michelle,” she laughs, “Oh I think that’s her now.”

Thea walks into the office in a bright blue track suit carrying some shopping bags and tennis equipment. She places the racquet and gym bag on a chair and hands Dr. Anderson the shopping bag who peaks into it and coos excitedly as she starts pulling out various cosmetics and some skimpy tennis clothes. She then looks at me and giggles as she pulls out a pair of egg shell white panties, stretching them apart between her hands. “Oooh, nice, Thea I love these kinds of tennis panties! Are you gonna wear them too?”

Thea lowers a pair of high fashion sport sunglasses (I assume they are prescription to help wih her poor eyesight) and smiles over her shoulder at me, then takes off the track jacket revealing a bright reddish orange sport bra. She then lowers her track pants slightly and bends over revealing lime green panties, bending toward the dean, who smacks her on the ass playfully.

Thea pats her on the front of her shoulder gently, “Time elazığ escort to get you ready for our match,” then looking again at me, “Did he have his evaluation yet?”.

“No, not yet”, Dr. Anderson answers. She leans over grinning and says, “Thea and I will be back in a little while. Help yourself to coffee and snacks. There’s newspaper and some magazines.”

They both giggle as they head back to the washroom down a short hallway a bit beyond the dean’s desk. I thumb through some horticultural magazines, and surprisingly, she has some adult pictorial titles on her office magazine rack too! They are close enough that I can hear them laughing and frolicking and there is even a shower running. Fancy office!

“Ooowww! Sonofabitch that water’s cold!”, she yells out to Thea.

“HaHA!” Thea laughs, “Get rinsed off and let’s see if your fat little ass can fit into those tennis undies, DOCTOR!”


“Brrrrrr, that shampoo smells good! Mmmmmh!”

“There ya go,” Thea purrs sweetly.


They sound like they are having a good time and I am both and excited and confused about when and how this evaluation will happen, and then…

“Ooooops. Uggh!”

“What? What is it Doc?”


And then silence as the showerfall dissipates to a trickle. Thea steps back into the office in a black thong, topless except a towel thrown over her shoulders. “Dave, sweetie, could you come back and give us a hand here?”

“Uh, Ok”.

I head back there toward what is a relatively large shower area for an office, more like a small locker room with four areas complete with shower heads. Dr. Anderson sits on a shower bench wrapped in a couple of towels.

“She left her contacts in and they fell out somewhere in here,” Thea laughs, “Be careful and see if you can help us find them.

Soon I am on my hands and knees trying to help Thea, who makes it more difficult as she drops her towel and now is distracting me with her luscious firm breast and pert brownish pink nipples.


There, I think!”

“Got one,” Thea says cheerfully

“There’s the other,” blurts out Dr. Anderson.

At this point, I pick up the other lens and hand it up to Thea who stores it along with the other shower implements and tennis equipment sitting on the shower bench. I look up at Dr. Anderson now standing completely naked in front of me, “Good job, David honey,” smiling down at me she continues, “Oh and about your evaluation…” She gestures me toward the bench, where Thea now relaxes, smiling and now also naked with her legs crossed.

Dr. Anderson fingers seductively at the golden fur of her love mound, “Get down.”

This is all so strange and very exciting and I certainly don’t want to mess up my evaluation.

she pulls the shirt off over my head and motions to Thea to position herself behind me. The librarian pulls off my sneakers and starts to undo my shorts as the dean gently pulls my salivating mouth toward her golden muff.

As I endeavor to orally pleasure the boss lady I feel the swelling of my cock under Thea’s soft supple hands, working my sack and then feeling her dangling dark tresses tickle at my ass as she lowers her face underneath me. Dr. Anderson gently pulls at my shoulders, easing me toward her so I can spread my legs to squat comfortably over Thea’s lovely, hungry mouth.

“Don’t get him to cum just yet, Thea”.

They seem to work harmoniously as a horny little dance team when Thea applies a bit of firm tense suction as she abruptly releases my cock from her lips. “THWOCK!”.

She slides next to Dr. Anderson on the bench who now flips up and over to lean against the shower bench with her ass arched up in the air. Thea motions for me to stand up, though I need no further instruction, knowing what the ladies expect of me. Then Thea smacks at Dr. Anderson’s ass, spreading her butt cheeks to urge me on. I gently, smoothly but firmly begin thrusting to the delight of our distinguished professor.

“Ooooh yes! Fuck me good and hard you naughty college boy!”

Thea leans against the bathroom tile, her tongue curled up seductively against the roof of her mouth as she looks on approvingly at the erotic gymnastics, vigorously masturbating with one hand then the other. She licks her fingers with a devilish laugh, extends her leg across the writhing bent back of Dr. Anderson and, while wiggling her toes, pulls firmly at the dean’s hair to lift her head and says, “Mind if I cut in, Dr. Anderson?”

Dean Anderson bucks like a frisky pony and frees her self from my grip and turns to slide up against the tile wall. Thea drops to her knees and grips my member and strokes it rhythmically into her glistening damp mouth until I can almost feel myself curling against the back of her throat. Dr. Anderson eyes me up and down sternly as if daring me to, to to…

“David, are you coming down for breakfast?”

“Uh, OK Mom, be right down! I must’ve overslept.”

Monday evening at the job site was pleasant but maybe a little awkward. I’d wondered if Thea regretted a bit her candid conversation with me from the week prior.

“I need you to come in during the day the rest of this week. Move things around, help out in that library basement. Not a problem, I hope,” she said smiling.

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