The Love Boat Ch. 02


It had been a long deployment – six months in the Mediterranean – and everyone onboard was ready to pull back into port. The USS Texas was about 100 miles off the coast of Virginia at periscope depth, making sure there were no close contacts. The CO had put in his night orders that the Officer of the Deck was to clear his baffles, come to periscope depth and, if there were no contacts, dive back down to 400 feet and conduct an emergency surface drill. Once the Officer of the Deck was satisfied everything was clear and that the ship was ready, they conducted the drill as ordered.

The Chief of the Watch sounded three blasts of the diving alarm, indicating the ship was going to conduct an emergency surface. The USS Texas began to rise to the surface at a steep angle; the crew called it ‘the freight train to the surface’. All of a sudden, the calm surface of the ocean was violently disrupted by the giant, cigar-shaped submarine, as it seemed to fly from beneath the surface at a thirty-five degree angle, nearly half of its length exposed above the surface of the water. The black and red hulk seemed to hang there for several seconds before crashing back down like a whale breaching the surface. The submarine was almost completely submerged again, then came to rest on the surface, only about a third of its structure now able to be seen.

“Rig ship for surface,” came over the 1MC, the ship’s general announcing circuit. The crew was standing by, ready to perform the various duties such as rigging the bridge and securing various pumps and valves that were not required for surface operation. The entire ship was buzzing with activity, and the Mess Decks and Torpedo Room were no exception. Steve was busy cleaning up the trash that had spilled in the Trash Room, and Jamie was finishing up some dishes in the Galley. One level below and forward, Liz was busy rigging the Torpedo Room. About two hours later, another announcement came over the 1MC, “Station the maneuvering watch.” Again, more people began scurrying about the ship, each to their designated location. Steve and Jamie were required to be on the Mess Decks, and Liz was already on station in the Torpedo Room.

Steve, finished with his task of cleaning up the improperly secured trash and went back to the Mess Decks to make a fresh pot of coffee and some more Bug Juice for the crew. As he walked past the door to the Galley, Jamie poked her head out to admire his ass. She smiled to herself, and went back to doing the dishes.

Steve couldn’t help but notice Jamie every time he passed her as well. How she smiled at him, how she looked at him when she thought he wasn’t looking. He didn’t think that he was in love with her, but he also couldn’t ignore his feelings for her. She was beautiful, smart, funny, and they had a lot in common…it didn’t hurt that she was open minded when it came to sex either. His thoughts wandered back to earlier in the deployment when he made a deal with Jamie and Liz, and how he would have to make good on that deal now that they were back in port. Liz had held up her end of the bargain by keeping an eye out while Steve and Jamie were fucking in the missile vent space forward of the Torpedo Room. She had saved their asses on more than one occasion, when an uninvited guest made their way into the Torpedo Room while they were in the act.

On several occasions, Liz would watch them and fantasize about trading places with Jamie, taking Steve’s cock in any way he would give it to her. She would often reach her hand inside her coveralls and masturbate as she watched them, fantasizing that it was her Steve was fucking, not Jamie. Liz couldn’t wait for the ship to be moored.

After the ship was tied to the pier and all the spaces had been cleaned and inspected by the Chiefs, the Duty Officer passed “Liberty call,” over the 1MC, and everyone except the duty section made their way off the ship as fast as they could. Some met wives or husbands, others met girlfriends or boyfriends, and still others met parents. Whoever they were, they were loved ones that were missed having been at sea for six months, and were a welcome sight upon returning to port. Liz made it off the ship as well, but Steve and Jamie had to stay behind and tend to the dinner needs of the duty section.

They finally got off the ship at around eight o’clock after cleaning up from the evening meal. They packed up the essentials from their racks, toiletries and such, and went to the barracks. They would come back to the ship tomorrow and gather the rest of their things after a good night’s rest. For the next month, the ship would be on stand-down and only the duty section would be required to come in, rotating once every four days. Steve and Jamie however, would have to be there every three days for duty as there weren’t enough food service attendants, “cranks” as they were called, to go four-section. Once back in their rooms, they crashed hard, not to wake up until about ten the next morning.

When Steve got out of the shower, erzincan escort he picked up his cell phone and called Jamie so see if she wanted to go with him to the boat to get the rest of their things. “It’s about time you got up, sleepy head.” She answered the phone, knowing it was Steve on the other end.

“Fuck you… I was tired,” he answered with a smart-assed tone in his voice.

“Are you ready to go?” Jamie asked.

“Sure. You wanna get something to eat first?”

“Sounds good, I’ll meet you in the parking lot.”

They jumped into Steve’s car, and headed off base to find something to eat. Settling on Denny’s, they went inside and ordered what seemed like half of the menu between them. They didn’t mind the food on the boat, there was just something about not having to be involved in the preparation of their own food that made them hungrier, the food taste better.

“So, do you have anything planned for your days off?” Steve asked, his mouth half-full of pancakes.

“Not really…you?”

“No. I am still in the hole on leave, and two days off isn’t enough to go too far, so I guess I am just going to hang around here.”

“I know whatcha mean… I’m in the hole too and, with only two days off, that means that you really only get one night to go out.”

Jamie grinned across the table at Steve and asked, “When are you going to make-good on your deal with Liz?”

“What do you me ‘I’ made… As I recall, that was a deal that you brokered, not me!”

“Are you saying that you didn’t benefit from the arrangement?”

“I NEVER said that, I just said that I wasn’t the one that made the deal.”

“And you still haven’t answered the question… When are you going to ‘pay up’?”

“I dunno… I guess we’ll have to see when we are all off at the same time. Why don’t you text her and find out when she has duty next?”

Jamie pulled out her cell phone and began punching buttons, sliding it shut again after she sent her message. They went back to eating their breakfast, thoroughly enjoying every bite. It didn’t take long for Jamie’s cell phone to begin beeping, letting her know she had received a reply.

“She says that she has duty on the eighteenth and the twenty-second,” Jamie informed him.

“What day is it now?”

“Today’s the sixteenth, we have duty on the eighteenth too, so how ’bout the nineteenth? We can all go out for dinner, and see what happens.”

“Sounds good to me… Check with Liz to see if she’s cool with that.”

They decided to meet for dinner around five thirty, and then they would head out to a club. Jamie began to punch the message into her cell phone, filling Liz in on the details. It didn’t take Liz long to respond, letting the two of them know that she would be there. After finalizing their plans, they finished breakfast, and headed back to the barracks to relax.

Steve and Jamie showed up to the boat at six o’clock in the morning on the eighteenth for duty. Cooking, cleaning, and doing dishes for the duty section seemed to fill their day, and whatever time left over was spent working on ship’s quals. After six months underway, they were well over half way done with the academic portion and were working on studying for the board, making sure they knew as much as possible for the walk-through checkouts of each compartment. They worked and studied until late in the evening, then decided to hit their racks because they had to get up early to prepare for the morning meal.

Five o’clock came early…earlier than either of them would have liked; they each would have enjoyed a little extra sleep. Up before most of the duty section, they went right to work getting the Mess Decks ready for breakfast and the on-coming duty section. Once everything was ready and they were relieved, they headed back to the barracks for some rest before their date that night.

Steve went straight to bed. He was still tired from the night before, and wanted to make sure he was rested up for the partying that would take place later. Jamie, on the other hand, decided to take a bath and wash off the smell of the boat. She hated spending the night on the boat. Every time she did, it felt as if its smell was somehow soaking into her skin. She stripped off her clothes, wrapped herself in a towel, and headed for the bathroom. She drew a steaming hot bath, added just a touch of bubble bath, hung the towel on the back of the door, and slipped into the tub for a long hot soak.

The water felt amazing on her naked body. Of course, the tub was too small for her to fit completely in, but it was all she had, so it would have to do. She sat up for a few minutes to let her legs soak beneath the surface, and then she slid down into the tub until the water was around her neck. If it wasn’t for the bubbles covering them, her breasts would be ascending out of the water as if they were two islands in the ocean. The warm water and the bubbles were really starting to relax erzurum escort her. She could feel the tiny bubbles popping on her nipples and, although nearly completely submerged, she could feel her pussy start to tingle, the sensation causing it to moisten.

Jamie gently cupped her left tit in her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. The breeze from the sigh of pleasure that escaped her lips caused her wet nipples to become erect. She closed her eyes and slowly slipped her hand beneath the surface of the water. She slid her fingers through the tuft of neatly trimmed hair on top of her mound and spread her legs just enough to allow her fingers move between them; she gently spread the lips of her pussy, exposing her clit. Her fingers slid slowly back and forth between her legs, rubbing her pussy on either side of her clit. The feeling began to electrify her senses, and she let her middle finger slip between her folds, and buried it deep inside her hot cunt, the palm of her hand pressing against her clit, making it throb.

The feeling of her finger sliding into her wanting pussy caused her desires to flare, and she gasped for air. She arched her back and squeezed her left tit harder, digging her nails in and enjoying the pain. Her finger slowly withdrew from her now quivering hole, found its way to her to her pulsating clit and began gently massaging it in tiny circles. Every couple of seconds, she would slide her finger quickly in and back out of her pussy, spreading her lips before moving back to her clit. A few more rubs and all at once her legs crashed together, trapping her hand between them, she arched her back and yelled out, “OH MY GOD!” Her body began to spasm with an orgasm that she couldn’t control, not that she would have wanted to. As she began to relax, the water covered her breasts, the sensation sending another wave of pleasure to through her body; water splashed out of the tub onto the floor as her body shuddered from the feeling. “Fuck, that was good,” she whispered aloud, almost out of breath.

Climbing out of the tub, she grabbed her towel and headed back into her room to dry off. It was about eight o’clock and, having just brought herself to an amazing orgasm, Jamie was ready for a nap. She didn’t have to be anywhere for several hours, so she wrapped the towel around her head and lay down naked on her bed and closed her eyes. As her mind began to wander, she thought that if things worked out the way she had planned, she would need the rest. Completely relaxed from the hot bath and her intense orgasm, she quickly fell asleep.

At about eleven Steve’s alarm went off, letting him know that it was time to take a shower and get some lunch. He didn’t eat too much on the boat unless he had to, so he needed to find some food. When he got into the shower, he too found himself daydreaming of the events that were in store for him later that evening. As his mind wandered, he could feel his cock begin to swell. Steve tilted his head back into the stream of hot water from the shower, and reached down and cupped his cock and balls in his hand; he squeezed gently and his cock grew stiffer. Loosening his grip, his hand moved around his shaft and he began to stroke it slowly. Now fully erect, he took his bar of soap and lathered it in his hands. He began sliding his hands along the length of his dick, thinking about sliding it in and out of Jamie’s hot cunt. His hips began thrusting back and forth as if he were fucking someone who wasn’t there. With his eyes closed and his head tilted back, he felt the head of his cock begin to swell and his balls tighten; a few more strokes and he would be there. Every muscle in his body seemed to tense, he rose onto his tippy-toes, and shot his hot load all over the shower wall, jacking his cock with each spurt of cum as it shot from his swollen member. Now, he thought to himself, he was ready to start the day.

Steve, Jamie, and Liz each went about the business of the day, running around town getting ready for the evening’s events. At about five thirty, they all met at a local steak joint for dinner. It was kind of a hole-in-the-wall, but they had great steaks, and the prices were reasonable. After dinner and small talk, they decided to head out to a club for some dancing and drinks.

Inside the club, the music was loud; they had to yell at each other to be heard. Liz and Jamie headed straight for the dance floor, but not before giving their drink orders to Steve. Pushing his way through the packed club to the bar, he shouted out the order to the bartender. Two Heinekens for the ladies, and a Vodka and Red Bull for him. A few minutes later with drinks in hand, he pushed his way back though the crowd. He got lucky and found a table within sight of the dance floor that two couples were vacating. He sat the drinks down, pulled up a chair, and scanned the dance floor looking for Liz and Jamie; he found them near the middle of the floor dancing together.

It was just then Steve noticed that eskişehir escort Liz wasn’t quite as plain-looking as he had originally thought. The only place he had ever really seen her was on the boat where, it was now obvious to him, she intentionally made herself look ordinary. It was widely known among men in the military that, if a woman looked good in her uniform, she looked better out of it. That was definitely the case with Jamie, but Liz was different. In her uniform, she didn’t turn too many heads but when she was dressed to kill, like she was tonight, Steve found he couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

Out on the dance floor, Jamie and Liz were purposely dancing seductively because they knew Steve was watching. For that matter, everyone in the club that had a dick-and some that didn’t-was watching them; they were enjoying the attention. Just before the song was over, Jamie grabbed Liz by the hand and led her off the dance floor to the table where Steve was sitting. “Thanks for the drinks,” Jamie yelled over the music.

Liz, also yelling, “Yea, thanks!”

“No problem!”

The three of them sat there for a moment sipping on their beverages. Steve noticed that each time one of the girls took a drink from their bottle they would smile devilishly at the other. Jamie noticed Steve staring at her every time she picked up her beer. She started to tease him by letting her tongue slip from her lips and circle the rim each time she took a drink. Liz caught a glimpse of Jamie’s taunts, and the next time Jamie grabbed her bottle to take a seductive drink, Liz moved close to her, held Jamie’s hand on the bottle, and brought it up to her lips as if to share it with her. With Jamie’s lips on one side of the bottle and Liz’s on the other, they ran their tongues around the rim as if they were holding a cock and licking the head, each tongue playing with the other, as well as the bottle.

Steve couldn’t believe his eyes. All he could do was sit and watch the show, his cock swelling in his pants. Jamie and Liz set the bottle back on the table and turned their eyes to Steve to see the expression on his face. His eyes were open wide and his mouth was slightly open. Giggling, Jamie reached over, put her fingers on his chin, and pushed his mouth closed. “You’re drooling,” she told him, turning back to Liz, smiling seductively.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help it,” he told her, “that was hot…” As he looked around the room, he could see he wasn’t the only one that caught the show.

The girls just giggled again. “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!” At that moment, as if on cue, Jamie turned to Liz, cupped her face with her hands, and kissed her gently and seductively on the lips.

They spent the next few hours taking turns on the dance floor. Sometimes Steve would dance with Jamie, sometimes with Liz, and still other times Jamie with Liz. When Liz and Jamie were on the dance floor, they danced together knowing that Steve was watching them move with each other…rub against each other…caress each other. By now, Steve’s cock was rock hard, throbbing in his pants, and he didn’t care who noticed; he was with the two hottest women in the club, and everyone knew it.

It was getting close to ten o’clock, and their table was covered with empty glasses and beer bottles. All three of them were sweaty and filled with desire from rubbing against each other all night. They were ready to leave the club and take their party elsewhere. Making their way through the crowd to the door, they quickly found a cab, none of them obviously able to drive. When the cab pulled to the curb, Jamie opened the door and the three of them piled into the back seat, Steve in the middle. “Where to?” the cab driver asked.

“We’re staying at the Holiday Inn in Virginia Beach,” Jamie answered.

“Who said we were going to a hotel?” Steve sounded surprised at Jamie’s choice of where they would spend the night.

“I did,” Jamie told him. “You and me live in the barracks, so that was out of the question, and Liz has a roommate, so we couldn’t go to her place either. Besides, I thought it would be fun if we all shared a hotel room.”

It was about a twenty-minute drive from the club in downtown Norfolk out to Virginia Beach. Right after they piled into the cab, Jamie and Liz continued teasing Steve. Between them in the back of the cab was the best, and the worst, place he could be. Both Liz and Jamie were kissing him on the neck and ears, and Steve was kissing them back, alternating between them. The girls would stop just long enough to giggle at each other and fondle his cock through his pants and rub his inner thighs. As if watching them on the dance floor wasn’t bad enough, he felt as if he might waste his first load of the evening into his pants as Jamie and Liz kissed and stroked him.

The Holiday Inn was on Atlantic Avenue, right on the beach. Jamie reserved a room with a King size bed on the eleventh floor with an ocean view. They walked into the lobby and checked in at the counter, and once Jamie had the room key, they headed off to the elevator. Inside, Jamie and Liz went back to their task of trying to make Steve cum in his pants. Their plan had almost worked too, but the elevator reached its destination faster than they thought, and just in time as far as Steve was concerned.

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