The Mage and the Bear Ch. 02

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Roger sat down at the edge of my bed, looking embarrassed but relieved. “I am a Son of Arcas.”

Arcas, Arcas…it took a while for the little rabbit in my brain to come up with the reference. A son of Callisto, he mistakenly killed his mother when she got changed into a bear by a jealous Hera. Zeus placed them both in the sky as Ursa Major and Ursa Minor – also known as the Big and Little Dipper.

I looked sideways at him. “A werebear?”

He winced. “I really don’t like that term.”

“But you guys are extinct.”

“Not extinct, just underground.”

I passed my hand through my hair, what I usually do when I send the little rabbit searching through my magical knowledge in my head to find out about thing. Werebears didn’t turn into bears at the full moon, I knew that much.

“I don’t see what’s wrong with that.”

He stared at me. “You don’t? Are you kidding? I could tear you apart if I don’t keep a hold on it! I can’t change into a full bear – I have no control.”

“Says who?”

He blinked. “What?”

I relied on my more extensive knowledge of his cousin, the werewolf. Someday I’ll have to tell you that story. “Werewolves can control themselves perfectly. They have a sense of self when they change.”

“Have you ever heard of the word ‘berserker’? Where do you think that word comes from?”

Now it was my turn to blink in shock. “Oh. Right.”

He turned from me and started getting his clothes. “We can’t do this.”

“Wait, wait.” I put a hand on his arm. “Yes, we can. I’m a mage.”

“A mage?” He looked me up and down. “How old are you?”

“Mages have nothing to do with age,” I snapped. “I’m a witch. bursa escort Wizard. Sorcerer. Magician.” I held up a finger. “Don’t say ‘warlock’ or I’ll turn you into a toad.”

That got a smile out of him. “I’ve been to gypsies. And mediums, all that kind of thing. I even went to reiki. This is a curse, Tom. A curse of my blood.”

“Come on, let’s look at this clinically. Though I can’t while we’re naked.”

“Why not?”

Oh, I thought, and I know I was grinning ear to ear, round two? I coughed. “Well, yes, that gives me an idea.” I leaned over and stroked his arm. “You wouldn’t let me watch you change. Maybe I can figure things out better if I saw it happen.”

He turned his head toward me, and I leaned closer to his face, and kissed his lips. He opened himself up immediately to me and I got closer to him, pressing myself against his arm. He moved that arm, wrapped it around me, and pulled me onto his lap. His cock was half erect, and sandwiched between my erect cock and his abs.

He broke from the kiss, and I continued to kiss down his neck. “I’ve never…done it…more than once…a night…”

“Always a first time.” I got to his nipples and had to sit back in order to lick them, and then bite them. He gasped, and as I expected, his cock was now fully at attention. I smiled, and looked down. It was big, nice, and glistening with plenty of pre. At some point, I wanted to suck that monster down, but I wouldn’t be able to see the change if I did right now.

I watched as his hair grew thicker on his chest, right before my eyes. His sideburns grew longer. I moved a hand down and started to stroke malatya escort him. The moan was still human, though he moved his head back and closed his eyes.

Shit, I needed a condom. I jumped off him and said, “One sec, buddy!”

He opened his eyes, and I saw them, deep, dark, green. I never ran so fast to my nightstand and back as I did right then. I glanced at the hair on his back; it was almost as thick as that on his chest. I climbed back onto his lap.

I continued to stroke him, watching the hair grow thicker. The hair on his face grew furry, except for his nose and his lips. He seemed to also grow bigger in mass, like his muscles expanded even more. His shoulders were huge. His chest was immense. His cock…Well, it wasn’t a baseball. It was a baseball bat.

He opened his eyes and focused deep green eyes at me. “Ride me,” he growled.

Oh, I planned on it.

I put the condom on, but it didn’t quite cover him. I’d have to be careful with this. Shit, if he had been this big inside me, the condom – I didn’t want to contemplate, but I looked around. I saw the remnants of the other condom on the floor. Broken, nearly shredded.

Being that this was probably not the right time to ask him about past relationships, I decided to bite the bullet and take my chances. I took the condom off, and when I did, he moved back on the bed, and he held me by the waist so I slid back with him.

Then he picked me up, and held me above his throbbing cock. Now I weigh a good 150 soaking wet, so if this guy could pick me up by the waist as easily as he could pick up a six year old, I wondered what kind of strength çanakkale escort was bunched up in those muscles. I was trying to think clinically, really, I was.

“Wait, wait, Roger, I’ll—”

He thrust me down on his rigid pole. I saw white light and black stars, that’s how much pain I was in. And gravity is relentless, as I slid all the way down his pole in one fell swoop.

I wasn’t sure if I passed out or not, but finally the pain subsided, and instead I was feeling him moving inside me. I sure wasn’t doing the heavy lifting. I opened my eyes and saw him, his arms moving me up and down on his cock. And, I’ll be damned, I was hard as a rock, even through that pain.

Thinking clinically again, since I wasn’t doing the work, I looked down at the body in front of me. Definitely covered in a thick, dark brown fur. His face had gotten slightly elongated, which I didn’t notice the first time around. I could tell he was holding back, as his body was shuddering beneath me, and his hands, though tight and would leave bruises, squeezed my waist sometimes painfully, as if they could dig right through my flesh.

Then he moved me slightly, hitting my sweet spot, and all was lost. I cried out, I know I did, and shot all over him, cum in his thick pelt. He kept on going, harder, faster, nearly dropping me on him, and as I came back to myself, he roared and came hard in me. Listening to that sound, I didn’t feel fear. I felt secure.

Then, he let me go, and I fell hard on my knees, him still inside me. I almost fell forward, but didn’t want to smear all that cum all over him and me. Call me a clean freak, but when you do magic, you learn the Boy Scout rule of camping to leave the place just like you found it.

I looked down at my bear. He had fallen asleep. How could I tell? He snored. And as he snored, the fur disappeared, fading into him like time-lapsed photography of grass growing in reverse.

I got off of him, and went to get a towel. At least he had fallen asleep on the wet spot.

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