The Making of an Angel Pt. 06

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The wait for Wednesday dragged…

I’d gone clothes shopping and had decided on a red silk blouse with an above the knee pencil skirt with my black patent shoes and barely black stockings. I’d decided to go with my bob wig and full 90s style make up. I was looking forwards to seeing the final look and to tasting Zoe’s delicious cock!

I headed over to Zoe’s after work and pulled up outside her house. I had butterflies in my tummy and a feeling of anticipation and lust.

I’d already slid my butt plug in and I was pre-lubed. The drive to her house had driven me to distraction. I felt very aware of my satin panties rubbing up the crack of my boi-pussy.

I got out of my car and tried in vain not to mince up her drive with my bag. I took a deep breath and opened the front door.

“Hi!” I called out nervously.

“Hi!” Zoe called back. “The bathroom is upstairs straight ahead and the bedroom is to the right. Make yourself at home and come down when you’re ready.”

I climbed the stairs and went into the bedroom. The room was large with a king size bed complete with black satin sheets and a large mirror over a very feminine bureau.

“That’ll be interesting later” I thought.

I quickly unpacked and laid out my lingerie, shoes and stockings together with my skirt and blouse then I stripped putting my boy clothes away as Zoe had told me she didn’t want to see any masculinity at all.

I slipped into the bathroom and gently removed my plug. My plan had worked. I was gaping and ready for her cock. I climbed into the shower and washed myself with some beautiful feminine shower gel before using the sport fucker to make sure I was completely spotless inside. I then ran the razor over my smooth body to ensure I was totally free of any fluff. Zoe had a huge collection of big dildos in the shower and I was tempted to try one out but wanted to get downstairs to my lover.

I got out and wrapped myself in a beautiful fluffy white towel and skipped through to the bedroom.

I sat down at the bureau and laid my make-up out in front of me. I smoothed a new stocking cap over my hair and stood up to admire my lovely smooth body. I bent at the waist and slid my hands up from my ankles to my smooth balls. I couldn’t resist the urge and traced a finger around my boi-pussy before lightly fingering myself. I was very loose. I could feel myself getting hard and my nipples started to stiffen with lust.

I quickly put temptation aside and decided to get on with making myself pretty. I tucked my testes and wrapped my clitty around before sliding my tight satin panties on to hold it all nicely in place. With my clitty under control I spaced my toes with some cotton wool and painted my toenails a beautiful metallic scarlet. I sat back and admired how pretty they looked and was pleased with my efforts. While my toenails dried I worked on my makeup.

Concealer followed by foundation smoothed my skin and made me look youthful and fresh. Blusher brought out my killer cheek bones and my shaped eyebrows were emphasised by my eyeshadow. I paused to fit an ankle chain around my right ankle and smoothed baby oil onto my legs and peachy bum.

Whilst the baby oil was absorbed I carried on with my makeup. I glued my false eyelashes into position and fluttered my eyes at my reflection. God I loved the look! Eyeliner and mascara brought out and enhanced my eyes. Next was lip liner and an infill of tecavüz porno lip gloss. I blew myself a kiss. I looked so sexy! I gently bit my bottom lip. I loved the effect. I looked just how I felt. A simpering slut gagging for cock. My makeup was finished!

I stood up. My clitty strained but my tight panties kept it under control. I shimmied into my basque. I had been practicing doing it up on my own and managed to cinch myself nice and tight. My figure looked so feminine. I passed my suspender straps under my panties and sat down.

My feet looked so dainty with the coloured nails. I opened a new packet of John Lewis 5 denier barely black stockings and pointed my toes to carefully slide the sheer nylon up my smooth legs. I was very careful as I didn’t want to ladder my stockings. The feeling was incredible and my clitty strained for release. The gauze of the stocking toes over my painted nails looked incredible and my ankle chain just screamed ‘slut’ under the sheer nylon. The temptation to touch myself was nearly too much but I managed to keep some control.

I smoothed my stockings out and carefully clipped my suspenders to my stocking welts before adjusting the straps. I could feel the straps stretching over my bubble butt and knew it would look delicious when I was bent over or on all fours.

I put my patent heels on and buckled the ankle straps. The 5″ heels stretched my hamstrings but the look was worth the discomfort. A girl has to suffer for her art!

I put my blouse on and marvelled how quickly I had become used to the buttons on the ‘wrong’ side and stepped into my skirt. Once zipped up my pencil skirt restricted my movement and making me mince. I loved it.

To complete my look I carefully brushed out my wig before fitting it over my stocking cap and making sure it was secure. To finish my look I clipped on my earrings and gently misted some perfume over my ensemble.

I admired myself in the large mirror. I liked what I saw. I looked like a high class whore. There was no trace of masculinity.

I had decided to go the whole way including false nails. I was glad I’d got dressed before trying to fit them. It took me a while to get used to gluing them on. I had no idea how I was going to get them off and realised I didn’t care anymore who knew I was a sissy slut. Once fitted I carefully painted the nails to match my toenails. My heart was beating like a drum and I tried to relax as I waited for the varnish to dry as I gently waved my hands to speed the process up. I was impatient for cock!

Once the nails were dry I picked up my small clutch bag and scooped my goodies into it. Lube, lipstick, poppers and my butt plug. No condoms. Zoe had been most adamant she was going to breed me.

I gingerly got up, strode out of the bedroom and carefully went downstairs.

Zoe was sat on the settee sipping a glass of white wine. She was very petite and looked gorgeous.

“Hi” I nervously stammered.

“Hi Angel. Would you like a glass of wine?” Zoe replied.

I nodded yes and Zoe patted for me to sit next to her. I put my clutch bag on the table in front of me and sat down making sure that I was demure in my movements. I crossed my legs in a ladylike way as Zoe poured me a drink marvelling at the feeling of my legs rubbing together. I was very conscious of my gaping boi-pussy and hoped Zoe was as big as she had claimed.

I üvey anne porno could feel Zoe appraising me as I dipped my wine.

“You look fantastic” Zoe purred.

“Thanks babes. You look stunning too” I replied.

Zoe put down her glass and turned to me. As she did I opened my mouth in anticipation as Zoe gently kissed me. Her lips were warm and full and her tongue slid into my mouth. I gasped at the sudden intrusion before reciprocating. We kissed passionately for a few minutes before Zoe pulled away from me. I was puzzled. Zoe stood up. Without saying a word she unzipped her skirt and dropped it around her ankles before stepping out of it. I bit my lip in anticipation. She stood there in a pink silk blouse, hold up stockings and heels with her tight pink panties trying to cover a very sizeable erection. I licked my lips and dropped to my knees.

“Good gurl” Zoe cooed as I opened my mouth. I kissed the pink satin and I could feel the heat and the hardness of her girth inside the panties. My lipstick left a smudge on her panties.

Zoe pulled her panties to one side and her big fat cock popped out. The foreskin was riding back and the end glistened with pre-cum. I stared open mouthed with lust.

Zoe gently placed her hand on the back of my head and guided my mouth to her engorged clitty. I slowly took her length into my mouth. I felt the thrill of her stiffen in my mouth as I gave her member the attention it deserved.

I gently tongued the head of her cock while feeling her balls. She moaned. I sucked on her hard member and slowly worked the enormous cock into my mouth. I could feel my mouth stretch to accommodate her size. I started to wonder if I would be able to take her into my boi-pussy. I worked my tongue up and down her shaft and licked every crevice of her bellend. My false nails gave a beautiful contrast to her fat cock. I was in slut heaven. Zoe pulled her cock out of my mouth and leaned over to kiss me. I looked up into her eyes as she french kissed me.

Zoe pulled me to my feet and continued to kiss me. She broke the kiss as she pushed me face first onto the sofa. I felt her lift my skirt and pull my panties down. My clitty sprang free of its silken prison and started to swell. I felt very vulnerable as I could feel the cool air on my anus.

“Hmmmm. Nice…” Zoe cooed. “Relax baby” Zoe said.

First one finger then a second pushed into my still gaping pussy followed by a tongue. I gasped and writhed at the feeling of being explored. Zoe offered me the fingers and I readily sucked them. All at once I could feel a hard hot cock pressing up against my hole. I tried to relax and push back. No way. Too big. I bit my lip and tried to relax.

“You need more lube baby” Zoe said.

“It’s in my handbag” I gasped.

I heard the clasp undo and felt cold lube being spread on my pussy. I could hear from the grunts that Zoe was lubing up her cock ready to try again. I forced myself to relax.

Oh. My. God! I could feel the huge head of her cock starting to stretch me more than I thought I could ever be stretched. Inch by inch Zoe pushed her monster cock into me. Zoe was very gentle and took her time. Aside from the discomfort there was no pain but I was panting with lust. Eventually I could feel Zoe’s balls rest against mine. It was incredible. I had actually taken the whole thing. Zoe had me skewered on her enormous üvey erkek kardeş porno shaft. I felt like a butterfly pinned to a board by a collector. I couldn’t move. I felt so helpless. Zoe started to pull her cock out of my ruined hole. I felt empty like someone had taken a core out of me. As Zoe slid back in I felt complete. Her enormous member filled me completely. I knew from this moment on I would only be any use as a cock slut.

Zoe pulled completely out of me. I felt her fingers slide into my swollen gaping anus.

“You’ve taken that well my little toy” Zoe huskily said. “Now suck my cock bitch”

I readily turned around. I didn’t think twice. I opened my mouth and started sucking the cock which had just been pulled from my arsehole. It was just like Evie had said. There was no mess or no fuss. The sport fucker had done its job and I was spotless inside.

“On your back. I want to kiss you as I fuck you” Zoe commanded.

I stood up on shaky legs and shimmied out of my skirt and panties. I sat back in the settee and moved towards the front of it before spreading my legs and raising my stocking clad legs.

“Good girl. You learn quickly” Zoe said in a voice thick with lust.

Zoe guided her rigid hard-on to my gaping hole and slide into me with one practised movement. I nearly passed out. I wrapped my legs around Zoe’s back as she started to systematically fuck me harder and harder. The feeling of her balls bouncing against my hole and my stockings on her smooth skin combined with the feeling of her stockings between my legs was out of this world. Her monster clitty was rubbing my prostate. I didn’t know how much more I could take. All the time Zoe was french kissing me.

Zoe pulled back and broke the kiss.

“Take my cock slut. Beg for my cock” She demanded.

“Please. Please. Please fuck my arse!” I begged, sobbing with lust.

“Suck my cock bitch” Zoe demanded as she pulled out of me.

I immediately devoured her cock like a starving woman. I sucked and licked and kissed it.

“Upstairs” Zoe said as she pulled her cock out of my mouth and led me upstairs.

I was like bambi in my heels and Zoe lovingly guided me into the bedroom and onto the bed. I unbuttoned my blouse as Zoe lay back. Once dressed only in my lingerie, stockings and heels I slide up over the smooth satin sheets and we resumed french kissing.

Zoe pulled me over her and made me spread my legs. I slowly lowered my ruined hole onto her rampant tool and started to ride Zoe. I was getting her cock as deep into me as possible. I could feel her rubbing my prostate deep with each thrust and the inevitable happened. My clitty started spewing cum all over Zoe. I couldn’t help myself and I couldn’t stop.

Zoe started to scoop up my cum and feed it to me. I was moaning with lust completely lost in the moment.

Zoe pushed me off her. I was like jelly. I fell onto my side and Zoe moved in to take me from behind. By now her cock slipped in with ease and she upped her pace. I was still getting over my anal orgasm but I wasn’t given the opportunity to recover as Zoe started to fuck me harder and harder. I could feel her monster cock starting to swell and I knew she’d cum in me soon. Sure enough I felt spurts of semen starting to flood my boi-pussy. I writhed with contentment and lust. Zoe pulled out of me and reached into the bedside drawer. I felt the buttplug being pushed into me to hold the jizz in me.

“Clean me up Angel” Zoe gently said as she fed her softening cock into my hungry mouth.

I sucked and licked all the lovely creamy cum off her clitty and snuggled into my transbian lover. As I drifted off I thought “it can’t get better than this! Surely?”

To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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