The Moral Slavery Ammendment Ch. 04


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The rest of the week continued in the same way as the previous day, only the mistress allowed us to drive the car to school and the theater for which we were thankful. By avoiding the bus, we were able to avoid Evan and Katy for the most part. We did of course run into them outside of the bus stop and route, but things seemed a little quieter. Meanwhile our mistress was playing her games with us even when not around. The little devices she had inserted into our chastity would begin vibrating at random intervals. Thankfully they did not activate when either of us was driving. It seemed that the tracking chip and our phone app was intelligent and sensitive enough to know who was driving so as to not cause a distraction. Eventually we started meeting up with Fred at school and carpooling to the theater. Fred didn’t have any direct family members who had been enslaved, and we were the first slaves he really had any time to interact with. So he asked us questions during the drive, and was surprisingly polite. Talking to us as if we were still his equals. Although he did laugh uncontrollably as I let out a surprised moan when my butt plug vibrated.

The implements were a hassle not just because they increased our frustration exponentially, but because of their location, we quickly found that we would have to ask mistress for permission to use the bathroom. Eve was the first to find out when she removed her plug, as her phone immediately contacted Mistress Tines. This was at the theater, so just after Eve had finished cleaning herself, mistress entered the stall.

“Did I give you permission to remove this, slave?”

“No Ma’am.” She replied before the mistress took her leash, ordered her to wash her hands and then brought her out to the lobby. There, Mistress produced a taser from her purse and in front of everybody, used it on Eve’s rump. Each time Eve fell to the ground mistress ordered her to stand back up, and place her hands behind her head with elbows out before finding a new place to taser her. Mistress didn’t speak at all during her punishment, but did get a sly grin as Eve responded to her punishment and thanked Mistress for it. The punishment only stopped when another woman came into the theater lobby, and while ignoring the punishment tapped Mistress on the shoulder.

“Ms. Tines, I believe we have a meeting at four?” The woman said.

“Oh my, yes, I lost track of the time. I’m still adjusting to the time requirements for disciplining slaves.”

“Well, they’re just as new to it as well, may we go to your office?”

The two disappeared for an hour before Eve and I were summoned into the office as well. Mistress ordered us to strip, without either woman looking at us. The two continued talks of debt and revenue streams and the subtleties of the new tax code. Still without looking at us, Mistress stared at a paper on her desk and said “Slaves, you’ll be moving out of your apartment tomorrow, and I’m selling all the other assets, except for the car.” Our small apartment didn’t have many possessions thankfully, so cleaning it out wouldn’t be a problem.

“Once you two are done cleaning the apartment, you’re going to come back here to help me prepare for an exhibition and auction. Any questions slaves?”

“Are you selling us Mistress?” I asked.

“No, this is Mrs. Gates from the auction house. They will be providing all the permanent sales for this little expo we’re putting together. I will be putting you two up for rent for a three day period. But during the day you two will be helping with the expo itself. We have a sales rep from Bondotech who’s going to need to demonstrate some equipment.”

“We are familiar with them. We did some modeling for them a while before the slave notifications went out, Mistress” Eve replied.

“Wonderful, in that case after work today we’ll go to their location and I’ll take a look at you two in some of their waress. I’m gonna have you two advertise over the next week.”

The other woman spoke again. “Oh they’ll do wonderfully to get the word out. Now how big is the male? I have a few bulls that we could pull out to drum up the right attention.” She said.

“See for yourself” Mistress said as she took a key out of her pocket. “It has been about a week hasn’t it my little slaves?”

“Yes Ma’am.” We replied as Mistress began unlocking our chastity devices. I immediately sported an erection. As I grew, Mistress went back to her desk to get a ruler.

“Five and three quarters inches.” Mistress read out.

“We could do with bigger, I have an eight inch bull that we could have travel with them.”Mrs. Gates suggested as she stood to approach us. Mistress gave her a nod of approval as she inspected each of us. She started with Eve, flicking her stiff nipples.and groping her sex before ordering her to open her mouth so she could pear inside. Mrs. Gates inspected me as well, in a similar manner, but took her time Erenköy Escort massaging my balls in the palm of her hand, lifting them up and down.

“He’s been locked up a week, correct?” She asked Mistress.

“He has, that’s a full load you have in your hands.”

“Perhaps a demonstration then?”

“Of course.” Mistress replied as she took a leash out of her desk and attached it to Eve’s collar. She guided my cute red-headed spouse onto the desk so she was facing away from me on her hands and knees. Mistress then attached a leash to my own collar to guide me into position behind her, and cuffed my hands together on the opposite side of Eve’s legs so I was hugging her thighs in an uncomfortable position. Mistress held the end of each leash in her right hand, and had a firm grip on my penis with her left. Meanwhile Ms. Gates applied a blindfold to myself, just before Mistress guided me into Eve’s opening. She was wet as could be, her recent punishment and the current exhibition were as exciting for her as it was for me. As I slowly began to thrust in and out of her I couldn’t believe my luck. Enslaved with Eve, to a sexy mistress with an onlooker. It was every male submissive’s dream, not to add the constant chastity teasing. I was primed to cum the moment I entered her.

“If either one of you two cum in two minutes you’ll be back in chastity for two days, and I’ll leave you leashed to the fire hydrant outside the theater all night!” Mistress threatened as we passed the minute mark. I concentrated on remembering the pain of the little spikes in the chastity cage and I felt Eve slow her own movements. We thankfully passed the two minute mark and after another thirty seconds Eve’s legs started shaking every so slightly. She whimpered and thrust back onto me hard enough to make me worry for my own balance. When her sex clenched I couldn’t hold back any longer and had the longest orgasm of my life to date, having never gone a full week without cumming. When I finished pumping into Eve and Mistress was satisfied she pulled our leashes back from the desk so that Eve was standing in front of me, with my arms cuffed around her torso under her arms. My ejaculation was starting to run down Eve’s leg when Mistress took each of our faces in her hands, grabbing us by the chins.

“Did that make you two happy?” She asked.

“Yes Mistress!” We replied in unison.

“Good, you two may wait here until we are ready to leave.”

Three days later Eve and I were in the local mall, our collars chained together, with an additional length chained to Eve’s leading to the tall blond slave, Phil. We had not been put back in chastity thankfully, and Mistress had given Eve and I permision to fuck as we pleased when not working to clear out our apartment. It was better than the sex we had on our ‘honeymoon’. Instead of the chastity, Mistress and Mrs. Gates had decided on a jungle theme for our outfits and the little booth they had rented. Eve sported a grass skirt and a leopard print bikini top, while Phil and I wore matching leopard print loin cloths. Phil seemed like a nice enough Slave-man. Ms. Gates had dropped him off after Mistress had tied the unused ring of my collar to a post on the wall with a thick rope. It was a symbolic piece of bondage as they had given us permission to use the restroom as needed throughout the day. But the knot was good and would take a good minute to untie.

As nice as Phil was, I began to worry, he would eye Eve for long stretches, and whenever he did, his impressive length would stiffen, lifting the flap of his loincloth. Eve took notice of course, and she eyed his large muscular body in kind. In the meantime we were handing out pamphlets and telling people about ourselves. Some people demanded we not look them in the eyes, others prefered more casual conversations. As the day progressed I got annoyed by people assuming Eve and Phil were a breeding pair, but somehow each time it happened, I sported an erection and lifted my pitiful loin cloth.

When the mall closed Mistress and Mrs. Gates collected us from the booth and brought us to a local chain restaurant. The meal was put on the auction house creditcard, but we slaves received nothing extravagant, in fact the cheapest items on the menu per company policy. After a casual dinner conversation we drove Mrs. Gates and Phil back to the Auction house and were given a tour. The auction state itself was under construction and evidently delayed. The application of slavery had disrupted many of the nations supply chains as crucial workers were shifter about, the company in charge of converting the auciton house over to a kennel and building suitable to sell humans had suffered greatly. Inside all formalities were brought back as we looked at the kennels. State law dictated a certain number of chattel could be stored per square meter, which looked plentiful on paper, but even I took pity on Phil as he was put back in a cage of naked men milling about or sleeping on little cots. That Göztepe Escort did not stop Eve or I from finding it erotic however, especially when a handler turned a hose onto a kennel of female slaves for their daily shower.

The rest of the week was spent between school, the theater and advertising ourselves at the mall, but soon enough the exhibition came. Mistress had been allowing us to sleep with her in her bed since moving into her apartment. But the night before the expo, we were loaded into separate crates, which had arrived from bondotech. In the morning we made mistress breakfast, and instead of allowing us to eat ourselves, we were ordered to lick her nipples. She talked idly about different politics she was following, anything but the fact that her slave couple was suckling on her. We only stopped when the conversation permitted, to say a short quip and then right back to work.

After Mistress was content with breakfast, she opened a box from Bondotech, pulling out all sorts of contraptions we were to display. I was given a chastity tube, which had two electrodes built into either side, and a gold case to encompass my balls. After attaching those, I was put into an arm binder and my ankles were cuffed together allowing me to shift my feet no more than four inches at a time. Meanwhile, Mistress put in a set of contacts to my eyes, and matching ones were given to Eve. Mistress tapped on her phone a few times, and my world went dark. I could move my eyes and blink, but everything was black. A moment later, everything was a shade of green and few moments later, all color had returned but my vision was distorted as if I was looking through binoculars the wrong way.

With my blurred vision I couldn’t make out what Mistress did to Eve, but I knew she wasn’t gagged based on the way she laughed at me as I stumbled out to the car. Soon enough we were at the theater and I stumbled in, with Eve guiding my leash, and Mistress guiding hers. Once inside, Mistress undid my ankle cuffs and ordered me to spread my legs.

“Relax Mark.” Mistress said in a soothing tone before I felt a metal falic enter my rear. I complied and was entered by the probe until it got to the point where I couldn’t take anymore of it without raising off of my heels. Soon enough my vision was returned and I could see Eve next to me on the same implement, only hers was in her pussy, and her wrists were cuffed to chains leading to the ceiling. Her nipples had little bells hanging from her piercings, and a matching third bell hung from a piercing on the edge of her pussy, resting against the steel bar reaching inside. Mistress then replaced her caller with a tall one which forced her to look forward with her chin up. My collar was replaced with one containing six spikes which reached out a foot and also restrained my head in a similar manner. I could see that Eve was excited by this and I myself was supporting as hard an erection as the tube would allow, sticking out at a ninety degree angle to my torso.

Patrons filled the lobby until the point where they were unwillingly bumping into us, making our descriptions to interested buyers a little more intimate. Men and women alike took the opportunity to feel Eve and I up as they interviewed us. After about an hour, the crowd began to thin, and perhaps another half hour after that, two trucks arrived from the auction house. Slaves were unloaded in separate coffles based on the kennels they had been taken from. The handlers were careful but firm with them, doing their best not to mark them up or damage their freshly applied makeup. I was quite shocked to see my parents in one cofle and sister in another, each of them looking rather anxious, in stark contrast to most of the other slaves. When the lines stopped, my sister was close enough to inform me that the Verners had become annoyed with the upkeep and informality they had initially promised. They couldn’t take the judgement of some stricter friends who were upset seeing slaves walk around as if equal, yet they couldn’t bring themselves to discipline their slaves, who themselves were getting restless without the discipline a slave requires. As such they just decided to sell them. Before I could ask further questions a handler gagged her and the lines moved forward again.

Almost immediately after a news team arrived and as with all other slave news, Mrs. Abrams arrived to tell the story of the event. The busty redhead honed in on us. “Hello Slaves, I’m Ms. Abrams, I assume you’ve seen me on the news, is your master around?”

“Our Mistress is running the event, though she has given me permission to be interviewed by anyone who comes into the theater.” I informed her.

“Oh, so you would like to be interviewed? Great, well I guess you don’t have a choice. Either way, mind telling me about how you two became enslaved?” She asked pointing the microphone to Eve who relayed our story.

“Interesting so are you two for sale today?” She continued.

I replied, “Not for Acıbadem Escort sale, but available to rent for a three day period. The rental auction will be at the end of the day.”

“Oh wonderful, Now viewers I can assure you this is some nice looking products. Who doesn’t love a nice redhead, even if her tits aren’t all that large, she’s got a tight tummy and a cute face. And this male appears to have a respectable cock under that device, his stats on this little pamphlet on these poles they’re sitting on back that up. So slaves, how about you tell the audience about your bondage devices here.”

I looked into the camera responding “What you probably can’t see are my contacts, they’re remote controlled and can either distort my vision or blind me entirely. This rod up my rear has me completely locked in place. Of course if my arms weren’t caught behind this arm binder, I could probably lift myself off of it.”

“Wonderful, and how does this device over here work?” The reporter asked, gesturing to a collapsed cage.

Eve explained how it worked and walked her through the process of setting it up “Well Miss, that’s a Bondotech folding cell, you simply stand on the center like that, and lift up the sides. Once the walls are above your head you pull it down slightly and those top bars will lock in place.”

“I see, what a convenient little system. But how do I get out?” She asked.

After realizing what had just happened Eve and I began to laugh at her, which only made her upset.

“Yeah, yeah, haha. Now seriously let me out!”

“We can’t let you out, we’re just as stuck as you!” I replied.

The camera man went off to find help leaving the reporter with us, as she struggled with the cage. During the interview the lobby had emptied into the theater for the start of auctions and shows. Finally a representative from the auction house walked by with a folding cage for Eve and I. The man undid our restraints, and politely asked how we were doing, asking if we were excited to be auctioned ourselves. Finally we were loaded into the cage, standing back to back. Unfortunately, it was so small that we were forced against the bars so that Eve’s tits were sticking out one side, and my genitals were sticking out of the other side, which was actually convenient for me as it allowed the man to remove my chastity devices. I couldn’t help but sport yet another erection looking at Ms. Abrams struggling in her cage.

“Are you serious? Look away, last thing I need is a god damned cuck ogling me.” She cried out.

Soon enough another Auction house employee arrived with a push cart.

“Huh, how did you get here?” She asked looking at Ms. Abrams cage but not actually talking to her.

“What? I’m not a slave, let me out!” She cried.

“And I’m the president, please spare me. We’re all getting used to it sweetie.”

“No, seriously, ask those two slaves!”

“And I’m supposed to take their word for it?” The worker replied. Thankfully the camera man returned to explain the situation, however others had as well.

“Well if she isn’t a slave, she won’t have a brand.” The worker reason.

“You are not looking at my ass!” Abrams said with far too much indignity for someone who had locked themselves in a cage.

After much debate, the worker simply removed her clothes exposing her double d breasts and unshaven pussy, showing that her red locks were in fact real. It also showed no slave brand.

“Ugh, fine, I don’t have time for this. We’ll just need a judge to allow us to unlock her.” The worker said defeated.

“A judge? You can’t hold me, I’m free!” Abrams cried again.

“And if you’re actually someone’s property that they were too lazy to brand I’ll be fined your value and charged with theft.” The worker said before leaving the conversation to move Eve and I to the back of the stage.

In between the permanent auctions and the rentals, a group of slave women bought by a strip club were showing their skills for the audience. Once the ladies were all nude and panting from their exertion, an underpaid worker simply drove them off the stage at the end of a whip. They ran full speed right past us, their costumes in hand to the end of the room where they crowded into a large cell on wheels, which was promptly locked and wheeled back towards the buildings loading dock.

We were the first rentals up for auction. Mistress was the announcer and began reading off our stats as our cage was moved onstage, and we were let out to face the crowd, our hands behind our heads, and legs spread apart.

“I am happy to introduce a three day rental, my own personal slaves. They are each very intelligent, about to graduate with chemistry degrees. The female, Eve has b-cup breasts, nice and jiggly for those wondering. She’s five foot, six inches tall, and just look at her thighs and nice flat tummy. The male, Mark, is five foot nine inches. And the more important state, five and a half inches. We are starting the bid at four grand!” Mistress announced.

The spot lights were incredibly hot, even in the buff we began to sweat. The mistress called out buyers as an attendant fondled us to entice the crowd. After a couple minutes, Mistress announced “SOLD, to number 68, Mr. Evan Cairn!”

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