The Naughty Patient Ch. 02: Incident

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Authors Note

This story is a continuation of The Naughty Patient, and while the first chapter is fairly mild in its scatological content, this chapter is much more graphic. You may want to skip this if scat isn’t your thing. As always, constructive comments and feedback are welcomed.


It was almost 5pm on Friday and the small family practice run by Dr Webb was getting ready to close for the day. Three days had passed since he had seen his new ‘patient’, Ms Melissa Nichols, a petite and pretty woman in her 40s who had a problem controlling her bowels. She came to him seeking help after half a dozen incidents where she filled her panties with her own feces, unable to reach a bathroom in time. Given the stories she told, as well as her reaction to the examination, Dr Webb was pretty sure his patient had no physical problem or abnormality, but that it was something in her mind that caused these incidents. He was also convinced that it would happen again, and had a feeling she would be back in his office sometime, describing another accident where she pooped in her panties.

The last patient had just left the office and Dr Webb’s receptionist Ann, and his nurse Mia were doing some last minute cleaning and straightening so the office would be ready for Monday. As they moved quickly about the office wanting to start their weekend, the phone rang, and Ann walked back to her desk to answer it. Although it was only a few minutes until 5, Ann knew that Dr Webb liked being punctual, which worked for both opening and closing the office, even on Fridays. The policy annoyed Ann somewhat, especially as she wanted to get off work as soon as she could today, but Dr Webb was a great boss otherwise so his minor OCD was not a big deal.

“Hello? Dr Webb’s office, can I help you?” she asked, hoping it would be a very simple and short call.

“Hello. Uh… this is a patient of Dr Webb… I was wondering if I could speak to him?” came a frantic feminine voice from the other end of the line.

“We’re just about closing the office now, would you like an appointment for next week?” Ann asked, praying in her head that this woman gets off the phone quickly.

“No, I just really need to talk to Dr Webb. May I speak to him please?” the voice pleaded.

“OK, let me see if he can take your call. Your name please?” Ann asked quickly as her thoughts were all about getting home to her kids as she had a school function to attend.

“Nichols. Melissa Nichols. Thank you so much!” Ms Nichols replied, sounding a bit relieved even though nothing was done yet.

Ann put the call on hold and went down the short hall to Dr Webb’s office, where he was sitting at his desk with a few charts making final notes for the day.

“There’s a Melissa Nichols on the phone for you? She says she’s a patient, but I don’t recall that name. She also sounds a bit frantic,” Ann told him, as she leaned into his office against the doorframe. “And I really need to get going to my kids concert tonight.”

“Oh… uh, OK thank you Ann. Go ahead and patch her through. Tell her I’ll be with her in two minutes. And,” he added, checking his watch, “And as long as the front desk is ready for Monday, you can leave. I guess one minute early won’t kill us,” he said with a smile and laugh. “Oh, and tell Mia the same thing please.”

“Thanks Dr Webb,” she smiled back, “I have just one more thing to do and we’re all set. She’ll be on line 2.”

“OK, thanks,” he answered, wondering how the call will go, as he went back to finish up the notes on the chart in front of him.

Ann walked back to her desk and picked up call again.

“OK, Ms Nichols, Dr Webb can speak with you. Please hold for just a couple minutes.”

“Oh, thank you… thank you so much,” came the appreciative reply.

And with that, Ann clicked her over to Line 2 and hung up the phone. She then poked her head into the examination room to tell Mia that they can leave as soon as they had finished. Mia thanked her and restocked one last supply box and was done.

Ann went back to her desk and checked everything and then surveyed the office to ensure that everything was finished before she gathered her tote bag and purse.

“Have a good weekend Mia, see you on Monday!” she said as she waved to her coworker.

“Oh, you too! Enjoy that concert tonight!” Mia replied.

“Thanks, I’m sure I will,” Ann said as she opened the door and left the office.

Mia did her last minute checks and found her bags that were put in a side closet for the day. She then went over Dr Webb’s office and peaked her head around the door. Dr Webb had just closed the file cabinet and was reaching for the phone.

“Dr Webb, I’m just about ready to leave, did you need any help with that call?” she asked.

“Oh, thanks Mia, but no, I got this. Should only take a few minutes,” he answered.

“OK, then, I’m heading out. Enjoy your weekend! I’ll lock the door on my way out,” Mia replied and offered a quick wave.

“That’s fine, have a good one yourself,” urfa escort he smiled at her as she disappeared from the doorway and walked toward the office exit. A few seconds later he heard the door open and close and then the deadbolt turning as Mia left him alone in the office.

Dr Webb was lucky and he knew it. Ann and Mia were great employees, always professional, always courteous. And the three of them got along quite well, even though each had their own little quirks, as everyone does. But they worked well together and as a team, making for a very pleasant work environment. He smiled thinking of this, and then switched his thoughts over to his new patient, wondering how his weekend would start given the phone call that awaited him. He sat down and picked up the phone, and clicked the blinking ‘2’ button.

“Hello, this is Dr Webb, can I help you?”

“Oh, Dr Webb, I’m so glad you could take my call,” came the excited reply from a familiar voice, “this is Melissa, Melissa Nichols.”

“Yes, Ms Nichols, what can I do for you?”

“Oh Doctor.. it… it happened again!”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Did you need to discuss it with me?”

“No, I mean it just happened… just now!”

“OH!” exclaimed the Doctor, now fully realizing why she was sounding a bit frantic to Ann earlier. The woman, wherever she was, had her panties full of poop!

“Yes, it just happened a few minutes ago. I had done some shopping and then was getting gas on my way home. And it just came out while I was pumping gas!”

“Oh dear, I’m sorry. Did you make it home OK?”

“No, I had to finish filling my tank… and then go into the gas station to pay, and I knew it was pretty smelly. I was so embarrassed!”

“I understand,” he sympathized.

“So I left there as soon as I could, and then I pulled off into a parking lot to call you.”

“Oh, so you aren’t home.”

“No, not yet. I’m a couple miles from your office. I know it’s late, but… do you… do you think you could see me now? Maybe since it just happened you can figure something out. Please Doctor.”

Dr Webb smiled to himself, thinking of this desperate woman sitting in her car, her panties full of poop, her putrid waste being smeared all over her beautiful ass. He knew he would see her, but wanted her to beg a little, and embarrass herself.

“I’m sorry, but my office has just closed,” he teased her, but in a serious tone, “And it’s Friday.”

“I know Dr Webb, I’m sorry. But please, I really want to find out why this is happening!”

Dr Webb smirked to himself and decided to play with her a little, to begin her evening with a little humiliation.

“Why what is happening?” he asks in mock ignorance.

“What.. Doctor.. you know,” she answers surprised.

“No, not really… I don’t… Tell me.”

“You know… when I… have accidents,” she said softly.

“Accidents? Like what?” he replied, wanting to draw this out.

“You know… when… when I can’t reach the bathroom in time,” she describes, feeling the pangs of embarrassment starting.

“OK, so then what happens?”

“I… uh… it just comes out.”

“Oh? What comes out… and where?” he says as he presses for further details.

“Um… my poop… it just comes out… in my pants,” she says quietly, as if not wanting anyone to hear although she’s alone in her car.

“What? Sorry I couldn’t hear that. Could you say it a little louder?”

“I poop.. in my pants.” she answers, her cheeks flushing with red.

“OH! So you just had an accident where you shit in your panties? And you are sitting in it right now?”

“Yes” she says sheepishly.

“Yes what?”

“Yes… I just shit in my panties… and now I’m sitting in it!” she answers embarrassingly, noticing her pussy tingling with arousal.

“Oh, OK, Ms Nichols, now I understand. Yes, I guess it would be OK to come see me,” Dr Webb said with a sly smile, “just relax and drive safely. My office will be open.”

“Oh thank you Dr Webb, thank you so much. I’ll be there shortly. Bye” the relieved woman said into the phone before she disconnected the call.

Dr Webb hung up the phone and went to go unlock the office door. What an interesting night it will be, he thought. His dirty, anally inclined, and very attractive patient was on her way over to his office, with her panties full of her own poop. And if her last visit to his office was any indication, poop wasn’t the only thing in her panties; there would be a lot of her juices as well. He smiled as he felt his penis stir and begin to get hard at the thoughts of what was to come.

Five minutes later, he heard the outside building door open and a few footsteps coming closer to his office door. Then there was a knock after a slight hesitation, and Melissa opened the door and peered in.

“Dr Webb? Are you here?” she asked into the empty room.

“Yes, Ms Nichols, come on in,” he replied as he walked in from his office. “And please relock the door.”

Melissa balıkesir escort breathed a sigh of relief at seeing the Doctor and turned around briefly to lock the door before slowly crossing the floor, holding out her hand to shake the Doctor’s.

“Thank you so much for seeing me. I’m sorry it is after hours again.”

“That’s quite all right Ms Nichols. Shall we go into the exam room?” he said as he waved for her to walk in front of him.

Dr Webb had watched her gingerly walk across the room, no doubt due to the mass of poop that was in her panties and purposely let her lead the way into the examination room. He wanted to get a look at what happened in her pants, and was not disappointed when he saw her tight gray yoga pants, clinging to her sexy ass with a softball sized stain deep between her cheeks. He could see a much larger dark outline underneath her pants, that spread up her ass crack and almost to her waist, as her poop apparently traveled quite far once she sat in her car to drive here. As she continued walking into the room Dr Webb was also catching the smell coming from her, and while it wasn’t exactly pleasant, it wasn’t a turn off either.

As Melissa walked passed the Doctor into the hall and into the exam room she felt his eyes glued to her butt, which has just exploded her fecal waste into her panties. She was just as nervous as she was a few days ago when she first met Dr Webb. While he was very nice and obviously enjoyed bringing her to that amazing orgasm, this was very different. Talking about pooping in your pants was one thing, but now she was SHOWING him! And although he did agree to see her, he could be instantly disgusted and ask her to leave as soon as he sees the mess she made. She went into the exam room, put her purse on the chair and turned around to face him, nervous tears beginning to well up in her eyes.

Dr Webb followed her in, staring at Melissa’s ass until she turned around to face him. He saw her lip quivering in anxious fear as she looked up at him with almost pleading eyes.

“Ms Nichols, please, don’t be worried. I’m here to help you,” he soothed.

“Oh God, I can’t believe I’m here… like this! No… no… I should go… I should just go home and clean up,” she said as she lowered her head and took a step to the door.

“No, no, it’s perfectly OK,” the Doctor said as he reached out and gently put his two hands on her shoulders, looking down at her.

“Don’t be scared or anything. I’m glad you came in… maybe we can find out what’s going on now that it just happened.”

“Are… are you sure?” she asked, almost wanting to be let go so she could forego the upcoming embarrassment.

“Yes, it’s absolutely fine,” he assured her with a sympathetic smile. “Let’s figure out what’s happening to you.”

“OK Doctor… thank you again for seeing me… I’m such a mess!” she said looking down.

“Don’t worry about it,” he answered as he turned away from her and reached down to open a door on the desk, pulling out a few disposable absorbent pads.

“And I smell,” Melissa added with a semi-smile, crinkling her nose.

“Well, just a bit,” the Doctor smiled and laughed back to her. “But it’s not too bad. There are lots of things that doctors see that don’t exactly have the best odor, so we kind of get used to it.”

“I’m sorry,” she apologized sheepishly.

“Don’t be, it’s really fine,” he answered as he started spreading out a few of the pads, “I’m just going to put a few of these down in case…”

Melissa looked down, embarrassed even more that the Doctor needed to take extra precautions to keep her poop from making a mess of his room.

“Sorry Doctor.”

“It’s OK, no big deal at all,” he answered as he put one on the floor at the end of the exam table. He then pulled out the retractable stool and put another pad on top of that.

“OK, that should be fine. Let me get some gloves and we’ll begin the examination. Could you please undress and put the gown on?” Dr Webb instructed and then added “Well, leave your pants on for now.”

Melissa reached for the gown bag and tore it open, wondering a little why she needed to remove her top clothing for this exam. But she didn’t much care; she didn’t want her shirt to get messed up anyway, and given what happened at her last exam, she didn’t mind removing her bra as well. She turned away from the doctor and slipped off her clothes before sliding the paper gown down her arms to cover her breasts. She tied the strings behind her neck to keep the gown on before taking her clothes off the table and carefully placing them on the chair against the wall before turning back towards Dr Webb.

“OK, step up on the stool please,” he ordered as he reached for his rolling stool chair.

Melissa slid off her shoes and stepped up onto the stool, feeling like she was now on a pedestal, on display for the whole world to see that she had pooped in her pants.

“Turn around please and face the table” came his next trabzon escort instruction.

Dr Webb watched as his attractive patient did as she was told, his face now level with her gorgeous, but dirty ass. It was an effort to stay calm and not let his excitement show as the bulge and stain in the back of her tight pants came into his view. Melissa on the other hand was now even more embarrassed than when she had to tell him all her accident stories, as now this was live and happening! She was on display in front of this nice Doctor with a full mess of poop in her panties!

“OK, let me take this down carefully,” he said as his fingers reached for the waistband of her pants.

“OK” she agreed, just standing there with a very red face.

Dr Webb held the elastic band in his fingers and slowly peeled her pants down, over her hips and thighs and then stopped there. Her messy behind now had one less layer of covering. He gazed at her delicious ass, and saw she was wearing a pink full coverage, cotton panty, which seemed to contain the entire mess. Her beautiful cheeks, with their soft curves and white flesh were now marked by the bulge in between them. He then looked into her pants to check for any ‘globs’ of anything, and saw none.

“OK, I think your pants survived this one. Let’s take them off, OK?”

Melissa reached down with the Doctor as they both pulled the tight pants down her calves and over each one of her sock covered feet. Dr Webb looked closely at them and noticed a slight stain in the back, but considering what could have happened to them, the damage was minimal. He then handed the pants to Melissa who put them on the table in front of her. She stood up straight again, waiting for the next instruction from the Doctor, who wasn’t saying anything. In that quiet moment, the whole situation raced through her mind. Here she was, a middle aged woman with a load of poop in her panties, standing on display in front of her Doctor, with her messy ass right in his face. Redness flushed into her face and she secretly wished she had just gone home alone. But then again, she knew she didn’t wish that… she wanted to be here, to be examined by her Doctor, to figure out what was going on with her bowels. And, not only that, she knew her pussy was beginning to cream itself with her growing excitement.

Dr Webb sat back down on his stool and watched as Ms Nichols stood up straight. Her ass was directly in front of him, covered in her pink panty, with a solid brown stain low in between her cheeks, and a lighter stain that went up her crack and almost to the waistband. Her beautiful, sexy, shapely ass had made a mess; it had spewed forth her fecal waste into her panties, creating a bulge of poop that flattened out and spread all over her cheeks when she was forced to sit down in order to drive to his office. He stared at her ass, seeing the soft creamy white flesh of her cheeks where the leg bands of her panties were, knowing that just a few inches away her white cheeks would be covered in her brown mess. The panties were stuck into her crack, her poop ‘gluing’ them to her skin. She still had a small bulge down between her cheeks and legs, no doubt that part went forward when she sat. Dr Webb studied her sexy, dirty ass, taking mental pictures of her while being glad that his long white coat was hiding his growing erection.

“OK, let me start taking these down carefully,” he said as his gloved fingers reached for the waistband of her panties and he began tugging them down gently.

As they slid over her waist and ass, her crack was exposed, and he soon saw the reason behind the stains on the panties – her matted poop that was lodged in her crevice. Dr Webb pulled them down a little more, slowly revealing the mess that they covered, which grew larger and larger as he approached the source of the fecal disaster. Eventually the seat of the panty that was stuck to her ass fell free, and with that a chunk of soft poop fell from one leg hole and hit the pad on the floor. Melissa heard this and turned to look, just as the Doctor did as he was checking where it had landed. His eyes caught hers and she quickly turned away, knowing that he was directly facing her waste covered behind, that he was lowering her poop filled panties down her legs, that he knew and was looking at, her most embarrassing secret. She closed her eyes tightly as another warm wave of redness flushed into her cheeks.

Dr Webb, tugged the panties down to her knees as carefully as he could, trying not to smear poop all over her legs and mostly succeeding, with only a few brown spots on her inner thighs. When she was fully exposed is when more of the smell hit his nostrils as his face was only a few inches from her sexy shit covered ass. His brain instinctually flashed ‘bad’ into his head as he should have been repulsed by the scent of her waste, and the whole scene in general. But there was something else to it. He breathed deep, inhaling her odor so that it filled his lungs. And it wasn’t bad… it was earthy… natural… feminine. He was experiencing ALL of her, her body at its most natural. Her most basic bodily function was right there in front of him, and it brought him to a sense of intimacy that he hadn’t ever shared before. One more deep breath in, and he was ready to move forward, his cock throbbing as he watched the amazing scene unfold in front of him.

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