The Neighbor Boy

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This story takes place in a rural area in upstate New York in 1985.

Chapter One: Unexpected.

This wasn’t what I was expecting to be doing today. That thought raced through my mind as I knelt in front of the young man who was resting back on my living room couch; a lad who had lived about a half mile down the road from us for his entire life, which would be 20 years come next spring, he had informed me earlier during his confession.

A confession that had begun after he had cleared the weeds along the perimeter of my property, which was a task he had done annually for the last ten years or so. The ground over there was far too rocky and bumpy for the mower, and one day when Todd had pedaled past on his bike and saw me swiping away at the brush with a sickle, he had brought his bike to a skidding halt and walked up to talk to me on the porch.

Volunteering his services for a pittance, I had let him do it after making sure he could handle the job. It was a boring task, but Todd did it eagerly and well, relieving me of the tedious job. Year after year he would stop by when the weeds got high around mid-summer, and either me or my wife Ellie would let him do it.

Ellie’s gone now, having passed away suddenly that previous fall, and when I told Todd about it he got visibly upset. Having been away at college when it happened, Todd was unaware of my loss, and his shock may have been what had inspired his confession of sorts. A confession that had begun with him, was then continued by me, and had led me to where I was now, which was on my knees with my hands on Todd’s bare thighs. Hands that were hopefully just about to slide up those down-coated thighs on their way to bringing down his shorts.

Chapter Two: Crush.

“I always had a crush on your wife,” Todd had suddenly admitted to me in the kitchen after he had finished the yard work, and the color rose in his tanned cheeks at that admission. “Hope you don’t mind me saying that.”

“No, not at all,” I replied. “She was fond of you too.”

“Uh, could you give me a drink?” Todd asked, nodding toward the bottle of Jack Daniels in the corner of the kitchen counter, my lone vice which had become even more of a hobby over the last few months.

I hesitated at first, but then realized that he was no longer a boy and poured us both one. Todd took it straight, which surprised me, and he sipped it without blinking, which was even more of a shock.

“They’re raising the drinking age to 21 soon,” Todd said of the upcoming legislation. “Kinda stupid to be able to drink now but not next year.”

“When did that ever stop an enterprising college student?” I asked, remembering my younger days which seemed an eternity ago.

“Won’t stop us, but might slow us down,” Todd admitted with a grin. “That’s probably a good thing though.”

I asked Todd if he would like to stick around for a while, and when he not only said yes but appeared happy to be asked, we brought the bottle into the living room and sat on the couch.

Watching Todd as he sat on the other end of the couch from me, I was struck by how much he had changed in some ways but in so many others was still the same after all these years.

His hair was still long, in the style of the time, and his golden brown locks had a bit of a curl to them as they fell close to his tanned shoulders. Shoulders that had filled out a bit over the years, but looked right on his lean and lithe frame.

Todd was not quite my height, standing probably a couple of inches shy of six foot tall, but couldn’t weigh more than 140. His boyish face still didn’t look like it had ever been touched by a razor either, and for some reason I was surprised when Todd put his arm over the back of the couch as he swiveled to face me and I saw the wisp of hair nestled in his armpit.

“Left my shirt outside,” Todd said, and I realized that he had noticed what I had thought to have been a cursory visual examination of his body. “Don’t want to make your furniture all sweaty.”

Todd was wearing only a pair of faded and frayed jeans shorts, having taken off his shirt out in the yard while he was working and having shed his sneakers upon entering the house, and sat up.

“You’re fine,” I assured him, trying to keep my eyes off his trim and toned physique, or at least be less blatant about my gazing at the barefooted and bare chested teenager.

“You miss her a lot, don’t you?” Todd asked.

“Yes,” I nodded, pouring another drink. “She’s the only woman I ever loved.”

That was certainly true, I thought to myself as the image of Ellie went through my mind. Her slim, waifish body and her adorable bowl haircut had swept me off my feet when I had met her after getting out of the service, and when I fell in love with her my entire life had changed.

“I’ll never forget the way she smiled at me,” Todd said. “She was so cute. I loved her too. I had this fantasy about… well, let’s just say that I was crazy about her.”

“I don’t think you have much problem with the ladies,” I assured gaziantep escort him. “Not with your looks and your body.”

I kicked myself mentally for saying that, forcing my eyes away from Todd’s copper hued and completely hairless chest, but I didn’t have much time for chastising myself.

“That’s the thing,” Todd said, looking at me cautiously, almost as if he was afraid to speak and was choosing each word with extreme care. “Don’t know if I should be telling you this or not.”

“Tell me what?” I asked and smiled. “About having a crush on Ellie? I told you that I don’t mind.”

“Not that,” Todd said, his face pained. “It’s that I’m… I’m gay.”

Chapter Three. Todd’s gay.

When he said those words, my breath caught in my throat, but it wasn’t only from shock. I had suspected for quite a while that he might be gay, but actually hearing it was a bit of a jolt, and Todd seemed frightened as he looked for my reaction.

“That’s the second time I’ve said that this summer,” Todd said after I tried to find words of my own. “The first time – with my folks – Mom was okay about it I guess, but Dad? Let’s just say that you’re taking it a lot better than he did.”

I shrugged my shoulders, giving him a weak smile while struggling with my own emotions. There was so much tension in the room that it felt like the air was crackling around us.

“It’s not that unusual,” I finally said. “I’m sure that in time he’ll get over it.”

“You wouldn’t say that if you had heard him,” Todd said with a wry smile peeking out of the corner of his mouth. “It’s cool that you seem okay with that. First I tell you that I was hot for your wife and then I tell you I’m queer. Kinda weird, isn’t that?”

“No, it really isn’t” I said.

“When I was your age,” I said with as much fear in my voice as Todd had in his. “I… experimented some myself.”

“Really?” Todd said excitedly. “With guys?”

I started to nod but then caught myself, finally just saying, “No, that’s not what I meant.”

“When I was in the service,” I began. “One time I went on leave with a buddy of mine, and after we hit the bars and struck out with the ladies, we went back to our hotel room. After we went to bed, I felt him crawl into my bed and he started touching me. I touched him back and the rest, as they say, is history.”

“Cool,” Todd said. “I would have never expected that. I mean, you’re such a macho guy, or at least that’s the way you look to me. That makes me feel a little better about my fantasy.”

“You mean about Ellie?”

“No,” Todd said. “The fantasy I had. It wasn’t just about her. It was about both of you.”

Chapter Four: Todd’s fantasy.

“My fantasy was about being in bed with both of you,” Todd said, his eyes initially unable to meet mine as he stared down at the sofa cushion before shyly looking up at me.

“Oh,” was all I could manage.

“Last year when I did the weeds you both came out to give me a glass of lemonade,” Todd continued. “You were wearing this white tank top, and the way the hair on your chest sprouted up above the neck of the shirt? That really… well, anyway, later that night I snuck back down here, hoping to catch you guys going at it.”

I cleared my throat as I felt trickles of sweat go down my back, and Todd must have thought that I was getting ready to say something or take a swing at him, but that wasn’t the case at all, and I kept looking at him while I reached for my drink.

“I stood out by the tree outside your window, and you had the TV on in the room when you both came in. I was hoping you would turn the light on, but I could see enough with the glow of the television. It was beautiful, and I was so jealous.”


“Yeah, of both of you I think, but I think I was more jealous of her,” Todd said. “When she knelt in front of you and took down your shorts…”

“I’m not much to look at,” I finally said after an uncomfortable silence.

“You’re kidding, right?” Todd said, and the look he was giving me left no doubt that he was very serious.

“I don’t know what to say,” I answered.

“That’s better than throwing me out the window, I guess,” Todd said softly. “Or hating me. I know you must think I’m sick or something.”

“No,” I said, trying to think of what night that was, although there were so many nights that fit that description that it wasn’t possible. “You aren’t sick.”

What would Ellie have thought? I wondered about that as Todd and I looked at each other. She knew about my past when we met, and I knew of hers. Together we were amazing, and gave each other precisely what we needed, but I don’t know how Ellie would have reacted to this.

“That’s good,” Todd said as he lifted his drink and drained the remainder.

“Don’t go,” I said when I feared he was about to stand up, and while he looked confused for a second, I leaned closer to him.

“You’ve been very honest with me,” I said, putting my hand on Todd’s bare knee, the feeling konya escort of the warmth of his soft skin sending a shiver down my spine. “I haven’t been quite as honest with you. Not completely”

“You see,” I said, swallowing hard and taking a deep breath. “When I told you that I experimented when I was your age, that was true. The experiment of mine was Ellie.”

Chapter Five: My confession.

“She was the first woman I ever made love with, and will most likely be the last.”

“You mean that you were…?” Todd said in an open-ended question.

“Was, and am,” I corrected him. “Back when we met in the late fifties, being homosexual wasn’t nearly as accepted as it is today, and for some reason once we got together, we turned out to be a perfect match for each other. Maybe she was just the type of woman that gay men are attracted to, and vice-versa.”

“Wow!” Todd said, falling back onto the back cushion and exhaling loudly. “Now it’s my turn to be speechless. You being gay. I mean, that’s unbelievable!”

“In the interest of full disclosure, let me tell you that if I was 19 instead of 59, you would believe it, because I would be all over you,” I blurted out, not believing that my thoughts were tumbling out of my mouth like this.

“What’s age got to do with it?” Todd said, his voice barely more than a whisper.

“I’m an old man,” I said in a voice not much louder than Todd’s.

“Last summer when I saw you with Ellie, you drove me so crazy that I’ve spent most of my time since then getting myself off while thinking about you and the way you looked,” Todd said in a voice made choppy by his heavy breathing. “You haven’t changed at all – at least from what I can see.”

It was then that I found myself sliding over and going down to my knees in front of Todd and placing my hands on his knees. Sliding them up and down his legs from his thighs to his ankles, the soft flutter of the fine down on his legs as it passed between my fingers made my cock surge in my pants.

“I’m sweaty… should take a shower” Todd said, getting up to a sitting position before I placed a hand on his chest and eased him back down.

“I want you just the way you are,” I said, my hands going to the top of his jeans and undoing the button.

Gingerly unzipping the fly without making contact with the lump in his crotch, I took the shorts in my hands and pulled them down while Todd lifted himself up to accommodate me.

The musky aroma reached my nose as the shorts came down to his knees, and as I pulled them off of his ankles my eyes never left the bright white cotton briefs, and more specifically the prominent bulge that snaked over toward his right hip.

“Mm,” we said almost in stereo when my hand came up and rubbed the bulge all the way over to Todd’s side, and I could feel the warmth of his swollen manhood through the cotton fabric as my hand retraced the path a couple more times before taking hold of the elastic top and lifted it up as I slowly tugged them down.

My eyes took in the faint trail of cocoa brown hairs that led from just below his tanned belly button, fanning out into a sparse and compact tuft of fur right above his cock. As the briefs passed his cock, his manhood swung backward and fell back onto his tummy, the stark whiteness of that area the only part of him that wasn’t tanned.

As I watched Todd’s cock coil back onto his stomach, I was momentarily shocked at the size of his manhood, which was larger than I had expected. While very slender, especially toward the tip, his penis had to be more than 6″ long, and from below his crotch I had a spectacular view of the underside of his cock as well as the nice sized balls that hung low in his hairless wrinkled sac.

“You’re beautiful,” I gasped without exaggeration, blinking as my eyes burned with the sweat that was pouring off of my forehead, gently taking his cock by the ridge of the acorn-like glans and lifting it to a more upright position while leaning toward it.

Todd groaned as my tongue slid up and down the ridge on the underside of his manhood, and as I licked I saw his hands clutching at the sofa cushions while he squirmed in his seat. When a tiny pearl of seed formed at the tip of his dick, I gobbled it up before my mouth slid down the length of him.

“Aargh!” Todd moaned when his cock disappeared, and when I felt the tip of his dick hit my throat I knew that this was like riding a bike and was not a skill I had lost over the years.

Todd’s soft pubes caressed my nose as I tried to swallow him whole before starting to slide my lips up and down the length of him. Looking up at Todd, I saw the joyous look on his face as he watched me sucking his tool.

He had the most beautiful penis I had ever seen, and he felt so spectacular in my mouth that I wanted this to last forever. The pungent aroma of his sweaty balls was like a aphrodisiac to me, and when I started to knead his pouch Todd started to squirm in his seat for real.

“Gonna! Can’t hold…” Todd kayseri escort squealed as I worked him over furiously, milking his nuts feverishly while sucking on him hard and fast.

I knew he was going to cum. I wanted him to cum, and when he did there was no mistaking it. Todd’s cock erupted in a series of spurts that almost made me choke as he coated my throat with his seed, but I didn’t stop sucking on him until his body shivered in a series of after-shocks and his once formidable weapon shrank back into a modest limp spout that fell harmlessly between his legs.

Chapter Six: That way.

“I want you,” Todd said as he struggled up to a sitting position and started undoing my shirt, almost ripping off the buttons in his haste to get them undone.

Any fear about my desirably went away as I saw the way Todd tore at me, and after he pulled the shirt off my shoulders, his hands raked through the mat of silver and black fur that covered my chest before leaning down and searching for my nipples with his mouth, finding them quickly and sucking on them hard.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” I suggested, as my knees were beginning to throb from the kneeling position I had been in, and as I got up Todd was a step ahead of me, his little pale butt wiggling cutely in front of me.

I felt so unattractive next to this lithe creature, and when he turned the light on I cringed at the thought of being seen like this at my age. While I wasn’t in bad shape for a guy nearing 60, the plain fact was that I was very much a guy nearing 60, and had all of the flaws and scars to prove it.

“Let me, please,” Todd said, diving to his knees before me. “My fantasy.”

I looked down at Todd who was undoing my belt with a look in his eyes that I found hard to believe. I sucked my stomach in as best I could as I felt my trousers sinking to the floor, and when I stepped out of them Todd was groping at me through the boxers excitedly.

“Omigod!” Todd exclaimed as he pulled my cock out of the fly of the boxers and stretched it out a couple of times. “When I was watching from outside and I saw this, I was sure that I must have been seeing things, but…”

I had sported an erection while I was giving Todd head, but had lost it with the initial embarrassment of being seen in the light like this. Now with Todd pulling on my cock and smothering it with kisses, I felt it starting to back back to life.

A flick of Todd’s wrist opened the snap of my boxers, and after Todd deftly brought them down he started to work on my cock. He opened wide and took the mushroom-shaped glans in his mouth, not very fazed with the size of it, and after he started stuffing as much of me into his mouth as he could, it got easier for him to handle.

“Never had a man this big before,” Todd said as he leaned back and looked at my erection while it surged in his grasp.

While that might have been true, the way that his mouth adapted to my size surely indicated that he had seen a few dicks before, and while his hands spun around on the shaft of my tool, his lips worked on the rest of it.

Todd sucked and slobbered over my cock like a starving man, and luckily just before I was about to cum he stopped to come up for air. Lifting my cock upward, he started licking my balls, popping each one into his mouth for a brisk oral scrubbing before going back to the other one.

With my cock on top of his head, I rubbed his long locks all over it while grinding my crotch into his face. This seemed to excite Todd as much as it did me, and after he licked and sucked my balls thoroughly he had me get on the bed.

“You have great control,” Todd said with a smile as he got me on my back on the bed. and knelt beside me. “Either that or I’m not doing good.”

“You’re more than good, Todd,” I said. “I just want this to last forever.”

“Besides, at my age I don’t have the rapid recuperate powers you seem to possess,” I added, nodding down toward Todd’s cock, which was waving out in front of him like a diving board.

“That isn’t going away,” Todd said. “At least not while I’ve got your incredible cock in my sight.”

I guess Todd seemed to be quite taken by my cock, because as he milked it with his hand he climbed over my right thigh and leaned forward until our members were touching.

“Look how much bigger yours is,” Todd said without shame as he rubbed the heads of our dicks together.

“Thicker,” I corrected him. “Don’t sell yourself short, Todd. That’s a gorgeous hunk of manhood you’ve got there on you. How I miss the days when I could get as hard as you do.”

“Feels nice, doesn’t it? I love the way the head of yours is so rubbery,” Todd said, beaming at my complimentary comments on his equipment, which still didn’t do it justice, and I had to agree as our tender openings dripped over each other.

Now Todd was on top of me, grinding not only our cocks but our entire bodies together in a passionate way that I had never experienced before. His mouth was all over my neck and shoulders, biting and nibbling me, even lifting my arm above my head to lick my armpits.

“Ooh!” I groaned as I felt his tongue sliding through my underarms, realizing that this was likely something he had seen Ellie doing to me, so I returned the favor, startling Todd when I pulled him up a little so that I could lick the sparse patch of hairs under his arm.

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