The Neighbors Ch. 02


CONTAINS: [mff, threesome, lesbian, redhead, milf, blowjob, rough blowjob, cum, facial, bukkake, domination, anal, masturbation, toys, married fantasy, cum-slut fantasy, babysitter fantasy]

“Hey Lana,” Tina said as she welcomed her back to her apartment.

It had been exactly 24 hours since her neighbor and good friend Tina, for whom she had been babysitting for recently, had her husband solicit her personally to join in their sex life. What had started out as a little innocent voyeurism, ended up turning into one of the most sexually explicit nights of Lana’s sex life (see: PART 1). After she had been sent home in Tina’s robe, she masturbated all night long to a particularly explicit video that Tina and her husband Mark had made for Lana as a thank-you gift for fulfilling their fantasy. She stayed home from school all the following day, masturbating over and over to the many “borrowed” photos of Mark giving Tina a messy facial. Over and over she came, but nothing could make the time go any faster, for it was the promise of getting the chance to fuck Tina’s husband Mark that was particularly troubling to Lana’s better nature. But the time did eventually pass, and the evening did arrive.

When Lana showed up at Tina and Mark’s door, she was a bit nervous for two reasons.

One, she wasn’t sure if it was going to be awkward seeing them again after what had happened between the three of them the night before, and two… she was dressed to impress. Lana was wearing a short plaid skirt and a white tee tied around her massive breasts, hair let down on her shoulders. She wore fuck-me mascara and bright pink lipstick to draw particular attention to her luscious lips. When Tina finally answered the door, she did a double take, not entirely sure that it was actually Lana standing before her. Lana herself did a double take on Tina whose hair was done up, her sensual body wrapped in a tight black dress. The outfit was capped off nicely, Lana noticed, by a pair of particularly striking fuck-me heels. Lana instantly remembered her first lesbian experience with Tina in the bathtub the night before and couldn’t help but feel a strong connection to her now that was not there before. The muscles inside her pussy constricted and she felt blood rush between her legs that cause a sort of tingling sensation she was not used to experiencing while thinking about another woman. She swallowed hard in Tina’s presence.

“Wow, look at you…” Tina said, nearly breathless.

“I could say the same about you, you look great!” Lana replied honestly.

Tina drew Lana into an unexpected hug, but Lana quickly melted into it.

“I’m glad you could make it. The little one is asleep upstairs,” Tina added.

While still lost in the embrace of Tina’s arms, Lana met eyes with Mark who was wearing a sharp suit and tie that fit him very well. His hair was gelled back, his face clean-shaven. He looked handsome as ever and Lana couldn’t wait to fuck the man’s brains out… especially while his horny little wife watched and cheered on. It was a side to Lana’s sexuality that Tina and Mark had provoked and now seemed wholly encompassing in her psyche. She couldn’t think of anything else but sex anymore. Lana pulled away from the hug and turned to Mark. He smiled confidently at her and raised an eyebrow to her scandalous choice of outfit.

“Wow, Mr. Saunders, you look great too!” Lana said.

“Jesus, I bet you left somebody jealous somewhere…”

“Nope. I just wanted to make sure you guys knew I was excited about tonight, and so I wanted to dress up a little for you…”

“Dress up, or dress down? Are you even wearing any underwear?” Tina asked as she playfully lifted up Lana’s skirt from behind revealing her beautiful and extremely naked backside. Tina’s eyes went wide, but Lana didn’t budge.

“You aren’t! Look honey!”

Tina then reached around Lana and pulled up her skirt, revealing her fiery landing strip (freshly trimmed down) ending atop her swollen vulva. Lana just blushed and gave Mark a stare that meant she meant to be eye-fucked.

“And you trimmed, wow…”

“Let me see!” Tina exclaimed as she whirled around and took notice of Lana’s stubble-landing strip. She ran her hands over and over it, which sent floods of excitement and euphoria rushing through Lana’s head.

“Wow, I like it!”

Tina smiled and turned back to her husband. “I think she’s trying to seduce you, big guy!”

Lana just blushed bashfully.

“Well, listen,” Tina said, dropping Lana’s skirt back in place. “We’re running late, but you know the drill. We also left you some more pictures out for you from our private collection on our bed if you need to, um… occupy yourself while we’re gone. Plus you have the ones from yesterday and our video, but feel free to root through our things if you’re feeling particularly nosey. But I doubt you’ll need to. This set is one you don’t want to miss!” Tina exclaimed with a devilish smile as she gathered up her things and grabbed her purse of the counter beside her.

“Do you mind if I use your vibrator again?” karabük escort Lana asked bluntly.

“I set it out for you next to the pictures,” Tina said with a scandalous wink that made Lana smile. “Don’t get too exhausted before we get back, though. You’re going to need your energy for this guy when we get back,” Tina said, gesturing to Mark. Lana looked up at Mark and blushed again. He just shot her a charming smile back.

“We also left you a little surprise for you too,” Mark added.

“Oh, I’m excited! I love surprises!” Lana cheered.

“Well then you’ll love this one,” Tina added. “But we have to get going, so call us if you need anything. See you when we get back, kiddo,” Tina said.

But just as they were ready to slip away from her, Lana decided to speak. She couldn’t help it. Her pussy was literally physically aching. She needed relief and she could only get it by dipping into her darkest desires.

“Actually, before you guys go, I was just wondering…” Lana began.

Tina and Mark both turned back and looked at Lana inquisitively.

“Could I suck you off really quick, Mr. Saunders? I’d really love to masturbate to the stuff you left me with a fresh load of cum dripping down my face, and I never did get to actually give you a proper blowjob like your wife did.”

Mark and Tina were both stunned and exchanged a look that expressed as much.

“Wow, you’ve sure come out of your shell in no time!” Tina exclaimed.

“I think that was partly our fault,” Mark admitted.

“Hmm, I don’t know, we are running late…” Tina added.

“I know, it would just be a second or two more…” Lana pleaded.

“Even dressed like that, I’d need some time, but I’m already halfway there after seeing you naked just then,” Mark said. “Do you want it that badly?”

“I do!” Lana interrupted.

Mark looked to his wife who just shrugged.

“As long as we don’t miss the previews,” Tina added.

Lana was nearly jumping for joy when Mark turned back to her.

“Alright, kid, I guess you can do this, but you’ll only have a couple of minutes before I have to go so if you really want that cum, I’m going to have to get kind of rough with you like I did Tina the other night… is that alright?”

“Absolutely!” Lana said while falling to her knees and working at Mark’s zipper.

Tina just laughed and stepped back into the apartment, locking the door behind them.

Lana finally unbuckled Mark’s belt and pulled down his slacks, revealing his semi-hard cock hanging between his legs. Lana’s eyes lit up. She rubbed her hands all over the meaty specimen and even fondled his balls. She then took Mark in her hand and placed him in her mouth and started to suck on it while it physically grew inside her wet mouth. It took no time before Mark was hard, but Lana knew she didn’t have much time. She reveled in the feeling of Tina’s eyes on her while she sucked her husband and even spit on his cock for show. Tina laughed out loud. “Somebody’s been watching blowjob porn all day…” she commented, but Lana just ignored her and returned to her sloppy blowjob. She copied Tina’s technique and swirled her tongue around Mark’s engorged head and then started to bob up and down on it. She was just starting to find her rhythm when Mark grabbed the back of her head and shoved the full length of his penis so far down Lana’s throat that Tina saw Lana’s neck expand. Tina instantly regretted not wearing panties and felt her own juices dripping down her inner thighs while she watched Mark give Lana her first throat-job.

Mark continued bucking his hips into the redhead’s freckled little face. Tina just watched on as Lana awkwardly tried to find use for her hands. But Mark was being too rough with her as he continued to piston inside her mouth with such force that Lana finally gave up and let her hands fall between her own legs. Tina just watched as Lana slipped her hands between her plaid skirt and started to rub herself while her husband continued fucking their babysitter’s throat. Lana’s mascara began to run down her face as pre-cum and saliva spilled out the corners of her mouth. Tina sighed and stepped over to Lana and knelt behind her. She reached around her body to untie her shirt… her large breasts spilled from confinement and began bouncing awkwardly on her chest as Mark continued to shove his girth further and further into her throat. Finally, she started to gag and he released her. Lana fell into a coughing fit for air, pre-cum and saliva dangling down from her chin.

“Easy, honey, she doesn’t have the experience I have…” Tina added.

“I know, I just can’t help it. Here, lets try this so I don’t overwhelm you,” Mark said as he took Lana and laid her down on the floor before her wife who smiled immediately. She knew exactly what was coming next, even though Lana did not.

Mark took both of Lana’s magnificent breasts in both his hands and straddled her chest. He placed his massive dick right between her breasts, already lubricated with Lana’s saliva and his own pre-cum, karaman escort and then mashed them together around himself.

“My husband’s always wanted to fuck my tits, but I’m afraid they’re just not as big as yours, my darling,” Tina said to Lana.

Mark began to slide himself between Lana’s cleavage. Her pink aureoles grossly swollen, her nipples rock hard. Lana looked up at Mark and smiled. He continued to buck himself between her breasts while fondling them all over at the same time. His cock kept rocketing closer and closer to her mouth, which she decided to open just in case it slipped too far. A couple times he did, and she caught his head in her wet mouth and swirled her slimy tongue all around it — this sent Mark over the edge as he picked up a new pace and started to fuck Lana’s tits with new fervor. Tina just continued to watch on and occasionally reached out to fondle Lana’s breasts herself.

“Jesus, these things are massive, girl.”

But that was all Mark needed to hear.

“Oh, he’s about to cum,” Tine exclaimed.

“Cum all over my face, Mr. Saunders!” Lana exclaimed. “Cover your babysitter’s pretty little innocent face with your semen right in front of your wife. I want you to mark me and make me yours until I get back…”

“Oh God, do you mean it?” Mark said, finally pulling out of Lana’s cleavage and grabbing himself. He pointed his cock right at Lana’s face and began to stroke himself.

“Yes, please, make me yours, cover me in cum just like your wife!”

“Oh God!”

Mark finally exploded and a thick wad of white hot cum splattered across Lana’s upper lip while a second rivulet struck her across the cheek and down her chin. Lana reveled in the feeling as Mr. Saunders grabbed a fistful of her hair and tilted her head up so that he could continue to stroke his orgasm all over her expecting face. The third and fourth blast rocketed out across the redhead’s forehead and landed in her hair. A small globule even splattered across her ear and into her hair while another blast painted a thick white line across her eye, connecting it to the first glob now oozing down her lips toward her chin. Mark continued to spray her with his seed, covering her as much as he could, screaming out while his wife watched on just inches away. Lana felt more cum splatter across her nose and cheeks, and wondered if it would ever stop. But finally, Mark stopped, though managed to shake out a few more ropes of sperm onto the redhead’s milky breasts. Tina reached out and scooped up some of the cum off Lana’s nipple and licked it off her finger.

“Yum,” she exclaimed sarcastically.

Mark nearly collapsed, and had to grab hold of the chair beside them to regain balance. He looked down at his prize, the cum-covered redhead, cum-soaked breasts rising and falling on her chest. She looked slightly shocked, but couldn’t stop smiling. His wife just looked up at him from beside her with a look of astonishment and then winked at him.

“Oh my God… I can’t believe that,” Mark managed.

“Wow, me neither! You really covered me!” Lana said.

“Do you think that will hold you over until tonight?” Tina asked.

“Oh yeah, I think so,” Lana admitted.

“Good girl, well have fun. You just made me jealous, but we’ll be back sooner than you know. I hope you have fun in our room tonight!”

And before Lana knew it, they were gone. They had left her, half naked and covered in cum on their living room floor. It took her a moment to regain her bearings. There she was, left covered in a thick batch of Tina’s husband’s cum. She reveled in the feeling and realized what she must look like. Finally, she pulled the open shirt from her arms and slipped the skirt from her hips — now she was a naked cum-covered mess in her neighbor’s apartment. It was exactly what she wanted. But first, she wanted to admire Mr. Saunders’ handiwork and rushed immediately to the bathroom. She flipped on the light and nearly creamed herself when she saw the damage. She felt like a proper little slut and then remember what lied in store for her in the master bedroom. Upon entering, she found a manila envelope next to Tina’s vibrator. Lana leaped onto the bed and immediately noticed that the vibrator was sticky and wet, a musky aroma emanating from it. A small note was left for her on top of the envelope, which she decided to read…


Hope you don’t mind, but after I cleaned this off for you and we prepared for you to come over, I couldn’t help but think about you in the most compromising of ways. I had to use this on myself just once. I came so hard thinking about you and my husband. Anyway, I printed out some pictures we thought you’d like. They’re photos of our very first time and very special to us, but they are copies for you so feel free to use them however you’d like. Fresh batteries are in the vibrator, and your present is on the computer desk.

– Tina

Lana got up and went over to the computer table and saw a stack of large printout photos… of her! They were photos of her magnificent kars escort facial the night before. She looked a mess in each and every one and couldn’t believe it was even her she was looking at in half of them. The blood rushed immediately to her groin and she couldn’t wait to take a look at the new set left for her by her horny neighbors. She rushed back to the bed and went for the envelope next — she opened it. She couldn’t believe they had documented their first time. They must have really hit it off, she pondered. Lana reached inside the envelope and grabbed a large stack of photos from within.

The photo on top depicted some sort of college part. It was a decent sized dorm room with a number of cliché looking frat guys and girls, all with red plastic cups in their hand. The photo was dated in early 2000. The next couple of photos seemed innocent enough Just more pictures of a bunch of drunk guys and girls goofing off. This confused and frustrated Lana. Had Tina printed out the wrong set without realizing it since she was in such a rush to get out the door? Was she going to have to root through their computer files to see what dirty little secrets were hidden on their hard drive? Lana flipped through a couple more pictures. But then she saw a photo of someone she recognized, a young nubile Tina with very long dark hair, no older than 19 or 20 in the photo. In the next photo, a much younger Mark had his arm around her. Lana smiled at the photos. Was this how they met? The photo made her smile. The next series seemed fairly innocent, until one shocked her… Tina was topless, her shirt and bra in her hand, Mark laughing behind her. In the next photo, Mark was pulling down her pants for the cameraman (whoever he was), revealing a thick bush of dark pubic hair guarding her pussy. Clearly this was her first time, but Lana found it rather exciting to see a much younger more ala natural version of Tina. Lana blushed at the photos and flipped to the next one — her legs were spread wide and Mark was licking her hairy slit, a couple guys cheering him on in the background. Another photo, Mark was spreading her lips wide showing her pink to the camera.

Lana froze.

Was this the birth to Tina’s exhibitionism?

She flipped to another photo as she reached out for her vibrator — Tina’s vibrator that is — and turned it on. It buzzed to life and she began to drag it all over herself as a globule of Mark’s sperm oozed down over her eye that she had to scoop off with her finger and swallow. Lana flipped to the next picture — Mark eating Tina again.

The next couple photographs depicted them in the famous 69 position from a couple different angles.

In the next photo Mark was actually fucking her on the bed as a crowd of horny guys and girls cheered them on from behind.

The next photo depicted Tina riding Mark in the reverse cowgirl position, hands waving freely in the air. Another photo had her drinking from a cup while she continued to fuck him.

The next photo shocked Lana — Tina had her lips wrapped around another man’s cock while Mark rammed Tina from behind. The man she was blowing she recognized from the previous pictures, he was kneeling on the bed in front of her while Mark was exploring her depths from behind.

The next few photos depicted her being Eifel towered by Tina’s future husband and the same mysterious frat boy.

Lana pushed the vibrator into her now sopping cunt and slowly pushed up against her pelvic bone as she flipped to a new photo — now Tina was sucking off two guys while Mark continued to fuck her from behind.

She continued to do this in the photos until she suddenly appeared in one photo sitting at the foot of the bed, completely nude, eyes on the cameraman. What Lana saw next shocked her… a series of foreign naked male bodies all standing over her, stroking their cocks just above her face as she blushed in response.

The next series of pictures depicted her with not just one, but multiple loads of different guys’ cum being shot all over her. Some of the photos caught the action, cum ripping through the air just before impact. Other photos showed Tina recoiling, but smiling as cum exploded from her features. Soon, in the photos, her entire face from forehead to chin was covered in sperm. It was running so thickly down her face that it cascaded down opposite directions around the bridge of her nose. It dripped down in huge thick globs down her breasts and matted into her thick curly pubic hair. Another photo showed a new boy masturbating just below her naval and shooting his thick load of cum into her pubic hair.

A particularly extreme close up showed Tina’s pubic hair covered in a fresh load of sperm.

The next photos depicted her standing, nude and covered in cum around a bunch of worn out, sweaty young men, completely drenched in their seed.

Lana pushed the vibrator into her cunt so hard that she started to cry out in ecstasy and euphoria flooded her groin and her pussy clamped down on the foreign object stuffed inside it. Her muscles rolled and like earthquakes inside her as all her muscles went rigid…and then released as her orgasm exploded against her g-spot sent waves of pleasure rocketing through her nervous system. She pulled Tina’s vibrator from her cunt as her juices spilled out all over her neighbor’s bed and she collapsed onto the photos.

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