The New Adventures of Katie Ch. 11

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Going back to the work, Katie really didn’t want to deal with Vida anymore. She knew Vida was her boss, but she wanted to stop all the sex play. Katie was committed to Amanda, who also wanted to look out for her at work.

Getting the courage to speak up, Amanda handed Katie a copy of the company’s personnel code and told her to read Chapter 10.

Katie took the book to the ladies room and sat in a stall against the far wall. She opened up the book and saw Chapter 10 was about new employees. She read it intently, wondering why Amanda had given it to her that morning.

Not only was there no rule about new employees not wearing underwear, it also had nothing about new employees completely obeying their bosses and submitting to their every means and ways.

Katie was a bit shocked, as her mind took a little time to wrap itself around what she had just discovered. Katie also found a note tucked in the back of the book, with the name of an attorney. Katie called on her cell phone and learned the attorney had a cancellation and could see her the next day.

Vida didn’t make her usual lunchtime call. Katie thought she must have been catching up with work and was thankful to not have to be used as her personal sex toy. That night she went over to Amanda’s apartment to talk over what she should tell the attorney.

The next morning, Katie saw the attorney, having brought the company code, along with a written statement about what she had “suffered,” and with information she learned Amanda the previous evening, that Vida had been taping the sex romps she had with Katie and was selling the DVDs on the Internet under Katie’s name.

The attorney told Katie she had a solid case, but questioned if she might be up for a little “shock and awe” against her boss which could net her a higher payment. It was the attorney’s thought that Vida would do whatever it took to protect her image, her job and the fact that she was a closet lesbian.

Katie took a minute to understand what the attorney said, and told him she could get it done the next day. Once again she confided in her lover Amanda who encouraged her to be strong and confront Vida.

She was confident that Vida would feel her life threatened and do anything to keep it from crumbling.

Going to work the next day was special for Katie. It was the first time she wore underwear inside the building since her first day. It felt, a little exhilarating in a way, knowing her breasts were properly supported and protecting with a bra, and a matching bikini panty protecting her pussy from accidental flashing underneath her skirt.

Without being called, Katie walked into Vida’s office without knocking. It was a shock to Vida.

“Just what the fuck do you think you are doing Katie!”

“Something I should have done a long time ago. Now sit down bitch. We have some negotiations to discuss.”

Before she could speak a word, Katie flipped a photocopy of the company’s personnel code on her desk and sat down.

Vida looked down at her desk and then up at Katie, knowing her goose was cooked.

Katie explained she had just learned how Vida, her boss, was enforcing non-company rules on her, and she was through complying with them.

“It seems to me like the ball is in my court, Vida,” Katie said, calling her boss by her first name for the first time.

“What can I say? What can I do?”

“For starters, you can drop $50 million in my Swiss Bank Account.” Katie had opened an account the day earlier at her attorney’s direction. “I also want a check for $3 million made out to …” Katie was saying the attorney’s name, but Vida’s mind was racing. “How in the hell am I going to get $25 million and then another $3 million? I have to protect myself here, but what can I do and how can I do it?”

“…and don’t make this hard on me or I will go to the corporate authorities.”

A deadline of a week was given, which Katie felt was sufficient. Vida would not leak anything about the deal to anyone without facing trouble herself. It also gave Katie time to find out what she was hired to do at Xeytmew. Katie’s job title was actually assistant to the director, which in a nutshell meant bullshit. There was no assistant to Vida, just a sex toy at her disposal.

A week passed and Vida had the money. She didn’t say how she got it, but Katie checked and discovered the $53 million in her tax free account, of which Katie gave $3 million to her attorney, who had been appropriately compensated for what amounted to 35 minutes of actual work.

Katie and Amanda left the company, bought tickets to an exotic local, and spent the rest of their days working on their tans at the beach, sipping on exotic drinks and making passionate love to one another as often as possible.

The end was not so good for Vida, who’s money laundering scheme was uncovered by a company accountant, who told his boss, and then anonymously released tuzla escort the information to the media.

Vida didn’t have access to the company’s funds, and made illegal transactions to shift numerous accounts around to provide her the necessary funds. She was arrested, charged and put up on trial. A judge found her guilty of felony embezzlement and sentenced her to five to seven years in prison, a light sentence according to the district attorney who prosecuted the case.

Vida was placed in a medium security prison and was living in a non-violent, mostly white collar crime section. That changed when a jailer told Vida she was moving. The jailer took Vida to her new cell, one with another prisoner inside, in the violent offenders section. When the cell door closed, Vida looked frightened.

Following the sentencing, Amanda West, Katie’s lover and Vida’s former assistant, contacted the warden of the prison where Vida was going and cut a deal with him. Amanda agreed to give the warden a substantial amount of money upon Vida’s release from prison as long as Vida’s life was ruined and have it all filmed for sale on DVD.

The plan was to make the last few months of Vida’s incarceration a living hell times two. The warden said he would wait until Vida felt comfortable and would place her with Sally Ann, a tough girl who’s last roommate had just died from exhaustion at the age of 22.


Nearly five years had passed since Vida Reyes was incarcerated for embezzling more than $50 million from her company’s coffers. It was a payoff to a former employee, Katie, who Vida had used as her own sexual play toy as she kept confusing Katie that what was happening was all in the company’s personnel code book.

Over time Vida had become comfortable with her surroundings. She learned to sew and made afghans for her friends inside her medium security unit. She worked in the kitchen and made culinary delights that were fancied by the warden himself. She taught English as a Second Language courses to inmates who didn’t speak English. Vida was just starting to learn how to paint and sculpt, two skills she planned on using upon her release.

One day Vida was in the artist wing talking with a friend.

“I have just a couple months left in here before they let me out. I am so looking forward to sitting in a hot bubble bath for a week, then find work doing paintings for a big corporation. I still have my old contacts.”

“That sounds real nice. Um, I have to go now,” said the friend, noticing Sally Ann and her crew were entering the room. Vida did not know Sally Ann. They never met, as Sally Ann, a big white woman with dark hair, darker eyes, small breasts, flabby stomach and fat ass, mostly kept to herself in the violent crime wing of the prison. She was incarcerated for 20 years to life for the most unspeakable acts she committed on women. But inside the prison, she was given free will to “do her thing.”

She and the warden had a deal. He would give her the roommate of her choice, and she could do anything she wanted to her, to keep Sally Ann from causing more havoc elsewhere.

Sally Ann walked over to Vida and tapped her on the shoulder. Vida turned around and was looking at Sally Ann’s stomach, having to tilt her head up to see her face.

“What the fuck are you doing out of your cell!”

Vida was shaking. She was frightened and didn’t know how to react. At work she had taken the dominate role, but now she was being dominated.

“I have orders from the warden to take you to my cell for the rest of your stay here, and I didn’t give you orders to leave.”

Sally Ann grabbed Vida’s long black hair and wrapped it around her big fist. She forced Vida to the ground and had one of her crew place a metal clasp around Vida’s neck. The object forced Vida to keep her head up or else choke to death.

Sally Ann reached into her pocket and pulled out a metal chain. She attached it to Vida’s new necklace and started pulling Vida on the floor behind her. Vida held onto the chain as much as she could. It was razor sharp and cut into her non-calloused hands. She was dragged about 500 yards from the art room to the violent offenders wing. When she arrived there, other women were cheering in their cells, as Sally Ann had brought them some new meat.

Vida was petrified and sore from the ordeal. Her skin was blistering from being dragged on the solid concrete floor.

Sally Ann tied the clasp underneath her bed and left Vida there for the rest of the day. There would be work to do tomorrow and Sally Ann wanted Vida rested. It would be the last real sleep she would get.

The morning alarm shook Vida awake. Normally she was accustomed to waking up to lyrical music pipped through her old cell wing. Vida struck her head on the bottom of the bed and felt dizzy.

Sally Ann reached down, grabbed Vida’s hair and yanked her out from göztepe escort under the bed. She pulled her up, pressed Vida against the wall and shoved a wide object up Vida’s ass. It was the smallest wooden object in Sally Ann’s box. The object was an inch wide. Vida would ultimately have her asshole spread to a width of four inches, enough to accommodate the most obscenely large strap-on which in most cases was used for joke purposes. Sally Ann made sure it would fit her girls.

Vida was led from the cell down a series of hallways and was dropped off at the metal shop. Sally Ann spoke with the prison guard there, who then left the room. Vida was placed on a large table with her wrists and ankles tied down with leather straps. A metal shop worker used an earring puncher to create holes in each of Vida’s nipples. The worker shoved huge steel rings into them and sealed the hoops with a soldering iron.

Vida’s mind was racing. The pain was excruciating. She wasn’t able to speak, but in her mind was asking over and over for everything to stop.

The worker took a large needle and threaded a steel hoop through Vida’s clitoris. She reached into Vida’s mouth and used the punch gun to create a large hold for a big metal barbel.

Then the worker grabbed some metal fishing wire and made a loop, tying it to the nipple and clit hoops and the tongue barbel. She tightened it, forcing Vida to stick out her tongue a good inch. Sally Ann ordered Vida to speak but she could only mumble garbled words. Sally Ann smiled, knowing her new slut would never speak normal again.

Still tied down, the worker tied a strap around Vida’s forehead, grabbed a razor clippers and removed all of her hair. Vida was crying from the ordeal. Her hair was gone, she couldn’t speak, and just moving her tongue closer into her mouth caused immense pain throughout her body.

Sally Ann untied Vida and forced her to walk in front of her back to their cell. She so liked to look at Vida’s ass wiggle and think of how much she wanted to fuck the tiny asshole and make it big.

When they got back to the cell, two women wearing large strap-ons were waiting. Vida’s wrists were tied to a bar which was raised high above her head, with her feet dangling just above the floor. Sally Ann removed the ass spreader plug and the two women forced their cocks into Vida, one fucking her pussy and the other her ass.

This action continued for the rest of Vida’s stay in prison. She remained tied to the bar and had to take catnaps when she could, sometimes sleeping as she was getting fucked hard time and time again. Everyone who fucked Vida tattooed their name on her body. Vida was in pain the entire time. Her pussy and ass felt like they were on fire from all the fucking. Her nipples and clit and tongue were swollen, and she had trouble remembering her own name. She couldn’t speak with her lounge swollen and now reaching two inches out of her mouth.

Soon there was no room left for girls to write their names on Vida’s body, so they started on her face and head. By the time Vida was released from prison, she had lost 30 pounds, was near death from being kept awake for days, was covered in blue ink and the only nourishment she had received during her last two months in prison was through an IV three times a week.

When the day had come for her release, Sally Ann took a pair of wire cutters and cut the fishing wire, releasing the pressure from Vida’s nipples, clit and tongue. Vida was released from the bar and fell to the ground. Sally Ann kicked at Vida’s ass as Vida crawled out of the play pen and into Sally Ann’s cell to collect what ever she could before leaving the prison.

Vida was given prison rags to wear when she left the prison. Vida had trouble walking as pussy was stretched open and her asshole spread so large a woman could fit her two fists inside with ease. She used a walker given to her by a guard who felt sorry for her. Vida was dropped off at a bus stop and was taken to a group home. There, she was led to her room, and for the first time saw herself in mirror. She was shocked by the depravity that had occurred to her, and fell to her knees crying.

The phone in the room rang. Vida crawled over to it and answered it, saying a meek hello.

“Hey, its Katie, just calling to see how y’all doin’. I’m just chilling here in my big office at Xetymew. Yeah, they made me a boss. How about that? Hey, I almost forgot, what’s new with you?”

“Nothing. I got out of prison the other day. So tired.”

“Really, from what I saw they really put you through the ringer the past couple months. All that stretching must have made you three inches taller I bet,” Katie said with a giggle.

Vida dropped the phone from her hand. She realized what had happened to her was at the hands of Katie, who ruined her life. It was actually at the hands of Katie and Amanda, who were jointly earning a huge income üsküdar escort from the sales of Vida’s prison porn DVDs. The girls bought the Website Vida created to sell the DVD’s she made of Katie and changed it to a Website featuring Vida Reyes’s transformation from one of the most beautiful women around to a used up prison slut rag.

The warden also laughed when he opened an unmarked envelope which contained a check for $5 million. It was the best $5 million Katie and Amanda ever spent.


Katie was now in charge of a division of Xeytmew, once the company decided it didn’t want to get into a lawsuit regarding what a former employee, Vida Reyes, had done to Katie.

The company didn’t want to have Vida represent them in any legal settings. The woman looked worse than anything anyone had ever seen since her release from prison. The last anyone heard she was squatting on the corner of Fifth and Main begging for change. She had trouble sitting after her ass and pussy were constantly slammed by strap-ons during the last two months of her prison stay.

And, the company didn’t ask Katie to return any of the $53 million Vida gave her. That was covered by their insurance policy. Katie earned a seven figure salary in her position including benefits and a pension fund.

Late one afternoon, the door to Katie’s office opened. It was Amanda, Katie’s lover and the new vice president of Katie’s division. Katie got the company to promote Amanda, Vida’s former assistant, for her help in outing Vida and so she and her lover could be closer during the day.

Amanda sat on Katie’s desk and asked if there was anything she needed.

“You know what I need. You,” Katie said with a big grin. Amanda reached over and kissed Katie. Amanda got off the desk, took off her blouse and pants and got on her knees in front of her lover, wearing only panties covering her pussy and ass.

They kissed for long moments with Katie running her hands through Amanda’s hair. Amanda moved away from Katie’s mouth and kissed her chin and Katie’s neck, moving down to her chest. Katie unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse and lifted her bra over her breasts for Amanda to caress.

Amanda buried her head in between those gorgeous boobs, pushing them together with her face in the middle. She tickled one nipple as she massaged the other with her palm. She kneaded them together, loving the feel of them under her hands. Katie moaned as she felt pleasure overtake her. Amanda got Katie to lie on her desk and then turned Katie onto her stomach. Amanda slid her hands down Katie’s back, coming to her smooth ass. She began massaging the buttocks, rubbing her hands around them. Her fingers shot into Katie’s clit as she rubbed, quick jabs that elicited groans of pleasure from Katie. Amanda pushed her face to Katie’s pussy and began to mouth at it, her tongue sliding in as her lips circled the waxed lips. Her hands continued to massage Katie as she ate her out, building Katie’s pleasure up more. Her tongue dived deep into Katie’s pussy, causing Katie to wither on the the desk, her breasts sliding on the smooth mat. Katie came, exploding on Amanda’s mouth with a quiet cry.

Amanda loved making Katie cum and spent several minutes licking away at her ass before lying back and spreading open her legs. Katie needed no invitation as she loved the way Amanda’s pussy tasted. She moved in and buried her face into Amanda’s lap, her tongue diving into her glistening vagina. She lapped at the pussy, her tongue jabbing in and out of Amanda’s lips. Amanda moaned deeply and leaned back, wrapping her legs around Katie’s head, holding her in. She worked her pelvis as if willing her juices down. Katie knew her lover was almost ready and it was her job to make her cum. She did, the juices falling onto Katie’s lips. She licked away as Amanda’s thighs clamped around her head, holding her in until she had licked away every single drop.

Katie pulled Amanda around and the two women started to kiss. After a while, Katie moved down to her friend’s beautiful breasts. As she licked one, she kneaded the other in her hand. Amanda was being driven crazy by the way Katie was playing with her breasts. Katie sucked and felt Amanda’s nipples for about five minutes and then went down to her pussy. Katie ate her lover’s pussy like an expert and after a couple minutes, Amanda was cuming all over the place.

Amanda’s head was swimming and she wanted to make Katie cum at least once more. Amanda tackled Katie and started playing with her

breasts. Katie’s perfectly rounded breasts were begging to be touched, sucked and nibbled. Amanda played with her Katie’s perfect breasts for a while and then went down to her pussy still wet from her last orgasm. Amanda licked up Katie’s wetness as she massaged Katie’s clitoris with her finger and thumb. It didn’t take long for Katie to reach her orgasm. Both women were spent and tired and laid in each other’s arms on the big desk.

It was nice being the boss, Katie thought to herself as she pressed her body close against Amanda’s.

A few months later Katie and Amanda got married and moved into a large mansion in the hills.

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