The Old Fisherman on a Nudist Beach

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Big Tits

The Old Fisherman weaved his way carefully through the sawtooth palmetto toward the ocean. The sand was cool on his bare feet. This cove was unmarked, but it was clear that people knew where it was. Just the same, only those who were confident in only their skin showed up here. The Old Fisherman had no big jones for walking around nude, and his body was past its prime, though baked nut brown by days at sea in nothing but a pair of cutoffs. But he liked this beach. It was quiet. Nobody bothered him about smoking a cheroot here. And some days a particularly guapa young lady came and played in the small surf, the waves lifting her buoyant breasts and sending green foam between her legs.

He found his spot, a big flat rock, rare on this coast, up in the edge of the dunes. He dropped trou and t-shirt and stretched out in the afternoon sun, loving the feel of the warm stone on his back. He probably slept a little because he woke to observe the back of a tanned woman down near his feet, puffing on his cheroot. At first he said nothing, just gazed at the thick black braid and the gleam on her healthy hair. Her strong buttocks owned the stone on which they sat. One fine knee was just visible and a heavy breast peeked around her side when she took a puff.

“Good smoke?” He finally asked.

“Wish I had some grass.” Her voice was mellow and she didn’t turn around.

“Might be a bone in my pants pocket.”

“I hope so. We could share it after I finish this.”

Her head turned slightly toward him as she smoked. Full scarlet-purple lips. Nostrils that flared when she inhaled. Dusky eyelids.

“Glad you didn’t let it go to waste. I could of burned myself when I went to sleep.”

“Happy to oblige. Thanks for sharing.”

“My pleasure. You have a beautiful back.”

She didn’t turn around. “You have a beautiful cock.”

The O. F. thought about this.

“Doesn’t look like much to me. My old turkey neck. But I guess I live with it every day.”

“It looked a little different when I walked up. You must have been having a pretty pleasant dream.”

“Maybe I was. Maybe I was. Didn’t mean to put on a show.”

“Didn’t you? Isn’t that kind of why we come here?”

She slowly spun around on the spot, her heavy breasts swinging with the motion; long dark nipples perky in the cool evening air. She sat confidently, legs apart, hands on her knees, smoking. Her bush was a full brunette triangle with thick meaty lips peeking through the curls and a bit of pink winking between them.

The O. F. looked and smiled.

“My trousers there by your left foot. Right front pocket is a leather change pouch. Doobie’s in there. You want to fire it up before that stogie goes out?”

Magically, she lifted the jeans to her hand with her toes and withdrew the handrolled, lit it, held the smoke in. She leaned forward and beckoned him to do the same. She pointed to her mouth and his. As their lips firmly met she opened her mouth and laid her tongue on his, exhaling the smoke as he inhaled it. He kept his mouth pressed on hers, tasting the stogie, the grass, the chianti she had been drinking, a bit of the prime rib she had just eaten. Very real. Not bullshit.

She sat back and took a few last puffs on the black cheroot, field kayseri escort stripped the butt and let the crumbs blow away. He sipped a couple of drags on the bone. It was pretty good stuff and the world closed in a little bit.

“I don’t want to be nosy; but you came with someone else.”

“I did, but after he fucked me he fell asleep and I got bored. Figured I’d come over here and ask you for a smoke.”

“I don’t feel much like getting hit when he wakes up.”

“He’s got no deed on me, no leash, at least not tonight. Besides, Anna came too and she’s ready to do him as soon as he comes around.”

“Seems like you got an interesting arrangement.”

“That’s the way we roll; keeping it interesting.”

“Three of you shack up together? That could be more than interesting. That could be challenging.”

She lifted one thick thigh and repositioned herself. He noticed a lovely little damp kiss on the stone when she did.

“We keep it creative. We’re on the road most of the time. We got our regulars we meet up with. Sometimes we caravan RVs; follow bluegrass festivals and such; chill out at naturist camps. Sometimes I ride with Clyde, sometimes with Anna. Sometimes I do him; sometimes I do her, sometimes both. Sometimes someone else entirely. Hey, I don’t mean to be a pig or anything, but those smokes got me mighty dry. You wouldn’t have a sip of somethin’, would you?”

“Just might.”

“Well that’s right neighborly of you.”

He pulled his rucksack from under his head, unzipped it, took out a pint of Jim Beam, mostly full.

“And who am I talking to. I know their names but not yours.”

“Names. I don’t cotton much to names. Not here. Hell. Call me … Ruby. That’ll do. “

She took a generous swig from the bottle, wiped the lip, handed it back to him.

“You didn’t have to do that. After all, you already kissed me.”

“Well don’t you worry; I’ll do a sight more than that before I’m done. I need another taste of that mushroom you got growing there in the bush. Tasty one, that.”

“Another taste, huh? Here I am having relations with a lady and I don’t even know it. Still, I like to be friendly and accommodating.”

She took one of his hands in both of hers and rubbed the calluses on his fingertips, pinched the plump muscle of his thumb.

“I saw these hands; they’re pretty big hands, and I figured I would come out on the high end if I could get you to do what I need done. I’ll bet you keep your ladies pretty happy even without using that purple headed fireman there.”

The O.F. was pleased to feel the fireman beginning to stand at attention as she continued to massage his hand. There was a bit of arthritis there, and the ache of hauling lines.

Ruby took the back of his hand and laid it between her ample breasts. He quickened some more when he noticed that her areollas had puckered tight. She took another swig and let a little dribble from her mouth onto her breasts, rubbing his hand through the liquid and across her tight nipples.

He wanted greatly to put his lips firmly over the right one and suck it deep into his mouth, massaging it hard with his tongue. The lady’s eyes were half closed and moist, so he figured he kayseri escort bayan could do most anything he wanted. He didn’t stand on ceremony, but leaned forward and slipped his free hand between her thighs and under her ample bush. Moist all right. He tucked his middle two fingers right up into her, deep, pulled her toward him using this neat handle, churning. She came, and perhaps she came. His palm was suddenly full of liquid.

Now he gently attacked the right melon, cupping it in his rough fingers, squeezing the nipple tight toward his mouth. He drank it in, eating as much of that full fruit as he could get it in the first gulp.

“Oh Lord!”

She was riding his hand hard, hips bucking with every little tug. His mouth moved up her neck, along her jawbone and found her lips. They were open, panting, deep groans coming from her belly, and he ate every sound, his tongue tangling with hers. Her hands found his cock and she pulled at it a little roughly, hanging on for dear life. She was gone, eyes turned high up, body shaking, growling, gasping, begging quietly but fiercely for more.

Suddenly, she stiffened, her chin thrust high and her hips pumped against his hand one, twice, three times, four times, five times and then she collapsed shuddering against him, hot juice pouring over his hand onto the rock. It took a long time for all the aftershocks to subside.

Finally, she muttered, “That was … that was, absolutely the best finger fuck I have ever had. Truly. Bar none. Don’t know what you got in that hand of yours, but you turned me fucking inside out.”

“My pleasure.”

“Ooo, mine too, and I would dearly love to return the favor … So, what’ll it be?”

A half-dozen little scenarios went through the O.F.’s mind, but he realized he was in no hurry to slam his junk into this fair lady, as eager as she was. He was feeling a bit lazy, and here she was, hot to trot again. Ah, problem solved. Let the cowgirl have another ride.

“He’s what I’d like,” he said, firing up a cheroot and handing it to her. “To spare those sweet knees of yours, lets fold up some towels and my shirt and pants and whatever, and I am going to lie comfortably on that, while you kneel over my face and let me spend as long as I like consuming those plump purple peach lips you got. Deal?”

She lifted an eyebrow.

“Seems I’m getting the best of this again. Are you sure you don’t want me to ride that sweet rod of yours?”

“Not yet.”

“O … K, which direction?”

“Suit yourself.”

“I’ll keep an eye on the ocean.”

They padded the rock and he made himself comfortable. She gave him a last puff of the cheroot and then took it back as she placed a thick thigh on either side of his head facing his belly. He looked up at the magnificent curves of her ass and the moist lavender clam between them.

“Lick, suck, flick, lap, or eat?”

“Well you just do what suits your fancy and I’ll let you know. When you can’t breathe you know you’re doing it right.”

He cupped her ass and positioned her dripping pussy where he wanted it. Started running the tip of his tongue along one thick labium from the side of the clit to the taint and back the other side. Once escort kayseri in a while he flicked the more delicate butterfly in the middle, and when he did she jumped. Sweet spot.

He took his time getting to the clit, though she arched it down toward his mouth. He started bathing the hood with the flat of his tongue, trying not to touch the shiny pink bead. She was beginning to grind herself into his mouth and he grabbed gulps of air but was happy to bury his tongue deep in her.

He felt two firm hands on his hips and assumed Ruby was going for some 69, but then he felt a pair of thighs on either side of his own.

“What the …”

He lifted his lover’s ass enough to peer between her legs. A slim, athletic gal, maybe mid-thirties, strong mouth with a cupid’s curve to it, was straddling him. Sweet puffy cones for tits, great abs. She bent forward and gave his partner a long tongue kiss.

“You wouldn’t mind if Anna here joins in the festivities, would you?” Ruby’s voice came from the stratosphere.

“Hell no.” He murmured into the damp pussy.

Anna took his pecker in her strong hands and it short order it was aching hard. He felt her lower herself onto it and it was like nothing he had experienced before; almost like she had a second mouth. Her puss positively sucked him in and held him tight there for a minute. He took this opportunity to suck the clit above him into his mouth and grasp it tight there. Ruby was leaning forward, in a deep kiss with Anna and he heard her moan enter Anna’s mouth. They each held each others breasts tightly, thumbs pressing into the nipples.

Anna began rocking and Ruby did too. Clearly this was a game they had played before on other playing fields. Both women rocked in a slow rhythm, the growls and moans coming from deep in their bellies. Each locked down tight on him, Ruby grinding his face and Anna his hips. Their mouths and tongues clamped together. The vibes charged through this magic triangle. He could feel every quiver and knew soon that they all were getting close. He hardly bothered to breathe. Hard to tell who was moaning.

“Oh, … oh, … oh, … oh, … oh, …oh, … oh God!”

A brief quivering pause and then they all let go at once; woman honey in his mouth, running down his cock as it emptied upward into that tight tunnel. Hips popping in aftershock. Again and again.

He woke with the evening seabreeze drying the sweat on his upper body. Someone had kindly laid a towel across his hips. Down the beach in the dusk he saw people packing up. The hiss as someone pissed into a campfire. Someone, Ruby, wrapped casually in a multicolored pareo, detached herself from the others and strolled gracefully toward him, her ample hips doing a casual hula as she walked. She carried something.

“Brought you some dinner. Would have asked you over but you were enjoying the sleep of the gods. Here you go. Still hot. Marinated steak tips, fire-baked potato. Some of my cole slaw. Cold one. I cut it all up some, so you can eat with your fingers.”

“Now, you didn’t have to …”

“Oh, yes I did. You got me off four times and Anna twice. This will be a day to remember.”

“Happy to oblige. You won’t join me? This is a lot of tucker.”

“Sorry. Gotta hit the road. ‘Miles to go before I sleep’ and like that. But if you get down Sarasota way in a few weeks we winter near there. Pick up some work at the circus camp.”

She bent down and gave him a long, long kiss; a momentary love affair, and then she was strolling away with that amazing sway.

He was hungry and the steak was very good.

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