The Path to Happiness Pt. 07

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Several days had passed since my encounter with David, I have since meet him for coffee as Brenda, and I can see us becoming good platonic friends. We are both clearly bottoms, and we made a date to check out a few of the gay clubs in London.

I also had my second appointment at the gender clinic, the hormones had already taken some minor effect and my bust had grown a whopping 3mm since my baseline measurement 2 weeks ago. One thing I was more than happy to do was to book my first surgeries, going private means there is virtually now waiting time. In 8 days, I will have breast implants and face feminisation, not that I needed much work on my face. I just need a brow shave, cheek lift and jaw implant to round it a little more. I did not need an Adams apple shave as mine was barely noticeable and the pills would stop it growing anymore.

That evening I had a phone chat with Becky and she offered to put me up whilst I recovered, I took her up on her offer.

For the next week stripping jobs were virtually non-existent and I only had a couple of “dates” as an escort, neither of which led to sex. I enjoyed the claimer pace of life and picked up some extra shifts as a waitress.

It was the morning of my surgery, and Becky picked me up in her car and drove me to the clinic. I did my pre-op and peeled off my breast forms for the last time. It was like saying good bye to an old friend. The doctor came around and I selected a C cup implant. The doctor also used a pencil to draw where he was going to alter my face. Becky took a photo of my face before it was to be altered for ever. Becky joked that she wished she could be in my shoes.

All too soon the nurse came in and I was wheeled to theatre. Soon I was out for the count in a blissful sleep.

My head was groggy as I came around. My face was under bandages, I felt like the invisible woman. My chest felt heavier too. After I came around fully, I was wheeled back to my room, Becky looked up from her book and laughed. She told me it looked like I had been in a car crash, I tried to laugh back but my face hurt too much.

The doctor came around and told me the operation went well, my bandages needed to be changed twice a day and I had to wear them for 3 days. They gave me enough pain medication to last me the week. The doctor warned me that I would not look very pretty for at least a week.

Becky drove us back to her apartment I took up residency in my old room. After some soup I slept for the rest of the day.

The next day I had a surprise visit from my brother, I had given Becky his number as my next of kin. He helped Becky change my dressings. He was sweet and filled me in on all the family news. Dad was still an arsehole but mum was softening to the idea of my life choices, she joked that it would be nice to have a daughter. I told my brother to tell her that if she wanted to meet I would.

The week went quickly, I even had a couple of calls from the agency offering me stripping jobs. I told them I’m only good enough for a Frankenstein’s monster jobs at the moment. After 3 days the bandages came off, it looked like Mike Tyson had smacked me in the face with all the swelling and black eyes. But my tits, well I could not have wished for a nicer pair.

After a week the swelling had gone down enough that Becky took me out to get my hair done. I splashed out on hair colouring and matching hair extensions; no more wig for me.

I still walked around with sunglasses on to hide my black eyes, but the swelling was going down and I could start to see my new face appear with each passing hour. I had a text from my brother, my mum wanted to see me; he told me she would be waiting for me at the café where we used to meet. I was nervous as hell, but I replied I would be there.

The next morning when I awoke from a fitful sleep due to the nerves in my tummy, I got up at 6am and hit the shower. When the shower had significantly woke me up, I stepped out of the shower and caught a glimpse of my reflexion in the mirror. The mirror only showed me from my head to my naval, and what I could see was a beautiful woman staring back; I could not help it and wept with joy.

I dried myself and slipped on a robe, I headed to the kitchen and made myself a coffee and tried to recompose myself.

A little while later Becky came home, she had spent the night at Roger’s flat. She told me Sylvia; Roger’s wife wanted to see her for lunch. This was not overly strange as she was fully aware of the relationship between Chris and Becky, she even encouraged it. She had known Roger before his revelation at their daughter’s wedding, and Becky and Sylvia had meet up a couple of time for lunch and shopping. I told Becky that I was going to meet my mum for lunch, she smiled but she could see the nervous look on my face.

She was then paused and looked at me, as if seeing me for the first time. She told me now my wounds had healed, it was worth it and I was beautiful. This set me off again and started to cry, Becky crossed the room and gave me a hug and wept also.

Becky went off to shower and emerged xslot as Roger 15 minutes later, he had to go to work. I felt Becky was close to letting go of Roger, but she was scared of destroying her practice.

I had dressed in a floral dress with a modest neckline and sat above the knee. Today was the first day since my operation where I could wear makeup, with my new softer features and higher cheek bones I need surprising little makeup to enhance my features. I look virtually unrecognisable as Brian now and this gave me a warm feeling inside. It was at this point I decided my mother would have to accept me for who I am or be dammed with her. Roger left for work, and I chilled out until it was time to meet mum.

The butterflies returned to my tummy as I entered the café, I could see her sat near the back. She glanced up, looked at me and returned to the newspaper she was reading. It was clear she did not recognise me. I approached her table and paused by the side of it. I just let out a meek “mum” and she looked up at me. She still looked confused until she looked into my eyes, then the penny dropped. Her eyes welled up and she smiled, “Brian is that you”. I replied it was Brenda now, but yes it was me. She stood and we embraced for the first time in months and the first time as mother and daughter.

We sat and ordered drinks, for the next 2 hours we chatted catching up. I spared her the gory details of my how I had earned my money, I suspected she knew I had to do some extreme things to survive. She cried as she told me how sorry she was and that she had not supported me sooner, I put my hand on hers and told her it was OK; I had come through the ordeal of being tossed out of the family home and I had made a new life where I was happy. She told me that even though he would not admit it, he was conflicted about me. My lifestyle choices were against his beliefs, but he did love me. I told mum that even though I was angry with him, I had since let it go.

We parted with a hug and I gave her my phone number and address in London, we promised to keep in touch.

Since I was in town, I called Tom’s house to see if he was up for a little fun. His mum answered, I explained I was an old school friend back in town. She told me he had gone away for a few days with his girlfriend, I almost choked with laughter but manged to hold it in.

I took the bus back to Becky’s, and when I got there I Roger was on the sofa sobbing. He had just gotten home from his lunch with Sylvia, I asked what was wrong. Sylvia dropped the bombshell that she had terminal breast cancer; the doctors have given her 3 to 6 months to live. I hugged Roger and told him how sorry I was. He said the next thing she asked him knocked him for six, she wanted Roger to become Becky fulltime and move in with Chris when she was gone.

Roger was clearly in a state of shock so I poured him a whiskey and handed it to him. He said he had a lot to think about. I suggested it was my turn to look after her for a while. Within the hour, I had packed a bag for both of us and rented a cottage in the new forest. I also called his assistant and clear his appointments for the next few days.

Roger drove us to the cottage, I checked us in and walked to the local store for food and booze. When I got back, Becky was waiting for me but dressed in her comfortable clothes. I made us some dinner and after sunk a bottle of wine. We went for long walks talking over the whole situation and the options.

As we sat on the bank of a stream on the third day, sharing a picnic I said to her, what have you got to lose. She had grown so much since she hired me for the wedding, Roger was just a mask holding her back. Roger’s patience’s were not seeing him because he was a man, it was because he was a great therapist. Yes, there would be some narrow-minded people that would leave, but more will come.

We sat in silence for about 15 minutes, just staring at the water. Becky said it was time to let Roger go, regardless of what happens with Chris, she was going to follow my lead and live fall time as a woman. We hugged, and cried together.

In the morning we headed back to her flat, her resolve was set. The first thing she did was call her folks and arranged to meet them that evening, she then called her offices and told the staff to assemble for a meeting after lunch. I could see she was nervous, but excited all the same.

I helped her pick out a business looking outfit, and helped he style her hair in a high bun that would make a stewardess proud. I was not expecting to have to dress formally myself so I borrowed a black skirt and cream blouse from Becky. After lunch we drove to Becky’s office, she almost backed out of it, but I squeezed her hand and we went in. Her staff were shocked, but supportive. She left instructions for them to call the clients and tell them the clinic would be closed for the rest of the week but would re-open on Monday as Dr Becky starts work.

After the office we went to Becky’s solicitors, she had a lot of paperwork to put in motion to start her transition. I was thankful I started xslot Giriş before my life got to legally complicated.

Next stop was back to the flat, we changed into some more appropriate evening wear and headed to Becky’s parents’ house. This was the easiest unveil of all, her parents already knew about her double life and are happy she feels comfortable enough to finally come out. Becky told them that it was my journey and support that gave her the confidence to finally make the transition. There was some more hugging and crying.

Her folks took us out to for a nice meal, this was nice and relaxed. We got back to the flat late and went straight to bed. The next morning Becky bagged up all Rogers clothes, and we dropped them at the charity shop, then hit the stores. Becky replaced all her male business suits with high end skirt suits.

The next day Becky went off to her office to start the transition. Whilst I lazed at the flat and checked in with my agency and the restaurant. I felt I was healed enough to get back to work. I also called David, he told me he had replied to a personal ad in the paper and had gone on a date with a guy. They had ended the night with sex, but the guy was only interested in a hook up rather than pursing a relationship. I told him to concentrate on the positives and one day his prince will come.

After Becky came home, I told her it was time for me to go home. We dolled ourselves up and hit the town.

The next morning, I packed my belongs and even though Becky had offered to drive me, I caught the train back to London. I put on my waitress uniform, white shirt, black skirt and black tie. The restaurant owner was pleased to see me, he complimented me on my new look. I was soon back into the swing of things, and I was glad to get some normality going back on.

The next day I dropped by the agency and had my pictures updated. I just got home when my phone rang, it was the agent, he just got a call from a producer that is in desperate need of a replacement actress. I told him other than the school nativity play I had never acted in my life. He told me it was not a production that would require an Oscar winning performance. It was a porno movie, and they need a T-girl that was over 18 but could look younger. If I was interested, they asked if I could audition tomorrow, £2000 for one day’s work. If successful it could become a regular gig and the money would go up if I became popular. I agreed to go along after my waitress shift tomorrow afternoon.

So that is what I did, after I did the breakfast shift, I took a bus over to the production office of the movie company. It was a dank looking warehouse nestled in between and tyre centre and a bathroom tile outlet. The receptionist showed me up to the producers office, he was a mid-50’s guy who looked and dressed as if was a porno king. It had me take a seat and there was a little interview, mostly background stuff.

He then turned the conversation to what I would be willing to do or not do on tape. I pretty much told him I would do blowjobs and anal, but I do not want to fuck anyone. Then he asked me if I was willing to screen test, I said sure and we headed downstairs into the main warehouse space. Spread out around the place were several sets, some fully dressed and other under construction. The Producer asked me to stand in front of a white wall, and he set up a camera in front of me.

He called over a guy who was working on one of the sets, and the receptionist came over and gave us both a sheet of paper, it was a script. The Producer Steve gave us some direction, and I scanned the lines, this script was clearly for a genetic girl and not a t-girl. I was to play Tiffany a schoolgirl who wanted to give sexual favours to a teacher to boast her grade. We ran the scene a couple of times; I was stiff and wooden to start with, but after a couple of takes I started to relax. Steve asked if I was happy to take it to the next level and told me to improvise.

During the next take, I attempted to seduce my “teacher”, I started to loosen my tie and opened my shirt. Steve shouted cut and told me I had the job; he did not even need me to strip any further. Even though porn films are very seedy, they are still above board. I signed a contract for one film with the option for a second and £2000 each for one day’s work. I was to report back in two days and 8am sharp. I was given my proper script and told to learn my lines.

That night David came over, it was the first time he had seen me since my operation. He was complimentary with my new look. We ordered in pizza and we ran my lines until I started to get them down pat. He left around 10pm and I turned in for the night.

The following day I pulled a double shift at the restaurant, and when I got home, I had a long chat with Becky. She only lost two clients, but the rest were supportive. Her doctor had referred her to the same clinic in Hammersmith I was attending. I filled her in with my upcoming feature film debut, she nearly pissed herself laughing. I then hit the sack early.

I was up at 6am, showered xslot Güncel Giriş and did not bother with my makeup and pulled my hair back into a ponytail. I ate a very light breakfast, and called a cab to take me to the studio.

I was greeted at the door by Sara, the receptionist. She led me through to the main studio, it was far busier than it was when I auditioned. I was introduced to Tony the director and Mike my co-star. Also present were 5 other girls, similar in age to myself, Tony explained they will be my classmates in the lead in segment to the main action scene. I was given a tour of our set; it was a mock-up of a traditional British classroom with 6 desks for us “pupils” to sit at and a large desk for Mike the teacher. Sara handed me a coffee and explained that this morning we would be doing a run through on the leading, then hair and makeup. We would shoot the lead in scene and when we wrapped for lunch, the other actors would leave and we would start our sex scene. I was amazed at how well planned everything was, I just a surmised they would turn the camera on and I would say my lines and get fucked.

Tony sat us at certain desks, I was middle right. We had a run through and blocked out the scene. When Tony was happy with our performances, he had us run through a couple more times so he can work out his camera angles. I was actually starting to really enjoy the process.

Tony told us to take 5 and then to makeup and costumes. Sara handed out the coffees and we stepped outside for a breath of fresh air. I got to chatting with the other girls, they were all regulars background actors; but only Sandra was a key performer that performed sex scenes.

Sara took the extras off to get ready and I had a chat with Mike. Mike was a pro, he explained he does straight, gay or in-between films. He told me to let me know if I was close to cum, we would be fucking for a couple of hours so we have to hold off cumming until the money shot at the end.

Sara called me and showed me to my dressing room. She told me to strip off and put a robe on. She then did my hair and makeup, and showed me my costume. It was a bottle green uniform with skirt, pullover and blazer, the white blouse and a green and gold tie. For underwear was given some white panties and knee-high socks, no bra. To complete the outfit, I had some 3″-heel black leather.

I dressed in my uniform and made sure my tie was a perfect Windsor knot. When I was satisfied with my look, I left my dressing room and headed to the set. The other girls were wearing identical uniforms to mine, but they were far from prim and proper. Tony took one look at me and as he stared at me, I was a little worried, he broke out into a smile and said perfect. He then asked the other girls to follow my lead, so they tucked their blouse into their skirts and buttoned the fronts to the collars and straightened up their ties. Tony said by dressing prim and proper made the school look like a private school with more class.

Mike came to set in a 3-piece suit and a teacher’s gown. We took our places and did a final dress rehearsal, it went well.

We spent the next hour and half doing multiple takes, from different angles. How the scene played out is we are all in class, with Mike conducting a lesson on biology, and the bell rings and all the girls filter leaving Mike and I alone in the classroom. Tony called the scene a wrap and girls all went upstairs and returned a little later back in their own clothes. Sara had setup a couple of tables and put out some sandwiches and other snacks. After lunch the girls left, and Tony declared it a closed set.

Sara gave me some mouth wash as I would me locking lips with Mike in a few minutes. Tony took us through the scripted part of the scene, we had a couple of rehearsals, and the it was time. Tony called action, and I slow rise from my desk as Mike started to pack paper into his briefcase. I seductively walk over to his desk, as I approached, I had to asked him about my grade, the usual porno lines, “I will do anything to get my grade up sir”. He pretended to not want sex, but I start to rub his crotch, and nibble his ear.

When he gives in and kisses me is where the script ends with, “now they have sex”. Tony cut the scene, he explained that at this point he will turn on both cameras and let us go for.

Mike kissed me, and we started to make out. I kept rubbing his crotch as we kissed, Mike was only giving minimal direction so I decided to treat Mike like one of my old prostitute customers. I broke our kiss and opened his trousers and began to blow him. I must have blown him for 10 minutes when he asked me to stop. We took a 5-minute break, and then started again with his cock in my mouth. Mike pulled me off his cock and pulled me to my feet, and opened my blazer and slipped it off my shoulders, my pullover followed straight after. Tony told Mike to open my blouse but leave the collar and tie alone, with that we started to roll again. Mike kissed me and I sucked on his tongue as he unbuttoned my blouse letting my new boobs into view, the tie sat nicely behind them. He the sucked on my nipples, this was a first for me and it took all my control not to cum on the spot. I then went back for some more cock sucking. Tony had taken one camera off the tripod and was moving around us handheld.

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