The Ride Ch. 04


You hurry to the shower, wondering what more is in store for you. The warm water cascading over you body feels great. Remembering what the voice said about your cunt (You had never before referred to you vagina as a cunt, even in your head. Somehow the events of the past couple of days have brought many changes.), you take the detachable showerhead and spray it directly into your sex. The sensation of the power jets of water on your clit and labia is amazing. To your surprise your body convulses and you are brought to your knees by an incredibly strong orgasm. Before you can recover, Sally’s surprisingly strong arms pull you from the shower.

“Such a fucking slut!” she says sternly and slaps your face. “When you are told to get clean, it is not to be taken as another opportunity to pleasure yourself. Damn, I would have thought that having horse cock service you would have quieted your nasty cunt for a little while, bitch!”

Shocked by the harsh words and treatment, you sob softy and say haltingly, “I’mm I’m sorrry. It was the spray. I did not mean to..”

“Spare me! You and I both know you are a horny fucking slut!” Sally says cutting you off.

You now realize that you are standing stark naked with two beautiful women who are also still naked from earlier. Joyce takes a towel and thoroughly dries you and then tosses the towel aside. Then Sally yes, “Come on, we are going to be late!”

You follow Sally and Joyce falls in line behind you. You do not hesitate despite sivas escort the fact that you are now walking down the corridor exposed to all who may pass by. You notice how perfect Sally’s voluptuous buttocks are and have thoughts you have never experienced before. You have to resist the urge to reach out and caress her soft, white, shapely buns. Your thoughts evaporate as you turn a corner and see the four men standing and talking. Sally walks right up to them and stops.

“This horny sluts wants you to feel her up. Isn’t that right, whore?” Sally says casually.

Without waiting for your answer, the men who themselves are dress scantily in what resembles a toga, surround you. It seems to you that there are hands everywhere at once. The four men roughly handle your body. Your tits are squeezed. Fingers probe your pussy and your ass.

“Please no!” you cry, unable to contain your loathing.

“Shut up bitch!” Sally yells and slaps you.

Tears stream down your face as you quietly submit to several more minutes of the rough handling. Then Sally and Joyce drop to their knees and begin sucking the cocks of two of the men. You are immobile not understanding what is happening.

Sally looks up and pulls down on your hand, “Come on you have two to service before we can move on slut! It is the toll for passage.”

As you reach your knees two hard cocks are in your face. Knowing you have no choice you take one in your mouth while tekirdağ escort stroking the other. You alternate between the two, sucking and stroking each for a time. Just as one fills your mouth full of hot salty cum, you feel cum hitting you from both sides. The two men Sally and Joyce were sucking are cuming on you. Now the fourth man is shoving his cock in your mouth. The women are holding your head back and he is fucking you. You gag but no one cares. The man continues impaling your throat with his large cock. Soon he too is cuming in your mouth. You swallow as much as you can and the rest runs down your chin and drips on your tits.

Then the men leave and Sally leads you into a room much like the one you spent the last two days in. They walk you to the bed and sit down with you. Then Sally and Joyce begin licking the cum off your face shoulders and tits. You are incredibly turned on as the two women lick you all over. Then you realize that they have begun to lick in places that have no cum. Your mind is reeling as they push you back unto the bed and spread your legs. Your loins begin to ache with desire as their tongues run along your silky thighs. You are amazed at the intensity of the experience. You feel your labia being spread and for the first time a woman’s tongue dances across your clit. You begin to squirm as Joyce expertly licks and sucks your clit. Joyce’s fingers begin to tease both your pussy and anus as her tongue brings you tokat escort to the brink of ecstasy.

Just as your body explodes in orgasm, Sally straddles your face and lowers her pussy to you. Overcome with your own pleasures you reach up and pull her to you, burying your mouth in her crotch. Your tongue hungrily lashes out. You taste her flowing juices and her sensual sex aroma fills your nostrils. Joyce is now licking you hard and fucking you with two fingers. You squirm under the intense stimulation as you fuck Sally’s hot pussy with your tongue. You manage to get one of your fingers into Sally’s ass as you run your tongue up and down the length of her incredible shaved slit. Sally pushes hard against you as she cums in your face. The sound of her moans sends you over the edge. Your body is racked in convulsions as you cum along with Sally.

When your orgasms finish Sally moves and Joyce straddles your face. You lick Joyce until she two is flooding your face in sweet pussy juice. You discover that each woman while similar has a slightly different taste. You decide you like the taste of both and wildly lick Joyce until she is grinding her pussy onto your chin. Soon she cums all over your face. Then the three of you crawl up the bed and intertwine your bodies. With a beautiful woman on each side of you, you feel content. Sally says that it is time for rest before the Master comes. The three of your exchange gentle kisses for a time and then fall into a deep sleep. Unknown to you the Master has been watching your little three-way with his lovely assistants via a hidden camera. He thinks to himself how well your adventure is going and closes his eyes trying to imagine the next phase. What does Hunter have in store for you next? Rest now you will no doubt need your energy.

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