The School Trip


It was a crisp early March morning and Stephen looked out of his living room window, happy in the knowledge that spring was just around the corner. As he daydreamed of March hares, and lambs gambolling in the fields the silence was broken by the loud trill of his telephone. “This is early”, he thought to himself, “Probably a student panicking about an assignment cut off date.”

‘Hello Jackie, what can I do for you my dear.’

A rather agitated female voice on the other end belonged to Jackie Lovedon, the PE tutor at the Girls’ High School and a good friend of Stephen’s. She had known Stephen for a couple of years, ever since he had helped out her niece with her GCSE trigonometry.

‘Gosh Stephen, I’m in a fix here, are you doing anything for the next three days?’

‘Why what’s up?’

‘What it is, me and a few of the girls are going on an outward bound course to North Wales and our minibus driver has pulled out with Flu. I know you can drive minibuses, is there any way you can help us out? I’d be indebted.’

‘When do you set off?’ Asked Stephen.


‘Now?! Good gracious, it is a panic. Well …yes, I’ll just have to make a quick phone call and get Alison to take my tutorial tomorrow and I can be with you in say, 45 minutes?’

‘Oh Stephen, you’re an absolute star.’ Chirped Jackie. ‘I owe you one.’

So just under an hour later, Stephen parked his car in the High School staff car park and rendezvoused with Jackie and six teenage girls outside the gymnasium where a white Mercedes minibus was parked up. The girls were dressed in tracksuit bottoms, and in various anoraks or thick sweaters. A couple had woollen hats and one of the girls was sporting a Saami hat with the flaps hanging almost to her shoulders making her look incredibly cute. Jackie the tutor wore tight, dark blue jeans and a North Face anorak. Jackie was 26. She had shoulder length mousy brown hair, blue eyes and a fair complexion. While she wasn’t a pin-up, she was attractive and Stephen had often thought that in the right place at the right time he wouldn’t have said no. But they had become good friends and no sign of romance had ever raised its head.

‘Girls, this is Stephen, he’s going to be our driver for the trip.’

Stephen smiled at the girls.

‘Hello ladies,’ he offered. The girls made a slightly uncoordinated reply of stifled hellos and giggles, and Stephen just shook his head and opened the side door of the bus to let them on board. He could tell that these were in the upper years and guessed that they were about 18 judging by the outline of their figures as they climbed into the vehicle. They were soon on the M1, aiming to pick up the A50 for Wales and Stephen and Jackie were chatting. Radio 1 was playing in the background to keep the passengers happy.

‘Can we put my Coldplay CD on Miss Lovedon.’ Called one of the girls from the back of the bus.

‘Oh Natalie. Oh go on then, pass it here.’ Said Jackie, somewhat irritated.

‘They’re so forward and demanding now days Stephen.’ Remarked Jackie.

‘How old are they all?’ asked Stephen.

‘They’re 18. They’re good girls, but they can be a real handful. This trip is a reward for outstanding achievement in various subjects. It was the Headmaster’s idea as a way of increasing excellence.’

‘But I thought the High School was pretty good anyway.’ observed Stephen.

‘Oh it is, but Mr Rickworth is a perfectionist and I think he thought that even with 97% achieving at least grade C, there was still room for improvement, hence the scheme and this trip.’

They continued to chat about this and that, and were soon past Utoxeter and heading for Wales. The girls sounded very lively in the back and at one point quite a clamour broke out with them squealing and laughing loudly at something one of the girls had on their mobile phone.

‘Girls!,’ yelled Jackie, ‘Please! I can’t hear myself think. I know you’re all excited but just try to keep a lid on it til we get there eh?’

The girls tempered their gaiety slightly but still giggled loudly.

Stephen was enjoying it, he liked to be around women, it was good for his ego.

At about 11 o’clock they stopped for a break on the far side of Stoke and everyone made their way to the loos and to get coffees and chocolate etc. For the first time, Stephen took stock of the girls. Samantha had long blonde hair, was quite tall and especially pretty and gave Stephen a nice smile as she disembarked from the bus. “Mmmmmmm”, thought Stephen. But he gave himself a mental slap on the wrist for being so naughty. This was just a minibus trip, with him as driver, there was no place for any Shenanigans.

After the break they set off again and before long had crossed the border in to Wales.

‘Are you married Stephen?’ Called Joanne from the first row back. There was an outburst of giggles.

‘We’ll have none of that, thanks.’ Said Jackie in her best reprimanding voice.

‘Stephen has kindly stepped in at the last minute and doesn’t want harassing by urfa escort a team of schoolgirls.’

Stephen turned to Jackie giving her doleful look.

‘Doesn’t he?.’ He said.

‘What does that mean?’ asked Jackie, with a distinctly sardonic tone of voice.

‘Nothing,’ said Stephen. Jackie stared at him quizzically.

The hostel was a large Victorian affair, converted for the purpose. While it had a drab, austere exterior, inside it had been appointed to modern standards with comfortable rooms and relaxation areas. There were a couple of pool tables, a wide screen television and out the back a small tennis court. Jackie checked in at the reception and the small party were shown to their rooms by the housekeeper. The girls were in a two rooms, while Jackie and Stephen each had their own rooms.

‘Dinner will be at 6 sharp.’ Called the lady in a high-pitched and fruity Welsh accent.

‘Quite nice, isn’t it Stephen? Remarked Jackie.

‘Yeah! A bit scary from the outside though, but no it’s OK.’

‘A bit like something from Scooby doo.’ Chuckled Jackie.

Jackie made sure the girls had got everything they needed before carefully unpacking her small case while Stephen threw his bag on his bed and took a walk round the garden at the back of the house. It looked a bit forlorn at this time of the year although the first daffodils were emerging from the soil. A buzzard circled overhead and a Blackbird sang it’s mellow song from one of the maples behind the tennis courts. As Stephen turned round to go in, he noticed a few of the girls looking at him from their first floor window. He looked up and they flung the window open and waved.

‘Coooeeee, Stephen.’ The girls were giggling ecstatically.

‘Will you come and read us a story tonight Stephen?’ There were more giggles.

Stephen looked at them, wagging his finger in mock reproach.

“This might be a good weekend after all.” he thought.

Dinner was steak pie, potatoes and mixed veg. It was home cooked, although Stephen thought the veg was frozen.

‘Now, I want you all in bed for 10 tonight girls, breakfast is at 8, and we’re off to Snowdon at 9.15 OK? There was a chorus of tuts and “oh Miss Lovedon” etc.

‘But they’ve got MTV and Ozzy is on at 10.30’, said Chrissie, a pretty girl with blonde hair and red highlights.

‘Chrissie, what have I just said?’ Returned Jackie hands on hips.

‘Oh bugger.’ Said Chrissie under her breath, glumly.

While all this was carrying on Stephen suddenly felt his bottom being pinched. He turned round to see Samantha, who smiled mischievously and winked. Stephen gave her a look of reproach and then winked back. He liked Samantha, her hair was so fair, and she had stunning blue eyes and fair skin with just the slightest hint of freckling around her nose. She was very pretty and Stephen thought she could have become a model. She had changed in to fairly tight fitting jogger bottoms, her mound obvious to see at the front as well as a deliciously round, pert bum. Her breasts looked quite small but in proportion with her figure. Stephen would certainly not need asking twice if he had the chance of a romp with her. However, he cast all such thought from his mind as he felt himself becoming hot and pulled himself together.

The evening progressed smoothly, the girls watching MTV or listening to CDs and MP3s. Stephen took a couple of them on at pool and won hands down. The girls seemed to enjoy being impressed at his skills in bending the cue ball or doing in offs and applauded his every shot, complimenting him with cries of “Stephen you’re the man!” and such like. This was doing his ego and libido no harm at all. Stephen was very young for his age and didn’t conduct himself like a 36 year old. He always maintained that he was still 21 inside.

Alas Jackie was keen on enforcing her 10 o’clock edict and the girls reluctantly traipsed upstairs.

‘Night Stephen.’ They all called, almost in unison. Samantha gave him a wink and Stephen was sure he called see her mouth the words ‘See you in a bit.’ While Jackie wasn’t looking. When they had gone he and Jackie chatted for a while over a glass of wine. ‘They seem like a nice bunch of girls.’ He remarked.

‘They’ve really taken to you.’ Returned Jackie. ‘I’d watch it if I were you.’ She said.

‘Oh I’m sure I’ll be OK. Anyway it’s been a long day and I’m turning in.’

‘OK, thanks again, see you tomorrow.’

Stephen had to pass one of the girls’ rooms to get to his own and as he passed he could hear that the girls were clearly enjoying themselves with a pillow fight or something. It sounded more like 10 girls in there than three. Just as he put the key in his door, the other door opened and Samantha popped her head round.

‘Pssst Stephen, me and Chrissie are coming round in a bit.’

Stephen gulped.

‘Oh… erm.’

‘You’re in for it this weekend mate. We’re just waiting for Miss Lovedon to check on us and we’ll be round so don’t lock your uşak escort door.’

‘Do I have any say in this?’ Asked Stephen.

‘No.’ She replied tersely.

Stephen opened his door and sat on his bed.

‘Oh fuck my old boots.’ He said out loud. “Am I up to this?” He thought to himself. He sat quietly, and could still here the giggling from two doors down. ‘Of course I am.’ He said.

After a few minutes the giggling and general din came to an abrupt end, signalling the arrival of Jackie as she put a halt to the girls’ high spirits. Stephen had now stripped down to his boxers and waited. Just as he thought the whole thing was a huge wind up, there was a quiet tap on his door. Without waiting for a reply, Samantha and Chrissie let themselves in. Both were dressed in long nightshirts.

‘Hello Stephen.’ Said Chrissie.

‘Hi Chrissie.’ He replied.

‘Come here and sit on my bed then.’ He offered. Just having the two girls in his room was enough to make his cock stir and it soon became difficult to hide under his boxers.

‘Ooh lets have a look at it.’ Beamed Chrissie. Stephen stood up and lowered his boxers, his cock hardening by the second. Samantha wasted no time, dropping to her knees and took it in her right hand and wanked him gently. At her touch, his erection accelerated instantly becoming almost fully up.

Chrissie walked towards him and pulled her nightshirt over her head. She was naked underneath and revealed a beautiful pair of up tilted tits and a thick muff of light brown pubes. Stephen’s cock twitched as he felt Samantha’s mouth wrap round it and Chrissie stood to one side and pressed her mouth against his, giving him a lingering French kiss.

Chrissie guided his hand down to her pussy. He stroked her labia with his fingers. It felt dry at first through her hair, but he pushed a bit further and his index finger slipped in to her. She was amazingly hot and moist.

‘Gosh you’re pussy is like a furnace.’ He said; feeling hot himself and trembling slightly. Samantha looked up at him, her tongue just flicking the tip of his cock teasingly.

‘This is torture.’ He said. ‘I want you two so much.’

‘Well, you’re gonna have us darling.’ Said Chrissie.

With this, Samantha rose to her feet and pulled off her nightshirt. She too was bare beneath. She had small breasts but mouth-watering erect nipples and puffy areolas. Her pubes were quite fine and revealed her to be — if there had been any doubt — a true blonde. The girls nodded to each other and both turned round kneeling on the bed their legs spread slightly. Samantha had a fantastic pert bum with a pale pink flush to her buttocks. Stephen knelt on the floor his face level with her gorgeous arse and buried his face between her cheeks. Parting them slightly he stroked his tongue from the bottom of her vulva and along her perineum. Samantha let out a squeal of delight.

‘Ooh that’s fabulous Stephen.’

He licked and kissed her pussy, which was damp with her juice as she became more and more turned on while with his left hand he fingered Chrissie, gradually getting her equally aroused, until he thought they were both ready for action. Samantha turned round and looked at him naughtily. ‘Do it.’ She said. He held Samantha by the waist and plunged his cock in to her inviting young quim.

‘Oh yes, oh yes, oh you sweet darling.’ He said. Her vagina felt fantastic. As soon as he was fully inside her he began to shag her slowly.

‘Fuck me faster.’ She cried. He speeded up, but her pussy was so tight he could feel the spunk build up from deep within his balls.

‘Oh gosh baby, I’m not going to last long here.’ Knowing he had two girls to please though, he withdrew from Samantha and pushed his cock against Chrissie’s pussy. He had to guide it in gradually with his hand, she was so tight.

‘Aaagh yes.’ He cried as he gave her his entire length and slowly began to pump in and out. ‘Oh Stephen, that feels great, go faster — fuck me hard!’ Yelled Chrissie.

Stephen closed his eyes and rammed his cock in and out as fast as he could without slipping out. Chrissie began to moan and gasp.

‘Oh Stephen, I’m starting to cum, oh yes, oh fuck yes, that’s lovely.’

Stephen felt her pussy tighten around his cock and he eased off just slightly, savouring the moment. He built up the momentum again as Chrissie ejaculated and he felt himself reaching orgasm but bit his lip and somehow managed to hold back.

‘Oh yes, yes, ooh Stephen you’re good!’ Chrissie let out a low soft scream, which trailed off to a whimper.

‘My turn again Stephen,’ said Samantha. He pulled out from Chrissie and gave Samantha a long passionate kiss as she stroked his dick. Pinning her to the bed he slipped in his cock and began to pound her pussy, while he kissed and nibbled at her neck. Samantha was in heaven, she felt like she was in love with him and felt an amazing sense of warmth and sex having him on top.

‘Stephen, oh Stephen, oh yes.’ She said gasping for van escort breath. ‘Oh fuck yes, fuck me as hard as you can please.’

Stephen could feel his spunk building up again and knew this time there was no going back. ‘Sammie, oh fucking hell, yes!’ Stephen let out one huge ‘Aaaaagh’ as if he was in pain. He pulled out at the last minute as Samantha dropped to her knees. Stephen wanked himself to completion and within seconds pumped two spurts of cum onto her face, until it dribbled down her chin. He juddered as two more spurts came out and hit her on the nose. Stephen collapsed onto the bed, his heart pounding and his dick throbbing.

For a while they just lay there as Chrissie knelt at her friend’s head and wiped the spunk away with Stephen’s boxers.

‘Samantha, how good was that?’ She asked. But Samantha just lay there, her eyes closed. Eventually she opened her eyes and looked first at Stephen, then at Chrissie. ‘That was awesome.’ She said and smiled.

‘I’m a bit jealous.’ Said Chrissie, looking at Stephen woefully. ‘Not fair that Sam gets all your spunk.

‘Well, I can’t do it again right now baby.’ He said.

‘I’m going to give you a blow job you’ll never forget tomorrow then — I might even let you cum in my mouth, would you like that?’

‘Have you done that before?’ Piped in Samantha, Eagerly.

‘No.’ Answered Chrissie. ‘I want to know what it’s like. Joanne was telling me it’s really yummy; you’d like that wouldn’t you Stephen?’ She added. Stephen nodded. ‘That would be just wonderful.’ He said sleepily.

‘Now I think you two better dash off to your dorm. You know Jackie will go ballistic if you aren’t on top form in the morning.’

‘Ooh OK but I need a pee first.’ Said Samantha running to his bathroom.

After giving them both a little kiss, they disappeared back to their dormitory. Stephen got onto bed and drifted off to sleep.

At breakfast the next day, everyone was down on time and set about demolishing the cooked breakfast laid before them. Samantha and Chrissie both exchanged glances with Stephen, who noticed Sam had got a small love bite on her neck. Jackie had also spotted it, although Samantha herself had not.

After breakfast, Jackie found a moment alone with Samantha and questioned her about the mark.

‘Mosquitoes at large in the night then Samantha?’ She looked blank at her tutor.

‘Have you not looked in the mirror this morning? Jackie continued.

‘No Miss Lovedon, why?’

‘I know what’s going on here Samantha, I am a woman you know. I just hope you leave some for me.’ Samantha went red.

‘I don’t know what you mean Miss.’

‘OK, well that’s enough for now.’ Said Jackie. ‘Get on the minibus with the other girls.’

The girls were in a lively mood on the bus and Chrissie sat right behind Stephen.

‘Hope you haven’t forgotten out little appointment today,’ she whispered. Stephen turned round to face her, before Jackie got on.

‘No baby, I haven’t forgotten, how could I?’

Chrissie gave him a wry smile and settled back in her seat, feeling rather horny.

‘Sleep well?’ asked Jackie turning to Stephen, with no attempt to hide the sarcasm in her voice.

‘Yes thanks and you?

‘Oh great thanks, no interuptions or anything.’

Stephen looked down without saying anything, wondering if Jackie had rumbled him.

He started the engine and the party set off for a day in Snowdonia. It was a beautiful time of the year, with the first buds appearing on the trees and a fresh, crisp feel to the air without being too cold. A Raven ‘cronked’ as it flew over the car park at Snowdon and a Robin sang its melancholy song from the bushes along the path. With Jackie at the lead, the girls and Stephen set up the cycle path and headed for the highest peak in Wales.

An hour and a half later they arrived at the summit and a very welcome cup of tea.

‘I feel like I’ve really achieved something there.’ Said Joanne, her naturally rosy cheeks even more flushed from the exercise she had just undertaken.

‘And so you should.’ Replied Stephen, ‘that’s part of the purpose of doing it; to give yourself a sense of achievement and well-being.’

‘Can I see you tonight Stephen?’ Asked Joanne looking at him with her gorgeous hazel eyes.

‘If you like.’ Said Stephen.

‘I think Chrissie and Joanne are expecting to see me though, so we’ll have to make a foursome.’ Chuckled Stephen; delighted at the thought of being so outnumbered by sixth form girls.

‘That’s fine.’ Answered Joanne, I talk to Chrissie a lot about things, we’re good friends.’

‘OK.’ Said Stephen, I’m looking forward to it.’

It was later that day and the girls were preparing for bedtime and Stephen was reading in his room. It was not a particularly interesting book, and he had hurriedly picked up the first one that came to hand the previous morning.

Just as he thought of going for an evening stroll round the garden, there was a knock at his door and in walked Samantha, Chrissie and Joanne in their nightwear. Joanne was dressed in pyjama bottoms and a short tea shirt with Winnie the Pooh across the front. The other two were in their long nightshirts.

‘Right then Mr.’ Said Chrissie. ‘You ready for what you’ve got coming to you?’

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