The Seventh Date Pt. 02

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I woke up at approximately 7 am, the taste of her still on my lips, I’d totally passed out last night before showering or anything, never had I felt so used but appreciated I guess?

Never would I have imagined this girl to be so dominant. She stated that she expected another date tonight but my cock was still aching after our last date.

I got out of bed and looked at the Polaroid photo she’d taken of me bound to the bed with the words “chastity tomorrow” wrote across my chest. Suddenly it all dawned on me… I won’t be able to pleasure myself whenever I want after meeting her for some time! Should I make the most and masturbate all day to get prepared? But actually what if she plans on teasing me again. Fuck it, I’m just going to keep my left hand as far away as possible!

I had a shower, shaved my balls to make sure it was in pristine condition and then did a few other things around the house, including washing her panties and tidying the bedroom… just anything to keep myself occupied to keep my mind distracted from the wild thoughts of tonight.

Work was a bitch! I couldn’t concentrate on my tasks at all, I’d become intoxicated with the thought of someone, never before has this happened… am I broken?

Putting up with my work colleagues boring small talk is difficult enough when I have a free mind, nevermind being distracted! I wasn’t registering a single word!

I managed to leave work at the end of my shift somehow without being fired for making too many mistakes, I can’t exactly tell the boss the real reason why my targets were so low today so I just told him I had a family emergency the night before, slightly inappropriate but it saved my ass.

I return home to find a note stuck to my front door “8 pm tonight bitch boy” it read.

Quickly pulling it off I check to see if anyone was watching, I really hope no one walked by and read it, how humiliating but hot at the same time. She could’ve texted me instead but she’s definitely done this to prove a point.

I have some food and watch some Netflix, constantly checking the time. So nervous but excited at the same time for the things she had planned!

Knock knock knock

Fuck, I jumped up from my chair nearly shitting myself, she was early?!

I opened the front door and was in awe at the sight of her.

She looked so seductive in the tight latex outfit that outlined her thighs and legs like a second skin, her bust slightly exposed but enough to keep the mind running wild.

She’d told me before that sometimes she lacks confidence with the frame of her body but I couldn’t see why because her curves are just perfect!

My penis pressing tightly against the zipper of my jeans, just like it would possibly be pressing tightly against plastic after tonight.

I welcomed her in like usual Anadolu Yakası Esmer Escort and we spent a few hours or two just chatting about our days and had a meal that I’d prepared, I resisted telling her about how much I’ve been thinking about her, it seemed a bit too early although… after the things we did last night anyone would have guessed we’ve been together for months!

“You know what would be a good idea?” she whispered in my ear as we sat next to each other watching the TV.

“I think you should strip down completely naked for me and go wait in the bedroom like a good boy.”

It had begun, the thing I’d been anxious about the entirety of the day!

I didn’t hesitate to take my clothes off, throwing them to the side like how an excited kid in front of a swimming pool would.

Eventually, she came upstairs holding a pair of handcuffs.

“I want you to kneel on the floor at the end of your bed with your hands behind your back for me baby.”

I did as instructed and soon felt the grasp of the handcuffs as she wrapped them around the bars of the bed frame to keep me in place.

She walked in front of me, just the sight of her latex smothered ass inches away from my face giving me the biggest erection (well, as big as you can get for 5 inches!)

Turning to face me she kneeled down looking at my cock.

“Oooh that was easy,” She said with surprise as she gently stroked the shaft.

“Yeah, I’ve been thinking about you all d.. erm, I mean I’ve been really excited for tonight” I quickly corrected myself to avoid being creepy.

She pulled down her tight fit pants and sat down a meter or so away from me.

“Hmm, don’t you wish you were inside me right now?” she said with a smirk on her face as she started gently rubbing her pussy.

“I’d love nothing more right now” I exclaimed, mouth watering at the front seat view I’d been given.

She rose to her feet standing, pussy the same height as my face but just out of reach.

“Do you like what you see honey?” she asked, still slowly her fingers in and around her pussy.

“Yes, yes it’s very hot,” I answered, breathlessly.

“I want you to stick out that tongue of yours and show me just how badly you want it.” She commanded.

I pulled against the hand restrictions as much as possible, tongue stretching a mere few centimeters away from her neatly shaved pussy.

After a while of teasing, she eventually took a step forward putting a hand behind my head to hold me in place.

I started off by licking softly, slowly, my tongue running delicately over her opening, exploring every little nook and cranny of her pussy lips. She was making quiet moan sounds. It wasn’t enough for me though, I’ve always been amazing at giving head so I wanted to hear Anadolu Yakası Eve Gelen Escort exactly how crazy I could make her with my mouth. I swirled boldly into her center and she couldn’t possibly hold back “Mmmmmmm… yes baby!.” Her grip of the hair getting much tighter as she pulled me further in, trembling as I delved deeper into her perfect pussy.

Her legs relaxed a bit and she spread wider to give me more access to her private parts as she spread her lips with one hand, her other hand still grasping on. I gazed for a second at the moist, pink flesh inside. Then I pushed my mouth into her gash, licking up and down in, not being too predictable with my patterns, savoring the taste and feel of her warm, lips washing over my tongue. Her juice was flowing freely and now by this point, she was making these wonderful sounds, turning me on almost as much as the taste of her pussy.

I knew she was close to cumming and I was dying to satisfy her as much as possible. I intensified my mouth game her engorged flesh, switching now to extended, deliberate licks all the way down from her asshole up to her clit. That brought more cries as both her hands went to my head with a desperate, iron grip. I had to pause for a quick second as her nails digging into the back of my head took me by surprise before I taking one last lick and then covering her clit with my mouth, sucking it in while my tongue flicked repeatedly. I pulled against the restraints at the same time she let off a primal sounding moan, in fact, it was more of a growl. Then she jammed my mouth roughly into her cunt as she hit her peak. I held onto the framework of the bed as she held me in, pussy juices pouring out of her. I could feel my own precum dripping down my cock I was so horny as this beautiful woman came in my mouth.

I’d never quite seen a reaction like this before as her whole body shook, legs having mini spasms whilst she was writhing around in ecstasy.

It was delicious and I made sure that none of her juices went to waste.

Eventually, after her massive orgasm had come to an end, she pushed my back. Grabbing one of my cheeks she pulled my face up to look her in the eyes.

“Wow, after how good you are with your mouth I don’t think I’ll need your cock anymore.” She gasped, looking me dead in the eye.

I laughed it off before realizing that her facial expressions hadn’t changed and she wasn’t joking.

“I’m so horny for you right now though” I cried in desperation.

“Oh, you didn’t cum before I arrived?” She gasped, “That’s too bad, I’d already told you what today’s date would bring.” She exclaimed, lifting up the polaroid and pointing at the photo she’d taken yesterday.

“But I thought I’d leave myself full for you! I didn’t want to ruin any fun.” I bellowed, Anadolu Yakası Evi Olan Escort fearing that my next orgasm would possibly come before I do.

“You’ve definitely made it more fun for me,” She said with that menacing look I’d grown used to already. Reaching over for her bag “As it’s your first-time baby, I promise you won’t be in it for long, only… one week for your first time!” She said excitedly, pulling out the chastity device. It was a CB-3000 clear chastity tube I knew because I’d seen it plenty of times before while jerking off in the past.

“I just don’t want you to become obsessed with sex that’s all,” She said with an almost reassuring tone.

“But bab…” I was quickly cut off as she put her finger over my mouth.

“No more talking. instead, let’s try and focus on losing this erection shall we.”

I don’t think I’d ever felt so much pressure to lose an erection before, I almost wanted to protest but knew that it would do me no good, plus the level of authority she was showing was nothing more than exactly how I imagined my dream woman to have. I’d be crazy to turn away now, this is something I always fantasized about and I fully trusted that if I wanted to be released bad enough she would listen.

She knelt down in front of me and placed all the pieces on the floor, I questioned if she knew exactly what she was doing. She slid the first ring on and placed the locking pin through the recessed hole. Okay, she definitely knew what she was doing! She then slid a spacer on and placed the cage into position.

“Are you ready to say goodbye to it for a while?” She said as she looked me in the eye with a playful facial expression, biting her bottom lip for a brief second.

I don’t mind humiliation but there’s no chance I’m saying goodbye out loudly, I shook my head instead.

“Hm, have it your way then!” She insisted before sliding the cage on and turning the key inside the mini lock, I took a deep breath and, for the first time, fully realized that I was giving up my entire sexual being to the girl of my dreams, was it amazing or terrifying? The answer, both.

I looked down at my locked away manhood, preparing myself for the week of sexual frustration that I had facing me.

“Look at how pretty is it!” She said as she leaned in, kissing me passionately

“Babe, just please don’t lose the key, I’m so nervous!” I exclaimed. I think my facial expression of despair may have said it all.

“I won’t, silly. Look. It’s attached to a necklace,” She said lowering the chain over her head around her neck.

It was weird knowing that she literally had the key to my pleasure right now.

“Ready for round two?” She teased. “I guess it’s my choice right now anyway so… yes, you are ready.”

I let out a groan before quickly being muffed by her still wet pussy, my cock pushing hard against the plastic giving me the most unpleasant feeling.

It wasn’t just round 2 either, I lost count over the course of the next hour or so.

Why on earth did I show her my true tongue game abilities, I’m putting myself at risk for being locked away for a lot longer than a week at this rate.

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