The Sexy Cuckold Couple Pt. 14

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Part 14 Pool I

As we departed the room, I was utterly shocked that Master was in fact going to make us walk through the hotel as we were. He walked with his slut in front and I brought up the rear, but following closely in tow. I kept my head down but could feel the stares and after walking by a large group I heard the individuals bellowing at our predicament as well as a specific comment, “Oh shit, did you see that guy in the back and the pink thong he was wearing.”

This only made me blush further and stare at the floor as we continued our journey to our destination. Security at the pool entry immediately knew Master and exchanged handshakes and hugs before ushering us to a roped off area by the corner of the pool and near the DJ that was rocking the tunes. There were already a few others there and Master shook hands with one guy introducing him (Thomas) to his slut first, his friends next and finally introduced me to the gentleman as his owned slave and slut’s cuckold husband.

I reached out to shake his hand and everyone chuckled. Thomas stated in derogatory fashion, “You are a slave and not an equal you sissy wimp, you can thank me after I satisfy your gorgeous wife,” and then he turned back to Master and they laughed in concert with one another.

Master then approached a woman within our area and again introduced her (Mistress Deana) in similar fashion. Mistress Deana looked at me with a mischievous grin and commented, “So this is the one,” to my Master.

Master nodded then closely gathered everyone around to provide the overall protocol.

He began his dialogue, “This roped off area is still public and so we are required to obey the rules of the establishment though they will be somewhat lenient with me given my stature here. Still I expect you to follow the fairly simple guidelines which are no sex of any kind out here, no fighting between each other or with others at the pool, and no nudity with the exception of breasts as this pool is topless optional.”

Master paused here for a second and then continued, “I am hopeful that all of the beautiful ladies we will eventually have in our area will have their tops off at some point, and am certain that my slut will have her top off voluntarily or at my direction.”

Master again continued, “I expect everyone to have fun, engage in naughtiness, flirtation, groping, and even instructing and ordering slut and slave to perform embarrassing and even humiliating acts as long as these simple rules are followed. If one wants to push the boundaries of these rules and has a question, please ask me first before engaging in such action.”

Master again paused to see if there was any uncertainty and then resumed, “This open pool area is connected to a private room,” and Master started to walk.

Approximately fifteen to twenty feet in the opposite direction of the pool was a set of double doors which Master now opened. He allowed everyone to gather inside before speaking, “What happens in here is entirely up to us,” and again he paused so that everyone could survey the room.

As we peered inside, it consisted of a strange looking closet on the left, followed by a bathroom further down on the left. In the center was a honeymoon suite circular bed; it was at least the width of two king size beds and just slightly less in length. On the right side of the room was a St Andrews cross which caused my heart to race and then closest to us on the right was a sex swing with a corresponding mattress resting below it.

Master restarted after we all had substantial time to analyze the room’s contents, “The hierarchy is as follows, there should be no question, but I will say it nonetheless. I am at the top of the pyramid and can halt anyone here from doing anything, likewise I can start, initiate, finish and really do anything my heart or devious mind desires as it relates to my owned slut and my owned slave. They are here for my pleasure and to demonstrate their devotion and obedience to me as their Master no matter how demeaning the acts I choose them to perform. Similarly and per my authority, everyone here has power and influence over my slave and my slut. However, if either of them becomes concerned or wishes to use a safe word, they can call out “Red” and immediately everything must stop until I can determine the appropriate next steps.”

Master continued, “Let me be clear that my owned slave is only to use this word under the direst of circumstances and will be punished severely unless I determine that he was appropriate in its usage. As I sit here and have the knowledge of the group that I have assembled here, I cannot think of any legal actions that would enable slave to use this safe word so I would encourage all of you to have fun debasing him as you wish including providing him orders, utilizing his services, and anything else you can think of.”

“As it pertains to my owned slut, it is essentially the same with a few exceptions. First, her asshole Anadolu Yakası Öğrenci Escort is off limits to actual cock penetration, but reasonably sized toys are fine to abuse her anal cavity though it will certainly be sore after our erotic session in the limousine. Second, she should not be subjected to any significant pain which means longer than temporary markings, rough or aggressive face slapping though she happily receives and enjoys a good dick smack on her cheeks, lips and forehead, and everyone should avoid choking her with hands though feel free to gag her throat with your cocks or strap-on cocks.”

“Lastly, while both slut and slave truly adore golden showers, neither will be forced to consume urine or other bodily type excretions other than spit, cum, female squirting, or mixed sexual bodily fluids; again feel free to engage in golden showers to the extent any of you wish to do so but neither will be ordered to drink the golden nectar.”

“As it concerns cum, as best you can, please make slave eat, drink, guzzle and slurp the majority, if not all of the cum no matter where it is deposited or ultimately settles. This includes instructing slut to snowball any cum that initially coats her mouth, into slave’s eager cum loving mouth. If she swallows a couple warm loads that is fine but it is my intention to feed my pathetic sissy queer cum slut slave with as much sperm as we can cumulatively generate this weekend, slave is a sperm loving cum bucket and my goal is to have him consume at least 100 portions of fresh warm sticky cum.”

“Oh, and slut is not allowed to orgasm without approval and is the reason she bears the bruising and welts that she does now. slave is also not allowed to cum and his ability to do so is garnered by a long list of meticulous orders and actions, all of which my buddy Jeremy is familiar with.”

Master continued, “For reference, all of the activities back here will be filmed so feel free to take photos from time to time but I don’t want phones open and filming taking place the entire time.”

“Continuing with the hierarchy, Mistress Deana has a slight edge over everyone when it comes to my slave and my slut. She can interrupt play when either of them are involved and use them for her purposes as she desires and without question. Finally everyone else here should be considered equals. With that I want everyone to have fun and I will provide slut and slave a brief period to get acclimated for what will surely be an exciting day of fun in the sun. For the next half hour, I will have them perform a few duties for our suite and for Mistress Deana and myself but after the 30 minute buzzer, feel free to engage these eager whores however you so choose.”

Without hesitation Master commanded that we move to the bathroom with Mistress Deana and he ushered the others to the outside pool area. Mistress Deana was an incredibly attractive black woman standing a domineering six feet or so with her heels on (so likely 5’9″ or so). She wore a sexy black bikini and had a designer summer scarf draped around her shoulders. She grabbed her bag and walked us into the fairly large bathroom.

Initially she pulled out some makeup and then some polish which both made my heart race. I was seriously wondering when enough would be enough and it was only early on in the day. “Come here my dear slut,” she said, “You are such a beautiful thing and your body is immaculate.”

She continued, “I especially love the two specific combinations. First the contrast of your pale untanned skin against that of your tan skin is just delicious. And secondly, the lovely more seasoned bruising on your sexy ass and thighs distinct from the newly fresh welts is very yummy!”

Her compliments ended as she lowered her bottom swimsuit to the floor causing my heart to beat rapidly as she did so. Immediately, she turned, smiled at me and in a commanding tone ordered me on my knees behind her. “Slave, you will worship my ass as I decorate your lovely wife.”

Eager not only to comply, but also to taste the beautiful skin of this goddess, I quickly complied and buried my face between her firm and bubbly ass cheeks. I quickly pressed my tongue directly to her hole and she teased me that I needed some lessons in foreplay. Using my hands I spread her cheeks and began licking the crack slowly up and down but moving around her delicious puckered hole.

I could feel my lil cock hardening or trying to in the tiny chastity device and this caused me significant discomfort. Before my mind could wander further, Mistress Deana spoke, “That is better slave,” she said as she proceeded to apply makeup and then polish to my wife’s finger and toe nails.

With the exception of the pain in my genitals, I was in heaven worshipping her delicious ass and on several occasions she even arched back further into me which had me feeling like I was doing something right as I licked and lapped at her divine ass. After Anadolu Yakası Çıtır Escort about 10 minutes of this, she had finished with my wife and positioned Miss Jenny in front of the mirror while ordering me up from my position revering her bubbly butt.

We all looked at my wife in the mirror and while the makeup was done in a slutty manner it was clearly done with professional technique. Slut was blushing even beyond the applied blush and looked down to the floor and thanked Mistress Deana. In response, Mistress Deana said there would be plenty of opportunities for slut to do so and she leaned in and they engaged in a very sensual and erotic kiss.

Again, I felt my lil cock pressing against the tight cage as their tongues intertwined with pure lust. Finally, Mistress Deana disengaged with a big smile and commented that she was truly excited for more of that interaction. She then turned her attention to me and with a similar routine started the application of makeup with the lipstick first.

Mistress laughed as she continued the repetitive exercise with both the makeup and polish and when I looked in the mirror I was horrified. This has been completed for the ceremony, but here I was looking half tranny at a public pool. My wife laughed and commented that we had matching makeup and polish. Mistress Deana told us to look close and when we glanced at the polish, the left hand and left foot each read SLUT!, clearly distinguished while the right hand and foot each bore WHORE.

I quivered as the buzzer rang at that exact moment and Mistress Deana quickly pulled out a sexy pair of heels for my wife and a pair of pink sandals for me, neither of which covered the methodical polish that had been applied to our toenails.

The group wasted no time as they flocked to the inside room as we exited the bathroom. Sir Jeremy took hold of slut and twirled her around for all to see how incredible she looked. Immediately he led her to the bed which was now half covered with toys including ropes, cuffs, crops, plugs, unlit candles, masks, clamps etc. Sir Sam crudely pulled slut’s pink suit bottom from her body and then grabbed two thigh cuffs and quickly attached one to each of slut’s thighs. Sir Jeremy wasted no time positioning slut on her back.

Effortlessly, Sir Jeremy moved her such that slut’s head was just barely hanging off the edge and Sir Sam then used some rope to attach and secure each thigh cuff; within a minute slut’s thighs were splayed wide and her legs were bound high in the air exposing her tender pussy. Sir Sam then lifted slut and pushed a thick pillow under her lower back / ass further exposing her cunt, but now revealing her puckered asshole as well.

All the while Sir Gilbert had been securing slut’s wrists far out to each side with each resting on the opposite edges of the bed. Sir Sam while kneeling at slut’s raised pelvis, first tugged at her top exposing her succulent breasts and then licked his finger and roughly shoved it into her raw inflamed asshole.

Slut opened her mouth to scream at the aggressive entrance and simultaneously Sir Jeremy lunged forward and buried his cock deep into slut’s throat. I heard her gag but he did not relent and held his cock firmly in her throat. I now understood the position as with slut’s head hanging slightly off the bed, it was tilted in a manner where the guys could fully impale her gullet. In fact, Sir Jeremy’s cock was transparent, the bulge moved inside her as Sir Jeremy wasted no time bucking his hips and commencing his fucking session with slut’s throat.

I watched in awe as he thrusted in and out of her gullet. Sir Sam had coated a sizable butt plug with KY and was teasing my wife’s still red and tender butthole. He looked at me and as our eyes connected he buried the large metal plug deep into her asshole. My wife bucked and groaned through the monstrous cock in her mouth as her battered hole was filled with the large metal plug.

Sir Sam wasted no time, after being pleased with himself for filling slut’s anal cavity, he roughly jammed his thick massive cock deep into slut’s cunt and again slut’s body writhed and tensed at the vicious abuse she was already enduring. Sir Sam began fucking her rapidly and when both he and Sir Jeremy synced up, it appeared that my wife was being fucked by a single cock going from her stretched pussy through her body and out her whorish gaping mouth.

She had all of her holes stuffed and I peered underneath and watched her asshole pulsate on the thick metal plug. Sir Jeremy was pinching and twisting slut’s nipples lightly but enough to have her body squirming in a mixture of both pain and pleasure. My wife was trying to talk but Sir Jeremy refused to withdraw his monster cock and seconds later we all realized what she was trying to say.

She had been requesting permission to cum as her body trembled and quivered against the cocks and metal plug and it was now evident that my slutty Anadolu Yakası Elit Escort wife was reveling in an amazing orgasm. Master just shook his head and commented, “What am I going to do with this whore as she can’t help but cum on cock despite my orders for her to request permission.”

Everyone laughed at Master’s comment and as the hard fucking continued, Thomas and Sir Gilbert each approached and simultaneously positioned their hardening cocks into slut’s left and right hand. Slut immediately acknowledged them and began stroking her hands along their large growing shafts as best she could despite the wrist restraints. Sir Sam and Sir Jeremy were fucking my wife harshly as her holes were being ruthlessly pounded and stretched.

Suddenly Sir Jeremy gripped Slut’s face tightly and rammed her mouth and throat with extreme force. Everyone watched as her throat bulged with each thrust, visibly being filled with great intensity. Sir Jeremy’s muscular body tightened and he was in the process of flooding slut’s mouth and throat with warm jets of his salty cum. He was so deeply buried that my wife had no choice but to swallow the initial cum shot as most of it was deposited directly into her stomach.

Sir Jeremy quickly pulled his mammoth cock out of her throat and let his continuous streams of warm cum fill her slutty mouth. After almost a minute, he finally pulled out and squirted his last stream of warm jism onto her face as she quickly closed her mouth to prevent any precious drops of his creamy, sticky cum fluid from escaping her coated mouth. Sir Jeremy wiped the tip of his still leaking mammoth cock on her face and then directed me on my knees before him.

He shoved his wet salty thick member into my throat and rapidly fucked my mouth for at least a minute. I gagged and choked continuously but he would not release his tight grip. He then ordered me to clean my wife as he rapidly pulled his cock from my mouth with a “plop”. Quickly and compliantly, I licked my wife’s face clean of Sir Jeremy’s cum before delving my tongue inside her mouth to capture the copious amounts of his thick salty cum.

I was stunned, even though he had just cum an hour ago and knowing the initial shot went deep into my wife’s belly, there was still ample salty fluid that I slurped and gulped down my eager cum caked throat. When it was clear that my job was done, Sir Gilbert roughly pushed me to the side knocking me over on the floor as he wasted no time thrusting his own hard cock into slut’s throat.

Almost immediately he began roughly to piston her already cum splattered mouth and throat. As he did this, Sir Sam began his moaning and buried his thick cock deep inside my wife’s stretched pussy. It was apparent that he was emptying his nut sack into my wife and he pumped and thrusted with immense effort before finally whispering to Mistress Deana who had now joined us on the bed.

As Sir Sam pulled his humungous cock from my wife’s engorged pussy, Mistress Deana immediately took hold of slut’s swollen cunt lips holding them tightly closed. Sir Sam ordered me up on the bed and I knew the routine, I opened my eager sissy mouth and enthusiastically took his still throbbing massive member deep into my throat. After Sir Sam was pleased with my submissive cock cleaning duties, he pulled most of his massive cock from my mouth and then squeezed his man snake from the base to the tip causing the final droplets of strong pungent cum to leak into my obedient mouth and throat.

Mistress Deana then quickly pressed my face to slut’s inflamed cunt and released the grip on my wife’s reddened puffy lips. The flow was a steady stream as the warm and strong bitter cum emptied into my sissy mouth and throat. Everyone must have been watching as I heard “gasps” as more and more of Sir Sam’s cum gushed from my wife into my slutty mouth. After gulping and swallowing at least five times, the surge slowed and I took some brief pleasure in licking and sucking my wife’s firm and excited clit.

Her body reacted even though her mouth was being violently fucked by Sir Gilbert’s immense cock. Similar to before, I was aggressively pushed aside and Sir Thomas took his position at my wife’s now gaping cunt. As he pressed his cock to her entrance, it was my first time to see his member and stunningly, it was also of massive size. It was not as large as the others but was at least 8 inches in length and also very thick. My mind could not understand how Master could have surrounded himself with such well-endowed friends and I felt as small and insignificant as I had ever felt.

Sir Thomas pushed forward and in one stroke he buried his huge cock in my wife’s spread cunt. He took hold of her legs already stretched wide and overhead and with great power banged away at her sensitive pussy. With one hand he reached underneath his own cock and played with slut’s impaled butt plug, slowly inching it in and out of her ass as he plunged away at her pussy.

My wife’s body was reacting to this and this time she was successful at removing her mouth from Sir Gilbert’s massive prick. Please may I cum, please please please may I cum she begged. Sir Gilbert seemed annoyed and stuffed her mouth once again with his massive shaft and pressed forward until she was gagging and chocking on his huge black cock.

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