The Soccer Locker Room Pt. 03

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Thanks for all the great feedback so far. This story is a little tamer but is directly inspired by a real-life experience of mine. Hope you enjoy!

Two weeks into the school year, the team was practicing hard before their first game in just another week. They would open the season playing a conference rival at home, so it was extremely important for them to play their best. The whole school would be at the game to see them win or lose.

As captain, Jake was worried about a lack of team cohesion. So he got together a group of the senior guys at dinner on a Friday night to plan out a huge team party for the next day. Since most of them lived together in an off-campus house together, they would have the party there.

“So obviously we’ll need a keg and music, but what else should we plan?”

Eric, a star forward, piped in. “Let’s haze them! No better way to welcome the new guys to the squad than make them go through the ringer.” He chuckled, thinking about his own hazing experience freshman year.

Carl, a midfielder, replied. “I’m down for some hazing, but why don’t we all do the games too?” It’s more fun if we have to go through everything together, and that way we’ll actually get to know everybody.”

The guys nodded in agreement, ready to get plastered and ridiculous as a squad.

“Sounds great man,” said Eric. “You know I’m always up for anything. So what should we do exactly?”

“It’s got to be booze-filled and a little embarrassing,” said Josh, a full-back.

“What about start them off with a naked mile, and make everyone do keg stands?” Carl suggested.

The rest of the guys nodded in agreement. Then, Jake started to plan some specifics.

“Eric, you should be in charge of announcing the first event.”

“Sure thing, man. I’ll make sure everyone’s had some beers before we get running, just to see if anyone will puke.”

They all laughed.

“Then Josh, you can announce the second one.”

“No problem,” Josh replied. “Not sure how these guys will do shot-gunning beer after a mile, but I guess we’ll see!”

Jake chuckled, anticipating the chaos that would unfold. “Perfect. Then I’ll wrap up the evening with the third event. It’ll be a good one, I promise!”

They all smiled, knowing Jake would have something wild up his sleeve.

The next day, Jake and his housemates prepared for their big event. They had spent all day cleaning the house, moving their couches against the walls, and getting a full keg of cheap beer. Night fell just as the party was about to start, so they closed the blinds, turned up the music, and relaxed.

After another half hour, the team began to arrive. The seniors were sure to get everyone a beer or two, poured into the classic red Solo cups, to ensure everyone was socially lubricated for the night ahead. There was a certain tension in the air as the underclassmen were clearly nervous for the planned initiation activities. Still, spirits were high as everyone was excited to get to know their teammates better.

Once most of the guys had finished their first drink, Jake turned down the music, drawing attention to himself in the center of the room.

“Okay everyone, welcome to our annual initiation party. Tonight we have three events planned, and everyone will do each event. Not just the underclassmen!”

The guys cheered, slapping each other on the back. Then, Eric spoke up to announce the first event.

“Since we’re an athletic team after all, we figured the first event should be something to get us warmed up. But first, you’ll have to cool down a bit.”

The seniors laughed, knowing what was about to happen.

“For yalova escort our first activity, we’re going to run a mile in the field behind our house. But that’s not all — you’ll be naked for this one. Strip down everyone!”

All the guys cheered, then began to remove their clothing. It was no big deal to get naked inside together, because everyone had already seen each other in the showers after practice. But the mile meant they’d have to be outside, where anyone passing by could see them running with their dicks out.

Eric was quick to remove his clothes, then hastily ran out the back door of the house and to the field behind it. The rest of the team followed suit, trying to keep pace as he ran a fast tempo.

Jake took up the rear, making sure that everyone was doing well. He loved seeing the guys from behind as they ran laps. Their toned asses bounced gently with each stride. It was a good thing he was physically wiped from the running, otherwise he would have sprung a boner with such a nice view.

As they went, a few other students noticed the team running naked. Both guys and girls cheered from the sidewalk, laughing at their ridiculousness.

In the end, only one guy puked along the mile — Eric! He had drank just enough beer before the party began and tried to keep up such a fast pace that his body couldn’t quite handle it. Just before the fourth and final lap, he keeled over and spilled his guts onto the field. Luckily, it was only beer that came out.

The rest of the team huddled around him, laughing with him as he recovered.

“Great start,” Eric exclaimed with a positive attitude as he started his last lap. The guys slapped him on the ass encouragingly as they finished the first challenge together.

As the guys got back in the house again, Jake could already tell moods were higher. Each a little sweaty and still fully nude, the guys were standing a bit closer together.

Josh got up to announce their next activity.

“Okay everyone, after our little workout I think we all need some replenishment. For this next activity, everyone is going to get some carbs and liquid back into their bodies with a keg stand!”

The guys cheered, ready to drink more.

Josh demonstrated first. After pumping the keg a few times, he motioned over Carl and Eric to help him. He put two hands on the sides of the keg, then flipped onto his head as Carl and Eric held up his feet.

When he flipped upside down, Jake couldn’t help but notice Josh’s impressive physique. He was facing the room, giving Jake a full view of Josh’s torso and groin. His arms were flexed holding up his body and his abs rippled as they tried to stabilize. His dick and balls flopped over onto his lower abs, swaying gently as he balanced himself. They were beautiful. Flaccid, his cock was easily 5 inches long. He had certainly offered to demonstrate in order to show off his impressive manhood.

Then, Eric opened the tap into Josh’s mouth. He swallowed the beer as fast as he could, putting in a solid effort for about 30 seconds before beginning to lose control. Eric let off, letting Josh flip back up and onto his feet. He looked a little dazed as he burped loudly.

The guys all laughed, cheering him on as they lined up to follow. One by one, Carl and Eric helped all the guys flip over as they chugged, each swallowing at least a few pints worth before landing back on their feet tipsy and staggering. Each time, the team cheered on their fellow players, as a few others messed with the guy who was drinking, slapping their ass or messing with their dick.

Jake was really happy with how the night edirne escort was going. Everyone looked pretty comfortable — and drunk — coming out of the second round. But so far, the night had been pretty tame. He knew it was time to step it up a bit.

“Congratulations everyone for making it through the first two rounds,” said Jake loudly to get everyone’s attention. “But before we can party the night away, we have one last challenge to complete. This one is going to be wilder than the last, so get ready.”

The guys smiled in drunken anticipation, huddling up around Jake.

“For our third and final challenge, I’ll ask everyone to pair up.”

The guys broke up in pairs, placing their arms around each other’s shoulders to show who they were with. Cole, a junior on the squad, ended up by himself so Jake pulled him in.

“Since we already swallowed some carbs after our run, I think it’s time for us to get some protein in our diet. Each pair will grab a cup from before, go off in private together, and jack off into the cup. But here’s the catch — Whoever cums last will have to swallow both loads!”

The guys cheered raucously, enthusiastic and horny for their last challenge. It was a classic initiation activity and especially well-suited for this group of half gay dudes.

“You can be sure I’m not cumming last!” Eric yelled, grabbing his partner Ethan and running to his bedroom.

Everyone felt the same urgency, quickly spreading out to semi-private locations in the house to get going. Since Jake lived in the house too, he grabbed his cup and pulled his partner Cole towards his bedroom. When they arrived, he shut the door and put the cup on his desk.

“Let’s get started!” Cole said as he began tugging on his dick.

Jake was secretly happy he had been paired with Cole, since they were already good buddies and both gay. As captain, Jake didn’t want to be seen as coming on to a younger, straight teammate, but that wouldn’t be an issue here. After all, he had caught Cole checking him out in the showers once or twice before.

As they both got erect, Jake noticed Cole’s impressive dick. It wasn’t much longer than 6″ but super girthy and with a big mushroom head. Surrounded by a neat little patch of pubes, his otherwise muscled body was extremely sexy. He was sure Cole would be a great fuck.

“You like what you see?” Cole asked Jake suggestively.

“Ha, yeah man. I can’t help but notice your nice physique. Your cock is pretty thick too,” he replied, pointing down.

Cole was obviously a little drunk, which must have lowered his inhibitions.

“If you like it so much, why don’t you just help me jack off then?”

As Cole continued to stroke his cock with legs spread wide, Jake smiled in agreement and got down on his knees in front of his teammate.

Grabbing Cole’s cock with one hand and his balls with another, Jake began to stroke his friend slowly and firmly. Cole was thick enough around that his hand had to stretch to wrap completely around it. He knew it would be hard to fit the entire thing in his mouth, but he was up for the challenge.

“Want me to suck your fat dick, Cole?”

“Yes, Jake,” Cole moaned. “Put my dick in your mouth.”

Jake didn’t need to be told twice. He wrapped his lips around Cole’s manhood, opening his jaw wide to get the tip in. He had to move slowly, allowing his mouth time to relax in order to keep going. As he persisted, he continued to tug on Cole’s balls. Cole’s obviously loved it, moaning loudly as Jake caressed each testicle.

“That’s perfect, man. Keep going just like that,” Cole encouraged.

Jake erzurum escort worked his way down the shaft, now fully relaxed and making good progress. As his mouth bottomed out on Cole, he felt his hand firmly grab the back of his own head. Gently at first, Cole guided Jake back and forth on his dick in smooth motions, as Cole thrusted his hips in the opposite direction.

“I want to fuck your face, Jake,” Cole said animalistically. He picked up speed and began to push harder into Jake’s mouth, each time poking the back of Jake’s mouth with the tip. Jake let it happen, lightly choking as Cole’s dick blocked his airways.

For stability, Jake reached around and grab Cole’s ass cheeks. With Cole thrusting hard now, they were flexed, showing his beautiful physique and making Jake hornier than ever. Cole loved it, moaning more than ever.

“Squeeze my ass, Jake!”

Jake knew Cole was getting closer, so he did a final move to make Cole blow. As he held apart Cole’s cheeks with his palms, he used his pointer fingers to massage his asshole and taint. Cole continued to thrust hard, and each time Jake’s finger rubbed harder and deeper inside Cole’s ass, making him tense up with pleasure.

“FUCK MAN!” Cole screamed, loud enough that certainly some of the other guys would hear him over the music blaring from the living room. Cole rammed his dick inside Jake’s throat a final time as he blew his load.

Cum shot out quickly at first, directly down Jake’s throat so that he could barely taste it. But after a few pulses, Cole backed up his dick to touch Jake’s lips, letting him see his own seed as it left his cock and entered Jake’s mouth.

Jake savored the hot, salty load of his friend as it ran over his tongue, being sure to swallow every droplet. As some trickled down his chin, he caught it with his finger and lapped that up too.

“Fuck man, that was hot.” Jake smiled up at Cole, who was clearly spent. “I still have to get off, though!”

At first he figured Cole would be in no shape to help him out, so Jake stood back up and began to stroke his dick. He was so horned up from taking Cole’s load that he was nearly ready to burst before he even started.

But Cole surprised him. As Jake kept jacking off, Cole went down on his knees behind Jake and began to play with his ass. After massaging his bare cheeks, he pulled them apart and lowered his face down on Jake’s pink hole.

Jake moaned, surprised by Cole’s quick action but loving the rim job. Cole loudly lapped his tongue around Jake’s anus, moaning back.

“Fuck man, you’re so good at that!”

“Cum for me, Jake,” Cole said popping up for air. “Cum right in that cup!”

Jake grabbed the cup and positioned his dick at it, knowing he was about to blow.

Just then, he felt a powerful, drunken orgasm surged through his body as his dick erupted. Cum rushed out, quickly making the cup warm from his hot load.

“Fill it up, man!” Cole encouraged as Jake continued to spill his seed.

Jake’s body twitched as his cock shot ropes below. After about 30 seconds of release, he finally stopped, noticing that his load had risen well above the bottom line on the cup. There was easily a few shots worth in there!

Cole got up and peered into the cup.

“Rules are rules, Jake,” he said with a smug smile. “I came first, so you have to drink it all!”

“Fuck you, dude,” Jake teased back. Immediately, he raised the cup to his lips and slurped back his load, downing it in two huge gulps.

They laughed as they went back to the living room, where most of the guys had returned and were now continuing to get wasted.

“So who had to drink cum?” Eric asked Jake and Cole with a huge grin on his face.

“I did,” said Jake, turning towards Cole knowingly.

“He even took mine directly from the spigot!” The whole room laughed.

Jake slapped Cole on the ass jokingly, then poured himself another beer as the party continued.

To be continued.

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